Fixit March #8 – Auto-mark as read

We spent some time this week fixing issues around the auto-mark as read feature.

For people who are not familiar with auto-mark as read, there is a preference that allows you to automatically mark articles as read as you scroll through your list of articles.

That feature was initially designed for the “entire article” view and did not work for the title and cards view, did not operate well when one article was open and did not reach the very end of the list.

We fixed all these problems: you can now use the auto-mark as read feature with the title-only view, with the card view, when an article is open and over the entire list.

Update – March 27th, 8:20am: There is a regression for shorter lists. We are working on a fix. It should be out in a couple of hours.

Update – March 27th, 10:07am: We rolled out a fix. Auto-mark as read should now behave well with short lists and keyboard navigation. Please reload the browser page to make sure that you get the patch set.

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59 thoughts on “Fixit March #8 – Auto-mark as read”

  1. Articles are now starting to be marked as read as soon as they appear at the bottom of the page. I haven’t read that far yet, so if I click away to a different section articles I haven’t actually read will still be marked.

    1. I’ve noticed this only in categories with hundreds of items, but not the ones with fewer items. Seems like the “virtual line” that marks a row as read is slowly falling down as we scroll thru the category or feed.

      1. This is happening for me as well. I preferred it marking as read when they reach the top of the screen.

      1. Agreed. There was a problem where it would skip some items if they were not in the exact right zone, but marking the whole page as read is overkill.

    2. Same here (list view). It’s unusable now.
      Also if you have only 20 articles, and click on the 3rd to expand, after scrolling beyound the end of it, it will be collapsed (very annoying) and the rest of the articles marked as read.

      1. Yes, auto collapsing is not 100%, maybe would be better to remove it until and fine tune it! Also previewing long article it seems to jump a few pages up.Other than that this is an awsome upgrage, Many, many thanks feedly :)

    3. This was frustratingly unusable for me as well.

      In fact, I had been keeping roughly a dozen articles or so marked as unread to deal with later (rather than Saving for Later, yes), but by the time I realized what had happened, I lost them all because they were somehow automatically marked as read when I didn’t intend for that to happen.

      First world problems I know, but still!

      1. I am seeing this issue as well. As I scroll through, items are being marked as read far too quickly now.

    4. Yes, I noticed this as well. It’s impossible to read, now! I’ll have to give up reading anything via browser until the guys fix the fixing :-(
      Guys, fix this ASAP, please!

    5. For short-ish articles it tends to highlight the next one down (which marks it as read) – whichever article flows off the bottom of the page. I wonder if this was an attempt to fix a previous bug where you couldn’t highlight the final article in a feed.

    6. Same problem. I noticed that in Magazine view for first 10-15 items it works as intended. But than it “jumps” for 3 items instantly and then it continues to mark as read by one item until it jumps again for 2 or 3 items at once. After some time the items at the bottom of the page are mark as read but I haven’t actually read them. Opera 12.16.

  2. I don’t understand, I always had the opposite problem on Feedly – automatic marking as read always worked here, but I couldn’t switch it off (title view). No matter what setting I choose, it always marks articles as read. I’d prefer if only articles would be marked as read that I actually open.

    As well, „active” articles (title view) jump upwards a pixel or two. Could you change that so it wouldn’t move? Doesn’t look smooth now.

    1. The good thing is, that the unfitting yellow ‘active’ mark is gone. The frame is better, but I’d prefer a background colour again, just not yellow. More like a different grey than the title background, a tiny bit darker for example.

  3. You ruined the titel only view! Scrolling through my articels with mouse wheel or j/k shortcuts keeps on marking all articels as read even if I am far from end of list.

    Please load the backup of last version and try again…

    1. Yep, unusable at the moment, unless clicking news one by one.
      Also, scrolling with mouse marks also everything read automatically.

      1. Please fix the jumping up of the titles in title view as well when scrolling through articles with n/p! It’s quite annoying. They just shift up about a pixel or two when the active frame is around them but it doesn’t look smooth.

        As well, when scrolling with n/p, articles are always marked as read, no matter what setting. Could you fix this as well?

  4. Would like to second the breaking of the title-only view.

    I usually keep my articles in title-only view with oldest first, and scroll thru them using j and k. Now that hardly works – sometimes it works as intended, sometimes it skips past and marks several, ip to dozens of articles as read.

  5. This could be much simpler and reliable: in the list view, when expanding an item to read more details, would you please mark as read all the previous items?

    When and if I’m done with reading the whole section, I’ll click Mark all as read.
    I can also just leave after reading one item, and next time when I come back I won’t see stuff I already read.

  6. Unfortunately, it now appears that by scrolling, opened articles pop closed – that’s annoying if an article is too long to fit on one page/if I clicked it open when it was shown low on the reader; Please fix that!
    Anyway: It’s good to hear you’re working on that issue, as it’s the only thing I’m not absolutely glad with concerning feedly’s UX.

  7. This fix sucks. While Mark-as-read-while-Scrolling never was too smoothly with Title-Only-View, now it just jumps around and marks shit as read which is not even on the screen yet. Hell, I even can’t open Articles and go through the List with j and k, because your “Fix” marked them all as read. Please roll back and try again.

  8. FINALLY Feedly works like Google Reader always did! Thank you. Now you can read by rolling your mouse wheel alone or using the space bar and it all gets marked as read if get to the bottom and scroll up further. Perfect. Thanks.

  9. I’d like the opposite: when I’m using the ‘n’ and ‘p’ keys for keyboard navigation in title-only view, I want the articles to stay unread unless I actually open the article using the ‘o’ key. As it stands, it’s not very useful for me.

    1. I second this! I’ve sent several emails to support about this and I am a pro subscriber FWIW. If I’m scrolling using ‘n’ and ‘p’ I’m not seeing any articles in “Full Article View” so why are they being marked as read automatically?

    2. Same here, Google Reader behaved that way, pity Feedly wouldn’t. I as well tried contacting the support in that regard but I guess you have to be a paying premium customer to not fall on deaf ears.

  10. Many many thanks feedly, excelent work! Just remove the autocollapse until it get 100% on list view. At the end of a long article preview, it jumps a few pages to the top! Anyways, it is really good that the items are now being marked as read :)

  11. No, not excellent work. Practically unusable. Entire folders being marked as read when I’ve only opened one article. Articles closing before I’ve finished reading them. Massive amounts of frustration! how can anyone think this is an improvement? At least roll it back while you try to fix the problems!

      1. Now, *that* is better. And, I don’t have to close my expanded articles to make the auto-mark read on scroll function work after reading an article. In either Title Only or Magazine view. Big improvement. Thank you for your prompt attention to the problem.

  12. It’s working a LOT better than before, thanks!

    There’s still a minor bug if there’s only one post and it’s shorter than the screen height. If you click the article it should mark it read, but in this case it does not.

  13. One more comment on this topic – now, can you *stop* marking an article as read when I scroll past when I’ve clicked “keep unread” on that article?

  14. Is this why the option to mark individual items as read (in title view) was removed? It has really bothered me for a couple of days that I can’t look at the title view of one feed and mark individual articles as read without opening it first! I don’t have to open each article in order to save it for later. What happened and when will it come back!

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