Fix it March #1 – Delete tags

We are going to take the first 10 days of March and focus on fixing all the rough edges which have been focusing the community for a long time.

Today: We are starting with the ability to delete tags. We just pushed out an 18.1 web beta  update which allows you to delete the tags you have created in your feedly:

Screenshot 2014-03-03 15.19.55

Go to, click on the tag in the left navigation bar, click on the delete button next to the tag name at the top of the page and confirm the delete.

Tomorrow tomorrow: A way to more easily clear your saves items.

Please us know if there are specific bugs you would like to see fixed.


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Author: @feedly

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175 thoughts on “Fix it March #1 – Delete tags”

    1. Seconded. I really like feedly and would have paid for premium by now, but I’m just not comfortable giving anyone CC details with a couple of select exceptions (Paypal, Amazon, Google -that’s it).

      1. Paypal isn’t exactly any more secure than any other method out there. Get a prepaid debit card if you’re that worried about your card information.

        1. One advantage of PayPal is that you leave your credit card information in fewer website databases around the web. Yes, PayPal could be hacked, but so could all those other sites you otherwise would have given your credit card info to.

          1. I second Ej’s recommendation. My concern with PayPal doesn’t lie within their hack-ability but rather their ridiculous Terms of Service. They’ve been known to lock down accounts claiming some unfounded accusation towards the user.

          2. Except “all those other sites” don’t actually store your CC details. They usually use a payment provider for that, and there are only a handfull of big payment providers.

    2. completely agree. As a non US user I have to pay transaction fees every month along side my pro fee

      1. Agreed – we also need a revamped tagging system. Autocomplete please! Scrolling through a huge list of tags has made it so cumbersome I barely use tagging in feedly anymore. Should be able to add multiple tags via KB only. Checkout evernote’s web clipper tag implementation for a great way to easily add multiple tags (pockets is decent as well but by no means as good as evernotes.)

        1. Autocomplete would be awesome! I have hundreds of tags I use to file away articles and research and I so appreciate the ability to delete some unused ones now and clean it up (thank you for fix it #1). I’d really appreciate the ability to manage tags better and make Feedly an even more efficient tool.

          If not autocomplete, perhaps an ability to sort the tags once they are entered?

  1. Please fix the lack of desktop notifications. This has been a priority in many peoples eyes for around a year now. Last we heard the feature was coming months ago, but never showed up.

    1. YES. It does seem to work in all of my feeds/folders (now I’m afraid I’m about to lose the function!), but not in Saved For Later, where it would be super useful.

      1. Should add, this happens to me very frequently on Android (HTC One). Swiping to the next article the screen sometimes instead either flicks to black or to an earlier item I’ve already read in the category.

  2. Collapsible tags. That’s what I want. My collection of tags is very long and just want the ability to collapse them as I do with collections of feeds.

      1. Not just migration bug, this can be recreated easily on android by opening an article in your feed and clicking the save/unsave buttons on the banner at the top. Saved items then become stuck when using the website on a PC. The only way to clear these stuck saved items I found is by using the android app.

      1. I used the new “Clear All” button in my Saved for Later list, and it seems to have fully cleared ALL the saved items – including the ones from 280+days that kept coming back. Awesome! Thanks.

    1. Now I can’t delete tags anymore. Seems like they rolled back due to issues on new version.

  3. I like to scroll through articles using the space bar. However, it overscrolls in feedly. If the space bar didn’t scroll 110%, that would be great.

    Also, if scrolling via “space bar or page down” didn’t simultaneously scroll the left sidebar, that would also be much appreciated!

    1. Yes! Overscrolling is so frustrating, it’s led me to just not using Feedly, even though otherwise I really like it. I don’t use the space bar, though, for me it usually happens when I’m in the “All” screen and using the J/K keys or arrow keys to navigate.

      (And thank you, Lee, because I’ve never been able to figure out how to describe the problem, and ‘overscrolling’ is perfect!)

  4. It would be great if the mobile apps (iOS & Android) could hide feeds with zero new items (just like the web version)

  5. Also need “keep unread” in mobile app. My iPad keeps accidentally opening items that I haven’t read yet, sometimes on a mis-swipe, sometimes on it’s own.

    1. In the mobile app menu press the little circle icon. It will make article unread. The same menu where you’ll find sharing stuff and browser button.

      1. Thank you for this – I’ve wanted and been unable to find this exact feature. It’s not a bug, but could there be a setting to put that option/circle icon at the top of the frame, where (I, at least) have the email/save to pocket icons?

  6. I suggest two bugs with scrolling and unread marks when using the web client.

    1. I sometimes cannot scroll enough in full article view to mark an article as read using my mouse wheel if the displayed article is very short. Scrolling will move the article just a bit, but not move it far enough up the screen to mark it as read. Similarly, if the article or two at the end of a list of unread articles are short, I can’t scroll down enough to mark them as read.

    2. Frequently, when scrolling, in magazine view through a list of articles, they do not get marked as read. I can start with 80 unread articles, for example, and end up with 75 unread after scrolling down through the entire list. This behavior is inconsistent.

    1. Item 1 is the only issue that I have with Feedly. I wonder if it only shows up on Macs, or if there is something else going on that doesn’t make this bug bother everyone using Feedly. I see the issue when using J/K to navigate through Full Article view, and I often can’t reach the last item or two in a feed because the J gets stuck on the current article.

    2. The second one is the one that kills it for me. Happens a lot in the mobile client too. I find myself frequently reading the same articles multiple times and it’s really getting old.

  7. Youtube thumbnails error

    h__p:// is not always created, you should use h__p:// instead.


    Problem exists only @desktop, @mobile everything is ok

      1. wow thanks :D you have no idea what i have done in my home to fix it xD (squid urlrewrite of your .js to my php script and injection this changed js into feedly…)

  8. Would love to be able to delete feeds with one click in the left nav area (similar to how Google Reader used to work). Alternately, it would be great if the list of feeds didn’t automatically collapse after deleting something in the “Organize” view.

    1. Yes, please! To be able to delete feeds with one click. I have long lists that are updated frequently, but I only want to read about 30% on the articles.

  9. it’s not a bug, it’s a feature :P – option to hide today items (per feed)

    option to see only old not seen items per channel seems to me quite usefull when you want to catch up with very active feeds.
    Please consider this idea.

  10. Be able to order your Feeds and have them stay stationary without jumping to the top when it gets something new.

    1. YES YES!! Why wouldn’t I like to tag things when I’m mobile, just as I would at home on the laptop — which is WAY less frequent!

  11. I’ll ditto tags on the mobile apps. It’s great that I can add tags on my phone/tablet, but frustrating that I can’t do anything else with them like I can using the web.

  12. Could you make the iOS version of Feedly have a smooth scroll similar to the web version? Right now the iOS version only lets you scroll page by page.

  13. My priority is to post to Evernote on all three platforms, desktop, iPhone and iPad. So far, one of the three works. And while this isn’t a “bug” but a “missing feature” — I would like to ask again for a way to combine multiple feeds into a single feed and then automatically publish that feed elsewhere. Example: I host and used Google Reader to identify the 50+ feeds to make up a single consolidated feed that interested parties could subscribe to — and could be used to post automatically to Facebook, onto a webpage, etc. If there are other solutions out there to perform this function, I haven’t found them and sorely miss it …

    1. Yes, I thought Evernote integration was coming back in November. Having to clip to Pocket and use IFTTT to drive to Evernote is cumbersome and only copies partial story. I have to then go back to Evernote hit the link to access the actual site and save to Evernote from there for the full article.

      Evernote integration for mobile Feedly would be huge.

  14. This is an easily implementable feature that I would absolutely die for:
    Sometimes I am scrolling through a feed of 200 posts and I have to stop half way through. I think there should be a method of marking half of a feed as read – I envision a scrolling “Mark above as read” button near the bottom of the page.

    Thanks, love the service!

  15. I just cleared my ‘Saved for Later’ in about .1 seconds. And then I cried because it was so easy. Thanks!

    1. This… hate it when I open a ‘card’ in the list and have to scroll back up and close it before just scrolling along…

  16. I’m a highlight while I read type, and I would love a setting to not close the blog post if i’m clicking around on the screen. Maybe a “close only on click of X” setting or the like.

  17. Could you guys fix the links to US Business and US What’s News RSS feeds? The links stopped working a few weeks ago and since I use feedly and read the wsj 24/7 this has become a major pain. Please fix!!!

  18. This is a really cool project, thanks for doing it. My two cents: it would be really nice to be able to set up a default category to always open to when I start up Feedly. It would save me an extra click eery time.

    Either way, great product, keep up the good work.

    1. Yes! I love the index.html#index layout in a browser, but I can’t seem to get back to that by default without editing the URL by hand each time – it goes to #my, which I don’t find useful. It’s such a pain. Setting default category or expanding the default views would make a big difference in usability!

  19. Fixing the way you guys grab images would be awesome, too many feeds do have thumbnails but don’t display images once opened – or can’t pull properly – (whereas the feeds do have huge media).

    1. Yes, for me a lot of feeds don’t display images properly either. I’m thinking of APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) or TMZ for example…

      Please fix it!

    2. Image grab is an issue for me in iOS. In each feed the same image/thumbnail is displayed against multiple items. Or is that an issue with the RSS from the feed?

    3. Also, very often the wrong picture gets shown for the story when it is in my Norwegian feeds.

  20. The best of all decisions you’ve ever made! Management of tags is such a substantial Feature. I’ve always wondered why you ignored that for so long.

  21. Pressing K/J sometimes opens the wrong post (it should open the next or previous post of the currently open post).
    To reproduce (it is not persistent, but it happens a lot) –
    Go to a feed with a lot of records (maybe scroll down to get more), open one of the records and press K or J (and maybe open another one, far from it) – it will go to an arbitrary record.
    Another form of the bug is when you go to a feed with, say, ten items, open the last record and press K. It closes it. press K again, it opens it again. Finally, press K again, it opens the record above it (which should have happened in the first step).

    1. I think that this bug is directly related to Gary Petersen’s bug above. PhistucK, does this only happen in Full Article view?

  22. Can you please, please, please, please have the “Mark all as read” work like it did on Google Reader: with the scroll wheel on your mouse. So when you get to the bottom of a page and scroll once more it marks that section as all as read.

    The few unread pages that gets left on Feedly and then has to be marked as read by a button is by a million miles the MOST infuriating thing of the whole UI.

  23. Fix deleting saved items! I still have some items fixed there in the list !! No matter how many times and which ways i try to unsave them! They reaplear…

  24. I’d appreciate a feed/feed-item deduplication feature. It happens so often that feed items are fetched which I have seen before. Or in one view I’m seeing the same articles mentioned at least twice, even though I do not have duplicate feeds.

  25. Ability for tags and/or saved for later to generate an RSS feed of their own so I can share user generated feeds with my friends and colleagues. I’ve wanted this back since Google Reader died.

  26. Make it so the ‘J’ and ‘K’ keys work for next and previous item no matter what keyboard I’m using. I use Cyrillic keyboard layout and it’s annoying when I have to change it just so Feedly can work properly.

  27. Auto-mark as read and cards view. This hasnt been working since at least April 2013, when I switched from Reader to Feedly.

  28. Please add the option to disable the feedly url shortner for shared items, it completely negates the purpose of sharing content!

  29. I will wait till tomorrow to delete one post in my saved items that I can’t delete now.

    1. Yeahhh! I managed to delete the annoying post today by pressing the “clear all” command at the start of saved articles! Thank you feedly.

  30. 1. Fix “Mark all as read”.
    Sometimes it doesn’t clear everything when it is used. Sometimes it clears nothing.

    2. Fix “Hide”/”Save” button disappearing in magazine view.
    Sometimes the length of the category name will push the “Hide” and “Save” buttons off of the edge rendering them unclickable.

  31. Please fix the Auto-Mark As Read On Scroll for Magazine (stops working if an article is clicked) and Card (only marks the left column as read) views.

  32. Please fix the bug where some individual feeds show up with new items in the sidebar, but when you click on the feed name the main view thinks you’re not subscribed to it – it shows the “Follow” button and won’t mark items in the feed as read. I can only get rid of these items to by reading them as part of whatever folder the feed is in.

    This seems to happen pretty reliably with yahoo pipe feeds. e.g:

  33. Sometimes it’s hard to mark the last item in a feed as read by scrolling or ‘j’-ing into it. I either have to hit ‘j’ repeatedly or click in the last item.

  34. it would be awesome if you can fix the following:

    ‘Open in a tab’ link should be ‘Open in a new tab’ – when an article’s ‘Open in a tab’ button/link is clicked, the article should open in a new tab rather than opening it in the tab of previously opened article.

    if tagging an article can be made with just the keyboard (without the help of mouse) that would be great. i have some 50 or so tags and i feel it very inconvenient to scroll down the list while tagging with mouse.

    thank you

  35. Here’s one:

    Latest update to the Feedly Android app. When using the “Open in browser” button in an article, the browser opens the previous article in the feed instead.

  36. can you add bookmarking feature into feedly so that i can save interesting feeds and bookmarks under feedly’s tags.
    right now i am using feedly for my rss feeds :)
    and google for bookmarking :(

  37. When I use Feedly on my iPhone, I click an article and it opens up. However, without fail, I’ll be redirected to an advertisement with no option to close it. I have to hit the back button, which takes me to Feedly, and I have to reload the article. Sometimes this happens several times before I even finish reading the story.

  38. When I’m reading in a minimized desktop browser window (usually Chrome), the application does not seem to be scalable in that the feeds are cut off and there is no side scroll bar. I have to widen the window substantially in order for the content to be fully viewable. Thanks!

  39. How about the Windows bug that has been around FOREVER where your HOME lists posts that you have previously hidden. Tech support admits it’s a known bug but it’s never been addressed. This occurs even when there are still unread posts in the Home view. PLEASE!

  40. On Android, if Feedly looses focus, occasionally when switching back to the app it starts over so you loos progress and idea where were you. That bus is alive from bare beginnings of the project an no one really cares. I’ve switched to Press because of that.

    1. I second that so frustrating to lose a great article because of a refresh when going back to the app. Yes, multitasking on a smartphone exists :D

  41. Please add a “Hide” button to the bottom of expanded posts. I hate expanding, reading to the end, and having to scroll back to the top to hide.
    Oh, and INSTAPAPER!!!!!!

  42. I would love to be able to see easily how many people are subscribed to an RSS feed. This would be helpful for me as a blogger when compiling my stats.

  43. How about fixing the “+1” behaviour (+1 in last versions was replaced everywhere with G+ sharing)? Any chance for restoring this functionality the way things were before Feedly 16.x – i.e., at least in some of the views the user was able to “Plus One” a feed item, instead of sharing it on Google+. Sometimes (quite often, in fact) I just want to “Like” something, not necessarily to share it. And it’s tiresome to open whole series of small posts in new tab just to +1 it. Pretty please?

    Honestly, I’d prefer to be able to +1 feed items in all views, but even adding it back only in Magazine and Title only view would make me a happy Feedly user :)

  44. Adding one more suggestion/feature request… I miss the Google Reader setting “Confirm mark as read when the unread count is above certain threshold” – in GR it was 50 posts, when the unread count was less than 50, there was no confirmation. Any chance to get this?

  45. Two annoying keyboard shortcuts bugs:

    1. Keyboard shortcuts by the physical key (keyCode) and not the character. changing this will fix the bug that only the exact character performs a keyboard shortcut – allowing all variations (j/J/different language layout)

    2. when clicking with the mouse on a news item, and then using keyboard shortcuts (j/k) to navigate, the navigation continues from the last focused by keyboard item and not from the now open item.


  46. I would love to see a search option. Paying for it is silly, search is so easy. Please consider. Thanks for your understanding and consideration!

  47. Where is the tag option in android app? I think it´s not possible to use it and it´s more than a pitty.

    And I also agree with the need to edit tags.

  48. On my android 4.1.2 (moto XT 918), feedly still crashes while trying to follow a link inside the app (maybe add option to open in external chrome instead?)

  49. I would like to use the option to scroll past things and have them marked as read, BUT (because I know that already exists) it’s incredibly clunky to keep selected items unread as I’m scrolling. It’ often takes a couple of tries to ensure they remain marked as unread. in my *previous* RSS feed reader it was a much simpler process to scroll through and just mark the items I wanted to keep.


  50. Can we delete duplicate tags but keep the original?

    My feedly has lots of duplicated tags. Now that we can finally delete tags, is it possible to delete the duplicate from the tag list without actually deleting the entire tag?

  51. It would be really nice if the Android app could confirm before exiting the app. When using the back button to navigate from an article to a feed or from a feed to a category it’s too easy to completely exit out of the app. Thank you.

  52. Love the Delete Tag feature!! Thank you.

    1) I’d love to see a way to resort/organize my tags because somehow they are not in alphabetical order anymore. Ideally, I’d be able to sort them however I desire but even a quick button for ‘A to Z’ or ‘Z to A’ toggle would be nice.

    2) Please consider adding a Search feature on Saved (or at least tagged) posts. I often tag a post under ‘books’ for example, but actually remember it based on a different word, such as the author name or character. If I could only search for a string found within ‘books’ that would be a wonderful feature.

    1. Oops, my mistake. I just discovered I was using the Search in a limit way, that in fact, it will search the tags or within a post.

  53. would love some icons for j/k on the top of the screen for mouse only browsing without having to use scrollwheel.

  54. the last unread article always ends up partly outside the screen when I open it, so that only half of it is visible. (Firefox, mac os.) I can of course still visit the site, but that kind of makes feedly pointless. Would love to see it fixed.

  55. There’s a serious bug on Android that’s difficult to reproduce – sliding to the next article renders a screen from a previous one. The app still knows it’s on the new article as “display in browser” brings up the right one.

    When it goes wrong once, it keeps on going wrong.

  56. Android – add the ability to zoom in when reading an article.
    I often have to resort to the website in order to read the small print.

  57. iOS – fix bug where closing an article by scrolling all the way to the bottom and then pulling up intermittently opens the article in Safari. It sounds similar to the android bug described above. On returning to the app it “loses its place” and behaves as if the refresh button was pressed.

  58. Fix articles not being marked as read when swiping through in cards view on the mobile apps.
    Seriously annoying to swipe through the same articles over and over and over again.

  59. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my blog so i came to “return the favor”.I’m trying to find things to improve my
    site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

  60. Please create the ability toy have a unique user name and password to access Feedly without having to still use Google user name and password.

    1. You’d think this would have been a priority by now. Why wouldn’t Feedly want people to have the option of a Feedly login?

  61. I’ve been with Feedly for one year now, but still I’ve issues with the Android app, with each version that has been published since: When new articles are added to the stack while I’m flicking through old articles, the Feedly app displays articles I’ve already read while labelling other articles as read in the background that Feedly has never shown me. I only notice that by remembering what article I’ve already read oder discarded. The only way getting the Feedly app then going correctly again is hard terminating the app in the Android task manager and then starting Feedy again – until Feedly anew finds new articles in my feeds and the problems flares up again.

    That’s really annoying – Google Reader never had such a problem :(

  62. The tag deletion behavior seems to be inconsistent, I was able to delete 20 of the 40 tags I set up but the other 20 just won’t go away.I’m having trouble deleting some tags, after clicking Delete and Yes, Delete this Tag the tag remains on my sidebar. I assumed it may have been because I accidentally set up some duplicate tags, but I tried clearing out every tag in my sidebar and some of them deleted but not others. Is anybody else having similar problems?

    1. I should clarify, when I mean duplicate tags, I accidentally created two tags called ‘Elections’ for example, and I’m not able to delete either of them. I tried removing every article from the tag collection as well to see if that would help, but unfortunately it did not work.

    2. I’m having a similar problem. I deleted most of them, but one (named “DIY” if that makes a difference) won’t go away. I was wondering if there was some problem due to the short name or something (as all the rest of mine had much longer names). It’s only annoying, so I haven’t raised a fuss, but yes, at least one other person is having a similar problem!

  63. I’m having the same problem that a number of other comments have experienced.

    I just went through all my tags and had a big cull/regorganise. I deleted a LOT of tags. Most of them were deleted just fine, but I have two that just will not die. I click delete, feedly asks me if I’m sure about this. I click yes. It tells me everything has been deleted but the tag does not disappear from the list in the sidebar.

    I also noticed that these tags were not in alphabetical order like the rest of the tags, they appeared out of sequence – I don’t know if this is related to the problems I’m having.

    Any news?

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