Fixit March #9 – Invoice Self-Service

Amaury (who joined the feedly team 2 weeks ago) landed his first feature. Pro users can now go on the pro support page and generate a detailed invoice automatically. You no longer have to wait for the Pro support team to manually generate these invoices.

If you are a feedly pro user, you can generate your invoice here:

We are excited to have Amaury on the team.


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19 thoughts on “Fixit March #9 – Invoice Self-Service”

  1. Cool, but is there any way to change it so for those of us with a life subscription it says so and doesn’t give NaN as the start / expiration dates?

  2. A couple of things that I’d like to see for Must Read:
    1. Make it an expandable list, so that I can see all of the feeds
    2. Don’t push “Must Read” feeds to the top of my alphabetized lists

    Also, when I have a feed selected in an expanded list, I’d like to see it highlighted on the sidebar. Right now it’s easy to get lost in long feed lists because there’s no quick indication about where you are.

    Completely off topic, I know, but I’m sure you’re used to it by now.

    1. Yes. This was designed for yearly and monthly subscribers. We are going to enhance it to support lifetime subscribers. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Please fix the full articles view on the desktop (option to have the content wider).
    Just 3 days left ! :P

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  6. I’m glad I’m not alone in my frustration at the loss of the INDEX link in the left navigation bar. Please bring it back and, better still, put it at the top under the Home link.

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