What’s new in feedly 17.5?

We just release version 17.5 of feedly.com. Here is a short change log:

1) Must reads. The “must read” experiment we ran on mobile has been very successful so we are bringing it to the desktop. The idea behind must read is that we all have some feeds we do not want to miss. You can now promote them to must read. This will create a special must read category in your feedly and increase the probability that those feeds are featured in the home section. A lot of users have been asking for the ability to selectively turn on notifications (email, mobile, chrome extension) on must reads. We are working on that.

2) Gmail integration. Based on popular demand, we replaced the mailto: mail integration with a gmail module. More on this soon. [Update: we added a preference knob for people who prefer using a native mail client instead of GMail]

3) Smarter engagement counts. Arthur is working on simplifying the concept of engagement counts. In 17.5, we are making a step in that direction: engagement counts are now grayed out unless the number is abnormally high (compared to the average for that source), in which case they turn orange. In the next update, we will offer the opportunity to turn off engagement count.

Smarter Engagement Count

4) feedly.com/e We are working on a new iteration of our URL shortener. One that will support twitter cards, facebook open graph and feedly connect and make sharing more effective. A lot more in this area soon.

5) Card view. We further cleaned up the card view. We are moving in general towards the direction where colors in feedly will be meaningful (green for call for action, blue for links, orange for engagement and saved, etc..) as opposed to pretty. You should see that philosophy apply to mobile and desktop over the next 12 weeks. Arthur will right a more detailed blog post about this.

6) Clean home. We simplified home to the minimum.

7) Beta channel. This is the last direct release we are performing on cloud.feedly.com. Going forward, we are going to open a beta channel where a community of beta testers can try changes and provide us feedback before we push the changes to the main channel. More on that change next week.

8) Customer satisfaction and roadmap. Remi has been working on a customer satisfaction/roam survey. It should start rolling out next week. We are curious to hear about the features and bugs you would like us to work on. Please be vocal.

Happy reading!


Author: @feedly

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133 thoughts on “What’s new in feedly 17.5?”

    1. This is indeed a bug. December is going to be a bug hunt. Please make sure that you submit this to the satisfaction survey Remi will be sending out. This will bump the priority. -Edwin

  1. If “must read” is a completely solid state, meaning that every single feed I add to “must read” is guaranteed to show up in my “must read” category, I’d absolutely love to use it. I was thinking about doing this anyway with a category that I’d make myself.

    1. Just tried it out on mobile. Awesome feature.

      Do you know if I were to export my feeds to opml, if it would communicate in any way my “must read” category, in the same way that it keeps track of my other folders? But I’m assuming that this is feedly only. Either way, slam dunk, I’m really happy about this.

      1. Good question. I do not think that must read is reflected in the OPML. It is reflected in the API. Can you add a feature request to feedly.uservoice.com to add must read to the OPML export? Thanks.

        1. I started using The Old Reader and divroseced that it gets rid of old (their definition of which, from what I can tell, is something like more than two weeks old ) items unread items, even liked items without asking you first and without any option to change that setting. Any idea whether Feedly and Reeder keep all yer stuff?

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  2. Great, keep it up, Feedly is just amazing.

    Things to take a look in the Magazine View would be:

    –> “Making read as we scroll” not working well since ever!!
    –> “Save button always on top” when feed text is too long) we need to expand the section to be able to click the “save” button

    Thanks for the update

    1. When I originally comnemted I clicked the Notify me when new comments are added checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Cheers!

  3. I love you guys. I am SO impressed with your willingness to actually listen to your users and your integrity with rolling back changes that users don’t like… and you give us options… and you INVITE feedback instead of hiding away from it. You’re like…. the best development team EVER. THIS is how you build customer loyalty. Kudos, kudos, kudos all around.

    1. I’d consider using it if it were more stable than the mobile app is now. Right now, the app closes every couple of times I try to open an article.

  4. Feels like the Feedly blog has been a lot more active the past couple weeks. I really appreciate how communicative you guys have been. It’s been fantastic to know what’s going on. Thanks for seeking feedback and for listening to it! :-)

  5. I’m admitting I don’t know how to access your list of known issues, but are you aware that embedded Vimeo video files do not render in an article? YouTube videos work great, but….get a lot of Vimeo from various sports-highlight-related RSS feeds.
    Overall, I was so depressed that I was losing Reader earlier this year. Your application has offset at least 95% of that depression….fix Vimeo embeds and I may be cured. : )

    1. Nathan, I think the sense of guilt which I share when I find myself not tndnieg to the feeds enough may be driven by a fear of homogenization of the conversation. Twitter often brings me the news I didn’t know I needed to know. But even with a diverse and well-curated follow list on Twitter, one tends to see a couple of themes or events dominating on any given day. When I catch up on what RSS is delivering, I often find gems which then become my contributions to theTwitter conversation. If there are not a fair number of us reading and sharing the great work that can appear on the less-visited blogs and news sites, will the conversation not become even more centralized and bland? It’s impossible to drink the firehose. But an ecology of diverse readers and sharers can really make the marketplace of ideas more vigorous. Tldr: prune your subs and find a reader that works for you.

  6. How about favicons of the sources in ‘Titles’ view rather than just their names? This makes it easy to spot a high-priority source in a large amount of unread articles.

  7. This is just a friendly note to say, “Wow!” You guys are super- great product, great communication, great ongoing effort for improvements.

  8. so… no automatic beta for pro users? And no other pro features? I was in the “first 5000” and I’m really expecting something more for us pro users… other then this, good job as always!

    1. We love our pro users. We are working on some new pro features. Part of the satisfaction survey is to understand what some of the next pro features should be. -Edwin

  9. PLEASE add a confirmation or a rollback (or both!) for clicking on the article counts marking all read. I marked my entire subscription list read a couple days ago. That was NOT fun. I lost hundreds of articles.

  10. Huh?

    Why did you replace the generic email module with Gmail module when you should’ve just leave it as an option.

    Not everybody wants to use Gmail and frankly, one would’ve thought you guys learned from the last time you tried to get deeper with G+.

    Please tell us how to bring back the generic email module.

      1. Bonjour,Comment envoyer une info de Feedly par e-mail sans Microsoft Outlook et sans Gmail ? En effet, en clnuqait sur la petite enveloppe c’est Microsoft Oulook qui s’ouvre et en utilisant le raccourci e, il me dit que Gmail integration n’est pas encore disponible sur cette plate-forme, mais de toute fae7on, cela ne m’inte9resse pas.Merci d’avance

    1. This, exactly. I’m a Gmail user but I’m not going to post the same “wow, Gmail integration, thanks!” message because it concerns me that you keep making these sweeping decisions that affect your entire userbase.

      Pro user – for now.

      1. LOL this picture crkacs me up too. It was so fun and I enjoyed every minute of it, grasshoppers and all. Thanks for all your help in showing me all that my camera can do and that it’s easy to do. You are GREAT

    2. Again, a unask “feature”, why the hell you force ppl to use this gmail crap?

      1. GMail integration is cool but it doesn’t add more features than the old ‘mailto’. It should include the entire text of the post. If this is added it would be great. In addition, both features (mailto and gmail) can coexist, I think…

    3. Please bring back the generic mailto: support. I’m not using gmail (anymore) and forcing us (again) to use a google product for basic functionality (like the Google+ desaster) is a bad idea.

    4. I have to agree here. Horrible idea to force people to use gmail I have no problem with gmail integration but allow me to choose. I personally have a gmail account but NEVER use it to send email. This is such a bad idea that I am now looking for a new RSS reader.

  11. When you “simplified” the card view, you seem to have overdone it. I liked seeing how old a post was. More crucial though, how do I mark a post as read in card view?

    1. Thank you! I’m not liking the new update to the cards UI at all. They removed the time stamp, they removed the article summaries, the headlines cut off & like you said there isn’t an option to mark a card as read anymore unless you click the headline to open the full view (unless I’m missing something).

      Can you at least give more options for the card view? It’s not cool at all when the form supersedes the functionality.

  12. How about PayPal integration for Premium payments? I really want to contribute (pay) but I don’t want to share my credit card details for recurring payments. PayPal is a lot safer alternative that I (and most likely many others) trust

  13. What happened to featured? I just checked my preferences and it says that my settings are set to display the featured articles but they aren’t showing up. That was seriously one of my favorite features ever.

    Amazing work.

  14. > we replaced the mailto: mail integration with a gmail module

    But why limit a feature so only some of us can use it??

    > customer satisfaction survey

    Looking forward to that, thank you

  15. Are the “feeds are out of sync” issues on the todo list? I realize that it may constitute a number of separate but related bugs that can cause the feeds to get out of synch but since Feedly currently lacks a “mark all articles above this one as read” feature, getting out of sync when browsing through a long list of articles in a feed can really screw things up.

  16. The “Mark as you Read” bug in cards is still there. Please fix. That card view + mark as your read is one of the main reasons i became a pro user, and now it’s broken. I will wait patiently. Still a happy pro user tho.

    Thanks for the hard work.

  17. Please also think about people who don’t have gmail account. Would be nice to see integration with hotmail / outlook too.

  18. I like the idea behind “must read” but I’m not sure if a new category is really the best way to read those feeds.
    Would it be possible to just highlight “must reads”? Maybe make them bold or something like that so that we see our must reads if we scroll through our folders.
    Maybe an optional feature?

  19. Gmail integration is all well and good, however at work I am unable to use Gmail (it’s blocked at the firewall) so mailing articles is now broken for me.

    Can this please be made an option so I can switch back to mailto: at work?

    1. At least, let me choose not to use the URL shortener. My custom sharing link is now broken because it expects the original URL.

  20. Most important thing is to get all feeds updating again.
    I conntacted the pro support on 28th October, that a feed of mine does not update since 24th October. I got a reply: “I am logging a bug with our dev team to look into it.”. After the feed was not updating for two weeks, I contacted support again. Reply: “Sorry this slipped through the cracks. It looks like the feed crossed our daily posting limit and now we are having an issue restarting polling as there are many entries not already in the system. This will require a code change to get going so we’ll try to resolve it within a couple weeks”
    Now, two more weeks later, the feed still does not work…
    Of course i canceled my monthyl Pro subscription because i don’t want to pay, if a problem can’t be fixed within 4 weeks.

  21. We warmly welcome. :)
    I would have a suggestion, namely, I mean the creation of such a Private group where you could move your sub to him. And not to display any entries, the time to give you the password.

  22. Well if anyone else, like me, is not feeling the new hyperlink colours, I managed to switch ’em back by installing the Chrome extension “Stylebot” and setting the following custom CSS for cloud.feedly.com:

    .entryBody a {
    color: #6ABA45 ;

    Now, where did those magazine, title, mosaic and full article view links go?

  23. the whole feedly stuff is so fucking unprofessional !

    – why we forced to use the gmail fuck instead mailto:?
    (you dump fucks on feedly learnd nothing from the g+ desaster!)
    – why we forced to use the fucking orange color for the useless counter?
    – why we forced to use this fucking USELESS and UNASKED counter?
    – why we forced to see the the fucking twitter and customsharing crap in “title” view,
    even when this shit is TURNED OFF?
    – why there is no fucking in your html? ITS FUCKING 2013 NOT 1994 !
    – why we can’t edit a feeds url?
    – why you fuck shortened the feed name in the “All” title view?
    – why we forced to used “You might also like” crap?
    – why the hell all these “features” are forced, UNASKED, and there is no option to turn off your fucking “features” ?


      1. I’m pretty sure, he means “doctype”.
        The tag seems to be filtered out from the comment system.
        If so, i agree! This mess up the IE !

  24. Did you get rid of the “trash” icon/button? I keep having to refresh my list view to get rid of the articles I’ve read. It’s a long list, I prefer making it shorter by removing as I read.

  25. >Smarter engagement counts
    This is a super feature and one I’ve been meaning to ask for.
    Now I can instantly see items that stand out rather than hunt to distinguish gray “18” number from gray “8K” number

    1. Hey Belle I have been a faithful reaedr every post! for years. I just wanted to leave a comment saying A) this was a particularly great roundup, B) I so agree with you about Google Reader! and C) you are just totally rocking the blog. The new features, the frequent, beautiful posts, the mix of fashion, career, and life you’re doing so great. I know it must be a hell of a lot of work but keep it up!Also, one final thing: thanks so much for posting about organ donation. I signed up online (was already a donor through my license) and spread the word on my facebook wall.

  26. 6) Clean home – umm…. you cleaned away the “featured” section from the home – that was my immediate go to, especially if i only have a minute or two to use feedly. why? please, try not to make feature destructive UX decisions that have no user option to put things back as they were.

    i’ve said it before, and have to say it again – the “featured” section/engagement count capabilities i think are your hidden “killer” feature (love the new count highlighting). i.e. google’s “sort by magic.” instant subscriber if you use that right, and make it a sort function.

    hope there is a easy way to sign up as a beta tester. i was actually designing and had a company coding my own RSS app, but then feedly mobile 10 came out and i killed it because feedly was too awesome. so, i care about my reader! hope to have a way to offer input.

  27. For sharing articles on Twitter I’d love attribution to the author rather than @feedly. For example /via @theatlantic or @cnn etc. Perhaps the author data could be crowd sourced in some way?

    Love the updates, keep em coming!

  28. What happened with Google +1 in this release? Previously, at least in Magazine view and some others, it was possible to “publicly recommend” (i.e. +1/like) article, now in every view the only action is “sharing in G+” (which is quite different, sometimes people do not want to share the article to their circles, but just to mark it as good – for themselves). Can we get some way of “+1” back? At least in some of the views? Please?

  29. Im still curious to know why you keep forcing me to scroll back up to the top of an article to mark it read.
    Im in full mode, and after i read a long article i’d like a mark as read button at the bottom, rather than scrolling back up to the top.
    You had one, but deleted it. I have no idea why.

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  31. in a new update, how can we plus one a post from Feedly? Before the update, we can click on g+1, but now, that button disappear and clicking on g+, will open a tab to share the post on Google+, not Plus one it.

  32. Why is it so hard to find a contact form for you people ? There’s a bug on your “go premium” button. It says “Just $5 a month or $45 a month (save 25%).” ;)

    1. You have to pay for the right to speak to the Great and Powerful Feedly, apparently.

      There’s a bug I’d like to report, but I’m not paying to do so. Their choice, I suppose.

  33. I’m running into a bug where clicking on the “Mark category as read” button in the cloud version of feedly doesn’t actually mark the items in the category as read. It highlights the button in green and then jumps to the next category with unread items, but doesn’t actually mark the items as read. Any idea what’s causing this?

    1. Please be gentle… I’ve been a litlte out of the loop. So does this mean if you have a blogspot.com account and post in there weekly, it won’t exist after July 1st? If so, how do you tranfer your previous posts over to another account? Again, be nice, I’m fragile.

  34. The preview option has disappeared ? I can’t find the option anymore when I’m on a truncated feed.
    Without Feedly mini and this option, this is two major features really useful which have been cancelled. And that’s don’t help me to jump to a pro account…
    Do you plan to reintroduce this option soon ?

  35. //que le paso a la vista previa era genial regresenla

    //that would pass to the preview was great. return back

    come on

  36. Increase the maximum number of days ‘storage’ records and I’ll buy pro-account! 30 days – very small

  37. What about fixing the issues with the internal browser? Since v17 feedly andriod app keeps crashing nearly every time I open a link in the interal browser (on my Acer Iconia A210 tablet). This is more than just annoying. Or just add an option to use an external browser instead of the internal one.

  38. I love the engagement count idea, but what is the deal with version 17.5? Most of my sites rarely show an engagement count anymore? Is this an issue, or is this the way it will be in the future? I like the colored number idea, but I miss having engagement counts on everything. Can you guys fix this?

  39. Sorry to post this twice, forgot to leave my email. I love the engagement count idea, but what is the deal with version 17.5? Most of my sites rarely show an engagement count anymore? Is this an issue, or is this the way it will be in the future? I like the colored number idea, but I miss having engagement counts on everything. Can you guys fix this?

  40. Guys, seriously. Every day touch browser experience degrades.
    1. Skip is invisible and you have to guess, where it is. Don’t do hide unless hovered for action buttons.
    2. Skip is extremely small => hard to tap with finger, even when visible. Add some swipe gestures, or make hittable area bigger.
    3. Left panel disappears, when mouse leaves it on small screens. Seriously? I have no mouse on tablet, so it disappears immediately!

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  42. I’mnot sure exactly why but this site is loading incredibly slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this issue or is it a iswue on
    my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

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