Thanks for the feedback re: Google+ Authentication

Thank you for the feedback regarding Google+ Integration.

The fact that the change is forcing users to create a Google+ profile and that Google+ is not available in some companies and on some Google Apps domains outweighs the benefit of being about to login more seamlessly across devices (Android).

So we are going to rollback the Google+ login change later today.

We will try to see if there is an optional way to deliver the Google+ login benefits to people who like Google+ and Android.

We are still planning to offer more login options over the next 7 weeks.

[Update: The change has been rolled back: you can now go to and login using the old Google Authentication mechanism. The main lesson we learned here is that user should control how they want to login to login to their feedly. We will make sure not to forget this. Have a good week end].


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127 thoughts on “Thanks for the feedback re: Google+ Authentication”

    1. When are we going to see it? “In a few hours” doesn’t mean a lot. This was posted at 6.32am. In what time zone? How many do you mean by “a few”?

      In short, WHEN can I log in again?

    1. Before everyone gets too sycophantic, can we please address the underlying problems – Why was this change enforced upon paying customers with no warning? Why did devs not realise that this would force users to create Google+ profiles?

      I’m grateful (if unsurprised) for the rollback, but I want to see smoother, more controlled rollouts in the future if I’m ever to renew my paid Pro service.

      1. We thought that because all the feedly users logged in to their feedly using a Google identity, switch to the Google+ identity would be simply mechanical – a different login popup. The rest is explained in the post. -Edwin

        1. Thank you. I hoped you will listen to all the outcry, especially seeing that you always kept the “good guys” stance. Although I can’t imagine how you didn’t know about famous googleplusphobia.
          I’m glad you are still good guys.

        2. Yes, you made a huge assumption and then just implemented a huge change on a whim without doing the bare minimum of research.

          Have you considered taking a course in Quality Assurance or Product Management?

        3. Please implement something besides Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc logins. I am not privy with the social networks. Thank you Feedly.

  1. Really exceptional to see such rapid attention to and respect for customer feedback. Thanks. (Now if you can just get away from requiring any 3rd party login, I’ll feel far more secure.)

    1. Yes, I’d also love feedly login and that’s it. You guys already have the cloud service, so just make it happen please.
      I hate using 1 login for all, which means 1 login forged, all gone.

    2. Absolutely, I paid Feedly 5$ a month and from the User Voice feedback I was under the impression this was going to be offered. Not just the false choice between a couple other 3rd party identity managers.

      I expect Feedly to be able to run and keep secure a database of usernames and password hashes (the world did I hope learn something from the Adobe breach and other recent security embarrassments) and I do not expect that I will need to trust someone else. Especially Google or Facebook who are notorious data miners, also with the whole NSA thing, it seems like the less secure and private option given that agency’s interest in those companies.

      Aside that a lot of us got badly burned by Google shutting down Reader, and we are unlikely to be big fans to begin with.

      If the aim is ease of use then fine offer this as a choice for people, though seeing as I am still typing in a username and password at least once I fail to see how this is easier than creating an account and using that. Maybe one could even go a step further an investigate technologies like SQRL and Mozilla Personas.

      If the aim is sharing, let those users who want that link accounts via apps. This works for Pocket, Evernote and friends, so I fail to see why Google or Facebook need preferential treatment and a forced presence in my RSS reader ecosystem.

  2. Thanks a lot…
    I was getting really worried and in panic ….

    Now I feel more confident and relaxed ^_^

  3. Will you fix the remainder bugs in the Android app in the coming updates? A lot of users –including me– still have problems with rendering and freezing. Look at the 17.1 thread for more info.

    1. It’s just forcing me to use alternatives on Android at the moment, the Feedly app cannot work properly now. And I tried to report and did my feedback in various means but received no response.

  4. Respect for back tracking so quickly, and for listening. I hope you can reach out to all the people who have already left, or who have said they will. I guess you know their email addresses, so could email them.
    Please keep things simple – build Google+, Facebook integration for those that want it, but for others, things need to be kept simple. Either through the Google oAuth, or preferably with your own login (using https please !)

  5. Thank you! I probably would have created a Google+ profile just to keep Feedly, but I’m *really* glad I don’t have to.

  6. Now is not a good time to try integration with G+, as a lot of people are severely burned by the changes to YouTube. I agree with the above comment, though, on making it an option for multiple login schemata. (A lot of people would like to see that with YouTube, and personally, already having a G+ account, the transition was seamless.)

  7. Ah the syndrome of change resistance – what a shame. I can’t quite frankly understand why – given that you have to have a google account anyway – what the harm in creating a google+ Profile is. Anyway, I admire the way you listen to the feedback. I just hope it doesn’t stop those who would like the newer – more flexible and powerful Google+ sign in at some point fairly soon. I’m not aware it’s causes problems with other providers

    1. Oh, so you think it’s reasonable to make paying customers create a (public, real-name) profile on some third-party social network in which they don’t want to have an account? Blocking access to their data if they don’t want to do this? Without a any notice?

      1. Of course it’s reasonable. You already have a Google account, and your G+ profile is only as public as you want it to be. Technical issues (company firewalls, etc.) aside, this IS pure change resistance. When your best argument makes it clear that you don’t understand G+, it’s hard to take your position seriously.

        1. I agree with your reply. As far as I am aware profiles can be entirely private and you dont have to be active as such to maintain the log in. The company firewall situation is unfortunate, but why do these companies allow it for the classic google log on solution? oh well, thats going off topic.

        2. Well let’s say I don’t want it because I have no desire to learn how to make it more private. If I don’t make it more private, it will show up on Google search results with my real name on it.

          Anyway, what matters is that the good folks at Feedly seem to agree with me.

          1. They only agree with you because you cried about it.

            Also, who cares if people can search for your name and see…a Google+ profile with absolutely no information on it? There would be nothing on your page, no location, no picture, no DOB – it’d be blank.

            What a non issue exaggerated by a big adult baby.

              1. But I did make an easily distinguishable point in there, which you ignored.

                By the way, “DOB” stands for “date of birth”.

              2. G+ is a non-starter. I am already over having to use the Google login and back to looking at other RSS options…

            1. Just because it’s a non-issue to you doesn’t mean it’s a non-issue to others.

              Suppose Feedly one day made G+ turned off the privatization features and everything connected to it was shared? And that this service started to share all your feeds and there was no opt out?

              Would you then cry and wail about the changes?

        3. you are kinda wrong… G+ requires more information (you can have google account with simple e-mail, G+ requires your full name, dob, sex) and you can’t make the profile completely private and unsearchable. Also – making the profile as private as possible (far from ideal tho) is annoying tedious. And no, G+ login doens’t offer any substantial benefit…

          1. Additionally, requiring users to take part in another service with it’s own shifting privacy policies is just plain bad form. That I can create a mostly private profile today doesn’t mean Google, or any third party identity manager, won’t change the rules later. It’s a pointless burden ion the end users.

            One thing I see the G+ supporters overlooking or ignoring is the inherent problem with aggregating all of a person’s services through a single login. Hack once, exploit everywhere.

        4. So it is reasonable to require google to use feedly? How so? Is feedly a subsidiary of google now?

    2. Some people have privacy concerns with G+, some simply don’t want to give Google any more of their info, and some (as was explained in the OP) CAN’T use G+, depending on the Domain/Google Apps settings set by their account provider (i.e. anyone OTHER than Google who uses Google Apps).

    3. Bullshit! Some of us choose not to have a Google Plus account whether or not you regard their reasons as good ones.

      So to then have changes forced through on this service which then tries to force us to create a Google Plus account.

      Yeah we may have a Google login, but that doesn’t mean we automatically want or need to also have a Google profile and Google Plus.

      It turns out that Feedly are pretty bad for making big changes on a whim; they really haven’t grasped that that is not how IT product management is done.

  8. I want to be able to login with any email address, not just Google. I want to be able to change my login whenever I want. Right now, I can’t find a way to do either. (I have a lifetime subscription, BTW. Please make me not regret it.)

    1. want want want… just because you paid the low cost lifetime subscription doesnt mean you can demand ad naseum

      1. You are childish in your response. It is reasonable for a paying customer to have alternatives to logging in besides google.

  9. The way this Friday is ending is a lot better than the way it began (where I live, anyway). Thank you for considering our feedback and acting on it.

  10. Thank you – let us hope you have reacted fast enough to survive your mighty mistake. Hope you have learnt from it!

  11. -1 for the bad G+ choice, but
    +1 for the fast rollback decision. Thanks guys.
    (And as many people says before, a specific Feedly login/pwd would be the best for many people, specially to avoid problems like this one…)

    1. More like -5 / +1. Rolling back an ill-advised change does not suddenly make everything alright. Confidence can’t be won back as easily as it can be lost.

  12. Thank you for the quick and sane response. However, I’m still unable to access my data (and have been for hours now). For me, a working RSS reader is the second most important thing online after email. So I’m feeling a little jittery for not being able to get to my data. Please make sure that nothing like this happens ever again. I would like to be able to trust Feedly but if I can’t, I will find another service.

    Anyway, thanks to your quick and sane response, goodwill restored here.

  13. As a Pro user, I appreciate this decision. WordPress is OK but openID would be better. I’m not interested in making my reading a “social” activity.

  14. While I appreciate the back tracking, I don’t consider the goodwill fully restored. Lesson learned. Added a reminder to export my OPML on a regular basis and have a few alternatives in the hopper…just in case.

  15. I’m impressed with the quick response from Feedly, though already have created an account elsewhere, which I will keep as an alternative.

    Best regards.

  16. Thanks, I was freaking out because I refuse to join Google+ and could see no way to retrieve my scores of saved RSS feeds from Feedly. I hope that you won’t ever make a change like this –requiring people to sign up for some other service in order to access their feeds– but if you do, please give LOTS of fair warning so that people who don’t want to sign up for the other service have a chance to migrate.

  17. Google is immensely nosy. I don’t want to have everything about me sprawled all over the internet…. even if NSA weren’t listening!

  18. Thank you very much for the prompt action, Feedly, I might stick around after all (this still is the best RSS reader available by far).

    To give you an idea of what many of us had to go through, this morning I had to create a G+ account to login to Feedly, and deleted it 1 minute afterwards. That minute was enough for Google to e-mail every single person already in G+ and with me in their contacts, telling them I’ve just signed up for G+.
    That doesn’t sound “as private as you want it to be”, as some people are claiming in here.

  19. Please hurry up and do the roll back as I still cannot get at my feeds. This should never have happened without notifying your customers. Just because this is a free service does not give you carte blanche to mess with us as you please.

    1. Yeah, they thought they could *mess with you* because you ain’t payin nothing! This’ll teach em, you stand up for what’s right and don’t let them push you around!

      Or they didn’t know the switch to G+ login would require a G+ profile, like they explained. That version of the story doesn’t make you a crusader for justice, though.

  20. Why don’t you just make a feedly login with a simple username/password where it doesn’t use any of this crap and doesn’t require all our information?

    1. I second this in the strongest possible way (ie I would pay more) but apparently it costs more to develop. The reality is that there is probably only a subset of Feedly users who feel very strongly about this but most of the lemmings just want a universal login so Feedly compares the cost and benefit and goes witht the masses.

  21. Thanks for reacting quickly! This was truly the worst move you could have done for authentication. I was already in the process of looking for other services, but I guess I’ll stop here and keep using Feedly – which is great, I love the service.

  22. Thanks! For those of us who don’t use Google+ (even though Google fans) this is great. Feedly is the best think I’ve ever used for my news, but I’m about to close down my unused Google+ account.

  23. Many thanks for the quick response. I love Feedly and didn’t want to have to search for a new RSS reader. Thanks!

  24. I like feedly a lot, but google+ or facebook is no way. Please take use of openid or mozilla persona. BTW, thanks for the wonderful work making feedly such an amazing rss reader!

    Have nice weekend too! :)

  25. Thanks for listening. Now please consider announcing such things *before* doing them ;-)

    I welcome more login options, but I hope you will include open ones such as OpenID as well as closed corporate things like Twitter and Facebook.

  26. Thanks for rolling that change back. I don’t have a Google+ account, nor will I ever get one, so it would have made Feedly non-viable for me. I appreciate “social” is the ongoing buzzword but trends come and go and this one is no different. Google+ will either transform into a Google-specific login or will disappear completely inside of 3 years (if Wave et al are anything to go by) so I don’t see the point in forcing people to use it. Youtube comments are now Google+ based I believe and it will be interesting to see what happens to the participation there. Worth remembering that your users are *your* users, not Google’s, and your site succeeds or fails based on how you treat and respect them.

  27. I was pretty upset about the Google+ login but didn’t voice my opinion. I thought it was Google’s way of forcing us to create a G+ profile. Thanks for the rollback and a special thanks to other people who actually voiced their opinion.

  28. Thanks a lot for the rollback… but even more… I’d like to thank you for listening to your users feedback!

  29. Thanks for listening to your users. I had opened an account with Google+ but was not happy about it. Have just now cancelled and logged into feedly with no problem. Thanks again

  30. I don’t use Goole+ and never will. Even when they force the inevitable on me I will take all my date off Google’s servers and register with fake details. Google+ can go fark itself.

  31. I thought the point of Feedly was to not run into the same problems as Google Reader. Even considering a change which would require a Google+ profile ignores this goal.

    Unfortunately now I have to reevaluate whether Feedly is the long term RSS Reader solution or not.

  32. While I am happy that the rollback occured I am now suspicious of Feedly of doing something Google Reader-esque. Before I was content in the knowlege that I was safe here, now I’m eyeing the door just in case.

    Be forewarned Feedly; thread lightly with any further “improvements” you want to push in the future with no advanced notice. I am now ready to run.

  33. Just want to say Thank You for rolling this back. Google+ is blocked at my job so when I got the new login options, was not happy that I could not access Feedly. Thanks for being customer focused. This makes me appreciate Feedly all the more so.

  34. I must say I’m not particularly happy about the rollback. I enjoyed the newsletter functionality the up date allowed, however briefly. Most especially I enjoyed being able to share to more than one Google+ account. That was very useful for sharing to specific groups.

    But nooooo. The paranoid, I don’t want to be forced into anything crowd, had to ruin it for the rest of us.

    At least make the update a beta option until the new optionality menus are added to the stable version.

    1. Google+ is blocked by a lot of companies. This kills the tool for a lot of people at work.

      (Not to mention mixing social networking and email is an awful idea, and I hope Google doesn’t force me into it.)

  35. Wonder if you can provide standalone login. I hate it that Ihave to authorize Google my account everytime I log into feedly.

  36. Thank you for the rollback. I’m glad our feedback means something. Though Feedly will remain my RSS reader of choice, this event will remind me to keep an up-to-date OPML export file in case something like this happens again.

  37. Thanks for rollback of google+.the roll back shows that feedly had help us to forget google reader.please give option of direct login without third party authentication as well as option to share with othe rfeedly reader as well as sent by email option

  38. Thank you for the rollback but please stop using Google an give other choice to your users. I want to stay away from Google.

  39. It’s because of this piece of social carp that the old Google reader was killed by Google…

    Don’t want anything from Google anymore. Where is login without Google? Better hurry to implementing it. Not Google+ crap…

    I want feedly without Google…

  40. “So we are going to rollback the Google+ login change later today”

    Please, No Google+. Use Facebook. I don’t want G+ account

  41. Thank you. +1

    I’m really positively surprised. Didn’t hope you will really reverse those changes. I’ve found two practically same good sites, but I’m glad to come back.

  42. Facebook login will be awesome because i’m using my google account just because feedly. Wainting for this update.

  43. thanks so much for rolling back the google plus rubbish……………..HATE IT

    can you help please

    I am in full articles view (love the choice) and somehow I have the sidebar on the left disappearing not staying there it only appears once I mmove over there………… do i change this back……………it is frustrating…………

    Also any chance we can translate posts in feedly???? Used to be able to do this in google reader……………

  44. I just got a new phone and feedly is forcing me to join google+, even through oauth. I don’t want to join google+, it’s crap, pointless and messes up my blog settings. Get it sorted or I’m swapping reader

  45. And it’s back!!! New tablet, only option is Google+. Seriously? Some people learn from their mistakes, others obviously not. I have a pro account but all I can say now is “Hello Newsblur, hello Fever!”

    1. A customer service representative confirmed there was a bug in the Android app and an update has fixed the problem. While I’m pleased with the fast response, it makes me a bit wary of using Feedly in the future. The integration with Google was a good thing at the time, but now Google has it’s own agenda with Google+ and that’s not necessarily in the best interest of Feedly and its users.

  46. All of my feedly feeds have disappeared. All of the blogs I have painstakingly collected and categorized in Feedly over the past few months plus many years in Googlereader — just gone. This happened since the change to authentication using Google. Why was I not informed that this would happen? I am very upset about this.
    Does anyone have a fix for this? I used to just log in using my email/login name and password. Why did this just change with no warning?

    Where are my blog feeds Feedly???

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