New Feedly for Android – Version 17 is out.

We just pushed a new version of feedly for Android to the Google Play Store (version 17.0). You can update it on your device or download it from:


Here is the change log:

  • New version of the android widget
  • 300% faster start time
  • More fluid scrolling experience
  • Better fonts and visual design
  • Search in my feedly (pro)
  • New discover section
  • Enhanced feed search
  • No auto-refresh on restart
  • New Facebook SDK integration
  • Dashclock support
  • Support for Samsung Gear

Special thanks to the Google Android and Google Chrome teams for their coaching.

Version 17 will be submitted to Apple for review on Friday and should be available in the app store shortly after.

If you run into a bug, please leave a comment and we will pass the feedback to the dev team.

Update (Wednesday morning): Some of the optimizations we performed for Android 4.1 and 4.3 seem to cause some issues on Android 2.x and 4.0. The dev team is looking this. We aim to have a fix out by Monday.

Update (Wednesday night): Pushed a 17.1 patch out. Fixed a GPU rendering issue for Android 3.0 and Android 4.0.4 users.

Author: @feedly

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212 thoughts on “New Feedly for Android – Version 17 is out.”

    1. If they just improve the web version to work & page-flip like the app, no need to waste so much resources on developing the app version & fixing bugs that only certain people on certain devices with certain Android versions have. I personally wish they would just have a page-flipping & auto-marking feature on their web version then can use it in any browser on Android or PC, which always updates and renders the actual articles better than Feedly app.

  1. “No auto-refresh on restart”
    My prays have been answered. Hope this also means no refresh when returning to feedly after returning from opened links.

  2. Thanks. I like how responsive your team is to the community. That’s the main thing that convinced me to become a paying subscriber.
    Does this version communicate with the Feedly servers via HTTPS? If not, is that near the top of the to-do list? It’s urgently needed, in my opinion.

  3. I still miss auto going back to “All” when I read all articles. I need to open side menu and tap “All” because feedly stays “inside” the last one. Can this be automatic?

    1. The problem is that everybody uses feed readers differently. Personally I hate auto-going *anywhere* when I “read all” a category. I definitely wouldn’t want it to go to “All”, as I never read my feeds from there. So automatic would be a mistake, but more options would definitely be a plus.

  4. When I activate either one of the widgets in my Nexus 4 (Android 4.3), I only see a green box with a red square at the left bottom corner. Nothing else (no action upon tapping).

  5. Dear Feedly team,

    I’m a long time Feedly user. I really appreciate the work your team is doing in making the RSS reading experience better. Thanks a lot for that.

    Regarding the new update: The new version (v17) seems to have some issues in my phone (Galaxy S2). When the app is opened, the screen flickers for some time and after that, it just freezes. I tried clearing the cache and re-installing the app. Still, no improvement. It would be really helpful if you could take a look. (Between, v17 seems to work fine in my Nexus 7 (2012 edition). I’m able to open the app and check the feeds in Nexus 7. Also, v16 did not have any issues in my phone either.)

    Following are the phone details which might help you in debugging the issue.

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S2 (Model: GT-I9100)
    OS: Android 4.0.4
    (I would be glad to provide more info, if needed)

    Also, could you please let me where I can get v16 of the app from? I would like to use v16 till the issues with v17 are sorted out.

    Once again, thanks for your efforts.


    1. Thanks for the report. We have a Galaxy S2 at the office. Note sure if ours is running 4.0, 4.1 or 4.3. We will try to see if we can reproduce and fix the performance issue. We did some optimization for 4.1+, We might have broken something for 2.3 and 4.0

      1. Similar issue here on a Motorola Razr Maxx (made a report using the pro support with details.). v17 basically unusable, reverted to v16.

        1. Same issues in my HTC Evo 3D running 4.0.3. Whenever I open the App it just shows a white screen. After clicking in that I can see the new articles but clicking in them doesn’t do anything. I hope you can fix these issues soon since I always liked your App.

          1. Same thing on my Asus Transformer tablet (Android 4.0.3). Feedly is my one app that I use every day. Hope you find the issue. If you need help testing a solution let me know.

        2. I’m having instability problems on my MT Razr Maxx too, running v17.2 on Android 4.1.2. It all looks great, but the app crashes very often when clicking on links (not every time — maybe 1 in 5 times). The back button also crashes the app sometimes. Some feeds, which worked perfectly on v16, cause the app to crash whenever I try to open one of their posts…

          1. we just pushed out a 17.1 patch. It should be on the Google Play Store with 60 minutes. When you have the chance, can you please update and confirm that it fixes the issue you were running into? Thanks. -Edwin

    2. we just pushed out a 17.1 patch. It should be on the Google Play Store with 60 minutes. When you have the chance, can you please update and confirm that it fixes the issue you were running into? Thanks. -Edwin

      1. I had these same performance problems on my HTZ Rezound running 4.0.3 with version 17 of Feedly. I got the 17.1 update just now and everything is running much better. Well done, guys! Quick turnaround.

  6. In the light of the fact that Feedly became the world-wide only successor of Google Reader, I’m very happy that it lives and changes for long time for a better user experience, and really enjoyed Feedly 16 with its “day theme”, but Feedly 17 has really breaking changes.

    The category view now has gotten a strange look similar to Skype with its strange design choice. From the very first point of view, it’s *not* clear, what category control is clickable: the title, the drop-down button, or entire region. The previous looks was *much* better, including better vision of which categories are still pending to be read. Now it’s completely not easily clear if the category is read (the text colors of “read” and “unread” are very similar on my display). Plus, the colors of category icons (>) are very saturated as well as the gray icon for read category (saturated gray?), and I still don’t understand the “killing” idea of “black and white” design in the world full of colors, and where colors must attract the attention by design: it’s very hard to distinguish between read and unread now.

    When Feedly was starting to become the successor of Google Reader, there were a lot of ideas that the back button could be a very good choice to move to Categories. That was implemented and it was finally a killing feature! Now the back button never redirects to the categories, and the app gets closed. People, I have one really operating finger on my hand while browsing the news with Feedly holding my phone in my hand: but why there is no easy way to get to the Categories again? You may say that I still can use the button in the left upper corner, but, please, I do not own long fingers. Additionally, in Feedly 16, when the Categories were active, I perfectly knew that pressing the back button will close the app (because the categories visually were different and it was like a point I *always* did on automation), andw it’s not easily clear. Please bring back Feedly 16 behavior on this.

    Those annoying buttons are terrible while reading short articles like Reddit: once you open them, the buttons consume your attention, the article content can’t. And yes, folks, I do not own a Twitter account, so that button is irritating for me, because if I’d share the content from Feedly, I’d use the upper right corner menu with multiple sharing choices (have you noticed they are still deadly gray right there?). Additionally, if I’d like to share the content, it would never mean that I’d like to share each article via Twitter (or whatever sharing feature). Just checked it in the dark theme: they simply kill your eyes.

    The contrast is now lost. The unread are still black, but the read are gray but close to black. It’s very hard to see the difference.

    Sorry, folks, I was a happy user of Feedly 16 and recommended it to everyone.

    (I own Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2)

    1. I agree on the back (and menu also) buttons: why don’t they work as in Feedly 16? It’s really disappointing, I feel I’m back 6 months back, I’m closing and closing again Feedly everytime… The worst in all that: these buttons are now useless, they do nothing at all…
      I can’t let Feedly 17 installed for now. Ok, I care about visuals and speed, but I care way more about usability and features

      1. I desagree about the back button issue. The guide works (or at least should works) as a navigation drawer, and that shouldn’t be opened by pushing the back button. On Gmail, Youtube, Google+, etc. never happen that.
        In my case, I use the “All” section as start page and barely use the guide. So when I finished reading and wanted to close the app was a pain in the ass that the response was it:
        -first, getting back to the previous list of articles,
        -after a second try, open the guide,
        -and then have to push for third time to get close the app.
        You may say that I should use the home button directly, ok, but that doesn’t mean that the “back button” malfunctioned before.

        1. Tapping the back button to get to the categories was a super feature. For me, here is a clear logical chain: Categories <- Feed/Starred <- Article. At the "feed stage", tapping the back button does nothing, *exactly nothing*; tap 2nd time — suddenly Feedly closes. So generally it's like: [can't access categories] <- [nothing here, it does nothing] <- Feed/Starred <- Article. It's good to have no surprise in navigation, and let it be as fast as possible having no latency because of strange navigation. The reason for all of that is just having the Categories panel over the Settings panel in the same widget (sorry, I don't know Android dev-terms). The settings is an extremely rarely used feature: setup once, use always. The Categories is extremely often used feature. Extremely. If Categories could be separated, then no one would request the back button to go to Categories. Again, that was a super great feature, because you don't have to have lo-o-ong fingers and stay always unsurprised.

          1. Like I said, Categories is not an often used feature in my case, that depends on how you use Feedly.
            For you tapping the back button to get to the categories was a super feature, for me was always a weird and unexpected navigation.
            You still can access to Categories with a swipe from the left of the screen or tapping the top left button; those are the 2 ways to open a navigation drawer (
            Open it using the back button is not a right way.
            I have also noticed about the fact that now, when you tap for the first time the back button nothing happen, that’s odd too.

            1. Hm, swipe does not work for me for some reason… I can’t understand why Categories are not that worthy to deserve a separate screen. Yes, I agree, it really depends on how a user can use the Feedly app, but I have over 200 subscriptions strongly sorted into categories, and Categories is simply my best start place, not “must reads”, because I usually want to have an overview of overall feeds in a quick look. Some of categories are not that important, and when I read the feeds, I usually do a quick overview (with the back button, sure) and the low-priority categories were usually marked as read — it’s just a matter of speed during navigation when I don’t want to have a long stop in some low-importance categories. I agree to hide the settings stuff that way, but I wouldn’t do that for Categories. It really makes sense of navigation for me.

              1. Having Categories in a sidebar is more faster navigation than having it in a separate screen; just like in the Gmail app with the different inboxes and labels.
                The swipe move has to be from the left edge of the screen, like (sorry for insist so much) in Gmail, G+, Youtube, etc.

    2. I agree on the Twitter button. I dont’t need the share button there and i’m quite likely will hit it unintentionally when I want to open the web page.

      1. Me too!

        Why not make that twitter button a customizable ‘quick sharing button’? Let the user decide which way of sharing is used for this button – and let users, who don’t want that button at all, just turn it off completely.

        That should please everybody, I guess.

    3. quote

      Right?? They are very annoying and no, I don’t have a twitter account either. Why duplicate? I’m ok about the rest.

  7. Hello, I’m concerned about what feeds show up in the list. I’m very much now used to having them in alphabetical order from the feedly site but the app from android just doesn’t show every feed that has an unread article. What I mean is, do they just appear in random and in a certain number only? They’re not alphabetical anymore and other feeds I have subscribed to aren’t showing in the list. I already tried using the app and the site at the same time and they just won’t show. Has this concerned been addressed or did miss something? I really have a lot of feeds, by the way. Is that something that affects it? Thank you!!

  8. Completely unusable on my Archos G9 Turbo. The application shows ‘loading’ but no network traffic is being exchanged.
    Cannot access the preferences, page turn is performed half way…

    The previous version was OK, this one is the first I try that is vary bad.

  9. Great update. Good to hear Evernote is top of the backlog. Keep it up, your efforts in keeping RSS alive and very much kicking are appreciated. I’m kinda glad Google killed Reader now!

    1. Yes, exactly my thoughts.
      v16 was great, v17 is even better!
      A few people are complaining for (mostly) valid reasons; however, it would be encouraging to see how many people are JUST HAPPY with this new release. Clearly a vast (silent) majority.

  10. On my Android tablet a YouTube video continues running in the background, though I left the page with the back button.

  11. Also noticing that the menu button (for those with phones that still have it) no longer triggers the navigation menu. This is a feature I definitely will miss. Tiny hands means it is much nicer to have navigation along the bottom edge.

    Why was this removed? Surely it would not annoy anyone to leave it in?

  12. This version seems more readable but does not work in my Android 4.0.4 device.
    Very slow, always ‘loading’. Last version worked just fine.

    1. Same here on my 4.0.4 Sony Xperia phone. Previous version worked fine. New version extremely slow to load and horizontal swiping hangs, needing two swipes per page. App is unusable, so unable to check out the new features.

      1. we just pushed out a 17.1 patch. It should be on the Google Play Store with 60 minutes. When you have the chance, can you please update and confirm that it fixes the issue you were running into? Thanks. -Edwin

  13. Not working on my Moto Atrix2, Android 4.0.4 too. Very slow, not responding. Only widget works again. reinstall v16

    1. we just pushed out a 17.1 patch. It should be on the Google Play Store with 60 minutes. When you have the chance, can you please update and confirm that it fixes the issue you were running into? Thanks. -Edwin

  14. Very beautiful widget, I was waiting for it!
    Anyway, it is stationary on one news. It is possible to add an option to change the news every x seconds?
    Thanks for your attention.

  15. V16 was my go-to reader. Having serious problems with v17. It constantly freezes, refreshing causes blank screen, and scrolling is anything but smooth…when I can actually get articles to appear. I love(d) Feedly. Please fix or post instructions on hiw to revert to v16.

    Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
    Android 4.0.4

  16. Since the recent update my unread counts have been reset on several feeds.
    Any way to bring these back…please?

  17. Latest version is very slow to load and wont scroll though feeds. Its unusable

    Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 android 4.0.4

  18. I wish this followed more the Google Android apps UI/User Experience.

    Like the left-side open drawer icon is different than for all other apps like Google Maps, Youtube etc. Why not just use the same?

    The settings also looks like old Gingerbread style :-( It looks really bad.

    Also I don’t get the sharing+ menu, like it took me forever to notice that the O was not another sharing service but the way to mark an item as unread! Why not just add text for non-sharing options?

    Apart from that, I love the update!

    Kenneth, a happy pro-user.

  19. My default sharing option is Browser. But when I open an article detail, there is a big Tweet icon, though it still open a new browser window when tap.

    Suggesting not to have that big icon there. It’s not useful.

  20. Hmm, the update worked fine yesterday. But this morning I’m just getting a spinning loading icon and/or a blank grey screen. It also keeps reverting back to the welcome/tutorial screen, but none of the buttons are interactive.
    I’ve checked my network connection, so that’s not the problem…
    App Version: 17.0
    Android Version: 4.1.2

  21. Hmm, the update worked fine yesterday. But this morning I’m just getting a spinning loading icon and/or a blank grey screen. It also keeps reverting back to the welcome/tutorial screen, but none of the buttons are interactive.
    I’ve checked my network connection, so that’s not the problem…
    App Version: 17.0
    Android Version: 4.1.2

  22. Motorola Razr Maxx AU Stock 4.1.2
    More sudden force close without popping the report options happened than v16, though the general response of the app comes faster and smoother. It seems it is random, but happened easily especially pressing visit the website in some of the articles.(namely ePrice HK, in v16 no such specific force close, just random)

    Random interface goes black (both navigation bar and the content itself) exists, especially in article view and swipe left to reach previous article.

    1. v17.1 does not address this issue.
      I thought there was another problem causing crashes periodically/after certain actions.
      Besides, the interface missing issue also exists.

      It seems the users with 4.1 or above, and till the moment some of the models are affected. Say Motorola Droid Razr M, Razr/Droid Razr (Maxx), Droid Razr Maxx HD Nexus S. That’s what I found after I browse through the comments here, in another article’s comment, about releasing v17.1, and a bit browse through comments in Google Play. Hope it could be handled soon.

      1. I just found 17.2 address the hardware menu button partially. Menu button could only open the menu but not closing it. And sometimes you will find the menu button not functioning and it forces the users to use the swipe gesture/click the button to call out the menu. The crashing issue in using visit the website internally inside the app still exists. I found most of the users claiming the same issues using 4.1.x system mainly. Including but not limited to Nexus S, Motorola Razr (Maxx), Razr i/M/Razr HD. It’s quite a widely affected issues, I appreciated the quick reaction in trying to handle these issues.

  23. Using an HTC Incredible. The new app flickers, freezes and locks. I uninstalled and reinstalled with non improvement. Any suggestions?

  24. Thanks so much for the widget fix! We’ve been bitching pretty cruelly about, now it’s time to be grateful. THANK YOU!!!

  25. Updated app is unusable for me. Running verizon HTC Rezound with Android 4.0.3 and Sense 3.6. When i open app, articles will not load. I can open sidebar and pick a section, then articles will load sometimes. If I do get articles though, the scroll does not work right.

  26. The Font setting is not good. I can’t see any differences with options and cant select Serif for the article text font.

  27. In a similar position to “B” (See post ‘October 15, 2013 at 10:04 pm’ above)
    I’m a big fan of Feedly and it has been my primary RSS reading app since before Google Reader shutdown, but since the v17 update I have difficulty using it across different devices.

    The issues with Feedly v17 seem to be prevalent on Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.x) devices.

    On my Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 – GT-P7310) Feedly v17 will not load my selected Start Page until exiting, killing and then reopening the app. Even so, only the Navigation (Top) Bar will appear. Pressing the Menu Button (Top Left) will open my list of Categories/Feeds, simultaneously causing a “refresh” of my Start Page. Despite this, Feeds/Stories still take quite some time to load. Even selecting a specific Category or Feed will still result in significantly longer load times as opposed to Feedly v16.x. Similar issues can also be found on my phone (Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray – se end of post for device list.)

    It appears however that both Gingerbread (Android 2.3.6) and Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3) do not seem to be affect and Feedly v17 runs just as well or better than Feedly v16.x.

    For now, the easiest solution os to downgrade to Feedly v16.x from backups for affected devices.

    Please find below a list of tested devices (working and not working) as well as a link to Screenshots for affected devices.

    I hope these issues can be resolved quickly.



    Device List:

    Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
    Model: GT-P7310
    OS: Android 4.0.4 (Stock Samung – Build No.: IMM86D.XXPLO)
    App Version: Feedly v17 (Reverted to v16.1.542)

    Device: Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray
    Model: ST18i
    OS: Android 4.0.4 (CyanogenMOD 9.1.0)
    App Version: Feedly v17 (Reverted to v16.1.542)

    Device: Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.2
    Model: YP-GI1
    OS: Android 2.3.6 (Stock Samung – Build No.: GINGERBREAD.XXLC3)
    App Version: Feedly v17

    Device: Asus/Google Nexus 7
    Model: Nexus 7
    OS: Android 4.3 (Stock Google – Build No.: JWR66Y)
    App Version: Feedly v17

    Screenshot Link: See “Website”

  28. What is different about the widget? In the minimal size it cuts the title in the landscape mode on my Nexus 7 (i se only the top half of the title). Also, first time it loaded the list with images, but now most of the articles are without images no matter how often i try to refresh the list.

  29. On SE Xperia Active with stock ICS Feedly unfortunately became unusable after update to v17. It’s loading and loading, after that there is the flickering. I can’t swipe normally. It’s a mess. I hope it’s fixable because Feedly is great anyway.

    1. we just pushed out a 17.1 patch. It should be on the Google Play Store with 60 minutes. When you have the chance, can you please update and confirm that it fixes the issue you were running into? Thanks. -Edwin

  30. New update does not work AT ALL on my Cyanogen modded HP touchpad. Please fix or at least give us the option to return to the previous version. I’m Uninstalling if no fix.

    1. we just pushed out a 17.1 patch. It should be on the Google Play Store with 60 minutes. When you have the chance, can you please update and confirm that it fixes the issue you were running into? Thanks. -Edwin

    1. we just pushed out a 17.1 patch. It should be on the Google Play Store with 60 minutes. When you have the chance, can you please update and confirm that it fixes the issue you were running into? Thanks. -Edwin

  31. v16 was not perfect but worked, v17 is just unusable as it freezes as soon as I start it. Reverting back to old version :(

    1. we just pushed out a 17.1 patch. It should be on the Google Play Store with 60 minutes. When you have the chance, can you please update and confirm that it fixes the issue you were running into? Thanks. -Edwin

  32. This update is completely broken on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Android 4.0.4. It is also broken on my Samsung Galaxy Note 1 with android 4.0.4

    1. we just pushed out a 17.1 patch. It should be on the Google Play Store with 60 minutes. When you have the chance, can you please update and confirm that it fixes the issue you were running into? Thanks. -Edwin

  33. I’ve got a Nexus S running Android 4.1. When I am reading an article, and swipe to get to the next, it works well most of the time, but sometimes the next article flashes up on the screen then disappears. If the second article works, and I try to swipe to the next one (third) it never works. If I go back to the list view and click the next article it works fine.

    Bound to be some growing pains when you’ve made something this awesome in such a short amount of time. Thanks so much for picking up the slack when Google discontinued reader. Can’t wait for the next update.

    1. Hi Rob, we just pushed out a 17.1 patch. It should be on the Google Play Store with 60 minutes. When you have the chance, can you please update and confirm that it fixes the issue you were running into? Thanks. -Edwin

      1. Hi Edwin,

        Unfortunately the update to 17.1 did not fix the issue. I even just saw the issue when I clicked on an article directly from the list view. The actual article appeared for a split second and then disappeared. When I went back to the list view and clicked it again then it worked, but swiping to the next article had the same issue where it disappeared as soon as it appeared.

        It seems to be related to whether an article is unread or not. If the next article is unread, the swipe seems to work. But if I’m swiping to an unread article, it disappears after a split second.

        Funny thing is that when this happens the feedly logo/menu button in the top left disappears, and I have to use the back button on my phone to get back to the list view.

        Hope that helps a bit with the troubleshooting.


        1. I have exactly the same problem. Articles that are read appear right away. Articles that are unread disappear so I have to open every single thing I want to look at twice before I can actually read any of it. The update 17.1 didn’t help at all. Nexus S, 4.1
          How do I get v16 back?

  34. Nice update generally but please restore the back button taking you to categories. It’s so much more intuitive and ergonomic than having to go top left every time. I keep accidentally closing the app. Frustrating!

  35. In cyanogen Mod (2.3.4) the lines between entries are missing. They appear sometimes when I switch themes but are gone after switching categories again.

  36. Also, when I access the app by clicking on a story in the widget, shouldn’t I be led to the story as part of a feed? I mean, if I swipe on the story, shouldn’t I get the next/previous story from that feed? I seem to enter a newly generated temporary feed with only the one story that I clicked on.

  37. The widget is the best part about this app, and we’ve duly waited for the re-release. Please tell me that I’m doing something wrong and that the widget is not screwed up.

  38. In the most recent patch did you take away:
    1. The font changing option, and
    2. The ‘Today’ page?

    If you have, that’s cool (but I’m hoping they’ll be back soon). If you haven’t I don’t see them anymore!

  39. Could you clean out the sharing panel on Android? It’s extremely cluttered and unnecessary given that Android has share intents.

    Apparently, I’m not the only one who finds it frustrating:

    Additionally, the internal browser is rather annoying. I’d rather open an item in the device’s default browser, especially if its a site in which I have some type of account and want to be signed in.

  40. Still not working on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I uninstalled & reinstalled Feedly. Program loads, but when advance to the next post, the screen displays a post I have already seen. When I tap the screen once, the correct post loads. However, the program then crashes every few minutes.

  41. I updated to 17.1 the other day, which corrected the rendering issue with the Android app. However, today, I noticed that when you touch through to the full post (within Feedly) and then click back to the category screen (or home screen), only half of the view renders properly (the right half becomes a mostly black space…or just empty). You can’t correct it without reloading the page from the menu (which does work and renders fine). It’s not a huge problem unless you’re trying to page through 100s of RSS entries via the “All” category and don’t have the “mark as read as you swipe through” mode ticked.

    Something to check into. Thanks for the 17.1 patch, though. I almost left Feedly when 17.0 dropped :(

  42. Using a note 3 on android 4.3 If i dont use the back button to exit the app, when i enter the app later i only get green screen showing that everything is read. I used to be able to just hit the home key to exit feedly. Now i have to use the back key.

  43. I love feedly but even after the 17.1 update it is crashing too often to be usable. Using galaxy tab, Android 4.1some feeds just don’t open and the app crashes out to my home page. Doesn’t seem to be any pattern in this but once a particular feed does this, it does it again when the app is reloaded. I wish I could give more info because I would like to help the team fix this – but I am currently having to use Press for my feedly feeds.

  44. As a lifetime Pro user and Sony smartwatch SW2 owner I’m wondering why there isn’t any support for this great smartwatch!

  45. I like the new look and the much needed speed increase.

    However, I am having issues with side scrolling from article to article. About every 2-3 articles the screen will go blank. I can scroll forward or back one article and back and the article will be availible. Seems to affect those with images associated with them more than just text articles.
    Android 4.1.2 and Feedly 17.2

  46. 2nd post: Feedly 17.2, Razr with Android v 4.1.2
    Same problem with 17, 17.1 persists with 17.2. When you attempt to open any article it crashes. I made the mistake of uninstalling/reinstalling. When I try to enter my login information it crashes. Looking forward to a fix!

  47. Awesome! Best RSS reader!
    Just one request, please: In Android change preview pictures aspect ratio in cards and magazine view from square to 16:9. I can´t see the full pic until I open the article, and that is tedious.
    Thanks a lot.

  48. I have similar issues as the persons above and these are pretty annoying:

    1. Sometimes when I open an article I see the article for a short time, then the screen goes blank. If I go backward (into the article selection list of the feed) and re-open the article everything works perfect so far. This seems to be article dependent as I have to do this procedure for several articles in the same feed. (Note: this doesn’t always happen for every article – some work, some not)

    2. Feedly sometimes crashes when you open an article, additionally it crashes often when I try to load the website version of the article.

    Nexus S with Android 4.1.2 with Feedly 17.2

  49. 17.2 is bad news for me. Previous versions worked great. Pressing read more or visit website results in an instant crash. When browsing through cards and pressing a article I want to read, I often have to hit the back button and repress the article since I’m greeted with a blank page on first press. Pretty useless since Feedy crashes when I want to read more. I found that these issues are happening to others with a Google search. Stock 4.1.2 on a Nexus S.

  50. I am also having heaps of issues with Feedly. As the last poster in these comments, I also have the app crashing when I press “visit website”. When scrolling through a feed by using my finger from the right side and dragging to the left, very very often the article is completely blank, the trick I have to do is to do a little “feint” scroll left or right, to pretend I am going to the next or previous article but then going back to the current article – for the article to actually show up instead of a blank screen. What a stupid, infuriating problem. And it has been like this for a week. With all the feedly issues, I am seriously considering getting the new iPad Air just so I can go back to using Mr. Reader. If you want to see how to make an awesome RSS app, just take a look at Mr. Reader for iOS. Time to find another RSS app I think….

  51. It was working great until v17…now it crashes at random on me.

    Any chance I could downgrade to v16?

  52. A decent update, with one, very, _very_ glaring exception:

    The “back” key, when pressed inside a feed, now either closes feedly (going to the home screen), or simply does nothing.

    In the last version of feedly, the back button used to open the “list of feeds” sidebar, which was _really_ useful and intuitive.

    One can of course use the “list of feeds” button at the top of the screen, but it’s vastly more annoying, because the top of the screen is typically out of thumb’s-reach when using a phone with one handed (whereas the back-button is usually easily reachable with your thumb). So what used to be a quick and intuitive action now requires much more effort and attention.

    Please go back to the previous behavior, where the back-key would open the list of feeds from within a feed. [If you think some people prefer the new behavior, you could make it a user-toggleable option.]


  53. Reblogged this on Backwards Time Machine and commented:
    Feedly is a Google Chrome extension that displays the latest updates from feeds, blogs, and sites like Facebook and Twitter in a magazine-like view. It integrates with Google Reader, Delicious,, YouTube, and other sites. It offers numerous ways to add, filter, display, mark, and share content. It takes a little time to set up Feedly to do exactly what you want it to do, but the end result is like your own personal magazine digest of everything you’re interested in, or might be interested in, since Feedly also does a good job of suggesting content.

  54. I installed thid app on my Galaxy S3 several times, and I can’t use it because I can’t login! Don’t show up any permission from my Google account (that works just fine), and I simply don’t understand why! Is so frustating! I can’t search for any content either..
    I tried everything, so I’ll just give up another time.

    1. It also disappear in Notes 3, without the Gear version installed. Happens when another application is installed/updated/removed….!!

  55. So far updating is not a big deal I have updated my own too and was excited to know about its 3000 % fast speed and no refreshing again and again. I didn’t feel such major difference in speed but have got rid of refreshing it. Does it include new
    android apps or not?

  56. Android version 18.0.4 won’t let me open articles with this or last update. Articles in list nothing happens when selecting them.
    Running 4.3 on HTC one

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