“Over Capacity” iOS bug – Update and workaround

Update – July 10th / 2:00pm PST: 16.1 is out in the app store. Goodbye capacity bug. Thank you Apple!

We would like to apologize to all the feedly+iOS users who are not able to login because of the “Over Capacity/Login” bug. We hear your frustration. We do not have an ETA yet but the fix (version 16.1) was submitted 7 days ago so we are hopefully that it will be accepted by Apple soon.

This might also be a perfect time to try some of the new iOS applications which integrate with Feedly and see which one you like best:

Reeder-logoNewsify-logoMr Reader-logoByline-logo

We will report back as soon as v16.1 is available for download. Looking forward to seeing this issue resolved.

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52 thoughts on ““Over Capacity” iOS bug – Update and workaround”

  1. Sounds like you guys need a more robust QA process before deploying updates. When you’re dealing with a broad user base you should be poking your application to see what happens when things fail, not just hoping they don’t.

    The lack of offline functionality is an issue I have with Feedly anyway, but things like this don’t help matters.

    Out of interest, with this particular bug what would happen if Google’s servers stopped returning data entirely, refused the connection, or were unreachable due to DNS routing issues? Are catches in place for all these common scenarios?

      1. I agree, typical complainer – sit back in your chair and type a well thought-out rant because you want to play with your FREE app. You’re the reason why excellent services like this quit. Don’t you have anything better to do?

      2. I was trying to keep it constructive by giving the Feedly guys some food for thought regarding tests they could implement before rolling out updates. Any condescension was your erroneous perception. I guess I should just send feedback privately in future.

        Testing what happens when dependencies return incorrect data, fail, or time out is a standard part of my (automated) testing regime. You’re right that I don’t know what kind of process Feedly uses, but I’m almost certain that this bug wouldn’t have gotten through mine.

        I’m aware that Feedly’s success has been fast and potentially unexpected, so I’m not assuming anything nor do I think it’s a particularly big deal this issue occurred. I was just highlighting some basic things that should be implemented when testing — not something that all developers have in place, even if they should — and I imagine Feedly will be doing so after this.

        1. ryan is right,

          1 if the app crashes the dev has not done the qa work.
          2 if the app relies on google the dev is externalising a huge part of the infrastructure that might be critical
          3 if you say “typical complainer” you have no proper arguments against what he said and are demonstrating your intolerance and willingness to improve.

    1. Hi Ryan. Yes. QA is something we need to get better. But in this case, we could not anticipate what Google was going to return when the API was retired. We were expecting an error would be returned.

  2. Yep… not entirely sure how something this significant would get by a reasonable testing process. Clearly no one on the testing team (there is a testing team right?) logged out and logged back in.

    1. This error was not in the initial version of the app. It started appearing when Google retired their API and started to return HTML instead of an error or an empty structure.

  3. From the blog entry they link to: “Unfortunately, Google changed last night and is returning HTML instead of JSON and the feedly mobile client 16.0.522/530 has trouble digesting that” – so there was no way of testing it as the change on Google’s side only occured when Google Reader was shut down.

    1. Dude! You obviously have no testing experience, you might want to refrain from talking. About things you don’t understand.

      Testing what happens when the contents of a web request change to something unexpected is not only easy, it should be part of basic testing procedures.

      1. Yes. In this case, if a service you expect to return JSON start returning HTML and you can not parse it, showing the broken cloud is the right message.

  4. Newsify is a better choice on the iPhone. And Newsify and Mr Reader are better on the iPad. The feedly Mac (safari) site is excellent. I prefer it better than Reeder hasn’t even been upgraded yet but I don’t plan to go back to it. But the Feedly iOS app is not as good as Newsify and Mr Reader. Feedly iOS is too busy, big blocks of wasted space for category names and it lacks many of the features (like readability filter, flexible gestures, etc.) than Newsify. I think Newsify is still free so it is worth trying. (I have nothing to do with Newsify other than very happy user).

  5. Why do you continue to rely exclusively on google for user authentication? Seems a little foolish to rely on an outside service you have no control over (not to mention a contract that guarantees some level of support) to provide such a critical component of your own service.

    1. Yes, exactly. The fact that Feedly relies solely on Google login and doesn’t have one of their own is just unbelievable. And unacceptable. This app being down for 7 days and counting could have and should have been avoided. Bad planning. I loved feedly but this has finally let me down beyond returning to it. Just deleted it from my phone.

      1. Sorry. The last 100 days have been really crazy. The team worked around the clock, 7 days a week and our focus was to make sure that the feedly cloud was ready and scalable in time. Now that we are pass that milestone/deadline, we will be offering more authentication choices.

  6. This would be a good time to have a working mobile site so that everyone can access feedly on their ios/android devices without the use of any app at all.

    1. No! iPhone apps are better. Especially when you use the apple emergency bug fix request form so your app bugs get fixed quicker. (Wish they would use it instead of blaming apple)

        1. We asked for the expedite review and it was accepted and the app has been in review for 8 days. We are now learning to be patient until the review is complete.

          1. Thank you to the team at Feedly. I really love your service! It’s working perfectly on my Mac and on my PC. It also worker perfectly on my iPhone and iPad, prior to the Google transition thing. So, I can see you all are working hard to fix it and in the meantime, I’ll be patient and just use it on my computers. I’ll keep checking back on my mobile devices periodically to see it they’re back up. Beautiful, convenient, service that I love!! Thank you!!

  7. I’ve been a big user of Byline for years – it is the only RSS reader that supports fetching of the whole content linked to in RSS posts (HTML & images) for offline caching. So for example. a slashdot article will have the story & comments page available for offline. No other reader that I know of does this. Anyone else big fans of Byline?

    1. I’ve been a long time Byline user and love it too. Haven’t tried it with Feedly as the backend yet.

  8. My issue has *nothing* to do with iOS — I view my feeds on my laptop. I migrated from Google months ago. Now, my feeds are gone, and you keep prompting for a Google login (?) What’s going on? And, still waiting on a response from care@feedly.com

  9. Even with the best testing, bugs slip by. You can’t anticipate everything and it’s unfortunate.

    A little off topic but I think what happened with Feedly underscores a problem with the App Store’s system: there is no way for app developers to quickly patch up a screwup, they are at the mercy of Apple’s opaque approval process. This one was especially unlucky since it happened right before a holiday too. Not saying Apple’s App Store system is bad, on the contrary, it’s great for everyone. But they could have a way to help out in these scenarios.

      1. We took that route and Apple was kind enough to accept the expedite review. It just happens that the app has been in review for 8 days.

  10. I cannot click on any of my new stories today in feedly. I can see the title of the blog post and a picture but can’t click to read the full blog post.

  11. I was under the impression that when “Normandy” happened…we would be done with Google…and that feedly was going to take care of everything..I agree with what Michael said. Nervous because I follow hundreds of feeds… Not two or three. I have not read anything in days…all after I told my friends about how great feedly was no less.

    1. Normandy happened and feedly is not powered by the feedly cloud. The google integration that created the bug was only in place to offer users a migration. The proof is that you can access your feedly without any problem on cloud.feedly.com

      1. I can’t, actually. I get the “over capacity” message on Safari when I try cloud.feedly.com.

  12. I’m still struggling with the Chrome extension as well! Is this waiting for a fix to be approved too? All I see is a blank white screen. Can’t access Feedly on desktop, iPhone or iPad! Tried removing the extension, clearing the cache, adding the extension and still get the white screen. Also confused about the need for the Chrome Feedly app and Feedly Beta app. Annoying, especially when a search for ‘feedly chrome app’ results in the beta app page as the 1st result.

  13. Feedly was working on my Android app until today, but not on iOS. Now it’s not even working on Android. Just sits there with message “loading Google” no matter which log-in I use. Then tells me the web page may be temporarily down…meaning the Google Reader web page. This is appalling.

    1. Please make sure that you are running version 16.1 of feedly for Android. The fix is already available on Android and Kindle.

      1. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it now works. So I guess it’s just the iOS situation that’s a problem.

  14. Feedly, is there still no readily available, official privacy policy and terms of service/use? Feedly looks very promising, but it is unacceptable to have millions of users without clearly and openly defining your privacy and legal practices.

  15. Hello, I am a new user. I didn’t use google reader before. The problem is that during the issues with iOS I logged out and now that I’ve updated my feedly client and logged in it seems like I’ve lost all my feeds and I can’t really import them from anywhere because I didn’t have the google one before.

    1. Never mind, sorry, I got a little lost and didn’t understand that all users could import the .xml file from google :)

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