Fix it May #1 – n/p keyboard navigation

The “Fix it March” series were very popular so we are doing a new one. We are going to take the next 10 days and focus on fixing all the rough edges we have been hearing about through the support lines.

Today, we release an update which allows users to use n/p to navigate through their list of unread articles WITHOUT automatically marking articles as read (press ? in feedly to get the list of all the keyboard shortcuts).

Given that some people might want n/p to automatically mark articles as read, we added a preference knob so that you can control this behavior. See for more information.

Please let us know if there are specific bugs you would like to see fixed.

Update: there was a regression with n/p not forcing the selected article into view. This has been fixed. Please refresh your browser.


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71 thoughts on “Fix it May #1 – n/p keyboard navigation”

  1. Looks like mousing over the item count on the side no longer shows the strike through line to let you mark them all as read.

      1. This an example of why I think feedly should have a (pretty non intrusive) popup changelog that appears whenever you move to another version. I sometimes check your Google+ page, but that’s rare, and never before I’m confused where a feature has gone or something. It’d be great for every user to know exactly when you’ve updated, and what you’ve changed. Just like a phone app.

          1. j/k navigation works only in lower case. To view all the keyboard shortcuts type (question mark) ?

            1. Capital J/K navigation works too but it navigates between feeds instead of articles. Google Reader had the same action. Feedly is getting closer and closer to full keyboard navigation being feasible, I love it!

  2. Looks like mousing over the item count on the side no longer shows the strike through line to let you mark them all as read. Any chance of getting that back?

  3. Something that needs fixing bad is adding feeds and re-organising. Hasn’t worked for weeks. For deviantart feeds, at least.

  4. Would be nice if you could add clickable buttons that do the same thing as n/p for us mouse people

  5. Um…am I doing something wrong or does this n/p thing not work right now?

    When I hit “n”, nothing happens and when I navigate my feeds using my old standby – “j” to jump to next one – it automarks it as “read” when before it would leave it as “unread”.

    I’m confused and annoyed…help!


      1. This is really aggravating for me. I specifically had ‘j’ NOT marked as read when I used it in Preferences, but this ‘bug fix’ overrides my preferences and now j/k ALWAYS mark as read. This breaks the way I’m used to using Feedly.

        1. n/p don’t mark as read automatically anymore. j/k do the same thing as n/p except they open the article and mark it as read. You want to be able to read an article and move to the next without marking it as read? I suppose I’m slightly confused as to why you’d want this and why you wouldn’t just use n/p. It seems like it’d be difficult to know for sure when you wanted an article marked as read.

      2. I’d gladly switch over to n/p IF they actually worked. Tried again this morning and neither button do anything even though I’ve double and triple checked my settings. j and k still work but marks everything read….and for someone like me, who likes to skim their feedly box in the morning to see what’s going on but most time do not have the time to really read all of the articles until later in the day, this is really really really annoying.

        (And yes, this is in “full article” mode.)

        1. Same thing here. Full article mode, using j/k to navigate and this fix is marking item as read, even though I have the preference not to.

  6. Hey how about give us an option to disable keyboard shortcuts entirely? Very irritating to accidentally press some keys and have Feedly go absolutely batshit insane.

  7. I still have many articles i saved before stuck on the list. I cannot unsave them. No matter what i do they keep appearing.

    Thankfully you fixed the “show older first” feature.

  8. Looks like there is a side-effect in how the ‘x’ (hide article) key works. I have all my settings to never auto-mark as read (I checked all the new ones too). Now, when I press ‘x’ the current article is hidden, the focus advances to the next one, and the latter is marked as read. This is different from the previous behaviour and I see no toggle to revert back to the old one.

  9. Thanks, this is a feature I wanted.

    But now I notice that the unread count in the sidebar appears like a superscript next to the corresponding feed’s name. Small font and mis-aligned relative to the name, or at least aligned in a way that’s not easy to read.

  10. I’d like an option so that when I hit the mark all as read checkmark, it doesn’t go to the next category, it stays on the one I’m on. It’s disorienting and I never want to go to the one it goes to, so I never use the check mark.

  11. Thanks sincerely to have undo mark section as read features. It does help for clicking as mistakes to undo the action which is a pain to me.

    I would like to have a dedicated changelog page which could be easily track what have been changed. Now it sometimes hard to track what happened, even through Google+ announcement. Some hidden quick fix might not be mentioning. And now we can’t directly see the current version no. on web. I bet it also hindered users a bit from knowing there are some changes done.

    1. I mentioned it above, but I’ll say it here too – a little popup at the top of the page, like you usually do for important notices, taking the user a changelog when an update comes out would be great. And an option to turn it off, of course.

  12. Please fix: Some feeds are not always or not ever showing the images included in the posts. Example: NASA APOD (images not always showing)

  13. Finally! Really good, thanks for that. Now I have only three things left on my wish list:

    1. Safari Reading List integration. There’s Readability and loads of other services, but the handiest is missing (if you’re on OS X and use Safari, that is).
    2. An option to NOT show/play YouTube videos directly in the feed but show the description instead.
    3. A short key for opening articles in a background tab (‘i’ would be perfect since it is close to n, p, j and k!)

  14. I’m used to navigate from an article to the next with the j key, it used to just scroll to the next one now it scrolls and mark it as read is there an option to disable that suto mark as read too?

    1. These articles are read by the exact meaning of the word so of course they’re marked as read as well and there will never be an option to not mark them as read when you open them with the j key as far as I could imagine.

      1. Two days ago it worked like that, I used the j to skip to the next one and everything was left unread unless I pressed m. At the moment n and p are not working on my browser (Chrome on Windows)

        1. Same problem here. 2 days ago I could use j/k to navigate my feeds in Full Article – if I hit J it would move to the next article and NOT mark it as read. This worked great for me since I like to scan my feeds every morning to see what’s going on. If I ran across an article that I didn’t want to read later or wasn’t interested in, I’d hit m and then j to head to the next message.

          Last night and today, I try to do the same and it’s auto-marking everything as read.

          I’d gladly switch to a different letter combo IF they actually WORKED! But with Chrome and Full Article setting, n and p do nothing at all.

          This is just annoying….


          1. Same behavior for me. Used j/k to navigate and not mark as read unless I hit m. n/p keys don’t work for me at all. Don’t scroll.

            1. That’s true, n/p should scroll. It’s clearly a bug, hopefully it’s going to be fixed soon.

          1. As I see it it wasn’t a bug it was a feature.
            If you wonder why should I use “j” and “k” instead of “n” and “p” is because they are close to each other and to “m” so it is easier to use them to scroll forward, scroll backward and mark as read/unread a little bit faster.
            What I’m sayin g is not that the old one should be the default behaviour but that I would like an option to choose the old one.
            The fact that now just clicking on an article to select it marks it as read while it used to just select it.

  15. Thank you thank you thank you for finally fixing this. The n/p keys are finally useful again to me! One more request? Can you add N/P (shift+) keys to move the pointer between feeds (like J/K does) and O (again, shift+) to open feeds? The ‘gg’ navigation is super powerful and useful and I use it all the time, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to scroll through your feeds as well and any time I can do this without my mouse is awesome.

    Along the same lines, it’d be awesome if J/K scrolled the feeds sidebar to the feed you’re selecting just like j/k and n/p do in the article list.

  16. Please fix shortcut ‘gh’ Go-Home not fully updating, for me it displays either a few posts then says ‘At End’ despite there being 20+ unread items, or doesn’t keyboard-focus to the first post to allow ‘j/k’ navigation, and I have to go to All to get a full refresh done.

    1. Works for me. gh -> focus on articles with both n/p and j/k navigation.

      Try refreshing the page.

      1. Difficult to try as gh takes me to ‘All’ and not ‘Home’, as per above comment.

  17. I’d be thrilled if you could remove the left-side/right-side single-tap navigation in the iOS app. Finger sliding is enough, and the single-tap sensitivity causes frequent accidental navigation when you’re just trying to zoom in or close an ad.

    There’s also a bug when navigating away accidentally but then trying to go back to the item you were reading doesn’t re-load the item. You have to then skip at least two items away and then back to see what you were originally reading. This bug, combined with the single-tap accidents, makes for an occasionally frustrating experience.

    Thanks for all the work!

  18. Could you please include an option to use J/K to navigate through the list of unread articles WITHOUT automatically marking articles as read?

    Also, add an option to not mark as read when clicking inside an article.

    1. Another +1, as it appears there’s no way to use n/p in Full Article view, meaning the only option for that view is to automatically mark every article as read as you navigate through them using j/k.

    2. This would be totally pointless since j/k opens the article preview and therefore needs to marked as read. I know it apparently behaved like that before but this has been fixed now and it’s good that it has.
      For not marking articles as read, use n/p.

      1. I just realised that n/p in full article view is not scrolling, which is clearly a bug. This should be fixed @feedly

  19. But in list view, j and k are still not working correctly. :( They do not always navigate to the next or previous one of the expanded (open? I am not sure about the term) one, they sometimes go to a random one. This is really annoying… Please, please, please – fix this.

  20. n/p still don’t scroll in Full Article view. In Title Only, everything works fine now.

  21. Articles are not being marked as read when pressing the ‘v’ key to open an article in a new tab. ‘V’ should mark as read as well for obvious reasons.

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