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Feedly ProToday, we are starting a new chapter in the feedly journey. We call it feedly pro. The goal is to offer our most passionate users more productivity and make feedly sustainable in the long run.

We are starting with 4 features: search in my feeds, one-click Evernote integration, premium support and HTTPS. We will be iterating and adding new features regularly.

The limited lifetime edition we released earlier today sold out in 8 hours. A big thank you to the first 5,000 backers. You are making this journey possible.

The funds from this early edition are going to help us acquire the hardware needed to open feedly pro to everyone. More on this in a couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience.

This is an important milestone for us because a more sustainable feedly means more innovation for both feedly pro and feedly standard users.

feedly pro sends a clear message that you are the customer and not the product: We are excited to have a business model centered around customer satisfaction and we are going to do everything we can to make sure that both standard and pro users are happy.

I would like to take a minute and thank the team for all the hard work they have poured into feedly over the last 120 days. We weathered a perfect storm and came out of it stronger.


Note: we heard the people who would like to see HTTPS be also part of the standard feedly offer. HTTPS will be the first feature to go free when the next batch of feedly pro is available. Thanks for the feedback.

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    1. No, the most ridiculous thing they could’ve done was try to take on the feature list and userbase of a giant corporation’s dying service with a small team and limited funds and pull it off smoothly. They did do that. But keep complaining.

      Oh well I will too. I still want my YouTube videos to have the details they had under them within the reader, views and rating etc, like Reader had. Love you guys.

      1. @food thanks for the heads up regarding the youtube integration. We thought less clutter regarding youtube videos would be a win but we can offer a preference to disable that. Can you please post this request to feedly.uservoice.com

        1. Hey, I’m a user of Feedly and would really love to get the pro when it comes out, however my income isn’t “steady” (my income comes in lump sums every few months). Are you guys planning to offer the “Lifetime” membership along side the subscription model (at a higher price, of course)? Or was that just a one time only thing?

        1. I just try to avoid paying monthly fees, besides I don’t need it urgently. I have a lot of different feeds and I when I was using Google Reader would star items I thought interesting or useful then search for them when I finally got around to doing it. But now I have to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll to find something, even if I’ve saved it for later.

        2. I refuse to pay on principal, due to the fact that search was already working in Feedly just prior to the mass user move from Reader to Feedly and it was purposefully taken away to be used as bait for a pay service.

          That said, I would have paid $1 a month for it, but $5 is way above my threshold. I pay $7 for Netflix, for example, and it has far more to offer than a news reader.

          1. Thanks for the insight. Let me clarify one point: the search function feedly had previously was powered by Google Reader. To re-implement the search function, we had to buy new hardware and re-develop that feature from scratch.

            It is totally fine if you feel at this point that feedly is not worth $5/m. May be in 12-18 months you we have make enough progress that you feel differently.

            1. I guess that’s the point, people doesn’t get, that you build ON google infrastructure and were using THEIR search index and with closing the Reader, YOU have to build and provide the search index, which is not an easy thing with millions of feeds.
              Keep up the good work!

            2. Sorry to say but $5 a month is way too much. Maximum $20/year or so is more in the ball park but rather some sort of lifetime arrangement. I hate monthly fees.

          2. The same thing was done with evernote. :/ Evernote was already integrated into Feedly and it was removed. I would prefer to buy a lifetime copy of Pro, but I did not receive any notification about this when they released it.

      1. I disagree. (I also got the Pro lifetime upgrade.) HTTPS puts more strain on servers, as does search. These are features that require more hardware, and it’s only fair that you pay to use them. Evernote less so.

    1. I don’t understand this. If a feedly user follow their RSS items to their sources to read full articles they’re usually doing so via http. A man-in-the-middle attack against feedly users could only snoop their effectively already public activity or show them incorrect RSS activity. These are not juicy targets.

      What meaningful threat does https protect feedly users from?

  1. “The limited lifetime edition we released earlier today sold out in 8 hours. A big thank you to the first 5,000 backers ”

    I am really glad I got the notice or a email on this limited event “sarcastic voice”

    1. They advertised it with a banner right in Feedly… almost like they wanted Feedly users to notice.

  2. Good luck with Feedly Pro. Everyone has to start somewhere. Feedly has done a good job replacing my Google Reader and FeedDemon Pro. Suerte.

      1. Me too, using the iOS app. Would have jumped at the offer right away (well, how much was it?).

    1. limited offer = only available for first 5,000 users.
      lifetime membership = you pay only once and get feedly pro for ever instead of having to pay every month or every year.

  3. Ok, Pro… guess the effort of taking on Google’s traffic would eventually lead to this, doesn’t matter how I feel as long as features are not taking out of Standard for Pro or improvements on Standard are not overlooked.
    By the way, I haven’t been able to mark categories or feeds as read by clicking on the unread number on the left side.
    And I’ve really been wondering, is there any point to the Chrome extension?

      1. Yes. Sorry. We have temporary disabled it because a lot of people were clicking on this by accident. We will bring it back when it has a dismissable confirmation box associated with it. -Edwin

        1. On this note, I think the reason people are using the numbers so much is because the alternative is clicking that tiny checkmark buried far away at the top right corner of the screen. I’d love a big “mark as read” button/icon somewhere more convenient.

          Also, the numbers don’t do that annoying thing where you automatically switch to the next feed after clicking it. I don’t read my feeds in order, so it’s always wasted time for me.

          1. In your settings you should be able to include a large mark as read button at the bottom of the feed you are reading. I find this more convenient than the smaller button up in the corner. However, I think that the numbers are the most convenient and now that they are gone I also have to do a hard refresh in order to get my feeds with no new content to disappear, unless there is an alternative option I’m missing.

        2. This is perhaps one of the reasons I am hesitant of subscribing to Feedly. This isn’t the first time a feature has been changed to the detriment of my use of the product, and since I have no control over versions, I can’t roll back to an earlier one that has the missing features.

          (The other case I can think of off-hand was centering the feed details when you expend a line. The title is left aligned, and the detail is center aligned. My attention and mouse cursor is constant flipping left/right/left from scanning the subjects, over to the right to expand and click to access the feed, back to the left to scan the next title… I have a large monitor and a maximised browser)

          1. Ahh, now I realize why my “All” has a 0 beside it at all times….
            Any thoughts on how I can get my read items to stop coming back?

        3. Have to agree, I would deffo subscibe if I could keep my (very small number of feeds) for more than 30 days. Couldn’t you have things kept for >30 days if total unread count was less than x (e.g. 1,000) for instance?

          Where can we see how we could use tags for this use case?

  4. Nice to have Pro version but 5$ per month look too expensive. 5$ is what I pay for unlimited backup of my computer (backblaze), I think this service use much more resources than Feedly.

    If it’s was cheaper, like 2$/m, you will get much more subscribers.

    1. Hi Lucas, that is OK. we love our standard users as much as we love our pro users. Hopefully, over time, we can add enough value to your feedly experience that $5/m becomes acceptable. -Edwin

  5. Keep “unread” items as unread even after 30 days and I will buy immediately. At the moment feedly behaves just like Google Reader – unread items vanish after 30 days.

    1. Why not use tagging for this use case? keep unread more than 30 days would have a tremendous performance impact on the overall system. -Edwin

      1. 30 days is more than enough time. There will always be the odd fringe user with unusual habits, but don’t sacrifice the stability of your model and thousands of smiles for a couple grins here and there. Says the guy with over 400 feeds dreading the idea of you limiting them for stability……

        1. I can’t avoid asking: is feedly paying for you to post here? You can’t be sucking their ass this hard for free.

      2. +1 to original comment. I don’t know what “tagging” is (is that that “saved for later” thing?), but I would like to catch up on my feeds (both reading and browsing them) at my own pace and on my own timetable. Even keeping up with skimming the “Atlantic Cities” blog once a month is a huge time-sink, but I plan to get back to it eventually. I do the same thing with magazines, reading back-issues of the Economist six months at a time.

        For that and offline backup of posts in html and/or epub, I would certainly sign up. As far as the > 30 days thing goes, I would be satisfied even if I could only do that on one device (onto which the earlier articles had been backed up).

        Anyway, I may have “unusual habits” as the next poster says. Nonetheless, I pay (and evangelize to all and sundry) for quite a few online services. I think I’m not to far outside the target customer base.

        1. I would pay 30$ yearly, if you keep my feeds for 12 months periods. I think that is reasonable. No other extra features.

    2. +1

      I use the feeds to keep track with library search results for academic publishing; I don’t check my feedly on a daily or even weekly basis because the timescale for new content is much longer. 30 days is a big hinderance for users like me; I’d subscribe immediately if you stored feed history for longer periods.

    1. I agree. I do want to contribute to feedly sustainability but $5/month is too much for an rss service. Is there a way to donate? I’d be interested in donating $1-2/month and continue using the free version which already satisfied my needs.

    2. Agree. Just my personal opinion of course, but there is no set of features I can conceive of that would compel me to pay $5/month. Like PHLAK, I feel that $20-$25/year is a good value for premium RSS service.

      1. alteratively, check into Newsblur at 24/year. They support my rss reader of choice but if I’d seen this deal in time I’d have paid Feedly and hoped they’d get to support of Newsrob; if not, I’d have donated the account to a library or news junkie.

      2. 5$ is to expensive, but I would like to support your work. That means an option with a lower price would be the way to go.
        In my opinion a lower price would motivate a lot more potential customers to pay. In the end this might lead to even more money for zou.

    3. $99 limited time lifetime membership for the early birds, but $5 a month — $60 a year — for everyone else, with no annual discount offered? Why is Feedly more expensive than Evernote?

  6. I’d happily pay a one-time fee. Not even for pro; just add HTTPS to standard feedly and I’d be glad to pay $10 for that. But no subscription model for me, please.

    1. As mentioned in the post, if HTTPS is the only motivation for feedly pro, please wait 6-8 weeks and you will most likely get it for free as part of the standard/free offering.

  7. Rather annoyed that this initial offer came and went before I had a chance to see it, and I’ve been using feedly all day – I didn’t see a banner! I want your pro features, but you don’t want my money… :(

  8. If you don’t place tagging settings back to the preferences soon, I’ll move over to the next rss service available. I keep my money for those who care about customers voice, as you have done before.

    1. Quiet.
      Soon out new things.
      Not get discouraged.
      Calm down everyone.
      I hope that I have the service works so great.
      Aaaahhhhh…. I have the Pro.
      Only the snag in the tags.
      He announced Edwin, in the version v18 is fixed that.
      Edwin: Ye are good people.
      I mean seriously.

  9. Purchased my $99 Lifetime account this morning as soon as I heard about it.

    Really happy with the great service and $99 is a small price to pay to help the great development team at Feedly.

  10. I missed the limited edition deal, can I be the 5001th backer? You launched such a great deal on my birthday and I lost the present :(

  11. I am sorry, but I am very disappointed that you are making the features for which this faithful user has been waiting (search, primarily) paid features. I have used Feedly for almost two years. It was my go-to choice when Google Reader was going to go under, of course, because I was already used to using it. I was really hoping that the search feature would come out soon, but I’m not sure it’s something I want to pay for. Any chance of that feature coming to Feedly standard?

    1. Not sure. You have to think of feedly pro not as just a feature but as the way to make sure that users are customers and not the product and that feedly is sustainable and can innovate going forward. If you use feedly regularly and search is important to you, is $5/m really out of reach? -Edwin

      1. Please explain why you took search away when it was already working just a few months ago. After a large influx of Reader users, the search feature quietly disappeared.

        Perhaps if you hadn’t tried to use it as a bait-and-switch tactic to drive Pro subscriptions, while also coming out here and making comments like the one above (“…is $5/m really out of reach?”), patronizing your users like a used car salesman, they’d be less disgusted with the current state of affairs.

  12. Honestly, the way you offered this sort of pisses me off. I work for a living, so I didn’t get notice about this until later in the day when everything was sold out. It’s frustrating, which doesn’t really entice me to take the lesser offer of paying a monthly fee just because I didn’t have enough free time in the morning.

    1. We are very sorry. We did not expect they will sell so quickly. We are going to work hard to acquire the hardware necessary to open this to everyone. -Edwin

  13. Good, good, but there is not the features I wanted :’-(, still waiting (I writed them in the feedbacks)

  14. I bought pro without a second of hesitation because I wanted to support the project. Hopefully HTTPS will be the model, let pro have first dibs on new features but eventually roll them out to everyone.

    For Feedly to succeed, search has to eventually be given to everyone but not until you can make pro users feel like we aren’t getting cheated out of our money when you eventually roll it out for free users. To do that that will mean really giving us a lot more than you have now so that we feel that our $99 was well spent.

    1. Thanks for your support Ciel. The model will only work on the long run if standard users are happy and grow to habit users and decide at some point to upgrade to pro. We need to make sure that both standard and pro users are satisfied.

    1. Isn’t it already there? Ok you have to setup an IFTTT routine, grabbing the “save for later” articles and sync them to Pocket.

    2. One click pocket integration on the desktop will be part of the next batch of feedly pro features. Thanks for the feedback. -Edwin

  15. „What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.“
    – Oscar Wilde

  16. 1st you NEED to roll out your own account/login system, relying on Google login is stupid.

    BUG REPORT: I don’t know whether the following is really a bug or a “feature” but, items in feeds that have “now” timestamp can NOT be marked as read with 1) the “mark as read” button in the upper toolbar 2) clicking the big “mark read” button in the bottom part of the screen (when available) 3) nor using the Shift+A keyboard shortcut!!! Only opening the feed item (in title view) makes it read. As soon as the timestamp is changed to “0min”, all methods work. To me this sounds like a bug.

    Also the “keep unread” feature is still HORRIFICALLY BUGGY!!! I can’t make feed items “unread” at all!! No matter what I try.

    1. I got the same unread problem, the same. I click it a lot. But I lost a lot of feeds.

      This is driving me crazy :(

      I’m using the web version.

  17. It’s not worth it because the feed history is not as complete as it was in Google Reader. The raw text data that I manually exported from Reader goes further back and I can just run grep on those files.
    Are there other services with more complete archives?

  18. How can I go pro, if the feeds I reported for errors does not get fixes? And what about the unread link?

    This is bad, very bad.

    If I go pro does the support will ever answer me?

    1. I agree. I’ve reported at least half a dozen feeds to care@feedly.com where they’re delayed by anywhere between 4 hours and a day. No replies and no resolution. I agree that they’ve done a good job overall with limited resources, but unless the quality of the free service improves, paying for pro doesn’t make sense.

  19. all your good news coverage is turning sour if we have to pay for feedly.very disappointed this should have been mentioned before people left google reader and come to you………I have got a lot of friends onto your service. and now your going to charge…….not happy……..I cannot afford $5/month…………not happy to pay for online services as who knows how long they will stay around.

    1. you are lying, because you will keep the same feedly you have right now for free, you only pay if you want more features than you already have.
      what, do you think running servers is free?

  20. Any chance of another 5,000? Clearly there’s a lot of people that missed it that wanted it.

    I almost feel penalised for not being online at the right time. An email would have been nice.

  21. Do you only have users in the Northern Hemisphere? No…I woke up this morning, checked Feedly and found out about this offer – but all sold out by the time I clicked on the button. That doesn’t seem fair.

  22. Chalk me up as another user disappointed to miss out on the “lifetime user” thing. I’ve been using Feedly all day, but didn’t see any alerts or anything until long after the offer was gone. Maybe because I was using the Android app? I don’t know.

    I’d be happy to give you a lump sum up front, but I’m not interested in a subscription model at $5/mo. Are you going to reopen lifetime subscriptions at some point?

  23. Appreciate all the hard work. Feedly Pro is about making sure both standard and premium users can be sustained. Not too sure why we actually need a search when there is Google out there. Just need to recall the keyword and the site, then perform a site-wide search on Google. Wouldn’t it have solved all problem?

  24. I am really disappointed that some of the ideas under reviewed (namely Search within my feeds and https) are made for pro only.

    And feeds to keep for only 30 days is really a pain, not to mention the max. items for each feeds is 1000 for each show, and then the number will keep increasing itself till all the unread feeds goes under 1000.

    Feedly only made a comparably good PC client, a similar user experience in massive feeds reading, but not the mobile client. The mobile client is a dead pain for massive feeds reading, and the stability of the mobile client is really bad that sometimes crash, sometimes got strange problems then I need to close the app and re open, sometimes it shows I haven’t login but I was reading my feeds.

    I hope there will be solutions for heavy users for thousands of feeds, no matter PC and mobile clients for the above problems.

  25. Dang I totally missed this. I would have liked a lifetime subscription. Is there any way to get an alert o it’s offered again other than learning about it in a tech blog? I don’t read my feeds often enough to get in on these time limited deals.

  26. I knew it would come to this. So it’s not exactly a Google Reader replacement now is it. If they start forcing people to pay, then I’ll go back to The Old Reader or something else.

    1. The Old Reader had it’s own drama going on. At first they were going to kick newbies off. But now they have corporate backing so everyone can stay. Not sure how I feel about them at this point.

  27. Goodbye forever!! Search within feeds and mainly https protocol should be free standard features. This is how much you care about users! Do NOT expect me to pay a penny for these basic features. I’ve setup up my own “tiny tiny RSS” for FREE on openshift, and guess what: it supports searches and https. You should seriously think about changing your business model, it sucks!

  28. I share the thought of those who complain about paying for search. This should be a default thing like https should be. But still I can understand feedly that you guys need to generate some income for your efforts. Nevertheless I wouldn’t mind some non/obtrusive adds on the side of the page for a search box. I was amazed by the job you did for the greader migration. I loved that. However I’m now looking for other alternatives like the Old Reader (https://theoldreader.com/) that gives me search AND https for free!!!

    1. Because the people of The Old Reader found a jar full of gold under the rainbow. (they almost closed their doors, remember this…)

  29. I’m not bought the Lifetime or monthly Pro Account, because i still have big problems with Feedly so i have read Articles more than once, because the READ articles show again and again as unread if i revisit feedly. I reported this a few times but not get any response.

  30. Hey! Could you fix the IFTTT ingredient full content that is not working?? This integration works full on pro version?? When we use IFTTT to save a article to EVERNOTE, the article cuts in the middle. In the pro use this works? If this works well in pro I’ll be happy in sign the pro version. The othes features are great and the services are very stable for the amount of new users like me. Thanks a lot.

  31. you had to write about the PRO at the time when people are enticed with google Reader, not now

  32. Would be nice to Feedly was translated into Spanish for the Spanish we could better use as there are many that we use to keep the latest news, also would rather adding a button with which to go jumping from one story to another without having to walk by scrolling with the mouse, so it would save much time and other readers have this option!

    Thank you very much!

  33. Hi, well, I don’t like to pay anything regularly. I would rather to pay just one time and more than regularly and less. You could make an offer like that too. For a fair price of course.

    BTW: it is quite a hard word to post anything here. First I filled the information and it wanted a password for wordpress and after I tried to log in through the FB, it just saw “Posting Comment…”.

  34. Fantastic, just as I wanted to buy a Pro account for life to your system rejected my card. I am very outraged because of this, because I wanted to buy a Pro account for life. :(:(

  35. As much as I love feedly, and as much as I wanted to get on the “paid user” boat just to show my appreciation, I find that 5$/month is way too steep for what’s being offered now.

    I have no use for Evernote integration or premium support (Feedly support has always been great… does that mean that’s it’s going to suck now unless you’re a Pro user?), and the search and secure functions SHOULD be integrated to the free version.

    Just my $.02 :)

    1. No. We have been serving our free community for more than 4 years and will continue to do it with passion. If anything, pro means that feedly is more sustainable and we are going to be able to innovate faster.

  36. Since Google Reader has said good bye, I have been very happy with feedly. I’m not interested in the PRO version, but have you considered doing something similar to a tip jar? That was people who use the standard version, but who are willing to contribute a little something toward your efforts would still have a way of showing their appreciation.

  37. I fell very offended that you are trying to charge me for a security upgrade. I hope you read the comments about this and do the right thing.

  38. SSL should definitely be available for all to use, especially since it does not increase the cost of operating the business. The cost is the same no matter if one person uses it, or if many use it. SSL should be available to anyone due to privacy concerns.

    1. That’s not correct. Encryption requires computing power on the server side -> costs more. Simple.

  39. I defently will buy pro when it comes available. I asked for the business model for months now and here it is. For a good service I have no problem to pay a few bucks.

  40. Search + 1-button Evernote = Take my money. I don’t even care about the lifetime. Thank you for making an excellent FREE product and making an even more excellent CHEAP product. You complete me.

  41. Paypal please…… My credit card doesn’t work well with internet payments, but works fine with Paypal…
    Got a uservoice post already! Pretty please???

  42. I would have paid for the lifetime license gladly. But I will not pay $5/month for an RSS reader service, no matter how good it is. I hope you are able to open up the lifetime offer again and it will last at least a week or so before it sells out.

  43. Edwin-

    Regarding making search a Pro feature, above you wrote:

    “Not sure. You have to think of feedly pro not as just a feature but as the way to make sure that users are customers and not the product and that feedly is sustainable and can innovate going forward. If you use feedly regularly and search is important to you, is $5/m really out of reach? -Edwin”

    Whether $5 is “out of reach” is not really the pertinent question. Most people probably pay close to $5 every single day for a coffee. But, in my humble opinion, the pertinent question is whether the feature is a core part of the service, or whether it is simply an advanced-type feature for the power user.

    Take Evernote, for example. With the free version of Evernote, I get a certain amount of bandwidth every month, and I can create and edit as many notes as I can per month within that bandwidth. I can also search notes, which is critical to any note taking program. If I want more bandwidth, etc., I can get the Pro version.

    With Feedly, I pull together articles from the many blogs that I read. Just like with my notes, I need to be able to find things after they are created. If I have 250 notes on Evernote, I’d never find anything without a search feature. Similarly, if I have 250 feeds in Feedly, I’d never find anything without a search feature.

    To me, search is an absolutely critical component of the service. Without a search feature, it will be difficult to find an article I read yesterday, let alone find an article I read a month ago. If it was something I read more than a day ago, I wouldn’t even bother trying to find it without search.

    Imagine if Google, Yahoo or Microsoft started making you pay to search your email? I realize that Feedly is a much smaller company than those 3 power players. Feedly is a great service, and I fully understand the need to make it profitable and sustainable. But, charging for a critical feature that is necessary to truly use the product is disappointing.

    1. Also, for Google, you are the product. They advertise in Gmail and use it as a hook to keep you in their advertising ecosystem (local/maps search, vanilla search, whatever else). I have no problem with that business model, but Feedly is attempting (as stated in the post) to make a product for you not for advertisers.

      For your particular problem, I guess you ought to sign up. I haven’t missed search yet as I don’t use RSS feeds for work (as I’m not an artist, writer or social-media researcher).

  44. Hi, I am facing a problem about the function of ‘save for later’. When I tap the top-right button to save one article in Feedly,the icon turns green but I didn’t see the article was saved under the folder of ‘save for later’ through both the iOS app or web app. The problem just happened recently after the release of Feedly pro. I am not sure whether it is due to that they limit the function of save it later.

  45. With the confirmation on the count number feedly is much more usable now.

    Now if you just put the settings and options together, instead of having everything everywhere with no recognizable pattern…

  46. Will Feedly ever have a privacy policy and terms of service? It is very concerning that Feedly is rolling out new features in Pro and advancing your business model without a privacy policy.

  47. Yes, search is a feature that should’ve been there from the beginning, free of charge.
    I’ve got no problem to pay for my regularly used services, but
    #1 $5 per month is just too much for a RSS reader (especially considering most of the alternatives are $1-3 a month and I’d be gladly paying that amount for a good RSS service)
    #2 those “pro” features are basic, essential features

    Actually I was really looking forward to feedly pro announcement, because I was really excited for the features you might announce with it – but once I saw what you guys think are “pro” features I immediately exported my feeds and created a TheOldReader account to switch once they get their new hardware.

    Whoever is responsible for this “business model”, give him/her a good slap and send him/her back to the drawing table. If a videogame comes with a bad free2play model, it won’t get my money and/or attention – on principle. Why should I make an exception in this case?

  48. Wow, ‘mark as read’ doesn’t mark the items that are not (yet) visible in this release. Thanks a lot for this bug fix! And thanks also for making an excellent (free) product!

  49. I really enjoy Feedly and have posted positive reviews on my blog. That said, I wish Feedly had made a clear distinction that the first 5,000 was a limit. I saw the post when I opened my browser (yes, I have feedly set to open in a tab when I open Chrome). Unfortunately, I had work that kept me away for most of the day but I immediately checked back as soon as I could do so. I was quite disappointed to find out that I had missed out on something that I was unaware had a very brief time limit.

  50. I replied on one of the tech blogs about this move and why I got in on the $99 lifetime offer. To reiterate here:

    I believe in paying for services I use. I use an RSS reader every day, sometimes a dozen times a day, and up until G’s news, that was Google Reader. I’ve moved to Feedly, and generally like the service. There’s some things missing that I had in Google Reader, but you’re adding features I want and/or use.

    The $99 lifetime was not quite a no-brainer for me because who knows where Feedly will be in 2 years, which is what the yearly fee is x2. I’m also wary over the lack of legalese you had for the offer, any written guarantees, etc etc.

    I do not believe Feedly is worth $5 a month or $99 a year. I don’t believe Google Reader was worth that amount. I think the price point I was comfortable at for Google Reader was a $24.95 yearly, $2.50 monthly charge, and for Feedly, which lacks the resources of Google (or the featureset of Google Reader), less – maybe $2mo/$20 a year.

    People bitching about the $5 monthly price – While I agree that $5 is too high, I really disagree with people who are complaining – because you can tell they want the service to be free. They want you to provide the service, the hardware, the programming, the backbone, the structure for free while they merrily run adblock to avoid seeing any ad revenue you might or might not generate.

    That sucks.

    People should pay for a service they use every day. Just how I feel. But the value? Feedly Free’s value to me personally is a monthly sub of $2, or about the same price as some of the more popular magazines out there. Add another $0.50 for the pro features.

    If you really took RSS to another level – for instance, your own variant of Flipboard’s magazine system, or new ways to interact, social-out and use Feedly, then I could see the value coming up more to the $3-$5 monthly fee range.

    In the end though, I paid the $100 lifetime fee to a) support independent developers, b) pay for a service I use a lot, c) hope to provide you folks with additional seed money to take things to the next level.

    But I’d recommend you revisit your fee structure. $100 a year is too much. $5 a month is too much.

  51. Instead of making paid services, you should make sure that feedly works properly. For the last two weeks new posts in my feedly are marked read before i even read them. Ive contacted support (or whatever it called) and results is…no reply, zero, nada, nichts. No one cares. So im open to suggestions for new rss reader. Such a pity. Feedly was promising…

  52. Hi, I have a problem, since Google reader closed, my feedly cannot upgrade some blogs i subscribe. So i dont know there are new articles when the bloggers upgrade. Can you fix this problem for me? BTW, i have already bought pro feedly.


  53. What is the below in the preferences page???

    ” Essentials
    What should be the default language for the Explore and Essentials pages?”

    Another deprecated features referenced in your service?

    Which reminds me, remove the http://cloud.feedly.com/#sources page already? Link to it in the “Today” page when “All articles have been read.” (the “Your feedly includes X subscriptions but there are not enough unread articles at this point to generate a today page.” text part with the “X subscriptions” part being the link).

    Also, the “full articles” button is removed from the top menu bar, why? One can select that view only from the “change layout and filtering” “gear” button menu.. fortunately it’s still there! Are you going to remove “full articles” view? First you removed the “next feed” button from the top menu and now this?!

    All in all, the changes you make and overall developing of the service seems a bit messed up. And not helping is the fact that you don’t release changelogs.

  54. Another “make the search standard” voice here. There is no point.
    And I do have the $5 USD for it, but I’d rather make my own TT-RSS server at home than paying that amount. Or raise my appstore budget in $5 USD.
    It should be less or at least put the search as basic feature.

    I know you guys have to eat and pay the rent and the gas and whatnot but there are other alternatives out there, and the cheaper the better. This is a news reader, a RSS parser, not Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

  55. I would really like to make the Feedly Pro ad go away now. I won’t be paying for Feedly Pro before it’s been up and running for at least six months (a general principle, not just applicable to Feedly), and would like to quit seeing the ad every time I load the page.

  56. when will all of the features of Feedly Pro be available in the iPad app? I use feedly almost exclusively in the app and I upgraded today only to notice that I can seem to only use the new features in the web based client?

  57. I would love to see a feature to translate feeds to English and another feature to delete old feeds after certain time.

  58. I would definitely sign up for $5/month plan if it included a longer retention period for the articles. 30 days is too short for me (I am not that on top of things :) ).

  59. I like feedly ,and I want to pay for it ,but it’s too expensive for the low income coutry’s people and a student just like me(I’m living in China).

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