Update regarding “Feedly is Over Capacity” message on iOS

Update – July 10th / 2:00pm PST: 16.1 is out in the app store. Goodbye capacity bug. Thank you Apple!

Sorry. This is not a capacity issue but a bug!  During the login, it tries to connect to Google Reader to help you migrate your feeds. Unfortunately, Google changed last night and is returning HTML instead of JSON and the feedly mobile client 16.0.522/530 has trouble digesting that, showing a error card instead[1] (note: if you are already logged in, you are safe as long as you are not logging out).

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 12.59.52 AM

We fixed the problem in version 16.1. This new version has been already published to the Google Play store and  the Amazon App Store – so please upgrade and you will be fine. This new version has also been submitted to Apple for review. It will take a few days for Apple to review it. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Work around? The third party apps are not suffering from this bug so If you are an iOS user, now might be the perfect time to try some of the new apps which integrate with feedly: Reeder, Newsify, Mr Reader and Byline

Reeder-logoNewsify-logoMr Reader-logoByline-logo

[1] error card.

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107 thoughts on “Update regarding “Feedly is Over Capacity” message on iOS”

  1. If you remember the feed name you can search for it to read the individual feed too.

    1. Help! I just updated Feedly and was able to login with my google login, but no feeds were imported, and all of the feeds I’d added before are gone. My app is empty! Can someone help? I’m using an iPad with version 16.1

      1. I’m having the exact same problem. I am so frustrated because I switched over to feedly as soon as google reader announced they were closing but now none of the feeds are in my app and the only option I see is to search for feeds. I don’t want to search for all 100 feeds I had going before!!

  2. I’ve been experiencing the same problem on iOS, but it’s good to know that you are aware of it.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I am _not_ logging out, so why does it keep asking me to log in? (iOS)

    Looking forward to the update. :)

  4. Soooo appreciating Feedly these days. So much so that hopefully everybody is understanding when these little things crop up. I’m glad you are working so hard and continually for our feeds!!! Keep up the great work.

  5. No need to try something else, feedly is too good :). Miss a few features though, but thats just really small issues. Feedly has changed my news consumptiom, thanks for a beautiful application!

  6. I’ve supposedly migrated my feeds a number of times already. If this is a migration issue, it shouldn’t be happening still.

  7. You might want to change your apps description to get rid of this since it’s just plain wrong!

    “If you are a google reader user, install feedly before July 1st and migrate SEAMLESSLY from Google Reader to the new feedly…”

    You could probably also change the description to tell people that a fix has been submitted and waiting for review so at least people know the problem has been addressed…

  8. Hi! I’m facing with another issue: I’m using Reeder its cache feature. Yesterday morning I’ve update items and read them. Yesterday afternoon, Reeder cached once again the items from the day before yesterday. So my question is: Feedly doesn’t mark items as read as I mark them in Reeder?

  9. It is still not fixed in ios. This has been going on since google reader closed. I am assuming after a week of “feedly is over capacity”, that you guys are incapable of fixing this bug on ios.

    1. I just emailed asking what was happening but great to see this is being fixed. Thank you!

  10. > incapable of fixing this bug on ios

    They fixed it immediately, but it takes incredibly long to get through Apple’s review process.

  11. Maybe it is a good opportunity for you to get rid of all Google components. You are still using gmail to share articles by email and not everyone want to share their details with Google spy. I would rather prefer to use Outlook.com, Yahoo or other webmail.

    Please get rid of them.

  12. Also one of the poor bastards on iOS. I really like the App and am looking forward to the fix.

    Is there a way to at least use the website version of feedly on my iphone? When i open my desktop “feedly” bookmark on my mobile, safari/chrome redirects me to a page where i can get the app :|

  13. I’ve re-downloaded the iPad app and I still get this message. If the app can’t be fixed, can Feedly at least allow an iPad user to go to the web-based version?

  14. Feedly,i loved you.Gave your 5 stars and took the time to write a review. Then you fucked me feedly, right in the butt. Now im butt sore and cant get my feeds. Ipad/iphone/i think this blows.

    1. juan,
      that’s a bit harsh. edwin and team have worked on the issue and are now waiting for apple to approve it. chillax dude.

      1. Dude, grow a sense of humor. I have been a staunch supporter of Feedly, as the go-to app post google reader, since day one. Ive been traveling for the past week and have not been able to get my daily dose of news. Its frustrating. Now I have to actually surf the web like some caveman.

    2. Blame Apple for not publishing new updates in less than one day. In Android I can update de same app even three times a day.

      Apple is slowing down the capacity of programmers to fix problems.

      1. I agree. Yet that feels less satifying than bitchinh about it.
        Of couse I could also blame Google, or Thomas Edison, but that probably wont get this fixed.

  15. Anyone unable to open cloud.feedly.com on android mobile? Used to work, now it just redirects to a download the android app page.

  16. The third party solution doesn’t work for me. All my categories sync but none of the content within them does. Reeder has my list of feeds and that’s it, no content at all. Comparing feedbin to feedly there’s also a lot of missing updates. Feedly doesn’t seem to be very reliable at all, on the browser or via the API.

  17. I never logged out of my Feedly on iPad but am still getting this error! Tried deleting the app and reinstalling but no luck :(

  18. Really a shame that it takes Apple so long to approve this. Been dead since July 1 on my devices.

    1. Indeed, incompatible with Apple’s positioning of itself as easy and smart design etc. Anyone know of effective ways to voice concern to Apple about ridiculous wait times of App Store?

  19. Ugh, I just accidentally hit the logout button and now I can’t log back in. And then I found this post :(

    While you are there, please add a confirm logout notice!

  20. Very cool that you pointed users to other apps that are working. I’ll stick with the Flipbook feed for now until the iOS update gets posted.

  21. I am curious, google is changing the format it returns to HTML and you did not check with them if that would be the case? Your entire authentication setup is using their API and you did not check with them what would change the day the service stop? I have been using my androids phone this week and I am looking forward to using the iPad version (reeder on iPad does not work either) but I am confuse about such issue. This really is going to hurt the adoption of the product since most people will not read this blog.

  22. When are the changes for iPad expected to occur? I really don’t enjoy using the Feedly interface in Chrome on my PC as much as the iPad experience and I’m totally missing it! I’m sure you’ve been asked this a dozen times… I just miss your wonderful app!

  23. I have migrated from Google Reader a week ago, freedly said my data was migrated, but I found nothing was moved from google reader, so how to remove my about at freedly completely?

  24. Seems like a serious breakdown in testing. I am a day away from jumping ship to a different app…Up until now I had been thrilled with Feedly, and had recommended it to everyone I thought might benefit, but seriously, this seems like something was shipped without proper testing, and now it’s been like 5 or 6 days and it still isn’t working!

  25. This maybe an annoying incident. After all, it’s still a free service, so i can’t complain. Look at what Google did with its free feed service.

  26. Why is feedly always logging me out? I’m not logging out! I should never have seen this error because I never asked feedly to logout, but it did anyway. How many times do I have to login before it stops logging me out. How obnoxious! Also how obnoxious is apple for their review process. This is a critical bug! Fix now, review later!

  27. yeh … this problem’s a stinker … i bragged to a friend about how great feedly is and then he installed it and … well i felt like a jackass. Hee Hawwww !

  28. I believe apple has an ’emergency’ or expedited approval process. Have you tried to push the update through this?

  29. Just imported all my feeds to Bloglovin’
    Feedly will be deleted soon if this is not fixed.

  30. Argh. This is so annoying, haven’t been able to use Feedly for over a week.
    And I have never logged out, I guess that’s another problem: Feedly used to throw me out of my login on a daily basis. I really love the experience of the app (flicking vertically has a nice flow), but it feels like the whole thing is falling apart due to these unfortunate circumstances… Sad to watch and most likely frustrating for the developers. And very painful as a user.

  31. Si es un error y lo tienen identificado ¿cuánto van a tardar en repararlo?
    Su servicio es bueno, y no tendría problema en pagar por él, pero no hagan experimentos sobre cuánto tiempo los usuarios van a esperar antes de irse a otro servicio, ¿o es que en realidad sí es un problema de capacidad, y este es el medio para quitarse de encima algunos usuarios y volver a funcionar?

  32. I am glad the issue is being addressed, but I did not log out. I went to cloud.feedly.com and restarted the app as instructed. Everything was fine until Google Reader was officially killed. I get this message.

  33. Wow. What a PITA. I feel your pain but considering I just wasted my time with researching Feedly, checking it out and then installing it to my iPad, all for naught, I deleted it and am moving along. Shame. Looks nice/worked great when browsing but it is useless if I can’t use it.

    1. What are you talking about? They literally just said that they’re updating it to fix the problem shortly.

  34. I have had this problem since Google killed reader also. It was my understanding that feedly imported the data from reader and then would be independent of it. Epic fail. Hoping an update will fix.

  35. I still can’t open feedly on any device except my laptop. I’m not a new user. I didn’t logout from my devices. Pls help :(

  36. Surely by this point you could have contacted Apple and let them know of the issue. I think you’ve grown large enough to where you can have someone you can call at Apple.

  37. Come on Feedly you broke it – own it, don’t blame apple not being able to add another update since the last update on 6/28. I am disgusted, it was working fine. Now nothing. Your help page on the desktop, says nothing about this. I had to search google to find help. I wrote for help on 7/2 and just got a be patient response. Apple has expedited processing forms. What is the issue with you?

  38. Feedly could become a business school case study in what not to do to take advantage of an incumbent. What a missed opportunity!

  39. It was great while it lasted. I guess I should have signed up for Flipboard after all. Boo Feedly!

  40. Feedly Support,

    It has been an entire eight days since the claim of iPad/iPhone Feedly App update was released but the blame placed on Apple App Store for not approving the update. You received a lot of transplants from GoogleReader users and have (otherwise) done a fantastic job with the service. I think that myself, and other iPhone/iPad users, deserve an update regarding the issue as it doesn’t seem that the issue is with the Apple App Store anymore. If the application update did not take place on the originally promised date, then own up to the situation and provide a realistic date of release. Otherwise, provide feedback as to why other channels of expedited app approval were not explored.

    We all await your response with great (im)patience,

    Sam R.

    1. Please remove/disregard the above comment. Apple App Store pushed the update for Feedly just a little while ago. The comment is unnecessary.

      Thank you.

  41. Sorry, I put this in wrong place earlier! Help! I just updated Feedly and was able to login with my google login, but no feeds were imported, and all of the feeds I’d added before are gone. My app is empty! Can someone help? I’m using an iPad with version 16.1

  42. Are you kidding me? I switched to feedly, app needs updating. I wait days for it, and now my app is empty! Lost my feeds, favs and history. How disappointing. Finding another reader.

  43. The update deleted my blog role that I had previously imported – or am I missing something?

  44. Awesome app.Working in my IPAD -2 perfectly. The best ever (similar to Flipboard, but the import OPML feature is the best, unlike Flipboard where there is restriction)

  45. There are some attentiongrabbing points in time in this article but I dont know if I see all of them heart to heart. There may be some validity however I will take maintain opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we would like extra! Added to FeedBurner as properly cabegfabeekg

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