283 thoughts on “6 New Features: Speed Boost, Custom Sharing and more”

          1. You can sort out your tags (a bit) if you have gReader on something Android. Well you can delete them at least…

            Download gReader (I have Pro but I guess it will work in the free version).
            Click on the drop down at the top left -> Manage sources.

            Your sources AND tags are listed in there and deleting them out of that appears to delete them from Feedly too

    1. Feedly is Great. Thanks for offering this service to all us dispossessed Google Reader users. I would love to have a “mark article as unread” button on the mobile app if its not too much trouble.

  1. there’ll always be things to improve so don’t take it too hard when people use these comments to ask for them, its just great that you guys are improving, and so quickly!

    1. Agreed! Thanks, Feedly, for all the positive changes and for listening to the community. Appreciation of and belief in your efforts led me to go pro on an annual basis a while ago–haven’t regretted it at all! Thanks again, Christina

  2. The pro side of the “Speed Boost” is a bit weird. I am subscribed to http://codereview.chromium.org/rss/all. This feed has only 20 entries at a time and it is updated every few seconds during work hours. The fact that you poll that feed every once in a while (four times a day, that is) makes me simply lose entries. Having more frequent feed polling as a pro feature is weird – Feedly is an RSS reader, people use it to get up to date with the freshest (and the most complete) data, this is your whole point.

    Other than that, thank you very much for a great service!

      1. my greatest fear with the pro stuff is that feedly basic will become a subpar reader, while pro is the real reader. i get that they might need to charge money for the service, but if they’re going to do it just do it. dont slowly kill core functionality from what you still advertise as a normal RSS reader

    1. If a feed has more than 10 subscribers, we refresh at least 24 times a day. Also 25% of the 35+M feeds are connected to are refreshed in real-time using push. But there are some feeds which have a very few subscribers. Technically it is impossible to refresh those as frequently (both on our side and on the side of the publisher). This is where the pro boost offers an alternative: If you follow a feed with less than 10 subscriber and need that feed to be refreshed 24-48 times a day, then please upgrade to pro.

      1. Sorry but this is not happening. I have a feed which has been refreshed 11 hours ago, but still no new entries, there are at least 20 new items. The feed has 489 subscribers (r/bitcoin on reddit). Please refresh those feed at least every 2 hours… Usually I would expect to see latest feeds with an acceptable delay of 20 mins… Hope you improve this.

      2. Marketting Feedly as an RSS Reader has implications that you do not deliver on. Though I support your right to interpret how an RSS Reader should be like, I do not agree with it. The bottleneck of syncing should be at the consumer side where each consumer has control over how bleeding edge they want their news. This also appropriately burdens the user to determine how often they want to poll websites that don’t automatically push their feeds.

        I would say the more accurate summary of Feedly is an “RSS Snapshot Repository”. The only question now is, is this what people want? Do people care about getting bleeding edge news? My vote is yes and I hope you guys find a monetization model that will support the standard as it was intended.

      1. Yes, they most certainly should be a paid feature. People spend huge portions of their life making software. Pay for it if you want it to be great. If you don’t, use what dregs drip from the table of people that pay for them. Geezus, this mentality on the internet freaking kills me.

        I write a ton of open source software. If someone wants a bugfix for those and it’s not on my timeline, they are welcome to pay for it, but acting like they *deserve* it is some sophomoric shit.

        1. There is certainly a difference between paying for speeding up bugfixes (i.e. as part of a support agreement), and demanding money for fixing a bug.

          But then again, I’m not sure I’d consider performance improvements “bugfixes”.

    2. I think the bigger issue is why a feed that updates every few seconds has a limit of only 20 entries. Feedly would have to poll every 15-20 minutes to even have a chance to get all the activity. Talk to the feed’s administrator and have them up the feed limit to a more reasonable number. That makes more sense to me than asking a cloud-based reader to waste resources polling every feed every few minutes.

    3. Freemium gone to far?

      I completely agree here, this is not a good sign, Performance for Dollars… If your ultimate goal is to convert feemium users, like myself in this case, to pro users, introducing lag in my experience doesn’t make me want to upgrade, it makes me want to seek alternatives. I love the service so far and have considered paying because I want to continue to use the service and don’t want it to be the next google reader. That said, I’m waiting for more features that appeal to me personally and a better price point. You want my business, keep adding features that add value to me and make it hard not to upgrade, don’t put an artificial bottleneck in place. Carrot, not Stick….

      /concerned feedly fan

    4. A feed that updates every few seconds is (very) far from a normal use case. It’s not unreasonable to ask those who require unusual support or features, to pay for those features.

  3. Fantastic, I can see that it’s good that I invested in the Pro version. :) I am pleased with this acquisition. :) And that may be added to the possibility of archiving news. :) So as the news, or add an option which news you want to appear in the first place (the list of favorites) I admit that in my case to sięprzydała this option because I have a lot of addresses Feed added to your account. :) I would like to display them in the first place the most important news that I have read. A remained in second place.

    1. Hi Dolan,
      We currently offer one search result for free. The personalized search operation is expensive so it is not possible for us to offer it sustainably to all users without the pro funding.

      1. Now that’s not fair. You can make more pro features and just make Search completely free, no limitations.

          1. No, it isn’t fair. Google Reader offered search for free. Feedly should do the same. No wonder why I barely open Feedly anymore.

            1. You seriously don’t understand how the internet or Google works. Go do your research child. There is a reason google killed google reader. It was consuming resources while making no money.

              1. Fuck you. I am not a child. And actually, I’ve been on the internet for over 4 years. I know how Google and the Internet works.

        1. Yeah, there are tons of useless features for free users (like showcase, explore and essentials menu, contextual menu, pinterest, twitter, etc. integration, just to name some). I think most of the users don’t actually need any of these, you could make THESE features pro only, and make SEARCH free.

          Let’s be honest: a feed reader without search is hardly a replacement of the good old Google Reader.

      2. This is fair enough, but the cost is far far too high. $5 a month to search your feeds and $7.99 a month for a Netflix subscription…

  4. How about a read-offline feature for the Feedly App? I’d pay for that!
    (Save images/text for offline browsing)

    1. Absolutely. Sign me up for this too. Subway reading with a subsequent sync for sending to external applications such as Evernote.

      1. +1 for offline reading. $5 recurring is a little high to me without the offline reading, but once that’s part of the deal, I’m on board.

    2. Agreed. I don’t see anything in the current pro features that would really change the way I used Feedly. But the ability to sync feeds for reading offline would open my wallet in a heartbeat.

      1. Using Reeder 2 as I require offline reading a lot while I’m traveling. The integration of Readability offering a good experience. Just try it. Still waiting for feedly to get this integrated.

    3. absolutly, this is why I really really miss good old Google Reader … it had a sync that worked flawlessly and relieable synced all read states correctly. With feedly I often have to “reread” news ;/

    1. We are looking at adding support for twitter, facebook, tumblr and wordpress login over the next few month. Twitter will be the first alternative.

      1. Why do you fight a simple email registration/login? According to your uservoice suggestions many people ask for this very basic feature.

        1. There will never be a Feedly login. Whenever someone asks this question they will either not answer or avoid the question and start talking about using Twitter or Facebook or basically any site other than Feedly itself.

          Sam – on a a Lifetime ProPlan

      2. Feedly, you need to check your strategy, people are already leaving!! Check the number 10 of top suggestions in your uservoice page! http://feedly.uservoice.com/forums/192636-suggestions/suggestions/3754612-create-a-feedly-account-to-acess-without-google-

        You better start offering a dedicated login OR EXPLAIN why you are so reluctant to comply with this request!!! People are already leaving. You promised this feature would come later summer!!! It’s October already.

  5. Can we please get background tabs?! I don’t like that Feedly opens full articles in the foreground

    1. We are working on a new version of the feedly extension which will be powered by the feedly cloud. The old one was powered by Google Reader. More on this in Nov/Dec.

      1. Feedly – please just remember what he said. He’s already taken the effort to give you a hint about how to improve feedly.

    1. There is an advanced preference on iOS to let you pick Chrome or Safari. On Android, we let the user pick the right browser via intents. Do you need something else?

      1. On Android when tapping on a headline an article opens in feedly browser. It would be great to let it open in Chrome, for example. Now it is possible to do this only through the top right menu.

  6. Can you all get with Flipboard and encourage them to incorporate Feedly into their iOS app? I only subscribe to four feeds and it’d be nice to have access to them via the Flipboard app just as I used to with Google Reader. As it stands right now, I don’t have much use for the full Feedly app on my phone.

  7. Mark as read-icon at the bottom of feeds instead of at the top please.
    It used to be there, and its absolutely crazy that you moved it to the top. Who wants to read an article and then scroll up again to mark it read?

      1. Thirded. I love Feedly overall, but the loss of the trash can is keenly felt. Also. Not sure if it’s mentioned below, but since the last update, Facebook connectivity has been hinky: not posting at all, or posting minutes later. And, certain feeds seem to crash the app on Android. Was never a problem till the last update. I really miss the old font too; a future font setting would be awesome. Thank you.

        1. Please! there used to be a trash and mark as read at the bottom of the article, now I have to scroll up to do that and it is annoying, would love to have that back

  8. any word on the implementation of a ‘next article’ js link we can add to our browsers? reader had this function so that articles in a feed group could be viewed in their native formatting. thanks :)

  9. Please will be great the keyboard button “N” to go thru the next feed, there are some feeds too long and it’s so slowly, it was a great feature from Google reader :p waiting for it :D

  10. Oh, so you finally have a proper KB article on search. Lack of any description of it actually searched was the only thing stopping me from subscribing.

  11. Much needed is a function to remove the duplicates.

    Some articles got into seveal thematic RSS on the same site – when one subscribes to few thematic RSS, the same article appears multiple times. That’s one example.

    1. I agree. Pretty important. Also filters based on keywords to filter out spam or articles in which you are not interested in would be a great addition.

  12. Feed filters would be a fantastic feature. I want only certain articles from a certain site, for example, only articles that contain some certain keyword.

    1. On the contrary, I want to exclude articles containing certain characters. For example, PR or advertising article.

    2. This is the feature I’d like, too. It should work in either configuration, as a white list or a black list, for any combination of terms.

    3. I’d pay for that and I think it’s crazy that we are not allowed to see what pro users want before going pro. I currently see no compelling reason to go pro but if I know one might be on the horizon I definitely would send cash to make that happen quicker.

    4. FILTERS are VERY important. In the era of information we live receiving millions of feeds. Recently i decided to remove many feeds because some of them, like game news, i received them just to see the podcasts, or only news about a certain game.

      Filters for showing only feeds with a word, or hiding, on the contraty, feeds with a word, is a VITAL feature.

      Some feeds i have bring 200 news everyday. Nobody can manage that. I want to read what i want and need, now what THEY want.

  13. This seems like a bug, but it’s been happening I think since I signed up, through a few updates… I’d love to be able to sort my saved items by “oldest first.” This checkbox appears in the little dropdown when I’m in my saved items view, but toggling it does nothing.

  14. the only thing in the world that I ever want is a way to share posts within feedly with my friends.

  15. Please don’t let these features distract from a focus on BASIC USABILITY. I’m entertaining serious fantasies of setting up a “Rage Against Feedly” topic on Quora.com. Your product is great, and useful, but the small problems are like the constant drip of a faucet, something that makes it unpleasant to use every time.

  16. When will you change the link font color? The puke green is almost invisible on the white background. Seems like a pretty simple fix

  17. When will the bug in the keyboard shortcut “X” (hide and minimize) in Feedly Cloud be fixed? If an article is open, “X” will close the article and hide it (as designed), but it will ALSO mark the next article in the list as “read.” I’ve missed several articles until I noticed this functionality. This is also easily reproducible for me (using Chrome stable on Mountain Lion.)

  18. I want to you to build the archiving feature so, that we can put the rss in archive and recieve no update. Because at some point you may not like to recieve the rss news from particular website but may be again in future you want to get the rss news.

    1. Don’t expect a response. Feedly is a good reader, but I think they have some kind of aversion to discussing the most basic feature of any online service – privacy and control over sharing your personal data. I would love to be proved wrong on this.

  19. I’m not a gusher, but I’m so glad you all have done such a terrific job of filling the Reader gap. I’m very proud to be Pro! Keep up the great work.

  20. …just wanted to add my thanks to the list for all your efforts in bringing user experience improvements to both regular and Pro users :) Am now using Feedly on laptop and tablet (Android) – both of which I am continuing to enjoy using every day. Will try out the search articles tool, and look forward to being able to clean up dead tags and have feedly mini for Chrome back in a revision soon ;)

  21. What about updating feeds that haven’t been updated for 40+ days? I have some reddit feeds that haven’t been updated but I can see in the .rss and on other readers, The Old Reader and Digg, that they are feeding in just fine. What gives?

    1. Same here. I have Amazon price drop feeds from CamelCamelCamel which have not updated since mid-September. I’m now using TheOldReader to view these.

  22. The new features are great thanks! But really, you should offer the full article search feature in the future. Some users (including me) can’t really afford shelling out money every month or year. Maybe someday? :)

    1. YEAH !!! +1

      What happens all the time is:
      i open the sidebar, i want to come back and close it. Automatically my finger goes to back button… the app gets closed. SIGH!

  23. Just make the complete search experience free for everyone. Because it’s not fair that only pro users get to search. It really isn’t.

  24. I was curious if you had any plans so that users may download and queue up podcasts like Google Listen used to do. I hate having to listen to my subscriptions while keeping my screen on. Also downloading the audio on my mobile network on the fly is eating away at data. It would be nice if I could do it before I leave the house or work on Wifi. This would make me purchase the pro version faster than a bare foot jack rabbit on a hot greasey griddle.

  25. It’s a good job but there are still several issues with the gpu in android app (htc one s). You’re doing it very very well! Thanks for all!

  26. What happened to Feedly mini toolbar? It was a great feature.

    Also, why only limited options available with IFTTT Feedly Channel. I think there is a potential for significant improvements there.

  27. I would like to know ‘how many feeds I have saved over time’ for later reading. Kindly incorporate a notification which shows the number in the Feedly menu.

    1. Yeah…this breaks IE. If you use the dev tools to force IE into standards mode then it suddenly all works!!
      It’s only been standard practice since the release of IE6 (probably before) so their developers have only had 12 years+ to catch up.

      They do have a solution coming though…IE11 can’t log in and gets stuck on the OAuth screen.

  28. Thanks for this fantastic product. Any news of accessing my tagged items from my mobile devices? I am having to send videos to Pocket instead of my WATCH tag since I can’t throw my saved up TED talks up on the AppleTV from the feedly app. I’d rather skip the pocket step if possible.

  29. The “3 most popular posts” option is ok, I guess, but what I really want is “Sort feed/category by popularity”. I don’t care if it’s not super accurate, I just want the top articles from Boing Boing, The Verge and the like to float to the top.

  30. Nice features, but I’d also like some simple bug fixes… Like the articles’ titles where all text between brackets is stripped. This is annoying in a lot of feeds.
    Like http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/modules/rss/all_updates.xml : the field title is “Korn Premiere ‘Love & Meth’ Video [News]”, but you display “Korn Premiere ‘Love & Meth’ Video”.

    And a really useful feature : edit (or at least view) feeds URL. Google Reader gave information about the feed retrieval (feeds errors, url change resulting in 404…).
    At least a feedback when an error occur.

    Mioreover if found the Export feature, but I think it should be more obvious and not a “hidden” feature you have to search for.

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  32. Would it be possible to enable the space bar as a funcion key to move to the next item in the list? i.e. in title only view, it would be great if by pressing the space button if collapses the current item, and then expands the next one down, and so on.

    This was a feature in google reader, and I would love to see this feature again. It made flicking through my items so much quicker. Currently I have to mouse click everything

    1. +1000 (this is the #1 thing I miss from Google Reader. It saved a ton of time (that Feedly, now wastes despite its otherwise awesomeness!)

    2. I would subscribe instantly if this shortcut was implemented !

      Please feedly implement the spacebar shortcut Google Reader had it, Digg Reader has it , theOldReader has it, why not feedly !!!

  33. I use Buffer in Buenos Aires. At this point the mobile networks have many problems and it’s really difficult to consume online services. Since the update, I can use Feedly while traveling on the train heading to work and I am very happy.

  34. Great service and I thank you for it. I may be the only one. but if we could designate the mark all read length of time, that’d be amazing. i.e. One week, or one day. I’d love to be able to input 5 days or 3 days and make that happen. Really great feature for those with a zillion feeds.

  35. Feedly is getting better.

    Here’s my suggestion:

    – When closing read all articles in the Magazine view, the day marker stays there, even when there are no feeds inside. So i end up having a lot of dates, and my feeds down there.

    – Really annoying : Magazine or card views don´t allow me to close them (mark them read) fast. The opposite when i use title only, where the mark as read is a clear cross on the right side, ALWAYS in the same place. So i can put the mouse over there, start reading and closing them without looking. The other way, everytime i read something i have to search for the mark as read button. Really annoying. That should be a close button on the rop right side.
    (And if you fix the other suggestion i made, i could close them fast, not allways with an offset everytime a date appears..)

    remember.. we read. we need to read VERY fast. You sould allow people to read fast by closing things faster.

    – ON the mobile app, it´s very annoying when you can flip pages swiping from bottom to top. When wanting to come back, it doesn´t work. I have to try several times, i always end up clicking one of the upper buttons… I found out that pressing somewhere like a second you could grab it… but sometimes i mark feeds to read later…

    – As i said before. Receiving nearly 500 feeds everyday, i don´t want to read 90 % of them. Some of them could be FILTERED by setting words as filters… for showing those news containing those words only, or hiding news with those words . Either way.

  36. Please add tumblr functionality! Would love to be able to add tumblrs to my feed/ Thanks!!!!! Great product, whoa

  37. Please make some Feedback button so users can report a bug or other.
    So I found a bug:
    If article title contains this symbol ‘«’ all text begining from this symbol is missing. This bug appears only in preview mode, so if article is expanded the title is ok

  38. I would love to share with other users of feedly like the old Google Reader. It was amazing and we built an entire work-flow around it.

    Please provide this!

  39. How about a “Newletter Creation” friendly section? May be a html export a newsletter for emailing to colleagues. Used to do that with Google reader and sync with Feeddemon. Feedemon allowed a newsletter export. Used it to update colleagues on technology articles.

  40. It used to be when I subscribed to a major blog site feed, e.g. BoardingArea, when the articles were in the title view, the title included the of the specific blog in the Title, now its just the post title, which means I cannot screen by writer/blog if subscribed to such a aggregated feed

  41. I wish there was a “next post” key. In Google Reader, I could quickly move through the stack by just pressing the space bar.

  42. I *love* the product, but I’m not sold on the pro membership. I certainly wouldn’t mind add-space though…

  43. feature request: make the entries stay like they used to in Google reader indefinitely – now I can see only those from the last 30 days :<

  44. Wish you”d update customer support for pro users. Reported 2 issues – still no result, no proper answer, just “we’ll see what I can do”. Start with ticket system, it will be easier to follow-up requests.

  45. Going to echo the sentiments of a few other commenters …

    I’m glad to see the improvements that you guys are implementing but, I would like to see full article search added to the free plan. It just doesn’t feel like that outlandish of a request to be able to freely search the articles (especially the ones I’ve saved) in my feeds.

    Would also be interested in seeing an ‘export’ option for saved articles. Not the full article content, just a list of titles & links.

  46. The 2 new buttons – Browser and View Website, in article view are not aligned side by side. Rather, they are stack on top of each other.

    Samsung Note 10.1
    Both landscape and portrait views.

  47. Is there a way to skip to the next post with having to scroll all the way through it? Some posts are very long and with Reader it was so much fast to be able to jump to the next post with the click of a button.

    1. Same keyboard shortcuts as with Google Reader. M toggles between marking a post as read or unread; j takes you to the next post and k takes you to the previous post.

  48. Hi guys! Really good work, I really like feedly, and I’m considering buying pro.

    I noticed something: If I left my feeds unread they eventually dissapear (after 30 days?). I know that this is a heritage from GR so this something on purpouse, but is this necessary? I’m following a lot of feeds, and sometimes I dont’t have time to read anything for weeks. It would be great if they would remain in the list even if I don’t read them for longer periods. Would you consider such a feature, maybe in the pro version?

  49. Could you please make Feedly compatible with IE9? still cannot get past the login screen and therefore cannot access it from work. Despite what you say, it does not work under IE9. I’d pay and move to pro just for that feature.

  50. On my Android the button to save an article for later does not work. I get the message: Invalid Pocket credentials: 401. Can you make it work?

  51. Google Reader was able to keep ALL posts I haven’t read. Here I noticed only the last month’s posts are kept. Is there any possibilities to change this?

  52. Please, please, please fix the issue with not being able to remain logged in to Google Plus. I’m on my iPhone constantly, checking my feeds, and it’s so annoying to hit the login screen for Google Plus again and again. Can’t the password be stored on the phone as it is for certain apps? or can’t it “remember me?”

  53. What happened to the send to delicious feature? It just suddenly disappeared with no warning. Is there any chance of that coming back?

  54. Two points:
    1) It would be nice if there were a way to add a blog to feedly while you’re viewing that blog. The mini feedly toolbar used to allow that, but it’s been taken away. I literally have to copy the blog website, go to feedly, and then paste it to add a blog. An add on, extension, or some other kind of widget would be nice. If anyone knows a better way let me know.

    2) It would also be nice if ALL unread posts (and not just the most recent unread posts) could be viewed while in feedly. There’s no point in using feedly for a reader if I have to leave feedly to read a blog post.

  55. Thank you, thank you, thank you for telling me how to turn off the ‘Popular’ setting. It was driving me crazy and for some reason I just could not figure out how to get rid of it.

  56. My request: please, please let us have normal twitter display settings in Feedly for iOS. It currently only takes the form “[title] [link]” with the quotes around it, which is retarded, since who would “put a tweet in quotes for no reason.” So I have to manually edit the quotes every time, not fun at all.

    Please give is a setting to show how we want tweeted articles to display, e.g. no quotes, etc

  57. I’ve seen an issue in feedly in 4 different places. Many companies block in their content filter social media. Even if feedly isn’t, it use something (I’ve checked through the HTML code) from ‘plus.google.com’ that is in fact a social media. This prevent feedly to work and prevent me to pay the monthly feed. Do you know this?

  58. Any Idea how to remove an article on my saved for later that is 125 days old? unchecking, rechecking, xing it only removes it temporary until next refresh

  59. Nice work Feedly! My top request: Ability to log out of Buffer! Is that in the works soon?

    I use Buffer or tweet scheduling, but my Buffer auth profile was lost, and there is no way to reset the Buffer-Feedly connection, where with other sharing apps it’s possible to log out and back in to reset.

  60. Would like to support you with pro fees but feel you have over priced the pro option. I would happily pay something like $1/month (similar to a LastPass subscription).

  61. Has anyone reported your Pro page completely impossible to reach? (OS X 10.7.5, Chrome v 29) – I’ve been wanting to pay you guys for months but haven’t been able to open the page on the browser I use all day every day.

  62. I switched to feedly after Google Reader was shut down. I’m growing to like Feedly more and more, but there is one feature from Google Reader that I truly miss – the ability to keep a certain blog post unread after I’ve opened it. I’m familiar with the “save for later” function, but I’d like a way to keep certain blog posts unread so that I remember to return to them in the coming hours or days. Commenting on blogs is more or less impossible when I read them via Feedly for Android, thus it’d be great to mark blog posts that I want to comment on unread and return to them when at my laptop.

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  64. For the adding of new content/feeds, personally, I like the way that there was a new panel coming out on the left side instead of just adding it from the search bar. That way, I am still able to stay on the current feed I am in and I can still add feeds the without viewing them. Sometimes, I want to add a new feed while still viewing the current feed on the screen and then view the new feed later on. It’s kind of bothering how I’m still viewing the current feed and then it suddenly goes to the top when I need to add another feed. Please bring it back to the old one! Thank you!

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  66. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing
    the structure of your site? Its very well written; I love what youve got to
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