A simpler URL: feedly.com

All the feedly back end services are now running in our new data center. We can therefore merge cloud.feedly.com and feedly.com into the simpler feedly.com URL. The DNS change might take a few minutes to propagate.

If you have trouble access your feedly during that transition, please refresh http://feedly.com

Note: If you are using the feedly Fluid integration, please recreate the app with this new URL to make sure that you are not redirected out of the window.

This is a step towards making feedly a better web citizen by creating better and simpler URLs. More on that over the next 12 weeks.

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      1. Yes, but, actually, even that seems to have not worked… What did, beats me why, is naming it not “Feedly” but something else like “Feedly2”. Maybe some strange Fluid caching bug…

        1. Actually, then, for the advanced users: After creating the new app, named whatever, you can then rename the .app bundle to your old name, and also change the CFBundleName Info.plist string back as well. Just don’t modify the CFBundleIdentifier string or you’ll (if what I’m seeing is universal on all Fluid Feedly app instances) have the redirecting out again.

          1. Thanks to Alex and the users of this blog for tracking down the Fluid Feedly issues. I was able to create a new Feedly app with the following procedure:

            Actually, I’m not advanced enough to know what a CFBundle is, but brave/foolish enough to be dangerous. I figured I’d drill down into the library and remove any references to Feedly.

            I first moved the Feedly Fluid app to the trash, then searched my user library for every instance of (dot)feedly which revealed such things as com.FluidApp.Feedly in Cache, Safari, etc. I moved all these things to trash. I then created a new Fluid app named Feedly, as before, and put “feedly.com” with no “http://” in the URL field, and clicked Create. I now have a Feedly Fluid app that behaves as it did before Feedly made their changes.

            It is a shame that the Feedly team made changes that required me to jump through such hoops as the average computer user would never be able to figure this out.

  1. I ended up here after my Fluid app stopped working today. If I’d had an RSS feed of this blog, I’d have been subscribed and been alerted before the problem hit me.

    It seems ironic (at best) that amongst all the google/facebook/twitter links on the main blog page, there’s no link to the RSS feed of the blog so that your users can subscribe to it!

    http://blog.feedly.com/feed/ is the answer for anyone else who ends up here with the same problem as me.

  2. I’ve recreated the fluid app with the new url. Now, when i open the app, a white page – with title “Loading …” – is shown and the index page is loaded in Safari instead of within the fluid app. Strange thing. Anyone else with this issue?

  3. Whole feeds have now disappeared from the web app and all of my folders and saved stories have gone too (but are still in ios). It’s like there’s an older version on the web, yet the mobile apps are up to date – is there a fix for this?

  4. I cannot access Feedly, either the cloud url or the straight feedly.com, in Firefox, but I can in Chrome, where I’m posting now. In Firefox all I get is a white screen.

        1. I’ve refreshed. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the extension in Firefox. I’ve disabled every other extension that might be interfering with Feedly. Nothing works. When I try to access feedly.com in Firefox, all I get is a white screen. Nothing. And since there is nothing to see, I can’t log off and log back on, which was one of the suggestions.

            1. I was having the same issue, and figured out my issue was that the cookie wasn’t getting set. I have cookie permissions set to ask, but it wasn’t asking. I turned them to allow without asking, and it immediately sent me to google to login, and everything’s worked fine since. I’ve reset my permissions back, and can still login.

              So: feedly, check how you’re handling cookies.
              Everyone else: this may allow you to get in.

            2. think there was a site to Share My OPML once long gone but what’s strange is aclltauy doing it and seeing how different an experience reading other people’s newspapers aclltauy is.I wonder if I pooled OPML from you, TomDS, Imran, Andy etc I would have the benefit of it being personalised-ish without it becoming a generic tech news site.I think deep down, I’m becoming more interested in LESS NEWS more artsy stuff, stuff where I have to go and think about it for at least a few minutes rather than just enjoying the hurricane mindlessly.There that’s it. It’s not an RSS I need is it? No idea what it is though only that it’s somehow LESS.

    1. logged in on one machine (windows) by clckniig on syncing with google reader . Fabulous. Looked around for ten minutes, then installed feedly on another machine. Now cannot log in to feedlyon either machine. A clue to the problem might be that while I can sign out of Google+, even when I try to sign out of Google Reader I remain logged in. Google Reader Help has no answer on this. Please help, Feedly!

  5. Looks like Google authentication is now required. My company doesn’t allow it (Big company) so I can now longer log into feedly from work. Hope you get this worked out.

      1. I’ve been using a different gmail account for months and now it will only log me in via a different account – not the one I’ve been using for feedly all year. How do I log in with my correct credentials? The only options you provide are “log in with google” or “log in with android”.

  6. I have two Google accounts, one for work and one for personal use. My Feedly is set up with my personal account, but I use it at work, where I’m normally logged in to Google with my work account. I’ve never had problems accessing all of my Feedly content at work before, but now it’s automatically logging me in with my Google work account, and it’s not letting me change over to the personal one. Therefore none of my feeds are loading. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. Same thing happened to me (as I’ve posted in a separate comment). I’ve added my feeds back, but now web and mobile are out of sync. Reading activity in one place is not reflected in the other.

      1. So I’ve re-populated the web feedly, but, all my ‘saved’ are gone on there…but still on mobile. I hope I can get my ‘saved’ back on web…? HELP! (Oh, how I rely on this).

  7. Seems like not all has gone as planned. When I logged in to the web interface this morning, all my feeds were gone. I had to re-authenticate and then re-import my OPML file. Having done that, I’m back up and running via the web interface but now out of sync with the mobile apps. Even though I am logged into Feedly with the same account on all devices, it’s as though I’ve got two sets of feeds that are being managed. Reading on the web does not mark a feed read on mobile, and reading on mobile does mark a feed read on the web. Boo.

  8. Like many folks, I have two Google accounts. Feedly has decided to use the wrong one, and I don’t see any way to make it switch — I keep logging out, but as soon as I click on the Login button, I get logged in automatically, to the wrong account. Hints?

      1. So, yeah, I was signed into a different google account…make sure you’re signed into the correct one for Feedly. Not sure what happened this morn, but, all good for me now.

        1. Great. If anyone else is bumping into an empty account, it is most likely due to the fact that you are logged into a different google account. The solution is to go to http://www.google.com and add all your google accounts and then go to feedly and log out and log back it. When you try to log back in, pick the one that has your feedly configuration. -Edwin

          1. Sometimes you may deliberately not want to add two google accounts. There does not appear to be a work around for that.

  9. I think we’re being ignored? I’ve tweeted, emailed…and no response, not even an acknowledgment of an issue. Odd?

    1. Maybe they’re so busy trying to figure out what the heck they did to cause all of this that they don’t have time for us?

  10. Clear as mud. Fine for Feedly experts, but for the rest of us, not so much. How about testing instructions on a non-geek before publishing?

  11. I can’t get Feedly to work with Fluid. I’ve tried every other website imaginable and it’s worked, but for some reason Feedly doesn’t work. Help!

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