Fix it March #2 – Android Crashes

We just pushed out Feedly for Android 19.1. It fixes 2 nasty memory leaks. The result: fewer crashes and a faster experience.

Bonus: we also implemented a very popular feature request where the back button will first open the left navigation bar before exiting.

You can download the feedly 19.1 for Android from Google Play.

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30 thoughts on “Fix it March #2 – Android Crashes”

    1. Add, tags, rename tags, delete tags, tag elements… is something that gReader has since the very first moment. I don’t see the point why Feedly lacks of these functionalities.

      1. feedly has those functionalities almost since the beggining… i mean their api has, but android client and DESKTOP CLIENT(yep this is irritating :P) not xD it’s very weird situation…

  1. I’m sure it may have been requested that the left side bar opens when pressing back, but this is so strange, literally the only app I’ve seen this on, and totally unexpected behaviour.

    Plus, this goes against Android design guidelines as per

    Again, I’m sure some like it, but it’s totally backwards, and for me I really don’t think it’s a good thing, sorry!

  2. Yeah, the back button opening left menu is contrary to Android design guidelines, and doesn’t work nicely with the app :/

    One thing I’d like to see it linear, scrollable lists, Please add this! It drives me nuts ‘flipping’ the screen up only for it not to work and to have to try five or so times to get it working. Please make this an option!

  3. Bonus? The back button should NOT open a menu, this is contrary to basic android UI guidelines. Why is this not an option in the settings??

    1. Exactly. Billions of dollars spent on UI research & tweaking by Google: many. Please don’t violate this!

  4. RE: Android

    Videos embedded and played in articles read through Feedly need to prevent screen hibernation for the duration, as would happen if the article and it’s content were being read through a standard browser at source.

    Presumably this issue affects other platforms but I’m not in a position to verify.

  5. You’re shiny new URL shortener prevents native apps from opening. For example, if reading a YouTube channel feed and choosing the “open in browser” action, only browsers will show app and not the native YouTube app. This is because you’\re converting the URL from to

    1. The workaround for this is selecting the android native browser from the list and then a new pop up list comes with browsers and the youtube app. It’s an annoying two-steps procedure, but works in the meanwhile. Better they fix this.

      1. Unfortunately this is exactly what got broken with the new URL shortener. YouTube app doesn’t popup for a YouTube clip that is shortened to a based URL.

  6. Ditto on preferring to just exit with the back button. Please make it an option. I’d also like the ability to scroll the list of articles. I find it really annoying to have it snap up the next page instead of a normal scroll.

  7. Add, tags, rename tags, delete tags, tag elements… is something that gReader has since the very first moment. I don’t see the point why Feedly lacks of these functionalities.

  8. One bug I’ve found with the new version of the app – I set my “Favorite Sharing Tool” to the “Browser” option. When I tap on this icon, the previously read headline opens in my browser, not the current one. So if I want to read the current headline, I have to flip to the next headline, then tap the browser sharing button. I’m on a Galaxy S3, android 4.3

    /I do it this way because the “browser” button has never worked for me for some reason, there’s no reaction when I tap on it.

    Other than that, I haven’t had any problems on the web version or the app. Keep up the good work!

  9. When I use gReader I can open a link in the inline browser and then keep on browsing thru links. If I want to go back to the previous page I have a specific button to go back. In Feedly there is no such a thing and you can only use the hardware back button that exits the item you were on and takes you to the feeds list. This is annoying when you use the inline browser and tap in a few links. There’s no way to go back. I always end up using external browsers. But gReader is great for reading using the inline browser and you rarely need to use external browsers.

  10. I’m on Feedly 19.3.0 and I still get random crashes when trying to View Website within Feedly.

    1. Yes! Same for me. Since Update 17 (!!!) I can’t use feedly on my tablet, because it crashes. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I try to view the website version of at least five of my sources. It worked before Version 17
      This is really frustrating! Every update I hope this gets fixed, but nothing happens.

  11. Howdy Feedly. Love the service, but since upgrading my phone I cannot log in. I have two Google accounts (kinda required for this whole anonymous blogging thing), and do not have a Google+ profile on my blogging account cos it violates the terms of service wotsit. So I tried to login using the basic OAuth route (after several failures with the red G+ buttom), but the first time I did that I accidentally entered the wrong password. Now I cannot even complete that screen because as soon as I’ve finished entering the email address the app crashes before I get to enter the password. I suspect this is a Google bug, but maybe you could pass it on / investigate? I miss not being able to read posts during the odd spare moment on my phone. Alternatively, if you could just use the Android login surely this would not be a problem any how?

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