Google+ Authentication [Rolled back!]

When we created feedly a few years ago, we made the decision to use Google OAuth as our authentication service. The goal was to let users safely login with their existing Google identity instead of having to create and manage yet another identify.

Google has been slowly transitioning from Google OAuth to Google+ as their unifying identity system. This transition opens the door to interesting opportunities like simpler login across devices – and a lot more.

We are following on Google’s lead and transitioning feedly from Google OAuth to Google+ login.

You will see this transition surface on this week and on Android and iOS later this month.

This will also open the door to some interesting sharing features we have been working on – more on this in a couple of weeks.

We also understand that some people would prefer to have more identity choices. So we have been testing twitter, facebook and wordpress login options. We will be rolling them out over the next 7 weeks.

[Update 1: the fact that this changing is forcing users to create a Google+ profile and that Google+ is not available in some companies and on some Google Apps domains outweighs the benefit of being about to login more seamlessly across devices. So we are going to rollback this change later this afternoon – Friday 1:00pm PST. We will try to make it optional in the future for some users who like Google+. Thanks for the feedback].

[Update 2: The change has been rolled back: you can now go to and login using the old Google Authentication mechanism. The main lesson we learned here is that user should control how they want to login to login to their feedly. We will make sure not to forget this. Have a good week end].


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438 thoughts on “Google+ Authentication [Rolled back!]”

      1. It makes ya sign up for google+ profile. Guess I am not using freely anymore since I don’t want a google+ profile.

        1. Yup, me too. I switched when Google took away reader, and was assured that it would be smooth, and it wouldn’t matter. But they still needed my google info, and now I HAVE to make a google+ profile? Nope. Looks like I picked the wrong rss when I had to switch :( Now it’s too late. I feel like Feedly tricked me.

          1. Same here: I was very, very happy with Feedly, but if I need a google+ profile —which I don’t have and don’t want to have— for signing up… I won’t use feedly anymore. Bye bye feedly.

            1. Yeah, my GF is currently raging hard because she had to create a G+ account (which she will never use) to access feedly, and now she can’t access feedly from work because G+ is blocked. I really, really hope a standard way to connect will be back, and i’m clearly not talking about FB/Twitter or other BS*** connect.

              There are still some people out there who would like very much to stay out of all these imposed pseudo social sites.

              1. Well same for me, if I require to create a G+ account just to read news, then goodbye feedly. Remember that most of your customer came from the Google Reader shutdown and now you are starting to force everyone to move to G+, not a very smart move imho. After all feedly is just an RSS reader, that people use for a reason. You can probably follow every site using FB/Twitter/G+ and other stuff, but people choose to use simple RSS instead. Just think about it or at least ask the community, G+ is far less popular than you might think.
                Also setting up at least a very simple LDAP server can’t be that difficult. Just let people register with any e-mail address. You don’t need two factor auth for that.

                    1. I have a visceral dislike of any system that forces me to use some alternate log in system (“to see this content please like us on facebook”). so offer all the alternatives you want, but forcing me to affiliate with google plus or anyone else is profoundly irritating.

                1. My +1 for not using Google+ for authorization. I don’t want to have unnecessary social profiles created just to read my news feeds. Thinking of switching to InoReader or establishing my own rss reader backend at home.

          2. Me too. I switched to feedly when iGoogle shut down. Now they want to force me to create a Google+ account. I don’t bloomin’ want one.

      2. I just sent this to Edwin, I’m putting this here so it’s a bit more public.

        @The Dave, sorry for hijacking your post.


        Hi Edwin,

        In your first comment you asked people to email you if they run into issues. I
        cannot log in anymore as I refuse to create a Google+ profile. Due to the way I
        access your service (browsers in private / incognito mode) I have no logged in
        sessions other than on my tablet – which I cannot use to extract my data from
        your service. Due to these changes it is impossible for me to use your service
        in the manner I want to.

        I’m not expecting a reply to this. I’m sure you’re buried under comments,
        complaints, queries and questions about Feedly’s recent decision to require
        Google+ profiles to sign in.

        I’d like to add my voice to the crowd. I’m not a paying customer of your
        company, but Feedly fills an important part of my, and my partner’s online
        lives, lives which are private, lives we carefully control, lives which we do
        not want to taint with the changes that come with having a Google+ profile.

        But you know that already, there are hundreds if not thousands of your users,
        paid, paying and not who’ve expressed similar sentiments. Many of whom would
        rather cut their losses and leave than try to engage with you and your
        colleagues to urge you to work out a solution that works for everyone.

        I’m not leaving your otherwise wonderful service within the immediate future as
        I have faith that you and the Feedly team will quickly work out a solution
        which permits you to introduce the features you want without compromising the
        online lives and identities of your users. However this change and the manner
        in which it was introduced have severely shaken my confidence that migrating to
        Feedly was a good decision. (My partner is less confident than I am as your app
        is rather shaky on her otherwise rock solid TF300G) I hope that, over the next
        few days, you and your colleagues’ actions will restore some of that
        confidence – however looking back over the mess that was the last 8 hours – in
        * the manner in which this was introduced
        * the lack of warning
        * your incorrect and misleading comments on the announcement
        * and the fact that neither you, nor any of the other team members appear to
        have made any credible efforts whatsoever to address the complaints and
        concerns of your users
        I doubt that my previous confidence will ever be restored.

        It has been 8 hours. There is no way you could not have foreseen this
        controversy. What steps are you taking to make this right?

        1. This so SUCKS. I have NO interest in being forced to join Google+. I was a happy feedly user up until I reset my browser and am now being forced to create a Google+ account to log back in. Unless this is reverted, I’m out. I will not be using feedly, and sure won’t be recommending it unless this changes ASAP (at the very least with some sort of communication as to what you plan to do about this).

      3. I am not interested in opening “the door to some interesting sharing features.” I wasn’t when I signed up for Feedly and can guarantee you that I won’t be in the future. I want to read the news. I feel I wasted my time to find a satisfactory RSS reader, and now the search must begin again.

        Since I refuse to sign up for Google+, I can’t find a way to log in and delete my account and information from Feedly. Please do that for me. I’ll change my Google password while you do.

        For the life of me, I can’t understand how any adult could be interested in sharing personal information in any measure via a social network. It seems to me like something for middle schoolers.

    1. I’m leaving feedly, shame on you for forcing people to make a google+ profile. who has thoughts on an alternative RSS?

    1. This has been on the feature list but never high enough to be implemented. Getting a full identity system with all the management aspect and 2-form authentication is not trivial.

      1. Does one really need to 2-step authentication for an RSS reader? With the fallout in this blog comment thread and the uservoice comments, I’m sure a simple, good old fashion username and password sign-up will be gladly accepted.

      2. Well can I suggest that you put it higher up on the feature list because if you don’t you’re going to lose a lot of users and have to refund a lot of subscribers who now find that they can’t use the service that they’ve paid for.

      3. Should be moved to the top of the list. I refuse to sign up to Google+ and would not be keen on using facebook or twitter to login. I don’t want the tracking.

          1. When you see the share on FaceBook and Twitter icons on a page, that often sends a cookie from FaceBook and Twitter, so they see what page you visit. They’re like Google, they can track any page on the Internet now. However it’s not malicious or malevolent, it’s just to get a sense of topics with which to serve ads to you.

          2. LOL! Kamran, they most certainly do track you. Even when you navigate away from their page the cookies logged in your system continue to track you. Ever wonder how all of the ads on Facebook and Google seem to line up with products/items you recently searched or bought? Get DoNotTrackMe by Abine and see just how bad tracking by these websites are.

      4. Are you kidding me? It may not be trivial but it sure isn’t hard. There are plenty of pre-built, industry-standard, open-source frameworks out there (depending on the backend tech that you use). If you need some help I’m happy to consult. What exactly is the issue causing you not to implement this? Is it due to high server load? Reliance on old or edge languages or databases? An odd distributed setup that doesn’t mesh well together with new additions? Cross-platform or cross-browser issues?

        1. Can you please name one (just one) of those “industry-standard, open-source frameworks” which does two-factor out of the box without a bunch of fuss? It would be nice if it were Google-Level 2fa (i.e. apps for every smartphone OS out there and a fallback to SMS, which falls back to voice calls).

          He isn’t saying logging in is the problem. It’s the 2fa stuff. Every college-dropout can do a halfway passable username/password login-scheme.

          I can see the charm of not having to do authentication in house (you externalize a whole bunch of stuff including not having to worry about a 24/7 user account security team, etc.

          The rest of your post smells of consulto buzzword bingo with a pinch of BS-abstraction thrown in.

          Personally I’d rather have “another identity” too. That does not make it impossible to link accounts to whatever social network you want, but it should not be a necessity. And it sure would be nice to be able to turn off all those f’n social features in Feedly too — every time I hit a wrong key (other than j and k, pretty much), Feedly loads some crappy overlay for yet another crappy “social” service I don’t care for and still have to close. It would rock if I could just disable all those outright.
          It’s nice if they’re there for the people who want them. I care not one bit for delicious, buffer, etc.
          There’s other customization missing too (it can’t be THAT hard to have a passable dark theme, or even just a proper color editor so I can make Feedly use Solarized colors without having to do a userscript for that), plus stream filters which simply filter out items by regex (for which there are some not-so-well-integrated browser addons too). Maybe they’ll happen, though right now it feels as if the Feedly guys are doing “cool new social features” and “more login providers”; bleh.

      5. Whether trivial or not…consider this. I have been searching for an RSS feed, but because I have to login with Google…I shall not be using Feedly. It is sad because I really liked the look, feel, and usability of Feedly. Furthermore, I like what the reviews say. But frankly, I don’t like the idea of having to sign in with Google.

    2. exactly what I want – I don’t want to leave a trail of my activities around the web, don’t want to post what I had for breakfast – or read what others have eaten for theirs. I just want a news feed, not google+, not twitter or FB. SO it’s bye bye feedly – another customer thoroughly annoyed

  1. As a Lifetime Pro users I can say this move to Google + sucks!!!! I hated that hate having to “require” a google account to do this… Google reader was the only google service that I thought it was great that i could move Feedly as it was a step out of the Google eco-systems…. Would you at least also consider Microsoft Accounts or standalone username and passwords as I have major privacy concerns using any Google products… even just the logon.

    1. No Google authentication please
      Standalone authentication, for security and Google independency (remember Google Reader).

      1. Lifetime subscriber for Pro (I helped you funding everything as you might remember) and I also DONT want to use G+ at all.
        Please dont do it!

        1. I’ll second Hans’ sentiments. Lifetime pro subscriber here, and I was rather unhappy to be forced into creating a G+ profile. Fortunately I was able to go back and delete the G+ account while maintaining access to Feedly, but the hassle certainly makes me regret my earlier support of Feedly.

          I’m not a social media user because of privacy concerns. I would prefer to not leak more information about myself. At this rate I will just go back to bookmarking all the sites I follow.

          Why do I feel like the Internet is moving backwards?

        2. Thats why you don’t do lifetime memberships for online services…its like having a tip at a restaurant automatically included…there is no incentive to provide better service and in fact more incentive to choose expense reduction over service improvement.

          Feedly surely pockets more money by providing Google with yet more G+ subscribers.

    2. Agreed, feedly is the only thing tying me to google and I would prefer if it was not. Is managing another identity that hard? Lifetime pro user too.

    3. Microsoft Accounts??? Are you out of your mind? Nobody wants to use a Microsoft Account to login to Feedly.

    1. I was able to delete the G+ account after I logged into Feedly. I’m assuming as long as I don’t delete the cookie maintaining my current authorization I won’t be forced to signup for G+ again.

  2. this is the dumbest idea i’ve seen. i have no interest in google+.I was about to start paying, but will now be evaluating other alternatives.

    1. No, this not the dumbest. The dumbest was when Feedly decided to charge $ FOR SSL connections!
      Feedly considers privacy and security of your account secondary.
      The fact that they made this G+ move along with everything they’ve done previously shows that they are extremely tone deaf to their user’s needs and desires.

  3. I agree with the sentiments expressed by Alan, Greg and Anon. To have to create a Google+ profile to login to this service seems more like arm-twisting.

    Terrible way to start a Friday!

  4. Looks like I’m done with Feedly then. I’m sick to death of having G+ crammed down my throat like a giant… cucumber… on youtube, gmail, and everything else. Now you guys too? Do some research on the popularity of Google’s new “join plus or die” campaign, and you’ll see that maybe the G+ login wasn’t the best business move on your part.

    1. Apparently, Google+ is extremely popular, with more than 540 million people using it each month.

      1. No, it’s not popular. Don’t drink that koolaid. They are counting everybody who has a google account whether they use plus or not.

  5. I agree that this is a dumb idea. I have no interest in google+ or twitter or facebook and no interest in using any other account on any other service to log into your service. Security requires different ID’s & passwords for each service so a security breach of one does not compromise all. Just give me a feedly ID and password, plain and simple.

  6. I agree that this is a bad idea. The old way worked. The change is unbelievably annoying because I will not establish a Google + account. Goodbye Feedly.

  7. Just tried to login and got a G+ popup. What the hell is going on? Mandatory G+ now???? Anyone know any other good RSS readers?

    1. no, Google+ isn’t mandatory…they are just using it as the login system. You don’t have to change any of the options, just click Accept.

    2. stand alone login but I havent used since the original reader closed so not sure how good it is at this poing.

  8. I consider Feedly is holding my RSS feeds hostage since there is no way of getting access to my account now since they made this decision without any advance warning!. A huge mistake on Feedly’s part!

    1. +1
      I would like to export my content in OPML file to get oui of here but I can’t log without create a profile in google+…

      Someone know if I can do it with the app?

      Thanks and good bye feedly.

  9. This is annoying. I will be looking for another feed reader. My feeds I will have to build from scratch because Feedly has my feeds held hostage, as Greg said above.

        1. Okay, first hating about YouTube using the G+ comment system, and now you guys are complaining about having to create a Google+ profile? What the hell is wrong with you people these days?

          1. You don’t get it do you. Some people don’t want a Google+ profile. Feedly is alienating those users and, worse, denying them access to their feed data — which prevents them from easily transitioning to another service. Moreover, the fact that no advance notice was provided was really a hack move on the part of the Feedly team.

      1. Now tell me how can I do this, when I do not have and WILL NOT HAVE G+ profile.
        Literally worst idea ever. Especially that it wasn’t announced properly.
        Luckily I got Feedly on phone, so I can manually copy list of my RSSed sites one by one.
        You’ve got time till Monday/Tuesday midnight to enable me to login without G+ or I permanently say goodbye.

      2. Now tell me how can I do this, when I do not have and WILL NOT HAVE G+ profile.
        Literally worst idea ever. Especially that it wasn’t announced properly.
        Luckily I got Feedly on phone, so I can manually copy list of my RSSed sites one by one.
        You’ve got time till Monday/Tuesday midnight to enable me to login without G+ or I permanently say goodbye.

  10. I don’t understand a couple things about this. First, why wouldn’t you announce this in advance to give your users some warning? I tried logging in and thought it was Google that was forcing me to create a G+ profile. This blog post didn’t show up until I’d already gotten very frustrated.

    Second, now I have no way of accessing my feeds since I can’t log in without G+. Will you provide a way for us to export our feeds, if we want to move away from Feedly as a result of this decision? At least Google gave us that privilege when they canned Google Reader. I hope you’re not forcing us to register for G+ just to access our feeds and export them in protest; the irony would frustrate me even more.

    Third, why would you want to get more in bed with Google anyway? They’re the ones who arbitrarily decided to end Google Reader in the first place, creating a lot of ill will in the process. By moving to G+ logins, and without any warning whatsoever, you’re generating the same ill will and integrating even more with the provider that burned many of us. How do you expect us to trust you and your service when you choose Google as your bedfellow?

    I wanted to pay for Pro. I believe in paying for services that matter to me, and Feedly filled the Google Reader void. You centralize my online reading, provide a portal into news and art and culture and a lot of the random things I want to follow on the web. I get that and I appreciate it. The Pro features were a little slim, but I get that you guys are building a foundation here. But now I’m glad I didn’t pay for it. I would have been very angry if I’d been giving you money only to have you pull the rug out from under me. G+? Really? Why on earth would you want to force people to buy into someone ELSE’S product just to use your own? And G+ on top of that!

    Thanks for the good months, Feedly. I don’t appreciate being bullied into G+. Please provide a way for us to export our feeds without needing to register for G+. That would at least be the decent thing to do here.


    1. +1
      Quite the same what I wanted to wrote, but because of early morning definitely wouldn’t be able to do without anger.

    2. +1

      I *have* paid for pro. I *am* very angry. At least google gave fair warning of the impending shutdown. Feedly’s warning of this came post facto. I don’t want a G+ profile, so feedly have arbitrarily and without warning removed access to my feeds. Way to lose the goodwill you’d built up, Edwin

    3. The answer to “why” is simple…Google wants as many subscribers to G+ as possible. Somewhere along the way I think it is highly likely that Feedly is being incentivized to make this change by Google.

  11. Hate to say it, but we get force fed Google+ enough on YouTube already. Nobody wants to use it, and being forced to do so in order to use other products that we enjoy just makes us hate it even more. I know a supporting Feedly-only accounts is a major undertaking, but at least don’t make it even MORE unpleasant while we get there.

  12. I must also echo the anti-google+ sentiment. I do not want to have a G+ profile or anything associated with that. Why are you forcing this on us without informing us in advance, allowing us to migrate away from your service or providing alternatives?

  13. Add me to the list of people not interested in a Google+ account. Is there a way to export my feeds from my android feedly app before it goes to +? A heads up would have been appreciated. Very disappointing.

  14. Dear Feedly
    This is a very bad move.

    I have closed my G+ profile for privacy reasons :
    Once you have a G+ profile your name is indexed everywhere because picasa, youtube, g+ profiles of other people now show your names.

    It’s hard to make all those websites like gplusdata remove information about you.
    I have managed to remove most of the information about me and now you force me a lifetime feedly user to recreate this g+ profile ….

    Please change this : I won’t logout until you offer another way to log in !

    Feedly was born because you can’t trust Google

    PS : I don’t have a facebook account

    1. Hi.

      Same here. No facebook og G+ account. Not interested in creating one.

      Feedly, please change this now.

  15. >> What about a “Feedly” login that is not connected to Google, Twitter, Facebook,
    >> or any of them.

    > Edwin K.:
    > This has been on the feature list but never high enough to be implemented.

    It has 2’416 votes on, this is place 7 when sorting by number of votes – and I’m sure there are other threads with the same wish. You are kidding, right? :(

    Forcing us to use google+ is a really bad move – the biggest part of your users came to you because google discontinued their feed reader.

  16. I’m extremely disappointed in decision to force every feedly user into g+.
    I’ve been putting off “upgrading” my google profile to g+ for a long time, and now my favorite RSS reader is betraying me.
    I bought the lifetime feedly Pro subscription and voted for alternative sign-in options, I hope this situation will get resolved soon and my voice will be heard.

    1. Also,
      > Edwin K.:
      > This has been on the feature list but never high enough to be implemented.

      That was because no one cared about their sign in options, because sign in option did not force users to join another bloody social network and feature was more like an “option” option. But now they do and alternative options feature ought to get “high enough” to be implemented.


    “Enable other “Sign In” options – not just Google
    Google dropped Reader. So a Google account isn’t really needed any more. Maybe drop the Google requirement? Would like to have more flexible login options.”
    Planned (Oct 4, 2013)

    I really hope you’ll stick to your word – and I don’t mean twitter, facebook, wordpress or the like but a login that’s not connected with other services. Please don’t make me stop being a fan of feedly.

  18. Hi, I’m a lifetime pro user. I have a google+ account.

    I find it annoying that feedly asks for permission to view my circles. I find it annoying because now /every time/ I connect to feedly, I need to explicitly exclude every circle from the list that feedly gets access to.

    I understand the google login. I understand that you need to know my email address. That is all I’m willing to give you. Please stop asking for anything else. I use feedly to read news. I don’t want feedly to ‘be social’. I don’t want feedly to know who my friends are. I don’t want my friends to know I use feedly.

    Please go back to what you had before, please?

  19. Shocked. I quit Facebook and most Google services due to privacy concerns. I got hooked on Feedly (using Newsify and Reeder), was about to start paying – no way now!
    I’m glad I can still use Newsify and Reeder to add / edit content, but the search is on – bad decision, Feedly. Bad PR.

  20. Echoing what others have said, if I was interested in Google plus, I’d use it for all the things feedly does; if Google plus were something I used, it would be my newsreader of choice too.

    Adding options for a million other social networking sites that I also don’t use …

    Can’t you guys just focus on building the best rss reader? That’s why I’m using this site, because the previous best rss reader shut down.

  21. Terrible idea. Why would you tether your product to a dying service, particularly when most of your customers were driven here by the same company killing off another service that they didn’t feel like maintaining?

    I’ll be looking for another blog post saying that this decision is being reversed, or that alternate login methods will be available; otherwise, this Pro subscriber is outta here (and has a fairly reasonable claim for a refund for the bait ‘n’ switch).

    1. G+ isn’t a dying service, and from all indications Google is pushing it hard. It won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

      This comment is not and endorsement of forcing Feedly users into G+.

  22. This is really an awful development. I’m sad I can’t say that I’m moving my business because of it, because I’m not. Feedly is awesome. I’ll just be forced to create a G+ account to log in then immediately delete it every time.

  23. Terrible move, I was a happy user of feedly after Reader shut down, now it looks like I’ll have to move to something else, maybe Digg Reader. But now I can’t even get at my subscriptions without a + account! And I can’t remember 20-30 sites.

  24. Please let us know in this feed when you have reverted the change. This was my last login to feedly for now. I have exported my feeds from feedly and will stop using it immediately.
    I just want to read my feeds and dont want to be forced to share anything with anyone. Removing the circles on every access is a nightmare.

  25. What is this f*cking idea ? Many of us migrate to Feedly because of Google, and now we need to have a G+ account to login ? No alternatives !?! You not even warn us before being blocked !! Now if we want quit feedly, we can’t even leave with our own subscriptions…

  26. While I’m very positive about the G+ login options, I do agree that some warning was probably in order for existing users. I’m looking forward to seeing new features now that there is going to be deeper G+ integration.

    Those of you using Google to log in to services, get used to the idea of G+ as it is definitely going to become ‘the’ way of interacting with Google.

    @Feedly devs: I recommend you investigate Persona ( as a means to log in. You don’t have to worry about password security and no identity information passes between Mozilla and you. This may appeal to those Feedly users wishing to stay anonymous.

  27. great way to shoot yourself in a knee…

    please either add your own authentication or give us alternatives (I would suggest using Mozilla Persona – not the themes, which is quite universal and independent of the undelying provider!)

  28. No heads up and no way of exporting your feeds if you do not want to use Google+. Such a bad move, Feedly. I expect this kind of shit from Google, not you.

  29. I can only echo what everyone is saying here. I do not want a Google+ profile, so I will be looking elsewhere.

  30. Thank you guys for suggestions what I can switch to.

    4 days (incl. weekend) to remove this “feature” or I permanently move away.

  31. Strange to see such a resistance from Google Reader people.. Really. You can create a Google+ without sharing ANYTHING. You don’t have to share ANY of your connections on Google+.

    I understand that it can be overkill to create one for Feedly.. You all probably never looked at Google+, which also has very nice features and still no ads.

    1. you have to share your fullname, sex and date of birth, overkill for me by any means… No, I don’t want to have anything with google anymore, I’m using their google account login but for some time tyring to use at as little as possible and trying to migrate to other serviced (already switched to my own domains to handle emails a few years back and now I see it was a good move seeing all this retardiness that google feeds us :/ )

      1. And your G+ account messes with your Youtube account, your Gmail account, changing your appearing name everywhere and basically forcing you to unifiy what you wanted personnalized.

        1. Then you fake name will appear in your gmail … nice
          Your picasa,youtube,… with your name will be indexed by Google and many third party “Google profile index service”
          Believe I had a G+ profile for a short time, removing yourself from those services is a pain in the ass

  32. [Post with links is awaiting moderation, so here an unlinked version:]

    For everybody still logged in: you get to export (feedly com/#opml) via Personalize, then bottom of page.

    1. Thanks for the link. I’ve exported from the one browser where I’m still logged-in; the one browser that doesn’t require an arbitrary social network signup just to access my feeds. Once the login session expires in this browser, it’s bye-bye Feedly I’m afraid.

  33. Just because more comments here are from the haters, here is a comment from someone who like and use Google+ everyday. Though I do believe you should have added alternative login systems before switching from Google to Google+ Sign-in.

  34. As others said before me — it’s a very very bad decision and it’s done in even worse way than Google did. No notice in advance and user data being held hostage. I’m happy I haven’t paid (yet) as this would be even bigger blow and source of anger and frustration.
    I don’t want Google+. I don’t want Facebook or Twitter either. Please stay with OAuth, or use a better service like Mozilla’s Persona, or (the best) gives us simple login+password of your own. Thank you.

  35. Like everyone here, i don’t want that G+ access.
    I’m not using any twitter, FB, or things like that. The social is in real life, not in the internet. Force the users to create, re-activate account is, for me, unbelievable.
    I create a few years ago, a google account because of my android phone. Without this requirement, I would never have created.
    So stop your hostage and stop taking your acquaintances with Google.
    Now your users aare here, cut the rope with Big G…….

  36. Yeah okay, this was nothing but bad news. A completely stand alone solution would be ideal, but if not that then at least stop requiring all those permissions when signing in.

    Unhappy lifetime user is unhappy…

  37. Undo. Undo.

    Google’s unreliability with Reader ended up being a good thing for Feedly success. Rather cut the ties than strengthening the dependencies.

  38. It has been mentioned, but i’m re-iterating it anyway:
    A number of people have asked for Feedly accounts without anything else attached. At least 800 people (if anyone has given it the maximum 3 votes) must have voted on this one here:

    It is specifically asking “without google” but from the comments you can see that most people are just as opposed to Twitter, Facebook and all the rest. We JUST want regular accounts. At Feedly. Nothing connected to anything.

    Yes, it may be hard. But it still remains the 7th place of all most-voted suggestions on your uservoice page.

    I would also love for everyone in this comment section to upvote the mentioned ticket – let’s see how high this one will fly.

    1. It’s also very fitting that i HAVE to sign up, to comment in the first place. I almost didn’t bother to do so. Hey, and now I have a profile picture, too. Happy?

      I’ll still not use G+ OR WordPress to log in to feedly.

      1. I didn’t need to signup in order to comment. I just entered a screen name and was good to go.

  39. Guys I just created a G+ account download my OPML file. As soon as I downloaded it, I erased the G+ account and the feedly one too.
    At the same time I looked for a feedly alternative and found Newsblur. Once you sign in, it will request you to introduce your credit card data. Ignore it and wait 10 minutes. You’ll get an email with a free account. So far it looks great!
    1 lesson learned today: keep my OPML somewhere safe so it won’t become a hostage to a bogus service ever again!

  40. It’s just a bad idea and was rolled out without thought.

    I wonder if analysis of feedly usage will show a sudden decline as a consequence of this.(or will people just simply sign up to G+ cost they’re asked to).

    AT the very least some migration path should have been in place

  41. I have over 200 subscriptions and as a few others have posted, they’re currently being held hostage. I will not create a Google+ account, so will look elsewhere and have to manually add my subscriptions.

    Thanks for the advance notice, Feedly. I have a few choice words, but they’ve already been written.

  42. What about “multiple” login? Link different identity like WP and G+ together or whatever… so i can login with WP but also use G+ features, etc.

  43. how can I get my feedly feeds OMPL file or what not without logging in?

    f*** this, digg reader FTW!

  44. I am very disappointed with the new Google+ sign in requirement.
    I wasn’t even comfortable with the old Google sign in, especially when you had to confirm it every time you logged in.

    As a lifetime pro user, I will now reconsider using Feedly in the future.

    I don’t want to share anything with Google or Google+ or any user I might have in Google+. Or any other service.
    And I was requesting that you implement removal of sharing features in Feedly (which you did in a way, by hiding them).

    And what about other users who are now FORCED to create Google+ profile, just to sign in.
    There are people that don’t want to create Google+ – and will now not be able to access their OPML files. Bad move.

    Why can’t you just implement your own login without the need for any other service.
    And if you do, I hope people will be able to link their current accounts from Google sign in to local login.

    If you are pushing with all the ‘social’ crap, then make a non-social version for paying customers.

    Not happy.

    1. >If you are pushing with all the ‘social’ crap, then make a non-social version for paying customers.

      That social aspect is starting to be a bit of a cancer. I see it in many places and frankly it (in my oppinion) ruins services by decreasing their cohesion. Optional integration with is a good thing (a modular thinking), but tight integration is a bad thing that ultimately leads to bloated services.

      Same thing is bascially happening with Spotify for instance. Used to be a rather competent dedicated music listening service, but has steadily become bloated with social aspects. So far it is somewhat avoidable by running an old (year+) version, but the core problem is the same.

      Next up: The social toilet! Sign in with G+ to use this toilet and let your friends know about your bowel movements!

      Some things should simply not be inherently social.

  45. this sucks.
    I’ll be looking for other alternatives too.
    By the way, GMX and Yandex are solid gmail alternatives

  46. I do not have a G+ account, and have no intention of creating one. In fact, G+ is disabled on my Google Apps domain. Therefore, if this switch is made before alternatives are available, I will have no way of logging into Feedly and so will have to move away.

    Nor do I necessarily want to associate my account with Twitter or Facebook. If you are keen to avoid handling your own account records (and I can understand this), why not support OpenID, so that people can use the provider of their choice?

  47. Thinking further… this is truly astonishing, when one considers that a majority of Feedly’s users are people who have just been burnt by relying on Google!
    What is going on here?

    Myself, I’ll give it a few days to see if they roll it back or make it right (and no, having to associate with Facebook is no better), otherwise I’ll be looking for another aggregator, again.

  48. I was si happy with feedly till now and read this… I dont want G+ !Think seriously to quit Feedly. “Sad”

  49. This is a terrible decision, I actually have G+ but I don’t want my RSS to have anything to do with social media. If I wanted it to be linked to social media I’d just follow the relevant social media accounts and skip Feedly entirely. If I want to share something I can copy paste a URL.

    I’ve been hovering over going pro for a while as I thought you deserved it and I use the site a lot but there’s no chance whatsoever now, I’m not paying a company that will change things like this with no notice and I’ve no interest in the socialised RSS experience you appear to want to create.

  50. After Google Reader has been eliminated, I was really happy to find out that Feedly was even better….but to force people to create G+ accounts to sign in – this is just low… Why is it not clear that not everyone is willing to share their excitement with the whole world every time they go to the bathroom? People who have their own life and who actually work – have NO TIME for this stupidity!
    Nothing is left to do, but to quit Feedly….it is indeed very sad to see that Feedly is following the same self-destruction path as Google…

  51. If Google is transitioning away from Oauth – presumably because they’re running out of other ways to force people to sign up for Google+ that they otherwise wouldn’t – then this ought to be a sign that you should look at alternatives as a priority not simply switch everyone over, with an announcement after the fact.

    Given the reply to the first comment is contradicted by everyone’s experience – in that a G+ profile is now required – it seems like you also didn’t really look into the effect that the changes you were making would have and test them properly.

    If you really do ” understand that some people would prefer to have more identity choices” then I’m also surprised that you wouldn’t wait until those other options were available before switching.

    On the whole this is disappointing, as since Reader went away I’ve come to expect good things from Feedly.

  52. Very disappointed at this change and the way it was implemented. Feedly gained a huge amount of goodwill by offering an escape path from Google Reader. It has just thrown most of that away.

  53. Wow. Truly epic f*ckup by Feedly. Hope you reverse course before it is too late to save all the goodwill you are squandering with this move.

  54. I’m not a ‘Google +’ user. I’m a ‘Feedly’ user. Can I export my feeds without a G+ account, please? IT’S MY DATA!!!

    Or can I export my data from my ‘Google’ profile to a new ‘Feedly’ profile? Or FB profile, or Twitter profile, or …

    If I can’t …bye, bye, Feedly.

  55. Ah cool, so I’m locked out of my feedly account. Can’t export my feeds. Unless I sign up for a Google+ account, which will effect my other Google services in numerous detrimental ways.

    I hate to be an angry-user-reacting-to-change, but the “interesting opportunities” for, uh, logging in presumably aren’t actually that necessary as you’re going to add a bunch of other identity options. (And no doubt I will not be able to switch to a different identity provider until I log in with my Google+ account that I don’t have. Sweet.)

  56. i am lucky that i just did not sign off, so i can download my Feeds to OPML and go search alternatives prob. Why Feedly why. Do not be evil Feedly.

  57. As I will not create a Google+ profile for privacy reasons, I can no longer use your very useful service. Very disappointing. A lot of goodwill has been squandered here. Even if you back-track, can we trust you again?

  58. Here we go again. I feel tormented by Google plus. Feedly, couldn’t you give us a notice earlier, so we could have time to migrate? I got used to Feedly at last, but now I have to consider a new alternative. Can I just get my subscription list back?

    1. Thanks for the tip. Bye Feedly the villain, and now I can make an account google-free on InoReader. Chouettos

  59. Is Google trying to buy Feedly? otherwise I don’t understand this treacherous move. Putting it simple: I don’t have a google+ account so I will never be able to retrieve my saved rss feeds, is that right? do I have to accept the fact that I lost all my rss feeds since 2009?

  60. Thats really really bad. I don’t have a G+ account and I’m not going to register one!
    I’m in luck, stll logged in.
    So I saved my OPML file and say…

    …bye bye Feedly

  61. just tried to log in the cloud and noticed the addentum permissions, hit “x” and came here to read what is going on. very calming to read that i am not alone.

    so why, just why no notice before making the change? and the silent treatment is much more frustrating.


  62. Discovering that new move from feedly was a shock for me.

    I’m still having a google account, but I have no plan to switch to G+ as I don’t really need any social media, and I dislike the way they are trying to force it on me. So that probably means I’ll stop using feedly as soon as they disconnect me from my current connection. That’s sad but well…

    I’ve ssen requests to use alternate login solutions. I’m all for it, as long as it doesn’t involve yet another login via some third party social network. Get your own login system, it’s not that hard…

    Thanks to the link in this post I managed to save my current rss list (Personnalize -> opml) and I’ve also voted for the feedly account creation suggestion.


  63. I don’t mind G+ but as it’s blocked at my workplace I now can no longer log into Feedly at all. I think you’ve shot yourselves in the foot here.

  64. Another one bites the dust … once this transition will be made, I will be gone! I chose not to have a Google+ account just like I chose not to be on Facebook, Twitter or any other social network. If this is the path you will take, I’ll rather return to good old surfing through the various websites that I have in my RSS feeds. I will not be forced into anything, particularly not at the cost of something that has a mediocre performance much of the time!

  65. There are only two reasons I can think of that you would do this without making an advance announcement:
    1. You KNEW your users would hate it, and hoped that they’d just submit to the new system, or
    2. You simpy didn’t think before implementing.

    It’s unfortunate, becuase after nearly six months of using this system I was just becoming comfortable with it and ready to go pro. Now I will be looking for a new RSS Provider.


  66. I paid money for a premium Feedly account and don’t want this crap. I don’t have and do not want a Google+ account. I’ll be exploring alternative reader services. You are holding my feeds hostage.

  67. I have Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I never use them for logging in to other sites or apps because I don’t want to be tied to third parties (especially corporate ones) for something so fundamental. As others have said, it’s very strange that such a decision would be made bearing in mind the jump in popularity that Freely received because of the killing of Google Reader.

    Until Freely provides its own login system, or offers OpenID or Persona or similar, Freely Pro will, unfortunately, be off my shortlist.

  68. btw. I would only accept username/password as authentication method.
    I dont want a Facebook,g+ or twitter account … If you have to login through these or other services it is possible to collect much more (user)data for the companies.
    Say no to spying.

  69. I’m also pretty grumpy about this. I use Google+, but not on the Google account I use for Feedly and creating another G+ profile is just going to confuse people.

  70. Holy crap, I’m sure glad I didn’t go for a lifetime pro subscription. I don’t want to give money to a company that makes such major changes without any advance notice, and holds you hostage to get the OPML file you need to move elsewhere. Luckily I’m still logged in, so I got my file and will be moving elsewhere as of Monday should Feedly not reverse this decision over the weekend.

  71. loool why didnt you create separate username/password option from start and now you force people to use service, from which they moved in first place?

  72. F_ck U feedly, from now on it’s DIGG ftw. LOOSERS. I think the quote from beloved mutie-hunter Frank Horrigan is pretty appropriate here:

    Your ride’s over feedly, time to die !

  73. After Google Readers shutdown, Feedly was my first choice. But if this comes true and I am forced to register to Google+, I will quit my account here and search for another alternative. Don´t know why so many like connecting their services to the Big-Brother-Players. Why don´t you sell our data and profiles directly to them?

  74. I would appreciate it if Feedly would make a public statement. I think by now they should know all lot of users are not so happy with this change…..

  75. Share my porn rss subscriptions with all the family! What a great idea!
    Thanks, I’d rather not. Only feedly admins are alowed to view that.

  76. I do not have a Google+ profile and I have no intention of getting one. By forcing Google+ (or Twitter, Facebook or any of the other authentication methods you have proposed) on us you have made you product unusable for many of your users.

    Please implement a “Feedly” login that is not connected to any of these or refund those who took out a paid subscription and who can no longer use Feedly.

  77. Thanks for the tip. Bye Feedly the villain, and now I can make an account google-free on InoReader. Chouettos !!!

  78. My company filters out any twitter, facebook or google plus connections, so i will not be able to use feedly on a daily basis, i have not been able to login since the change. If no other alternatives are offered, i am forced to say goodbye to feedly.

  79. Everyone send emails to “” demanding our data back. Do not let the evil Feedly hold our data hostage.

  80. Forcing users into a Google+ account is a very bad decision.

    You should transition back to Google OAuth. Alternatively you could immediately introduce an option for existing users to switch to login via Twitter (or possibly other options).

    Otherwise you could lose a lot of users

  81. Very very disappointed with you, Feedly Team. More especially the way in which you have implemented this change.

  82. > There are only two reasons I can think of that you would do this without making an
    > advance announcement:
    > 1. You KNEW your users would hate it, and hoped that they’d just submit to the
    > new system, or
    > 2. You simpy didn’t think before implementing.

    I’m hoping for 3.: Turning the normal login off was an accident and of course they want to give us enough time in advance to export our data if we don’t agree with switching to Google+

    > I would appreciate it if Feedly would make a public statement. I think by now they
    > should know all lot of users are not so happy with this change…..


  83. I’ve google account but I DO NOT HAVE Google+ and I don’t want one.
    At least I don’t want one on the account I regularly use and use with feedly.

    I hope you’ll add a link to old OAuth quickly….
    And or let me to login without using Google+ to let me do a backup of feedly and move somewhere (else or in another feedly account with an empty g+ account used only for feedly)

  84. I have tried Google+ and no, thank you, I don’t want to use it anymore. It would have been nice to know that we wouldn’t be able to log in without the google+ identity before making that change. Not everybody is ready to accept to be stalked under every angle. The change took place a couple of hours ago now and there have been no apologies from Feedly, so apparently it’s not something that wasn’t thought through. Fine, I’ll manage to recreate my list of feeds with the file created when I migrated from Google Reader and what is stored in my brain.

    I will not bother to create a fake Google+ account just to use Feedly, I’ll just start using a reader that isn’t sold to Google. In any case, I wouldn’t be able to retrieve my list of feeds without recreating a Google+ profile linked to my present gmail account, so what’s the point?

    I was waiting for a possibility to login with standalone authentification to pay for a pro account; Feedly decided to take a very different path, so I leave. Goodbye Feedly, and very soon goodbye Gmail too! I realise now that I’ve used my gmail login in many places because that was so convenient, but it has now turned into a big inconvenience.

  85. I’m also disappointed by this move. Turning this on without announcing it first, testing its impact on existing users, or offering a way to bypass G+ was poor planning and even more poor execution.

    I switched to Feedly because I want to get away from Google. Killed Reader was just one of the things that makes me want to stop using their services and forcing us to use their G+ service was not the best choice. As someone else commented, if Google is pushing everyone to G+ it’s probably a good time to look for a Google-free alternative.

    I can only hope someone at Feedly is monitoring this and is working with the team doing releases to roll back the G+ requirement, even if temporarily. It would be a huge show of goodwill towards the users

  86. This is actually good news. Because it was the last drop of water to get fed up of the G+ spamming. Time to move to Digg for news, Vimeo for videos, Flickr for photos, and probably even stop using GMail altogether. Enough is enough. And any service forcing me to use G+ gets the same treatment. Bad bad Feedly.

    BTW, I too was forced to create a G+ account to access my data. It’s now exported, and I’m leaving. And my G+ account lasted one minute.

      1. Thank you for listening to your users and acting accordingly and fast.
        This means I will probably stick with Feedly – it still is the best RSS Reader out there by far.

  87. Agree with others. I want simple username/password login.

    To everyone, I’ve been using an IFTTT recipe to tag and push my feeds to Pocket. Pocket has some great apps and searching has never been easier.

  88. Forcing users into a Google+ account is a very bad decision.
    I leave feedly and go to Inoreader.
    Good luck.

  89. I just loaded my Feeds into Outlook. I’ll be back if the Google+ authentication goes away, and isn’t replaced by some other social media login. My $99 lifetime Pro subscription didn’t last as long as I had hoped.

    On a side note, am I the only one who cringes when multiple services rely on the same user id and password? Think about how bad users are with password management. Now combine that lack of security awareness with a single login across multiple sites. Services like OAuth, Google+, Facebook Connect, or even Persona just create tastier targets for exploitation. It’s actually becoming more difficult for me to exercise good security by keeping my online services independent from each other.

    Hack once pwn everywhere?! No thanks.

  90. Here’s another unhappy (angry, really) user who was about to go Pro (not for the extra features, but to thank Feedly), but is now going to stick with free or leave altogether. I’m sick of Google imposing the move to G+ on their users… and now Feedly too? To repeat what many others said: I won’t create a G+ profile, as I don’t want the Google services I use to “go social”. Logins via FB, Twitter, {insert any social network here} won’t do it for me either, so here’s my +1 to Mozilla Persona or a Feedly-only login.

    > The goal was to let users safely login with their existing Google identity instead of having to create and manage yet another identify.

    Well, apparently a lot of users are willing to “create and manage yet another identify”. Will you listen?

    Please PLEASE revert this move, at least until you make other options available.

  91. Very disappointing. I liked Feedly very much, and was planning on subscribing. I do not want to create a Google+ account, so I will not be using Feedly anymore. I’m also a bit angry that no advance notice was given, because I can’t export my feeds now without creating a G+ account.

  92. “Re-imagine how people keep in touch with their favorite sites.”

    Indeed. And it will not involve Feedly anymore.

  93. Guys,

    I am a lifetime Feedly Pro user. You should have seen this coming. It was downright stupid for you to implement G+ login WITHOUT providing alternatives. You say you’re looking into alternatives NOW, but would it have killed you to do that AND G+ login at the same time?

    I swear, sometimes, Feedly disappoints me a lot.

  94. Well, i hate it…..
    for download opml
    im trying , is beta but…..

  95. I’m sorry but this is just BS. I recently paid for Feedly pro features and now I can’t access my feeds because I don’t have and don’t want to create a G+ account. Do you think it’s reasonable to require your users to create a (public social media) profile in another service to use yours? Paying customers? Really?

    The only reason I’m writing this here is that I still think that Feedly is the best post GReader alternative out there. However, my good will is wearing out by the hour because I rely on Feedly so much.

    Please fix this by 1) reenabling Google OAuth withing 24h and 2) adding support for standalone login. If I have to create a temporary G+ account to export my feeds, I will take my money and any promotional influence I may have elsewhere. That’s a guarantee.

    ps. I was unable to vote for standalone login on Uservoice so please count this post as a vote. Plus, Uservoice is not working as a customer service channel because I was not able to post anything or find any other customer service info there.

    1. Okay, UserVoice is working fine for me. Also, you need to login to UserVoice or create a UserVoice account before you can vote for ideas.

  96. You know what? All you people in the comments are being stupid. WTF is wrong with creating a Google+ profile so you can login to your favorite news reader? I don’t see anything wrong with that at all. And when you people are saying nobody uses Google+, you are wrong. More than 540 million people use it each month and that number is growing.

    P.S. Unlike all the other hate comments, I’m glad you guys have switched to G+ login as well as adding the ability to login with Facebook, Twitter, or WordPress in the next 7 weeks.

      1. Yeah, and their answers are stupid. Nothing is wrong with creating a simple Google+ account, idiot.

    1. Yes, because somebody has a different opinion from you that makes them “stupid”.
      There is absolutely no way in the world for people to have a different point of view from your own.
      Really mature.

    2. What is wrong is that my (until recently at least) favourite RSS reader did not require a G+ account to login and now it does. When signing up to a service the service provider basically provides a set of conditions to which the service subscriber accept in order to use the service. It is sort of like a promise. In short, Feedly has promised to authenticate me using OAuth. Now they are going back on that promise without prior notice.

      Basically someone comes along saying “Hey! I can take care and organise all your stuff (My RSS feeds) for you! I just need access to this storage area (OAuth).” To which you the user agrees, cause hey, that is a pretty good deal. Then they go “Oh hey! You know your stuff (my RSS feeds) that I am taking care of? Yeeeah, you can not access that anymore. I need you to hand me the key to your house as well (G+).”

      Basically that is a pretty rude thing to do and is something that would never be accepted had this been something in “meatspace”, and it should not be accepted here in the virtual world either.

      Sure you might say, you can create a anonymous G+ account! Well, if it is used with other things you will still be mapped, but what if we make an account specifically for this and use it only here? Well, some users have already paid quite a bit of money for this and used an existing account, so that would be money lost.

      If you personally like G+ as login, then good for you. Feedly could have allowed that side-by-side with the previous OAuth login making both you and all existing (and often paying) customers happy. Instead they actively chose to switch it over and use only G+, basically breaking a promise and taking users data hostage.

      You should be careful about calling comments stupid. Many times when one might find something (like comments) stupid, it can turn out to be that one simply do not see the whole picture.

  97. This is completely unacceptable. As a Lifetime Pro subscriber, I paid primarily to have my RSS feeds be PRIVATE, siloed, archived in their own little hole without Google, Facebook, or Twitter getting information about my subscriptions or vice versa. I will be pursuing a refund.

  98. Folks, switch to they don’t force you to use G+ login. You can use industry standard openid authentication using any service you want! They release features much faster than feedly and its developer actually cares about their user experience and not just $ or abuse their user’s privacy.

    1. Feedly does care about user experience. And actually, Feedly takes longer to release features so that they can actually test them to make sure that they work right.

      1. Work right? Marking articles read on scroll still not working. Search is very slow. Syncing with mobile apps is also slow. And these giant “Visit Website” at the end of each post? Feedly looks nice but looking nice doesn’t mean good user experience.

  99. It would have been nice to be told about this. How do we access our feedly account if we can’t get into it. There is now way I am joining up with Google plus. Please revert this decision.

  100. I will also stop to use feedly if you try to force me into a google+ profile. I urge you to revert this decision

  101. [Update: the fact that this changing is forcing users to create a Google+ profile and that Google+ is not available in some companies and on some Google Apps domains outweighs the benefit of being about to login more seamlessly across devices. So we are going to rollback this change later this afternoon – Friday 1:00pm PST. We will try to make it optional in the future for some users who like Google+. Thanks for the feedback].

  102. Add me to the deafening chorus of people OPPOSED to this move! I’m not on G+ (nor FB, nor other social media- I don’t need and especially don’t want to be on it, as I have no interest in what someone I went to school with 20+ years ago had for breakfast this morning). It’s bad enough Google Reader is gone- why can’t Feedly just be an RSS reader and be done with it?!

    If you’re serious about this and leave no way to sign in w/o G+, at least please tell us how to move our feeds somewhere else (presumably to a place that just needs a standard, non-SM login for access).

  103. This is a horrible decision because the Google account I used for Reader/Feedly isn’t the same as my G+ account which I don’t use. Am I about to lose my news feeds because of a unilateral decision foisted on the out-of-touch folks at Feedly.

    Here’s a word of caution that should chill the developers at Feedly to the bone: Digg. Remember Digg? They pioneered and popularized social news sharing and for a time, there were legions of “Digg clones” trying to emulate what they did.

    So what happened to Digg? They grew complacent and arrogant, believing that because they had the largest share of the field, that was the way it’d always be. They rolled out a change that the users HATED and when they complained, Kevin Rose was too busy drinking exotic teas, rock climbing and framing his Obama posters to care. He was on the cover of Business Week and Inc. and Digg was #1, so why let the crying of the malcontents get in the way of the party.

    Now he’s a joke and Reddit is what I call “the house that Digg built.” It happened to MySpace, too; what’s to say that Feedly isn’t hurtling down this same path to oblivion? Feedly exploded overnight because Google was chucking Reader, but what’s going to prevent a sharp company from saying, “Export your OPML file and come on over here. We have our own login system. You’re welcome.” Feedly would be devastated overnight, rightfully so.

    Hubris and arrogance kill. Feedly got too big, too fast and the proprietors clearly believe they are irreplaceable. They’re about to have that belief tested.

  104. Please don’t do this! All social media is blocked at my work – I’d be forced to move to another RSS reader.

  105. What ‘s the easiest way to get all your Feedly links imported in INOreader ? (rather than manually do this – as all of you , I have quite a lot …)
    Anyone with a link to a step-by-step migration guide ? I will move away from feedly TODAY

  106. I have just created a G+ profile for the time it took to allow me to log in to feedly for a final time to export my feeds and to cancel the renewal of my pro subscription. The profile, which I do not want, has now been deleted.

    Whatever the technical reasons might be for you to have made this change, the way you have sprung it upon us unannounced and after-the-fact is shameful. Anybody reading even a handful of the reactions to the original announcement of the Reader shutdown should have realised how many people resented being herded towards G+. Herding us towards facebook or twitter is no better either.

    I took out a pro subscription, not because the pro features are particularly useful to me (they aren’t available on Android, where I mainly use(d) Feedly), but because I was grateful for you stepping into the gap left by Google, and because I believe in paying for a worthwhile service. Needless to say, this move makes me regret having done so.

      1. Credit where it’s due, thank you for listening and reacting to the feedback. Hard to see how you didn’t see it coming, though.

  107. Having to use Google + (which I do not use nor want for privacy reasons) is absolutely despicable. I will be closing my Feedly account.

  108. Unless Feedly gets rid of the forced linking to any social network site such as G+, Twitter, FB, then it is bye-bye Feedly for me.
    The best solution would be for Feedly have its own independent login. In the meantime please roll back to the old system.
    I don’t mind if other users could optionally link their Feedly login to their social network circles, but I for one have absolutely no need or wish for it.

    The way Feedly has handled this changeover has lost you all credibility with me, and you will now have to earn my respect from scratch.

  109. Thank you for rolling back to the regular Google sign-on; I was immediately enraged when I discovered I could only access my feeds if I created a Google+ account, which is something I refuse to do. I came to Feedly after Google Reader was shuttered, and I would really hate to move my feeds again. I really like Feedly, as it offers all the options I like in a feed reader, but I WILL NOT stay if it requires a Google+ or Facebook account.

  110. Thank you for the rollback! I don’t mind having to have a G+ profile in general but I don’t want one for the email address I use for my RSS feeds.

  111. Good, thank you for rolling this back. The google+ terms of service has several elements which are troublesome, such as requiring the use of a real name, which some people just can not do due to privacy concerns, and ignoring that risks losing access to all Google accounts, not just google+.

  112. I will no longer be using Feedly if this remains in place. I refuse to get a Google plus account and had I known this was going to happen, I would never have signed up for Feedly in the first place. Now since I can’t get at my feeds, how am I supposed to transition to someplace else? Nice job Feedly for trapping me into your shitstorm as others have stated.

  113. Why don’t you just make a feedly login with a simple username/password where it doesn’t use any of this crap and doesn’t require all our information?

  114. I have to say that I’m extremely disappointed to see Feedly force users to use to use a Google+ account rather than Google OAuth. I have no interest in creating a Google+ account, so unless you re-enable the option to login with Google OAuth I’m going to take my feed business elsewhere.

    1. Forgot to add that this effectively locks you out of your account! Not only is the decision to abandon Google OAuth bad enough, you can’t even access your feeds now.

      Feedly should have let the users know of this change ahead of time and at least allow a transition period where with Google+ and Google OAuth where possible login options.

  115. Changed rolled back: you should be able to go to and login using the “old” Google Authentication – WITHOUT having to create a Google+ profile. The main lesson we learned is that users should control how they login to feedly so we are going to accelerate offering alternative login options, including a feedly-powered login option.

    1. HALLELUJAH! That’s a promise.. I hope you keep your promises. “Feedly-powered” login is most welcomed. FINALLY!!

  116. What the fucking hell? You goddamn assholes. Fuck it. Feedly over.

    Anyone got a recommendation for a service that /won’t/ fuck it’s users over at the first hint of tainted Google cash?

    I say this as someone who uses gmail, for fucks sakes.

  117. Google has clearly gone to the dark side and I avoid it like the plague.

    No Feedly for me. Period. Hope you slowly go broke. Fast bankruptcy is too merciful.

  118. Edwin I have more than 1650 suscriptions and lately I was not able to add content any more.
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    Nobody is helping at Feedly. Hope you can help me.
    Thank you!

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