17.1 Patch – Fixing Android 3.x and Android 4.0.x rendering issues

We are sorry: it seems that some of the GPU rendering optimization we put in place for Android 4.1+ did not work well on Android 3.x and Android 4.0.x.

The dev team is looking at selectively turning off some of those optimization. We just pushed out a 17.1 update which does some of that and should address most of the rendering issues experienced by users who are running Android 3.0 and Android 4.0.3 and 4.0.4.

17.1 should be available on the Google Play Store within 45 minutes. If you are using feedly on Android 3.x and Android 4.0.x, please update and confirm in the comments that the rendering problems are gone.

If 17.1 does not address your rendering issue, please leave a comment with your device name, Android version and if you know it the amount of GPU RAM your device has.

With your help, we should be able to selectively revert back all the optimization and make sure that the enhancements targeted at newer devices do not come at the cost of a penalty for other devices.


Author: @feedly

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77 thoughts on “17.1 Patch – Fixing Android 3.x and Android 4.0.x rendering issues”

    1. Same here, with a DROID RAZR MAXX HD. I’ve re-installed the app and that did nothing. It’s borderline unuseable these days.

      1. I still have the same problem on my RAZR M three months later. I don’t see any advice for a fix or workaround on the internet, I think I will have to switch to another reader :(

  1. Hi,

    The 17.x updates have changed the back button behaviour (previously the category menu was the ‘main’ screen and so exiting went back through it) but also your visual style. The 3 dash icon you now use for the menu has a meaning in the android UI which you should ideally maintain. A swipe from left (offscreen) onto the display should bring up the category menu, rather than just pressing on the menu button. Google also reinforces this dynamic (see in action in recently redesigned apps like gmail and play music) by making their 3 dash on the left edge icon shrink (as if the 3 dashes are moving off the screen as it pushes the menu onto the screen from the left edge) but in your current UI the left edge menu covers the icon in order to retain the full height of the screen for the menu (obviously there is an argument for this behaviour and it means the animation of the icon is pointless in the current form).

    1. Thanks for the detailed feedback. Will take a closer look at Gmail and Youtube tomorrow and see if there are changes we can do to improve interaction consistency while maintaining out panel metaphors. -Edwin

  2. v17.1 seems to have fixed the performance issues many Feedly friends and I noticed with v17.0 on Android 4.0.x.

    On Galaxy S2 (Android 4.0.4):
    I tried v17.1 on Galaxy S2 (Android 4.0.4).I’m able to open the app and traverse through various feeds. Overall performance of the app looks better than v16. (Can’t compare with v17.0 because the app was getting stuck in initial screen itself)

    There seems to be some minor cosmetic issues with the UI. I’ll use the app for some more time and try to report back after consolidating all the UI issues I notice.

    On Nexus 7 (2012 edition with Android 4.3):
    v17.1 seems to work fine.

    Thank you for the quick turn around.

    A question: Do you have a beta testing program in place (involving users)? If yes, could you please share the details?
    If you don’t have one yet, it would be a good idea to initiate one. I’m sure there would be many Feedly users who would volunteer to test the app and report back issues they identify. I believe it would be very difficult for your team to test the app on all available device/android-version combinations. A public beta testing program would help to widen the testing scope.

    Once again, thank you.


    1. And these beta testers should be made up of random mixed of people so we can have people using various types of devices/OS and technical skills.

  3. v17.1 seems to fix the performance issues on my A500 (Android 4.0.3)… also seems faster than v16!

    Thank you.

  4. Render issues fixed (Razr Maxx, Android 4.0.4)!
    Now only the by design flaws remain, but at least it is usable now!

    Why I might revert to v16 anyhow:
    *) Horrible green buttons that are bright enough to sort of ruin the point with the night theme (which otherwise is totally awesome).
    *) Categories can no longer be brought out with the menu button (I have tiny hands and reaching for the top left to press that button is really awkward).
    *) Not a fan of the changed look on the category menu.

    Problems that remain from v16:
    *) Search field is limited in usefullness because it is impossible to long press and get the “paste” option.

    But the problems aside, good job on fixing the total brokenness fast!

  5. Is there a reason the menu key was disabled on devices that have this key?

    I have a Galaxy S2 and the menu key function was really useful… can you please add this feature again please?

  6. MUCH better on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (4.0.4)!
    While there may be other small problems that haven’t annoyed me yet, I’m very pleased to have a usuable version again.

    THANKS for the very quick response!

  7. v17.1 Update
    Just updated to v17.1 across my devices.

    Thus far no issues such as those with v17 have been encountered, however my Gingbread device has some minor “jerking” whan opening (zooming in to) an individual story; though I’m not overly concerned with this. Additionally on the same device, the hardware Back button used to exit stories as well as allow for exiting the app. Since the update it will not allow for exiting the app; but, again, a minor issue as I mostly use my other devices, just thought it was worth mention ing.

    Excellent work pushing the update so quickly!

    Keep up the good work guys.


    Device List:

    Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
    Model: GT-P7310
    OS: Android 4.0.4 (Stock Samung – Build No.: IMM86D.XXPLO)
    App Version: Feedly v17.1
    Issues: No Major Issues

    Device: Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray
    Model: ST18i
    OS: Android 4.0.4 (CyanogenMOD 9.1.0)
    App Version: Feedly v17.1
    Issues: No Issues

    Device: Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.2
    Model: YP-GI1
    OS: Android 2.3.6 (Stock Samung – Build No.: GINGERBREAD.XXLC3)
    App Version: Feedly v17.1
    Issues: Minor Animation Issues when opening a Story, Hardware Back Button no longer allows for exiting app

    Device: Asus/Google Nexus 7
    Model: Nexus 7
    OS: Android 4.3 (Stock Google – Build No.: JWR66Y)
    App Version: Feedly v17.1
    Issues: No Issues

  8. Device: Nexus S
    OS: Android 4.1.2
    App Version: Feedly v17.1
    Issues: Often, when tapping on a headline to open more details of a story, the story appears for half a second, then it turns white and all controls at the top are gone. Also: Visiting a website crashes Feedly.

    1. Same issue with my Nexus S (i9023).
      Stock Android 4.1.2
      Not rooted.
      This situation started with version 17, and persists with the version 17.1

      Please help this is the most important app in my Android.

    2. The same issue in my Nexus S (“Often, when tapping on a headline to open more details of a story, the story appears for half a second, then it turns white and all controls at the top are gone.”), even after I have restored it to factory defaults.

      Another Issue is when I install the aplicattion and I have to log in with my google account. I put my email and when I change to the password field the app closes. I open the app again but is allways the same problem. I cannot log in

      Device: Nexus S
      Stock OS: Android 4.1.2
      App Version: Feedly v17.2

  9. Using Nook HD

    17.1 is better but slow to load initial home screen.

    When swiping between categories with unread articles it doesn’t progress on the first swipe. Goes back to article list, then swipe again and it moves on.

    If I tap all articles read, it rests on the green arrow page for too long.

    Thanks for your app!

  10. 17.1 fixes rendering on my HTC Incredible 4G LTE with Android 4.0.3. The update looks great! Nice work!

  11. Hello Feedly!

    I love the aesthetics of the new update, it is a real eye candy! However, I noticed a significant bug which pretty much limits the usability of the app for me. When I click on the “Visit website” button (which takes you to the source article page), Feedly abruptly crashes after a second or two of a blank white screen being i

  12. Hello Feedly!

    I love the aesthetics of the new update, it is a real eye candy! However, I noticed a significant bug which pretty much limits the usability of the app for me. When I click on the “Visit website” button (which takes you to the source article page), Feedly abruptly crashes after a second or two of a blank white screen being shown. I’ve tried this on many different RSS feeds, all with the same result. My phone’s specs are as follows:

    Model: Pantech Vega No. 6 (it’s quite a rare phone outside South Korea and a few other select Asian countries)
    Android version: 4.1.2
    RAM: 2GB
    Display: Full HD IPS
    Unfortunately I do not know the amount of GPU RAM my phone has, but I can say that it’s pretty powerful.

  13. New version works for me… Android 4.0.3 (HTC Amaze).
    Great job! (will need to get used to new interface)

  14. Please start a Google play testing program. I never experienced the performance issues, but that might because I have no desire to use the app as it stands today. Other than a new ui, I have only lost core features and design functions. I will say that the browser option next to open website is much appreciated.

    Here’s a list of what I think needs to be worked on:

    – Font support needs to be back ASAP. Whatever is displaying now is not pretty – not something I’ve ever been able to fault Feedly for.
    – You need to look at the action bar styling guides. That’s not the purpose of the settings icon, and no other (good) Android app has search to the right of it on the bar.
    – Hardware Settings button doesn’t work.
    – Back button / stack is broken.
    – The app has further moved towards an iOS look and feel. Android has a lot of beautiful apps that works with style guidelines.
    – This isn’t new, but why do you have your own manual share options when one of androids best features is the share button? I don’t want to log in to a service via your app when I’m already logged in on the app itself and could easily share to it? Please put the android share button on the action bar.
    – How does entering a direct feed url still not work? Outside of the suggested content, it can be extremely difficult to add feeds when your search won’t find it by keyword and the Url doesn’t work.
    – Your app does random things on resume (when app switching) , still. Sometimes I go back to an article I was looking at an hour ago. Sometimes it reloads (dislike – I should always go back to the place I was before if you haven’t left memory). Very occasionally I go back to the correct place.

    TL:DR : your app functions, but is jarring within the android ecosystem. Buttons don’t function the same, app resume sends me to various different app states with no coherency, please take another look at the style and function guidelines and be a team player.

    1. Using the note 3 as well. also having issues exiting the app. When i re-enter the app later all i get is the green “all articles are read” screen. Have to exit and re-enter.

  15. Hi.

    Visit Web site broken for me. Crashes app, please fix asap as can’t use feebly with it like this.

    Thanks Ian

    Mobile is Motorola Razor I or xt890
    Android 4.1.2
    Not sure of gcpu

  16. Hi,
    v17.1 starts up and displays the list of feeds but when an article is tapped the page refreshes saying “loading website” then immediately the app crashes back to the Android home screen. I tried Uninstall / reinstall it did not help.

    Waiting for the next patch… :)


    Device: Motorola Droid RAZR M
    Android version: 4.1.2
    System version: 98.18.78.XT907.Verizon.en.US
    Kernal version: 3.0.31-g101ca72
    Build #: 9.8.1Q-78
    RAM: 1GB
    ROM: 8GB
    Display 960×540 qHD

  17. Device: Sony Xperia E
    OS: 4.1.1 (Build: 11.3.A.0.47)
    Feedly version: 17.2 (couldn’t find a blogpost for that release)

    Visit website function makes the app hang, only way to resolve is pressing home, then holding home, and swiping it away to close, then opening again. Opening in Chrome is not a good workaround since upon going back, feedly reloads (lack of RAM, i guess). Scrolling in opened article sometimes doesn’t work, pressing back, and opening the article again solves it.

    +1 for the beta testing program

  18. Device: Samsung Nexus S
    OS: 4.1.1 (Build JR003E)
    Feedly version 17.2

    I’ve got a Nexus S running Android 4.1. When I am reading an article, and swipe to get to the next, it works well most of the time, but sometimes the next article flashes up on the screen then disappears. If the second article works, and I try to swipe to the next one (third) it never works. If I go back to the list view and click the next article it works fine.

    The actual article appeared for a split second and then disappeared. When I went back to the list view and clicked it again then it worked, but swiping to the next article had the same issue where it disappeared as soon as it appeared.

    It seems to be related to whether an article is unread or not. If the next article is unread, the swipe seems to work. But if I’m swiping to an unread article, it disappears after a split second.

    Funny thing is that when this happens the feedly logo/menu button in the top left disappears, and I have to use the back button on my phone to get back to the list view.

    I had this issue on 17.0, 17.1 and now 17.2


      1. It seems most of the 4.1.x devices got this problem. Saw quite a number of Motorola Razr (Maxx). Razr M, I, HD, Nexus S users, now even some Sony Xperia with 4.1 users claiming the same problem.

  19. Getting blank screen on Samsung Galaxy S with Android 4.1.2 (CyanogenMod 10.0.0-galaxysmtd). Was working using the previous version.

    Btw, knowing the new version has some rendering issues for some, would be great to be able to re-download the previous versions.

  20. This update was disastrous for my Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX (Android 4.1.2). These are some of the problems I keep having:
    1. App constantly crashes, particularly when I’m going from one article to another, though sometimes it crashes while I’m in the middle of reading.
    2. Though videos play, as soon as I rotate my phone, the video disappears and I only get sound. Once the video finishes playing, the app crashes.
    3. When I swipe from one article to another, the screen is blank. I have to swipe back to the last article, and then try again for the article to display correctly.
    4. I deleted the app and then re-installed it hoping that would help. Unfortunately, it didn’t make a difference. However, when I tried to log in, it wasn’t letting me if I entered my Google account first. I had to skip that part, enter my password first, then go back to the Log In ID field and enter my email address.
    5. When I try to go to the settings page, the app crashes.
    6. The app’s main menu button disappears at random.

    These problems have persisted even with the 17.1 upgrade. As a result, I’ve been forced to download some other reader app which syncs my feeds from Feedly. I really hope you guys fix all the problems soon. From what I saw in the apps reviews in Google Play, these problems seem to affect a vast majority of users with Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX phones.

  21. 17.2 release still crashes Feedly upon clicking “Visit Website”; not all the time, but most of the time. Device is ZTE Z992 (AT&T Avail 2 phone), Android version 4.1.1. Unknown amount of GPU RAM.

  22. The 17.2 release seems to be really buggy in comparison to earlier one (I’m not sure which the previous one I had installed was). Opening the article results almost always into a blank screen. Back and re-try and then the content is there. Navigating to the article website from the provided button seems to more often crash feedly than to do what it is supposed to do. Plus the non-responsiveness of the back-button.
    (SonyEricsson Xperia Active with Android version 4.1.2)

  23. 17.2 release still crashes Feedly upon clicking “Visit Website” most of the time. Reboot Feedly and the article I want to read is gone… not even listed in the first 10 pages.. the surrounding articles are still there but I guess clicking on “Visit Website” completely wipes out the article. Very disappointing.. moving on..
    Motorola Droid RAZR, Android version 4.1.2.

  24. Dear Feedly Team,

    I do wonder someone could address 4.1.x crashing issue and hardware button partly/totally not responsive issue in a more responsive way.

    I appreciate your work and a very prompt answer to Google Play’s app comment, however, please do watch about what the users comment first, but not spamming the same message without noticing whether the problem is fixed mentioned by the user. I, and I bet most of the users having the same issues, would like to help out if there is anything we could help to trace the root of problem, but not like what I have met. My situation is you have replied me quickly in Google Play, and you have mentioned if the problem is solved ask me please raise the rating again. I have mentioned I am please to do so if the problem is solved, and I tried to mentioned further about the situation and seek further common situation around the Google Play comments and the comments over the posts in this blog. However, I sent an email to the Feedly care email(care@feedly.com), and just like throwing stones into the sea.

    I am pretty sure it’s not a minority of users meeting this problem, please note that there are still a number of models of phones are trapped into the 4.1.x version, especially models from Sony, Motorola and even Nexus S. This problem have appeared since 17.0, and till the moment 17.2 only addressed the another group of users in 4.0.x. Please take this issue seriously, otherwise you are just causing the losing faith of users in you, and disappointed in how seriously you take the users’ responses.

    It’s not the first time I tried to send email and do my response seriously. But what I got is nothing, even a single computer generated response that you have received my message and looking into it. If this is the service standard, I would claim that I have no faith in joining your pro service at the moment, as not even getting a single word from your support, how could I trust your PREMIUM support, I am afraid if I would get the same kind of no response from you even in your premium support.

    Yours faithfully,

  25. Hi there-

    I’m running Feedly v.17.2 on a Droid Razr Maxx with Android version 4.1.2.

    I am experiencing two bugs – one is still the rendering issue – when swiping to a new article, the new article goes blank. I can swipe back to the old article, then to the new one again, and then it will mostly render properly. Doesn’t look like the update fixed this issue for me.

    The ‘Visit Website’ bug, though, is making Feedly borderline unusable. Especially because the crash marks whatever I was trying to look at as ‘read’. This is intermittent, which almost makes it worse. I can see no pattern of websites that instigate the crash.

    Thanks for your attention to these bugs.

  26. Running Feedly version 17.2 on Droid Razr, Android 4.1.2. I have the same problem, stated by Amy, with the ‘Visit Website’ bug. It’s random and Feedly crashes, marking the article as read. After viewing all articles, I can select the feed again to view all articles, but the same article will crash Feedly again.

  27. When visiting the website of any article, Feedly crashes.

    Device: Nexus S
    OS version: stock Android v4.1.2
    App version: Feedly v17.2

  28. Feedly 17.2 crashes while loading an article. The device is a 9,4″ no-name tablet running stock android v4.1.2. The device has 1gb RAM and the CPU is a Actions Semiconductor ATM7029.

  29. When I try to visit a website (either by using the embedded link or Feedly’s link), both of my Android devices close Feedly entirely. I seemed to have the latest update, but this kept happening, so I uninstalled Feedly and re-installed. I’m now looking for a Feedly alternative since I see the problem has been known for awhile (see comments above mine) and hasn’t been fixed.

  30. I forgot to mention that since re-installing Feedly on my android phone, I can’t even log in. It flashes an error message very quickly that starts with “Expired.”

  31. Feedly app crashes when attempting to sign in via Google in my moto RAZR M running android 4.2. Unusable unfortunately. Please help! New phone with plenty of ram and storage. thanks.

  32. I still have rendering problems using Sony Xperia Tipo with cyanogenmod 10. Sometimes, when I open news it doesn’t render properly and screen flickers. When I open the news again it works OK.

  33. I still have rendering problems using Sony Xperia Tipo with cyanogenmod 10. Sometimes, when I open news it doesn’t render properly and screen flickers. When I open the news again it works OK.


  34. I have a problem with my tecno n7 android phone about rooting and I found out it is a font software problem but still unable to fix the problem.
    please help.

    Model number tecno_N7
    android version 4.0.4
    kennel version

  35. Hey there just wanted too give you a quick heads up.
    The words in your content seem to bbe running off the screwen in Internet explorer.
    I’m noot sure if ths is a format issue or something too
    do with internet browser compatibility but I thought I’d post to let you know.
    The laout look great though! Hope you gget thee problem
    fixed soon. Thanks

  36. Hi ,

    I have a problem with downloading a pdf document in SAMSUNG GALAXY tab1.
    tab1 has the browser version 4.0.4 -eng.roman.20120707.231728.
    As it is saying Download Unsuccessful.

    But it is downloading a pdf document in another device SAMSUNG GALAXY tab1 with has the browser version 4.0.4-LP11

    What is the difference between them. Can you guys tell me the solution to fix this.

    Thanks in advance.

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