Feedly Web 17.1

We pushed this week a set of bug fixes and enhancements to cloud.feedly.com. Here is the change log.

FIXED> Better alpha sorting of feeds in the left navigation bar (lower case vs upper case)
FIXED> Remove video auto play for youtube and vimeo.
FIXED> More precise feed and category mark as read.
FIXED> Saved for later status on the list is not in sync with the action.
FIXED> New implementation of the engagement count
FIXED> Caching the Evernote notebooks
FIXED> Use lastEntryId instead of timestamp for the mark as read.
FIXED> HTTPS and youtube video URLs
FIXED> Better support for youtube in full article view
FIXED> Adjusted spacebar navigation (used to scroll by 110%)
FIXED> Improved OPML export
FIXED> Add a c keyboard shortcut which clips the post to a default “feedly notebook” in evernote.
FIXED> Seems you can’t access the rename or remove buttons if a category title is too long. When attempting to rename or remove, you are redirected to the category itself or begin dragging and dropping the category.
FIXED> Postfix in twitter is not working.
FIXED> Confirm mark as read when clicking on the number in the left navigation bar.
FIXED> Enhanced the chrome app and extensions so that it has an option to let the user select http or https
FIXED> Mark older than 1 day/1 week as read
FIXED> Chrome scrolling is much smoother

Special thanks to all the users who reported these issues.


Author: @feedly

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111 thoughts on “Feedly Web 17.1”

    1. In my case, since I have no tags.
      Solutions?: Install gReader Pro for Android and delete TAGs. :)
      I had no problems.
      Only the failure of Feedly javascripts and refresh the databases. Thought it was the Firefox. But it no.
      This bug did not exist in the 16.0.
      Be patient, because they are in it.
      I say this because I have over 3,100 feeds.
      All checked and working perfectly.
      I use Pro Plan. :)

    2. It’s possible to delete tags by installing gReader Free for Android (if you don’t have – do it on your friend’s phone, then simply logout/uninstall)

      From the top-left menu choose “Manage sources”

      Be careful – it’s a list with your tags and folders, delete only tags.

      I just deleted all my tags.

    1. Stop using IE8, is a bad browser. Instead, use Firefox or Chrome (there are portable versions if you can’t install on your pc).

      1. Work restrictions keep many of us on browsers we wouldn’t use at home. I was recently upgrated TO IE9, and won’t see IE10 for a very long time.

      2. You’ve apprarently never heard of “corporate policy.”

        Besides which, the most commonly used version of IE is still v8.

  1. Thanks.

    Please don’t forget the longtime bug where in full-article view, very often scrolling down the page does not mark the last article or two as read. You need to click on those articles (which itself doesn’t always work) or hit ‘j’ (which does).

    Also, how about an option to always have the left navigation bar displayed rather than only when the browser is overly wide (or when you’re hovering the mouse over there)? There is plenty of room for its display and the articles in less-wide widths, as shown by Google Reader and others.

    1. Also when “Auto-Mark As Read On Scroll” is checked for all views 3 or 4 last articles remain untouched. Some time ago there was a giant mark as read button as far as i remember and it was gooood.

      1. chrome stylebot extension:
        div.bigMarkAsReadButton {
        height: 600px;
        and i’m happy person, but i think this should be default settings…

  2. Unfortunatly with the new update the behaviour has changed.
    When I login I am no longer redirected immediatly on the “My Feedly” site like before but on “Add Content”.
    And now the first time I go to the My Feedly site, it shows all my categories in expanded view which I don’t really like since I first have to close them all before I can start browsing the news like I did before.
    So, alot more clicks then before, before I can read my news.

  3. “FIXED> Remove video auto play for youtube and vimeo.”

    AUDIO podcasts still need a similar fix. When a news item is opened, the audio player (HTML5, Firefox) immediately starts downloading the audio file, regardless of whether I press the play button or skip to the next item (which I do quite often). Bandwidth is wasted and almost no time gained. The tag carries the attribute preload=auto – it should be preload=none. Please!

  4. Fantastic News. :)
    I see that things are going in the right direction and I am very pleased with the PRO Plan. :) I have a few suggestions. :) But I have to think about how to describe them. :)

    Best Regards Jarek. :)

      1. I have about 30 categories and about 100 feeds. I often use left bar because its faster or just use mark all as read. But sometimes I prefer the overview mode, especially to search for “must view” feeds.

          1. Yeah, but when you have 30 unread categories you have to scroll the list. I mean it’s not really a bug, but maybe the “index” button can go up, above or below “organize”?
            I just want to add that feedly is the best, even better than greader. Thanks for that! (And sorry for my eng).

  5. I no longer seem to have the option to display feeds in “full article” view. I now just see magazine, cards, and title.

      1. And the reason why the “full article” button was removed? And why was the “next feed” button removed earlier?

    1. This is a great picture. I relaly like the fact that it looks as if the picture was taken over a body of water with a reflection in it. You have to look relaly closely to figure out that the reflection is on the roof of a car.

  6. I’m consistently getting “064-reader_not_ready_within_45s_limit–feedly_17.1.614” on Firefox 23.0.1 on a Mac. Feedly works for me on Chrome on the same machine with the same account.

  7. Is it possible to bring back the “save as unread” feature that Google Reader offered? It’s frustrating that the only option I have is to “Save for reading later”, which is good too, but I’d love to be able to change the status of a post from “read” to “unread” with a similarly easy-to-use button.

      1. It would be nice if it would actually WORK. It’s buggy as hell. I have _never_ seen it actually change items back to unread (after going to other feed/start page/whatever, and refresh, all the “keep unread” items are back to read)!

  8. Since I can’t manage my feeds anymore in google reader, there’s one feature I can’t do anymore, which is to change the feed url that I subscribed with, which with e.g. twitter feeds is unfortunately required whenever they decide to change their api (often).
    The only recourse I have is to add the new url as a new feed and delete the old one, but that’s quite annoying and you lose your feed settings beside.
    Actually, I haven’t even found a way to *see* what the url is in the first place. The only thing I found is to save the opml and find the url there, but that’s not even possible on the iPad. So, on the iPad there is no way that I know of to know the feed url (and e.g. to share i with somebody else).

    1. >>Actually, I haven’t even found a way to *see* what the url is in the first place.

      and about problem with link change…
      you can solve it easly by your hand with some php and dom modification of rss selflink or just link redirection in some cases.

      1. I see, as part of an obscure non-documented link.
        And unfortunately that’s not the url with which I subscribed, at least not for my twitter feeds.
        Also a pain in the ass to obtain it on the ipad: you can’t find it in the feedly app itself, you have to go to the cloud version in a browser.
        I would like the EDIT button on a feed to provide me this information and allow me to edit it (as the name implies).

  9. But still we can’t sort threads?
    Still you can’t scroll to bottom bottom to mark everything as read (there’s ALWAYS a few left unread you have to manually mark as read)
    And worst of all we still don’t have a working email button (it defaults to your native Outlook etc instead Gmail)

    Come on guys these things are basics yet you thinker with a million less important things. :-(

  10. Can you make it possible for users to opt out of the social-related functionality? I’d like to be able to turn off:

    – The new Engagement count numbers
    – The Twitter and Buffer icons when mousing over articles in the Title Only View
    – The Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Buffer icons when you click to expand an article

    I don’t really mind the introduction of new features as long as I can hide them if I don’t need them. I prefer a minimal-as-possible interface.

    1. I agree.

      And on a side note; what is the “engagement” thing!?!? I really don’t understand what that count means! Is there an explanation/tutorial somewhere?

      E.g. One of my feeds have 16 readers in Feedly, and one of the items have 500+ (hovered = 829) engagements.. what does it mean? 16 readers and 829 engagements!? Most of that feed items do not have any engagements, some have 10-30, and few with over 100.. the figures just seem so odd and random.. WHAT advantage or HOW this “engagement” thing enhances the end user service usability/experience??

      1. At first I thought that it had to be something related to the number of people saving for later that item. But seeing your numbers it seems kind of random algorithm. Anyways, I don’t pay much attention to that number as I don’t want the social-related functionalities. I also need to opt out the things I don’t really use.

  11. Thanks for the changelog (eventually). But you need to start writing it to the END USER. Some of the log entries do NOT tell us anything valuable.

    E.g. “FIXED> Use lastEntryId instead of timestamp for the mark as read.”

    What problem/bug does this fix?

  12. My comment on August 17, 2013 at 6:05 pm is still awaiting moderation and never posted. I am not sure why it has to be put to moderation. Does it contain any improper keywords? I don’t think so. Anyway, here you go! A screen capture on the posting and hopefully this gets posted!

    1. Your comment is probably under moderation because it includes external links. They have to be careful this link don’t redirects you to an ilegal web or something.

  13. why are all the categories expanded by default now? can i change this? if so, how? i have a lot of categories and this wastes time.

  14. Anyone else got the strange ‘Visit Website’ Bar at the bottom of their articles now?

    If I wanted to visit the website I’d just click on the title, if i’m reading something long then it’s all there, if I’m looking at a truncation feed it’s pretty redundant because the title is usually right there.

    Is this removable? Because I find it very annoying.

    1. Yeah, I got it as well.. and I’m too wondering why it was implemented. Feedly’s development is really strange and erratic, and the fact that they don’t tell us about new stuff is odd too. Their “uservoice” KB is full of highly voted bugs and much wanted changes that go unnoticed. I’ve been shaking my head about the changes in the service since I started using Feedly.

      1. Users asked for this feature. It’s very difficult to make all people happy with the changes. What you want may not be what others want.

        1. I haven’t seen this feature as a top ranking in the uservoice. To be fair I don’t spend a lot of time looking over the requests, but as Pete said there are a number of other features that are highly voted that aren’t addressed.
          It is obviously very difficult to make everyone happy – absolutely agree there – however I feel it would great if some of these new features were optional or some other customization.
          For example when they rolled out the Pinterest integration I hated it, but thankfully found out how to turn it off (which wasn’t well communicated either) – this would be preferable for new features.
          Of course I suppose this isn’t going to always be feesable, but would be the way forward to please more people.

  15. And one new feature (in addition of that stupid “Visit Website” bar/button in articles):

    Showcase the top 3 most popular articles at the top of each page.

    Why aren’t you informing the end users about new features/changes?!

    1. I must repeat myslef. Before, I would talk to myslef, kick small animals, and I suffered the heartbreak of psychosis. Now, I am a contributing member of society, thanks to my friends at the Real Revo. And, by the way, we need a Fiesta. It is very, very nice to get together without the presence of electrons.

  16. When I’m importing opml feedly thread in chrome is going nuts (import is working but I must kill the thread after whole operation)

  17. h__p://img.youtube.com/vi//maxresdefault.jpg is not always created, you should use h__p://img.youtube.com/vi//hqdefault.jpg instead.


    1. También estoy esperando por eso… es la principal razón por la que elegí Feedly.
      I’m also waiting for that… it’s the main reason I choose Feedly…

  18. Hi Guys!

    Congrats on Feedly it really rocks!

    There is just one thing that I would change. I’ve added feed from different categories but from the same site and it happens that sometimes, quite often if you take Forbes as an example, the same article is published in 3 or 4 categories.

    When I then browse Feedly I see the article 4/5 times, this multiplied by 40 articles is quite a lot of useless content.

    Could you make an option to show only one time the same link?


  19. Hello! For two days I can not go to feedly. All the best, Get Started, a window appears where you are requested to give permission to the data. But the buttons are not active. What to do?

  20. I appologize if this is not the right forum, I don’t know where is the right place to bring this up, but today my feedly is broken – every single article comes up blank, and I have no idea where to start in terms of debuging this – if anyone knows where I could find some help i’d be most grateful.!

  21. I think this update broke the website on my Blackberry Bold 9780. It used to work fairly well, but now all I get is a blank page :(

  22. Can I have the autoplay of videos back, please? I had just grown to like that feature.

    That big “visit website” bar can go away, though.

    Options make more people happy than unchangable defaults!

  23. Scrolling is broken in chrome. When I scroll with my mouse wheel, the slightest scroll down just down to the bottom of my feed.

    1. Yes. Just happened overnight :(.
      It was SO convenient to add a news item to Pocket (Read It Later) and Instapaper and read it from there whenever I want.

      Please add it back, at least Pocket.

      Good job on the reader, though. A big fan of yours :)

      1. Looks like they’re making changes without changing the version number? 17.1 was released on August 17th and from your comments, it sounds like the Pocket button disappeared somewhere between the 23rd and 24th.

        I just noticed that the location of the “Save For Later” button changed between yesterday and today. Still showing version 17.1. Very odd…

        1. Ah! According to twitter.com/feedly (which seems to be the best place to get any real support) they moved Pocket integration to the Feedly Pro version, apparently without letting anyone know.

  24. What happened to the send to delicious button? I used that constantly and now it seems to have disappeared.

  25. This is getting ridiculous. As of today, I can’t get to the sidebar on the left ’cause it’s overwritten with stuff from the main screen. Sent a screenshot to care@feedly.com but I don’t expect to hear back from them just like with the dozens of other problems I’ve reported over the past few months. Back to using Bamboo.

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