7 things you can do with Evernote and feedly [Pro]

The save to Evernote integration has been one of the most popular features of feedly Pro and thousands of you rely on it every day. It’s been so popular because both Evernote and feedly share a common goal of helping people work smarter and more efficiently by organizing the knowledge and information that matters to them. In April, we gave the integration a complete overhaul, bringing it to mobile and adding features like full article clipping, image and quote clipping and support for Business Notebooks.

You can now do more than ever with Evernote and feedly Pro. Here are seven specific ways you can use feedly+Evernote are better together.

We’ve been excited to hear about the innovative ways you are putting feedly Pro to work for you, so let us know in the comments how else you’re using feedly and Evernote together!

1. Research a school project

Researching a school project

You already know that feedly is a great way to dive deep into a project and find and organize relevant information. Evernote can take your research to a new level by letting you annotate, edit and collaborate with others.

Let’s say you’re writing a paper about space travel. Follow sites like Space.com, Universe Today, NASA Breaking News or others in our Space Essentials collection to stay on top of the latest news about space travel, then clip the stories most relevant to your paper directly to Evernote. As you gather your research in Evernote, you can take notes, snip out the relevant quotes, and share your research with classmates. (And with Evernote Premium you can let your classmates edit your shared notebooks, as well.)

There are an unlimited number of topics you can research using sources in feedly!

2. Write a novel

It’s said that everyone has at least one novel in them, but most people never put their pen to the proverbial page. If you’ve taken the plunge and or are gearing up to participate in NaNoWriMo later this year, feedly+Evernote can help. For starters, you can subscribe to great blogs about writing, like Write to Done, The Creative Penn and Storyfix (check out some others in our Writing Essentials collection).

More importantly, though, feedly can help you research your novel. Whether you want to brush up on medieval culture for that epic fantasy trilogy you can’t get out of your head, or you’re looking for inspiration for the murder mystery you’re penning, you can find it on feedly. Save the best articles to Evernote, which you can also use to keep track of your characters, settings, and major plot points.

3. Organize recipes


There is no shortage of amazing cooking blogs on the Internet — Smitten Kitchen, Joy the Baker, Chocolate & Zucchini and many thousands more (follow some from our Cooking essentials collection to get started). All those food blogs means you’ll always know what’s for dinner, but to fully take advantage of the foodie web, start saving your favorite recipes to Evernote.

With Evernote, you can start to build your personal cookbook by keeping track of changes you make to recipes, sharing your favorites with friends and family and organizing them however you like. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to start your own food blog for others to follow on feedly!

4. Gather travel ideas

Need some inspiration about where to take the next family vacation? Follow great travel blogs like View From the Wing, The New York Times Travel Section or Atlas Obscura. Already know where you want to go? Use feedly to learn more about the local scene by following local blogs and news sites. Whether you’re in the process of booking your dream vacation or still figuring out where to travel, feedly+Evernote can make sure your next trip goes off without a hitch.

As you come across enticing destinations, helpful hints or snippets of local flavor in your feedly, save those gems to Evernote. From there, you can clip out the more relevant pieces, organize them with your itinerary and easily share them with your travel companions.

5. Find your dream house

For sale signs

Shopping for your dream house can be hard (my wife and I spent eight months with a very patient real estate agent before finding the house we now live in), but feedly+Evernote can make the process a lot easier.

Step 1: Add RSS feeds of home searches from the real estate search site Trulia. For example, this is a Trulia feed for all single family homes for sale in San Antonio, Texas with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath for between $100,000 and $450,000. (Other real estate search engines or local sites may also offer option the to save searches as feeds, but we’ve found Trulia’s tool to be the easiest and most reliable to use.)

Step 2: Save the listings you’re interested in to your Evernote notebook.

Step 3: Share your saved home listings with your real estate agent and take notes on the houses you visit.

6. Decorate or renovate your home

Once you’ve found your dream home, there’s still work to be done to make it your own. For renovation, decoration and DIY ideas, follow great blogs like Apartment Therapy, Bob Vila and Remodelista. Find more in our Home Renovation Essentials collection.

See an idea you like? Save it to your Evernote notebook and share it with your housemates or spouse. You can use Evernote to completely manage the renovation or decoration project — from deciding on materials, tracking costs and keeping on top of progress, Evernote is the perfect tool to making sure your project goes off without a hitch.

7. Find a new job

Finding a job can feel like a full-time career by itself, but feedly can make the process a lot easier. Many job search sites offer the ability to save your searches as a feed (for example, here’s how to do it on CareerBuilder, SimplyHired and Indeed), and adding these searches to feedly means you won’t miss out when you dream job is posted.

But finding jobs to apply for is only the beginning. Save the jobs you’re interested in to your Evernote notebook and then use Evernote to track that status of your application and prepare for interviews. (Pro tip: follow the official blog of the company you’re applying to work for so you have something fresh to talk about when you go to your interview.)

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Images via: Kevin Tostado, kaktuslampan, Robert Fairchild

Author: Josh Catone

I am an editorial strategy consultant and startup founder.

37 thoughts on “7 things you can do with Evernote and feedly [Pro]”

  1. I can’t use or take seriously Feedly’s Evernote integration until that includes support for Evernote’s tags. It’s not an unreasonable request. When using Pocket’s Mac app, I can select Evernote tags as well as notebooks to file items precisely where I want.

    1. I agree shouldn’t have launched until that feature existed. It is integral to the Evernote experience.
      That doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for it, just don’t do it until it is right.

      1. I agree that the feature is important, but I disagree that the feature shouldn’t have launched. Different people have different needs. What isn’t yet useful to you can be very much useful for others. If you think it is not ready, you can easily ignore it until you think it is. There is this saying in software development: “Release early, release often.”

        1. I agree shouldn’t have launched until that feature existed. It is integral to the Evernote experience.
          That doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for it, just don’t do it until it is right.

      1. “shouldn’t have launched” – I have used Evernote for years and only use tags now and then. I think it is nice but not essential and the commenter “release early, release often” for an app like this is well said.

        I have gone pro with Feedly recently and am still exploring how it can be combined with Evernote, Buffer and IFTTT – the options are slighlty dizzying to be honest

  2. I often find links to articles blogs etc as I am on sites/ Services like FB and Twitter. I would love to be able to send them to a ‘To Read’ channel on feedly. I use Instapaper in this way currently, but I love feedly’s UI (and it’d be great to have all the content I read in the same place – I could then use Evernote integration if there was something I wanted to keep).

    1. Mini is being rebuilt on top of the feedly cloud. We have been making good progress in May. We hope to have something interesting to share with you in June.

  3. Although the effort is much appreciated, everywhere this article say ‘Evernote’ I can more reliably, more efficiently, and more far productively substitute ‘OneNote’. Forget about Evernote/Feedly integration, why bother when there’s the vastly superior OneNote.

    1. «vastly superior OneNote»

      In what respect, precisely? Please try not to confuse your (of course respectable) opinions with facts.

  4. Think its a well designed feature – not intrusive. I’d suggest pro users should be able to customise the bar where the evernote integration button is in. That allows us to be able to have single clicks to go into multiple notebooks. It doesn’t make sense to have a onenote button and an Evernote button when they are substitutes

  5. Congratulations on Feedly. It’s a great reader. As a heavy Evernote user, the integration would be useful. However, I can’t justify the price that Feedly Pro costs, which is the equivalent of what Evernote Premium costs, when it only takes a couple of extra clicks to save articles into Evernote with the free Feedly. What am I missing here?

    1. You are not missing something, you are just right… it’s better to invest on Evernote Premium than Feedly Premium at the moment. :)

  6. All of my feedly feeds have disappeared. All of the blogs I have painstakingly collected and categorized in Feedly over the past few months plus many years in Googlereader — just gone. This happened since the change to authentication using Google. Why was I not informed that this would happen? I am very upset about this.
    Does anyone have a fix for this? I used to just log in using my email/login name and password. Why did this just change with no warning?

  7. What is going on with the iOS feedly app?? It crashed on my iPad a last night; I deleted it and then went to re-download it (from the Purchased section); it seemed to download and then showed an ‘UPDATE’ button instead of the ‘OPEN’ button. When I hit the UPDATE button I got the circling circle icon, which has been circling and circling for hours now. What gives?

  8. A small bug report –
    1. Go to “All” (I use the list view, if it matters).
    2. Click on the unread count of some feed to mark it as read.
    3. Click on one of the titles in the “All” view.

    “Oops! Feedly is out of sync. Try to re-sync.”

    Thank you!

  9. I paid for feedly pro using my paypal account, and received a paypal invoice for $5… but I can’t access ANY of the feedly pro features, INCLUDING any help to figure out why I can’t access feedly pro!!! Can someone please contact me at veiledvenus@gmail.com to help me get the service I’ve PAID for? Thanks!

  10. There is a sync bug error:
    “Oops! Feedly is out of sync. Try to re-sync.”

    I can not see my feeds. i can provide team viewer if u want.

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