A More Solid Feedly

We have been focusing the last 3 weeks on polishing some of the rough edges.

Here is a detailed change log:
FIXED> Continued to add hardware to make both polling and accessing feedly faster
FIXED> Added a preference knob to enable an even more compact list view.
FIXED> Mark as read synchronization across devices.
FIXED> Login sessions will persist in feedly+fluid
FIXED> Feedly+fluid shows an unread count badge which refreshed every 10 minutes.
FIXED> Better font (easier to read and support for international characters)
FIXED> Better spacebar and shift+spacebar navigation support.
FIXED> Authentication issue when logging into cloud.feedly.com from an iPad.
FIXED> +Add content should set focus on the input element
FIXED> OPML import and export
FIXED> Synching of category orders between cloud and mobile.
FIXED> Shift+m and shift+a mark the current feed or category all as read.
FIXED> Better focus handling for space navigation
FIXED> Use the “a” keyboard shortcut to +add content.
FIXED> The “m” shortcut to mark as read in the list view.
FIXED> Offer direct twitter and facebook sharing in addition to buffer.

We are getting a lot of questions on twitter. Here are some answers:

1) When will the feedly mini toolbar be back?
Arthur is working on redesigning feedly mini into something more capable and less intrusive. The new feedly mini will be a key part of the coming v17 – scheduled for early fall.

2) When will the android widget be back?
We are re-implementing the android widget on top of the feedly cloud. It requires a couple of weeks of work. Not sure if we will be able to schedule it for v17 or if it will have to wait for v18.

3) I have found a bug in feedly. What should I do?

If the bug is a feature enhancement suggestion, please add it to feedly.uservoice.com.

If the bug is related to a feed not loading properly in feedly, please send an email to care@feedly.com with [feed] in the title and the feed URL in the body (please make sure that the feed URL is still valid).

If the bug is related to an invalid image being associated to an article, please send an email to care@feedly.com with [image] in the title, the feed URL and the article title.

If the bug is related to the feedly UI misbehaving, please send an email with [bug] in the title and description on how to reproduce the issue and /cc edwin@feedly.com

Happy reading!

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75 thoughts on “A More Solid Feedly”

  1. Now we just need an undo for when you accidentally click the number next to all and wipe out 1000’s of articles without any warning or confirmation…

  2. But why can’t you enable mini while redesigning it on the side? Mini is such an integral part of my web browsing that I really constantly feel somethings missing. I thought that it’d be just for a short while but “early-fall” sounds like an awful lot time to me…

    1. I wonder about the same. If you redisign it, fine. But why can’t you just leave the functioning old mini where it is, till you renew it? That’s weird!
      But I am happy with feedly from the early days on when G Reader was sound and alive

  3. That would be great to be able to send a post to a wordpress blog. I have a blog that follow the Quebec City «blogosphere» [lacapitaleblogue.com] and I was happy to be able to do so from Google Reader share possibilities, but now I try to find an equivalent.

  4. Why should the ‘compact’ option only pertain to one view? I use full article view most of the time, and it certainly needs it badly. For example, the very spacious typesetting aside (lines border on being double spaced), there is often about 1.5″ of blank space at the end of each article. Think about how much more economical Google Reader’s full article view was (for a reminder, check out InoReader).

    Also, I have to wonder about UI bug reports. Surely you’ve known about how scrolling down a full article view randomly stops leaving items as read when you reach one or two from the bottom. This is maddening, as you then have to reach for the keyboard to mark them.

    And what about other big things like batches of articles that were definitely marked read randomly coming back as unread sometime later?

    Maybe you need a formal list of Known Issues.

    All of the above pertains to desktop cloud.feedly.com.

    1. I had an issue with feeds displaying out of alpha order on the Android Feedly. It took me several weeks to realise what was happening. The list was displaying in two sets – first the feed titles A-Z with an initial capital letter, followed by feed titles a-z in lower case. Editing the lower case titles to an initial cap solved the problem.

  5. “keep unread” feature still doesn’t work ok most of the time. Sometimes it keeps the items as unread, but most times the items that were clicked to be “keep unread” are marked as read once a refresh is initiated!!! MAJOR BUG!!

    Also, interestingly, sometimes it’s almost impossible to mark some items as read, they just keep popping up as unread. Shift+A, clicking the “mark as read” button or the “Mark feed as read” big “button” in the bottom area just doesn’t work at all!! Sometimes clicking the items “open” (in title view) finally marks the items as read. Major bug here too.

    It’s impossible to file a bug report because the issues can’t be reproduced 100%. It’s so frustrating.

  6. I’ve chosen a “Start Page” to be “index” page. Why isn’t that link in the upper part of the left side menu? Along with the “today” and “Saved for later” links.

    Also, why doesn’t the auto-navigation (when I’ve clicked “mark all as read” in the last feed that had unread items) go to the “index” page? Why am directed to “all” page?!?! I chose my start page to be “index”, that’s where I want to go when all is read. I don’t want to see “all” page ever!

  7. Why can’t this thread (page) have an RSS feed so I can use Feedly to follow it (rather than email)?

  8. Oh yeah, one more thing about “index” page. PLEASE sort the feeds alphabetically by their titles!! It’s annoying as hell when the feeds are not sorted at all OR sorted by some other type (it’s hard to tell whether there’s a sort or not, it seems so random now).

    And one final thing; when editing a feed (an “Update source” side panel opens), please add the full feed address there. Many times I need the full RSS feed URL, and it would be easily found there. (every other rss clients/services I’ve seen displays the URL, and I’ve tested probably close to 20 other RSS services/clients).


  9. Ok, still one more. :)

    There’s a “Your feedly includes X subscriptions but there are not enough unread articles at this point to generate a today page.” in the “today” page (when all is read). The “X subscriptions” part is a link, and clicking it goes to a http://cloud.feedly.com/#sources page, which has an “Organize Sources” title.

    This page seems to be the old organize page for sources. It even has the text: “The changes you perform in this page will also be reflected in Google Reader.”!!! It even doesn’t seem to work anymore. I tried to “drag & drop” feeds into other categories and nothing happens.

    It’s clearly deprecated page, and you should fix the link in the “today” page. (also a good idea would be to clean out the page from source code if it’s not used anymore)

  10. Why can’t we have the option of the old feedly mini toolbar while you’re working on the new one? Being able to hit the save button on the mini toolbar on any webpage was a HUGE part of why I originally chose feedly as my google reader replacement. I miss it so much!!

    1. Hi! I know this is kinda off topic however , I’d fguired I’d ask. Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest authoring a blog article or vice-versa? My website goes over a lot of the same topics as yours and I believe we could greatly benefit from each other. If you’re interested feel free to send me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you! Great blog by the way!

  11. Reblogged this on skakk4 and commented:
    Well I have Feedly for the time beeing but I don’t use it. I have GoodNoows and NewsFactory and the sources is of my own choice and they work fine. But I used to have google reader so everything was transfered into Feedly but google reader was my choice and Feedly only slow down my computer along with Feeddemon as I also have downloaded. I used to like the demon and it’s only the feeling of doing something I can’t regret if I erase Feedly and Feeddemon. But what the heck I don’t use them. Further i could mention Bottlenose where my twitter and facebook along with many other sources so that is my general idea that bottlenose will serve your interest if only it’s programmet wisely and not filled to the limit with sources rather the oppesite to make the app able to breath and then you will go back to bottlenose because it’s a briliant app. So I have so many things just working in the background slowing down the computer at I really don’t need more than one good news reader to get informed day by day

  12. Sadly I have to use mobile browser view instead of the app as I just can’t find the tagging feature in the app. At 4″ this is so tiresome that I’m almost weaned off feed reading.

  13. What if the bug is not related to any of those issues mentioned above? its not one specific feed.

    I’ll read all 100 items in the morning, then go back in the afternoon and theres say 40 more unread items, 10 or 20 of those are ones I read in the morning, its like they didn’t save as read. If I go back to my feeds again later, the same ones are still unread, its always the last 10 or 20 of the first lot of items I read that day. I assume it resets when feedly goes off to fetch more feeds because its always a different lot of ‘permanantly unread’ items each day.

    1. I experience the same nasty and annoying bug. Unfortunately in my case some really old articles (from 2008 or 2011) appear as “unread” from time to time, even if the articles were not republished or changed. I already reported this issue on 1st of July, but received no feedback until yet.

  14. Please bring back the confirmation for unsubscribing feeds! Sometimes when I want to unsubscribe a feed, I accidentally do it on a feed that I want to keep, but baaam, one wrong move and without any confirmation, I just unsubscribed.

  15. Why clicking on the unread count marks all as read without even asking for confirmation? Is not the first time I click it by accident.

  16. Why did you remove the X button to cancel a feed in the “Title View Only” of feedly 16.0.559? When there’s a news I’m not interested in, I used to click the X button (at the far right of the news title, previously after the “Post to Buffer” button) to remove it from the feed list. I don’t understand why the button has been removed.

  17. can you alphabetize the feeds within the subject the way it was before cloud? it was much easier to find a specific feed before. somehow it got lost when i switched over to cloud. is this a problem for everyone? i haven’t seen this subject raised by anyone else.

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  18. Here’s an issue I ran into as a publisher using WordPress blog.

    doesn’t work in Feedly if I want to shorten my RSS feeds. I am currently using Ohz Better Feed plugin, and the more tag works on other RSS readers (as it did with Google Reader) but not in Feedly.

    The more tag in Feedly cuts the feed, but the HTML to click to read more doesn’t render. So all subscribers see are feeds from what look like incomplete blog posts.

  19. Tags, categories, ie9 support? Oh please… I still see an empty feedly cloud page when I log in. All my subscriptions are missing since changing feedly to cloud. I would be really grateful if You could fix it.

  20. I want to use feedly without connecting it to my google account. Can you create a feedly account signup?

  21. Why aren’t Duplicate subscriptions/feeds identified?

    The exact same URL which is already in MyFeedly, is treated as a New Entry with a an option to add when i try to re add it afresh.

    This is unacceptable.

  22. I’m on Version 16.0.560 and the custom colours on unread links has changed to black, although it is still coded in Preferences.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  23. Need Search inside Articles Very badly. I save the article for later, but have to scroll to find that article.. Its a first thing that feedly needs..

  24. Ok, what the f.. just wen to read feeds and feedly is updated to version 17, which seems to have STUPID STUPID CHANGES!!!

    1) Where’s the “next” button from the upper-right corner toolbar?!?!

    2) When in one feed view, clicking the “mark as read” button OR using the shift+A key combo, the feed gets marked as read, BUT feedly does NOT JUMP to the next unread feed, like it used to in the older versions!!!! What the hell??? It just reloads the same feed and shows the “There are no unread articles in this section” text and read feed items. How is this wise behavior??? Only clicking the huge “Mark feed as read” button on the bottom of the page makes all read AND jumps to next unread feed. WHY THE CHANGE?????

    Maybe you should poll people before doing these stupid changes.

    And what does “standard Plan” mean under the version number???

    1. About the 1st point; it’s funny, the “jump to next” button is still there when the “upper-right corner toolbar” is “floating” in the feed (=when one scrolls the feed a bit the toolbar changes to “float”). So, is this a deliberate change?! I’m sorry to say but, your development of this service is sometimes very odd*.

      * E.g. There’s a “Your feedly includes X subscriptions but there are not enough unread articles at this point to generate a today page.” in the “today” page (when all is read). The “X subscriptions” part is a link, and clicking it goes to a http://cloud.feedly.com/#sources page, which has an “Organize Sources” title.

      This page seems to be the old organize page for sources. It even has the text: “The changes you perform in this page will also be reflected in Google Reader.”!!! It even doesn’t seem to work anymore. I tried to “drag & drop” feeds into other categories and nothing happens.

      It’s clearly deprecated page, and you should fix the link in the “today” page. (also a good idea would be to clean out the page from source code if it’s not used anymore)

    2. Ok, the 2nd issue above seems to be fixed now. “Jump to next unread feed” seems to work again when clicking the “mark as read” button OR using the shift+A key combo.

      On the “pro version”; offering HTTPS only to pro customers?! Ok, people already jumping ships, e.g. to Digg Reader which has it free.

  25. Why the fuck you changed the theme colors? I’m so pissed off, of the permanently UNASKED changes! DIE! I host my own reader now, this shit sucks!

  26. Lost Jump To Next Unread Feed arrow. :-( Yes it shows up if the feed has enough articles in it to require scrolling down, but not at all for feeds with only a few items. I use this all the time when I want to leave items unread for a short time in the current feed and so don’t want to mark all as read to jump to the next feed.

  27. I find Feedly incredibly frustrating to use…. unread items don’t show-at least there is no number beside “All” in the sidebar. Items marked as “read” don’t go away even after clicking “mark as read” two or three times, they just keep reloading. Duplicate feeds are happening. I know it’s hard to keep up with all the issues, but these seem like basic things. Any plans for fixes?

  28. It is september… so when will the android widget be fixed??? A couple of weeks i heard??? Any news on that??? :(

    1. I do enjoy the way you have framed this paitrcular matter plus it really does give us a lot of fodder for thought. Nonetheless, because of what I have seen, I basically hope as the actual commentary stack on that folks keep on issue and not start upon a tirade involving the news of the day. Anyway, thank you for this excellent point and while I can not really agree with the idea in totality, I value the standpoint.

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