Evernote + feedly is now on mobile [Pro]

Feedly users love Evernote because it helps you collect the articles that matter to you. It has been one of our most used feedly Pro integrations since it launched, and today you’re going to love using feedly and Evernote together even more. We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched an update to Evernote on feedly Pro that addresses some of your most asked for features.

Evernote is now available on mobile

Evernote Mobile

We’re excited that starting today, feedly apps on iOS and Android now include full Evernote integration. It’s something you’ve been asking for, and we heard you. You can now save articles directly to your Evernote notebooks from your feedly mobile app.

Automatically clip full article content

Evernote Full Content

Along with mobile support, the ability to automatically save full articles from partial feeds has been the most requested feature for Evernote. Whenever possible, the save to Evernote button in feedly now does exactly that. Any time you save a post from a partial feed in feedly, we’ll attempt to clip the full article from the original source to Evernote.

Business notebook support

Evernote Business

Feedly + Evernote now works with your Business Notebooks. Evernote Business is a valuable tool for colleagues to share and collaborate on useful, contextual information. Feedly is already used by a growing number of professionals to discover, read and track news and intelligence about their industry or competitors. Evernote Business support completes the loop by allowing feedly Pro users to share and collaborate on that information with coworkers.

Clip images directly to Evernote

Evernote Image Clipper

As the old saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words, and sometimes an image is all you need. You can now clip single images directly from feedly to Evernote on the web. Just hover your cursor over any images in feedly and press the Evernote icon that appears in the upper left corner to send that image to one of your notebooks.

Clip single passages or quotes from articles

Evernote Quote Clipper

Sometimes a choice passage or quote is all you really want to save from an article. We’ve made it simple to save partial articles directly to Evernote when using feedly on the web. Simply highlight the passage you want to save, and choose “Evernote” from the menu that appears.

Make Evernote default on mobile

Is Evernote all you use to save and share articles or images? You can now make it your default share and save option on mobile by pinning the icon to the toolbar and save yourself a tap. Find the option to set your favorite saving tool on the settings menu.

Full access for feedly developers

Everything we’ve announced today is available for all feedly Cloud developers via our simple REST API.

Available today!

These changes are all available immediately on the web (log out of feedly and back in if you are not seeing them), iOS and Android. We love making feedly better for our users and we’re excited about these improvements to feedly+Evernote.

Get feedly+Evernote

Let us know in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ how you’re using Evernote and feedly Pro together.

We’re working hard every day to improve feedly and how it integrates with awesome products like Evernote. Development of feedly is funded primarily by our Pro users. Want to see feedly innovate faster? Consider becoming a feedly Pro member today!

Author: Josh Catone

I am an editorial strategy consultant and startup founder.

99 thoughts on “Evernote + feedly is now on mobile [Pro]”

    1. I’m extremely happy to pay for Feedly. Thanks for your guys hard work — you are the saviours of RSS!

      1. I completely agree. Deciding to go with Feedly as a replacement for Google Reader was a smart move on my part (if I do say so myself!); and signing up for the Pro version was a no-brainer.

        I *was* wondering what was taking so long with Evernote integration in the mobile app — but now that the wait is over, and I see how sophisticated the functionality is: I completely understand why it took time for your team to build it and get it right – and it was worth the wait.

        Thank you. You guys rock!

  1. This is great. Thank you. I will use this constantly. Too bad I never seem to actually go back and read the things I store on Evernote to read later though. = p

        1. Yes. feedly Pro is required to use the feedly+evernote integration. I logged a bug so that we make sure that the user is promoted to upgrade to pro.

        1. I am having the same problem! Evernote integration is THE reason I upgraded to pro – if it doesn’t work, then it isn’t worth it. Please advise.

      1. It would’ve been extremely helpful if during all of your Evernote integration announcements you had mentioned it is a Pro feature. NO WHERE DID I SEE THIS!!!

    1. I don’t have Pro. It worked the first time, and every subsequent attempt results in “FAILED TO GET NOTEBOOKS”.

    1. I am a free user, and still when I was using Google Reader I started to use tools such as ReadabilityRSS and FeedEx to get full article feeds. It’s really annoying to provide partial feeds, and I talk being a blog owner myself. :)

      1. I also agree that this is a very important feature.
        But the answer I get from Feedly all the time is that this would bring them in a difficult position with the content creators.
        Apparently that doesn’t seem to be true anymore, as they just released this Evernote feature, so please add this to Feedly itself.

        1. I am a content creator myself. I don’t know in the USA, but in Europe we have the cybercrime convention which is a law esplicitly stating that everyone CAN access publicly accessible web pages. If the full article is not behind a paywall, then the user, through Feedly or any other tool, has the right to access it.

          In any case, not a big deal. When you find a partial feed just don’t subscribe to it, or use FeedEx or Feed43 to tweak it until it contains full text articles.

  2. Progress – unfortunately not useful until tags can be added to Evernote saves. Would also be very helpful to have autocomplete functionality in the notebook/tag drop-downs since anything over a handful of entries becomes untenable in Feedly.

    1. Hi Eric, how many notebooks do you have in feedly. Is this in a personal or professional context. We would love to learn more about your use case, please email josh@feedly.com if you are interested in working more closely with us.

      1. Within Feedly, We need autocomplete for choosing tags.. type just ‘T’, should reduce the tags window to only show tags that start with ‘T’. I have over a hundred tags that carried over from Google Reader and its what I use to keep my favorite articles organized. Would love the aforementioned feature and the feature to sync those tags with evernote.

        1. Eric: same need here
          Adil, I made the same request one year ago:
          “Can you tell me if there is a way to reproduce the following behaviour that was available in Google Reader.

          1. In an article, press t to open the tags dropdown
          2. Press a letter key to get to the first tag starting with that letter
          (eg. press f to go to facebook tag)
          3. Press Enter to save the article with that tag and close the article

          The goal is not to use the mouse for that operation.”

      2. I’m in the same position as Eric. (I should note, I need tagging both for web and for mobile Feedly. Just in case you might have thought this was a mobile request only. In fact the web case is much more important to me.)

        I only have three (non-Trash) notebooks right now. Only rarely do I store data related to some specific research/archival purpose. (One of the notebooks was for research on a trip I took. One was research on a legal case of interest to me. And the last was General notes.) More often it’s things I find interesting, for retrieval later should I want them. It’s pretty much all personal use, although I probably do save notes for things that are relevant to professional use, too. (But I like what I do, so saying something is “professional” only is inaccurate and/or a bit confining, usually.)

        I create tags willy-nilly, tagging everything I save (after the fact, outside Feedly, when saved through Feedly) with every tag that occurs to me at the time as being relevant. One or another will be a useful search key for retrieval later, but I won’t know which until that time. (I haven’t used Evernote long enough to feel comfortable with any ability it has to search within notes.) I expect I have 250-300 tags across my 467 total notes right now, but I’m not going to count if Evernote web doesn’t expose the count.

        Much of my Evernoting goes through the Evernote Firefox extension (usually the main one, occasionally Clearly). This gives me tag suggestions (but not autocomplete), enough to jog memory for exact tags. The suggestions are invaluable for not being too repetitive with slightly different spellings of tags.

        I’m crunched for time for perhaps a couple weeks, but I may (if I may :-) ) take you up on the offer for more direct interaction after that.

    1. Could you please let us know if this is happening on the web, on iOS or on Android? If it happens on iOS or Android, did you get asked to connect feedly to Evernote? Please email me the answers at edwin@feedly.com

          1. I’m not a pro user, but in my settings on my iPhone 5 with ios7 i was able to choose “evernote” as my favorite saving tool. I received a message from evernote that they are connected.

            Everytime I try and save to evernote i get a “Failed Notebooks” error message.

            If this is only for Pro users they should tell people that and not let them choose it as a preferred saving option. It’s misleading.

  3. Hi. Very happy about this feature which I is one I requested. Except, I’m not getting full functionality. I’ve clipped about 10 articles to test, and most of them are still snippets, not the full articles. And I don’t see the Evernote icon when I hover over photos at all. I have Feedly Pro. Am using Firefox 29 (brand new) on a MacBook Pro with Mavericks. I have some ad-blocker add-ons, but have turned them all over. Any ideas? Thanks! Judy. PS tried the mobile app. Evernote is there; also clips the snippets. Oh and I logged in and out.

      1. Also still getting only getting article snippets in evernote. I have both Feedly and Evernote pro/premium accounts.

  4. Do we need BOTH Feedly pro and Evernote premium?

    If so, can you guys just offer a combo package that includes both premium services?

  5. I dont use evernote, but I need an offline mode for Feedly when I’m on the subway and an undo function when I click mark all as read …

      1. Pocket or “save for later” in feedly dosen’t help if you dont know which complete article you want to read in advance. When I go to the subway, I want the list of all news contains of my differents “collections” (folder/tag classed feeds) to be preload (by a button or by at scheduled task).
        In the subway, if I “mark as read” few items or few complets collections, I dont want to see a message like “network is busy, please reload”. I dosen’t want to lose my time with “mark as read” items in the subway if nothing change when I reconnect to Internet. I want my already read items can be sync with the server, in the correct way.

  6. “Along with mobile support, the ability to automatically save full articles from partial feeds has been the most requested feature for Evernote. Whenever possible, the save to Evernote button in feedly now does exactly that. Any time you save a post from a partial feed in feedly, we’ll attempt to clip the full article from the original source to Evernote.”


    Now please implement this for sharing the content of articles via Gmail as well.

  7. Single greatest upgrade to Feedly. Thank you. On my iPhone, I’ve been emailing my articles to Evernote, or running them through Pocket to get to get to Evernote. Now, it’s a click and it’s gone.

    Thank you thank you thank you thank. Well worth the pro account now.

  8. Not quite getting how to see these changes. I have logged out and back in a few times but never seen an on hover popup for evernote on images or when I highlight text.

  9. If not a feedly+Evernote pro user, this
    feature is unusable?! That’s silly.
    First of all: to send feedly articles to Evernote: feedly to pocket to Evernote…it’s free but just one step longer.

    If feedly+Evernote means you have to pay for it then say it clearly. Instead you get an error message, wondering why this isn’t working.

    Make it free! This is absurd, or at least less features for a free service. As I said you can easily send from feedly to Evernote via pocket for free…

  10. When I try to use Evernote it keeps telling me failed to get notebooks even though Evernote sent me an email to tell me the feedly has access.

    What do I do?

  11. Google has integrated this application Evernote to do that, Those who cannot be Pro can download to the browser that application. I’m no pro and use it.

  12. I’m looking forward to tags too. For now on mobile I will continue to send stuff from Feedly to Pocket then from Pocket to Evernote, as Pocket handles Evernote tags. FWIW, I use only two notebooks, one private and one shared, and file everything with tags. Cheers!

  13. Very good, now where’s our Springpad intergration? Some of us prefer the other service to Evernote this and Evernot that.

  14. Have been using since launch. Works well. Clipping great.

    Noticed today that interface modified so notebook list includes the stack name. Think this should be a user choice (include stack name).

  15. Quote:
    “Along with mobile support, the ability to automatically save full articles from partial feeds has been the most requested feature for Evernote. Whenever possible, the save to Evernote button in feedly now does exactly that. Any time you save a post from a partial feed in feedly, we’ll attempt to clip the full article from the original source to Evernote.”
    And how is this ethical, exactly? Because I suppose there’s no redirect to the original blog (and therefore, no hits for it)…Am I wrong?

  16. Way to go, feedly, way to go. I am using my feedly account with Press on Android, using IFTTT to copy articles I marked as “read later” to Evernote. This leads to lots of untagged articles in Evernote.

    Also, quite often feedly delivers the full article to Press, but IFTTT can only send a teaser over to evernote. I suppose this is because feedly wants to market their pro account.

    So I tested Feedly Pro, but it does not alleviate the problem, because it does not support tags.

    In fact, I’m worse off than I was before, because THE FEEDLY APP DOES NOT WORK WHEN OFFLINE. I honestly did not expect this, I have never seen a mobile RSS-reader that was not able to sync your subscriptions for offline use.

    I canceled my pro subscription the same day, glad I chose the monthly plan.

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  20. Don’t know why it took 40 minutes to somehow magically start to work today even though I upgraded yesterday. Maybe an issue of my pro status needing to propagate to the iOS app, or both Feedly and Evernote needing to be open for it to work? Dunno, but it works now and is pretty much the most useful thing ever. Thank you for getting the functionality added to the mobile apps!

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