Our new URL Shortener: feedly.com/e

[Update Oct 29th 2014. With hindsight this was a bad idea. We focused too much on feedly’s growth versus doing what is right for users and for the Web. Sorry. We retired the URL shortener as part of feedly 24.]

We would like to introduce you to the new feedly URL shortener: feedly.com/e

We have been testing this feature for about 8 weeks. Collected feedback during that process and improved the experience.Here is a quick overview:

The feedly URL shortener shortens links.

The feedly URL shortener automatically redirect people to the publisher website – using an HTTP 302 redirect. We explored earlier on a feature which would optimize the rendering of the content based on the RSS content – some sites load still super slowly on mobile but there was a push back from some bloggers and we disabled that feature. Click on see: http://feedly.com/e/Viuh2Msb as an example.

The feedly URL shortener captures analytics about how people are engaging with the content you are sharing (how many people are clicking on the link, when, etc…). We will soon be offering a UI which will let you determine the karma you are building up via your sharing. We are also capturing this engagement information in the top stories recommendation which are shown in the feedly home page.

The feedly URL shortener also automatically generates facebook, twitter and Google+ metadata (title, summary, source, visual) for the articles you are sharing based on the data available in the RSS feed and the web page to make your sharing are visual and impactful as possible and draw as much engagement as possible.

The feedly URL shortener gives twitter mobile users the option to open the link in feedly. The goal is to allow feedly users who read your tweets to access the content in their feedly to be able to save and share it more effectively and help spread the word about feedly. This is a separate option from the main link which will also lead to the blogger/publisher who wrote the content. [Instead, we are going to reach out to bloggers and content creators and asked them to add “follow in feedly” buttons to their sites. Thanks to Matt Gemmell, Maarten den Braber for the feedback]

As a feedly user, you have the option to turn the shortener on/off (all users, not just pro users). In version 18.1, the preference will also be honored on feedly mobile. See http://feedly.com/#preferences for more information

We think that the analytics/karma part of this feature is going to be interesting and look forward to iteration 2 of this feature. Do not hesitate to ping us if you have questions and suggestions.

Have a great week.


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33 thoughts on “Our new URL Shortener: feedly.com/e”

      1. um just promise you post big changes here too………..i dont use g+ and ironically that page doesnt have rss :\

        1. That is still the plan. The detailed change log, the conversations and the roadmap will be created in the open community and the long form blog posts will be here.

            1. In g+ you don’t even have a proper changelog. You just post some features but that’s way far from a real changelog. I don’t see the point of not having a complete changelog as any other web or app does.

  1. Kind of pointless with Twitter. Twitter wraps all URLs with their own t.co now, including all short URLs. Anyway, I’ll be turning that feature off myself.

    1. Hi Jean-Paul,

      When the user clicks on a feedly.com/e/XXX, he or she is automatically directly to your website – resulting in page views and analytics.

      We disabled the metadata generation feature the link you shared is referring to. We are instead to work with publishers one by one around the “+add to feedly” button.

      I hope this is clear. If you have any questions, you can email me at edwin@feedly.com

  2. HI, – I love feedly as an aggregator, I’ve been using it for some time, and thanks for the ability to not use feedly’s url shortner which I’ve switched off from my desktop (for a number of reasons)..

    My question/feedback however, is when I use feedly both in IOS (18.1) and Android (18.1.2) and share an article, the shortner is still switched on. This post said that mobile apps have the preference honoured on mobile apps but I don’t see it, (and I can’t see options to change this in the settings on both mobile apps).

    Please can you advise?


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