Announcing the feedly beta channel

We want to be able to listen to the feedback of the community on some of the new features we are working on before we roll them out in production. To help streamline this process, we have created a new version of feedly called the feedly beta channel and a new google+ community called feedly beta.

You can access the feedly beta channel at:

You can join the feedly beta community at:

The first beta features will start rolling out later this week. If this model is successful on the web, we will extend it to iOS and Android.


Author: @feedly

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108 thoughts on “Announcing the feedly beta channel”

  1. Will changes to the beta version only be announced via Google Plus or will there also be a blog post each time the beta is updated, like what happens now with main version changes?

    1. I ask because, for so many reasons, I’m not going to join the Google Plus community which publicizes my name and I’m pretty sure many other people feel the same way. Being able to pseudo-anonymously give feedback on this blog is great, giving it tied to our real names, or having to create a burner Google account just to do so is both a horrendous idea and not worth the effort respectively.

      1. I see. I will talk to the team. May be we can replicate feature summary lists here for people who want to provide features anonymously. -Edwin

      2. I think you’re statement about saying that you are sure many other people feel the same way is false as more than 140 people have already joined the community.

        1. That’s ridiculous. You’re basically saying that because a number of people beyond an arbitrary threshold joined the group, it means that there aren’t a large number of people who feel the same way?

          Look, a large set of people can dislike something even if a disjoint large set of people like the same thing. It’s not impossible.

            1. Aw, child, let the grown ups hash this out. Why don’t you go put some more youtube links on your blog. There you go, atta boy.

        2. Those two (new) features silmpy didn’t make it in time for 1.2.4. DirectX 11 already received some work and we might have something to test shortly after the release. No work has been done to make the overlay 64-bit target application compatible. We will do so eventually but other stuff comes first.

      3. You can prevent Google from publicising your name and image in their endorsement ads, I’ve posted an article on how to do that on my blog here:

        Also (I know this is highly controversial), but you could also consider setting up a dummy account on Google+. I know of several people who have done this just to test out security and visibility settings on Google+ prior to setting up their proper accounts, then applying the security settings they learned from their tests.

        1. Honestly, if people are so paranoid about G+ showing their real name, they should just stop being online right then and there.

          I don’t see why Feedly should duplicate features that they get for free on G+, to somewhere else, just to cater to the tinfoil wearing idiots.

          1. Tinfoil? Hardly. Google are prone to shutting down their under-performing services at a moment’s notice; how do you think Feedly became so popular in the first place?

            Telling people “We’re going to tether all our services to Google!” smacks of misunderstanding your market.

    2. Beta features will be described and discussed in the Beta Community page. Once the feature is polished to the point where we and the beta community are happy with it, we will promote the change to the main release channel and create a blog post about it. Our goal is to release beta updates every week and release updates every month. What do you think?

      1. Is there any way to filter out the posts in the Google+ community to see only updates from the Feedly team? People appear to be using it as a dumping ground for what should really belong in UserVoice (suggestions).

        1. To clarify, suggestions of course aren’t the problem. The problem is that everyone seems to be taking the opportunity to offer suggestions *not* directly related to beta changes on the community. That seriously devalues the point of the community (*beta* discussions).

        2. yes, i have to totally agree with this. as much as open communities are great, i think you should only allow feedly staff to post, then people can pile on their comments/suggestions. it’s already almost ruined as it is. herding cats is near impossible, so just don’t allow them in at all.

    3. I’m in the same boat as you (not wanting to join a Google+ community just for updates), but at the same time, it does seem a little weird to be making a post for each beta update on this blog. This blog is better fit for posting more substantial news than bite-sized “what feature we added today” updates. Maybe the distinction is a bit arbitrary… dunno.

      Nevertheless, at least one compromise apparent to me would be to be to just occasionally monitor the community — assuming they do keep all updates public. Only annoying thing is that there appears to be a ton of noise (too many people treating it like what UserVoice is supposed to be for), so it’s hard to see actual updates from the Feedly team.

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    1. Every time I hear a proclamation of “ghost town” re: G+ I laugh.
      G+ is a bit like Twitter, you go FIND interesting people to follow, you don’t just join up and follow all the people you already know.

      In that regard there is a lot of interaction on G+. It’s certainly much more intellectually stimulating that anything on Facebook (for me, anyway).

  2. Pro tip: If lots of people on the Google+ beta channel decide that it’d be really nice for you to roll-out mandatory Google+ accounts for logins again, that still doesn’t mean that your user base as a whole would welcome that change. Please be wary of becoming blinkered by your focus group.

  3. Browsing through the G+ page, I see little difference than what already exists on UserVoice where a bunch of people are just voicing what they want and people are +1ing them. And there’s just chaos with no way to sort…

    Either the page needs to be locked down so that users can only comment on features that exist in the current beta or this G+ page will become utterly useless.

    A list of all the features currently in the beta (without having to scroll through hundreds of suggestions) would also be highly welcomed.

  4. This is crazy.

    You guys make an RSS reader, implying that you are aware of the benefit of NOT having to repeatedly check something over and over to see if there is news. You then announce that you are making an announcements page in a technology that is trying to kill RSS! Feedly doesn’t even support G+ (understandably, not a criticism of Feedly).

    1. This is exactly my feeling. If you are going to communicate with us, your loyal paying customers, then please use a communication method that is compatible with your tools. I use feedly because I do not want to have to check G+. Please keep discussions about new beta features in your blog where I can subscribe in RSS. Thanks!

    2. I use G+ every single day, multiple times a day and have zero issue with the format. In fact, I love G+! That said, Ian’s comment is the most intelligent point in this entire thread.

      Why would Feedly want to use a method of communication that is entirely contradictory to the technology that they make a living from? If anything, the G+ community should be the second choice if Feedly chooses to provide beta updates in multiple venues.

      Providing updates regarding an RSS reader where those updates are not available via RSS is like selling downhill skis in Kansas. Know thy audience Feedly, know thy audience.

  5. How about just having the beta channel have a “built in” RSS feed for feature/issue communications from the team, optionally with links to google plus posts where people can, if they want to, interact.

    I’m on g+ already (used it to post this), but I won’t wade through endless feature/bug discussions just to get news about beta features and issues, information that could be trivially transmitted via RSS, which is the whole point of your product in the first place.

  6. Are you going to fix it so that all of my feeds can be removed, or are you going to continue ignoring the problem?

  7. It would be useful to have the beta channel have a ‘what am i seeing that’s new’ button that would tell us what is different from production, so that we can test it / watch out for it.

    1. addon makers will start to place uimtlnied compatibility, to ensure they’re not incompatible without a real reason. This may cause some addons to break without notice, when something internal REALLY changes.Maybe its about time to attach addon compatibility to api versions, which will only advance when needed?

  8. I would really love an option on the mobile (iOS) version to open a browser (Chrome) rather than opening links within Feedly

  9. I understand the desire for an open platform, but there is already a network that allows this to happen and is MUCH more friendly to RSS. Just use Reddit. Create two subreddits: Feedly and FeedlyBeta.

    Yes, you need to have moderators for Reddit, but you’re just going to find yourself in an echo chamber if you use Google+. Some people DON’T want to use Google products anymore because Google isn’t playing nice according to them. You can’t use Facebook for the same reason. Twitter doesn’t provide enough space. Uservoice…well….it’s not all that helpful.

    Reddit is your solution to this problem, before it gets out of hand. I love you guys, I’m a lifetime pro user, but you’re making the wrong decision with this by still trying to stay tied in with Google.

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