Introducing slider: A new way to read on feedly [Updated]

Our goal at feedly is to connect readers to the sources of information they love and deliver the best possible reading experience. Based on feedback from many of our readers, we’re launching a new way to read articles in feedly we call the slider view. Here’s how it works and why we’re sure you’ll love it:

The Slider


When you click on an article in feedly, that content will now appear in a card that slides open from the right edge of your screen.

Easier Reading


While reading, this makes it super easy to jump back and forth between your list of unread articles and the content you want to read.

Better Navigation


When you have an article open, the slider article card includes left / right navigation buttons that make it simple for you to quickly page through unread content using your mouse. As always, you can use the ‘j’ and ‘k’ keyboard shortcuts to navigate through articles, as well.

Faster Sharing


The slider makes it even easier to share your favorite content, because sharing buttons are always kept visible while reading, especially when scrolling down long articles.

Better Discovery


When discovering new sources on feedly, the new format makes it much easier for you to check out a source and read a few articles without losing your place in the search results.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new slider view in the comments below.

Try the new feedly slider

Some quick bug fixes [Update on Friday]

A big thank you to all the users who provided us feedback and bug reports during the last 12 hours. We just pushed out a new version which fixes the following issues:

  • o/x keyboard shortcuts will close the slider if it is open
  • n/p keyboard shortcuts will close the slider and bring the focus back to the main list
  • Fixed bug in which grandfathered users were asked to upgrade to Pro to access Buffer or Pocket
  • Fixed preview issue in Firefox 31
  • Fixed “card view has only 2 columns on Chrome Safari and Firefox beta” bug
  • Spacebar allows you to navigate vertically in the slider

We are going to continue to listen and look out for bugs and suggestions on how to improve the slider so that it works for more workflows and more screen sizes. Thanks for the great feedback!

More bug fixes and enhancements [23.1 / Monday night]

We crunched through a lot of awesome feedback over the week. We are releasing 23.1 today to fix more bugs and integrate some of the best suggestions. Here is the change log for 23.1:

  • Better centering on wide screens
  • Added previous and next arrows to the home section
  • Keyboard navigation in the slider using arrow keys
  • Fixed bug in email option
  • Do not include the sharebar if there are no shortcuts defined
  • Re-enabled sharebar at the top and at the bottom of the full article view when the slider is not used
  • Hide article link closes the slider
  • Fixed Safari 5 bug
  • Fixed “more sources” bug
  • Fixed “card view has only 2 columns in Chrome canary”
  • Fixed “sharebar floating over content” bug

Please clear your cache and reload to make sure that you are running the latest 23.1.825 update. You can see your version information at

We are going to continue to listen and improve the slider experience so if you have suggestions or run into bugs, please continue to be vocal.

Frequently Asked Question

I don’t like this new format. Can I keep the old one?

There is a new Slider knob in the Preferences which allows you to limit the use of the slider to the Card view only (roughly the same behavior we had in v22).

Screenshot 2014-08-22 00.44.38

I’m still seeing the old article view, what’s going on?

First clear your cache and refresh the browser to make sure that you are running the latest version of feedly.

By default, you’ll see the new slider view on the ‘Magazine’ and ‘Cards’ layouts, but not the ‘Title Only’ layout. Visit your feedly Preferences to select the layouts you want to use the slider view. The ‘Full Article’ layout will function as it always has.

Can I customize the share and save options that appear on the top of each article? I don’t want to have to use the dropdown menu to share to my favorite site.

Yes. In the “Sharing Shortcuts” section of your feedly Preferences, you can select up to 6 sharing or saving services to show directly on the article toolbar.

In one of the screenshots, I see multiple tabs, how is that possible?

If you go to the “Add Content” section of your feedly and start exploring for new content, try choosing a site. That source’s page will open in the slider. If you then choose an article, this pattern results in the creation of multiple tabs. (You can also do this in reverse, by picking an article and then clicking the source link near the top.) The goal is to allow users to drill down, while staying in the same context and not get lost while navigating between pages.

Try the new feedly slider

Author: Josh Catone

I am an editorial strategy consultant and startup founder.

363 thoughts on “Introducing slider: A new way to read on feedly [Updated]”

  1. Is it possible to move sharing icons (and overflow icon) to the title of article? Now it takes a lot of space in each article.

        1. Thanks! Will pass the feedback to the design team. If you have the time, please add it to so that the rest of the community can up vote it.

          1. I agree with DaemonGloom on August 22, 2014 at 12:25 am that it’d be really great if you could minimize the space the sharing icons take up – right now, there’s the article title, then the white space with all the sharing stuff, then the text of the post, and then the huge visit website link – I read a lot of feeds with very short text inbetween, so all that white space takes up a lot of my screen estate (I only use full view, and the slider thing does nothing for me).

          2. AddToAny should be a default sharing option so we can share anywhere without putting more options in Feedly. It’s slick…

        2. would it truncate the title? i dont think truncating would be a good idea because the title is important information. so it would have to bump the icons to the next line if the title was too long. that would get us back to pretty much the same layout we have now. this seems like it would make the layout less consistent. sometimes the sharing icons would be in one place, sometimes they would be in another.

          maybe another adjustment to optimize space would just be to reduce the gap between the sharing buttons and the header content

    1. Interesting suggestion. Should not be hard to do. Please add it to so that the rest of the community can up vote it. -Edwin

        1. Exactly my comment. Customize the width of the slider. As it is now it’s too narrow and (to me anyway), it’s somehow disconcerting being only on the right half of the screen…

          1. I agree. I hate reading in the narrow pane now. I’d much prefer to use all of my screen, rather than about half that I’m currently getting in the new view. Very frustrating.

          2. Definitely agreed. I find it really uncomfortable because it feels unbalanced. I want to move it over to the centre because there isn’t enough white space at the right.

  2. Hi, looks great. Takes some time to get used to though. One thing I’m missing is pressing to scroll down. This seams to scroll down the background as opposed to the slider. Also, in the images above it appears to be possible to have several slider ‘tabs’ open at the same time. I can’t figure out how this works.

        1. I checked out the FAQ and then followed the instructions…. and wow. ‘Add content’ section looks awesome, and works awesome ^_^ . If you guys did the same thing for magazine view when you select a single source, it would make me want to switch that view as default. Great job.

        2. I don’t see it in the FAQ, but hopefully that’s a bug. For those that use keyboard navigation, using the mouse to scroll the article is a step backwards.

          1. i have the same issue, space scrolling scrolls the background not the slider article. where is the faq?

  3. I actually love it! I didn’t realize I was constantly reframing each article I clicked on in title only view with the mouse wheel until I didn’t have to do it anymore. This makes articles much easier to view and click through! Great job guys, I think it’s a real innovation.

    A suggestion:
    I’d love to still be able to interact with the title only list even when I’m in the slider view. Right now it grays out the title only list in slider view, which is fine, but I can’t click on another article until I click out of the slider view. If I want to skip 4 articles ahead, I have to either hit the left arrow 4 times with my mouse, or click out of the slider view and then choose the article. I’d love to still be able to choose any visible article directly from the slider view. And maybe even scroll up and down the title only view from slider view too, depending on where my mouse is pointed when I scroll the mouse wheel. Does that make sense?

    That would be the one thing that’d make slider view absolutely better than title only view. You could also improve the speed that the slider appears to match how quickly articles open in title only view, but that’s a minor issue by comparison.

    1. Great suggestion. I very much agree with your comment. I was thinking of the same thing today. Please add this to so that the rest of the community can up vote it. -Edwin

  4. Well, I tried to switch between every type of layouts and I didn’t see any new slider. What am I doing wrong?

  5. I love it. It’s definitely and interesting new take on reading articles. Though i have two request/questions. Would it be possible to get a mark below/older and mark above/newer as read buttons? Reason I ask, is because in the old view, when you selected an article to read, if you scrolled down, the articles above would be marked as read. That was an awesome feature. But that no longer works. My second request/question. How’s readablity page render coming along? If it’s not. Could you add a preference option that when you click the view original button, a new slider tab would open with the web version of the article? I would love to be able to stay within Feedly without leaving…. thanks for all the hard work. It’s nice to see new features, and development of Feedly.

    1. Hello.

      1/ We are looking at ways to allow users to make things before or after as read. More on this this fall.

      2/ We are going to start by allowing users to preview websites in the slider. The natural next step after that will be to add better unclutter support.

      Thanks for the great week end.


  6. Hi,
    Looks great but, unfortunately, on Firefox 32 (beta version), the second time I close a slide, it breaks all the UI of Firefox! All icons of navigation bar are disappeared!! Only way to restore a correct UI is to restart Firefox.

    1. Hmm. Very sorry about that. Which OS are you using firefox on? Could you please take a screenshot and add a link to that screenshot in the comment so that we have a precise understanding of the issue you are running into?

  7. When combining the title only view and the slider, the keyboard shortcuts don’t work as expected (at least as I expected): p & n move the selected title, even whent the slider is open (I expected to go to the next article within the slider), and the o open the slider, but does not close it (which is annoying combined with the p/n beahvior)

    1. Hi Greg. We are still trying to determine what is the right behavior. Are you saying that n/p should close the slider at the same time the list moves from the current article to the next and previous?

  8. I like it very much.

    Would it be possible to add an option so that the full website opens in the slider pane?

    Good job though.

    1. Definitely. We are working on morphing the feedly preview into a slide into the slider. Coming very soon. Thanks for the suggestion! -Edwin

  9. The slider is too far off to the right on my screen and I’m having to move my mouse around too much. How can I disable the slider?

    1. See the first question on the FAQ on how to limit the slider to the cards only view.

      I would also suggest to try to make your browser window slightly narrower (around 1200px) and see if that addresses the move movement. In the alpha tests we did, it took generally 2 days for people to adapt to the new slider and after that period or time, a majority of people preferred the slider to the old inlining or the card lightbox.

      1. a) I do most of my browsing in cards view.
        b) I browse full screen, all the time, period.

        None of your suggestions work because you’re trying to make me change my browsing behavior instead of letting me accommodate Feedly to my needs.

        “There is not way to turn off the slider on the cards view.”
        “This is why the slider can be turned off. Your workflow = your decision.”
        So which is it?

        1. Sorry the lightbox on the old card view was very broken: the background page was scrolling at the same time the article was scrolling which was very disorienting for a lot of users. There was not simple way for us to fix that without introducing something like slider which would decouple the two scrolling. -Edwin

          1. Agree with both these posters. I use the Cards view on a wide display and the slider is way off on the right side of the screen — very, very inconvenient, not to mention ugly.

            Both Geraldo and Talvi are right, you’re (again) trying to impose a new browsing behavior, not giving us any option here. Just let us use Cards view without the slider and we’ll be good.

            1. Same thing here. On a normally wide screen the right stacked reader window is ridiculous. We won’t change our browsing habits for Feedly ! Please let us deactivate this thing.

                1. Yes, I hate it. Please allow an opt-out. This is something that if not addressed will make me change readers.

                    1. I’m with the other commenters. Let us turn this off or at least have it show up full screen! I hate having the articles show up partial screen and pushed all the way to the right!

      2. Why would one make their browser smaller? I have a 27″ monitor, and I like it, I don’t wnat my content in only a corner of the screen. This look is terrible on a large monitor. The article is on the far side of the screen, and only uses about 1/3 of the viewing area. Really need to be able to disable it

    1. The card view had already a lightbox like experience. To keep the code base simple, we replaced that lightbox by the new slider. There is not way to turn off the slider on the cards view. Sorry.

    2. I don’t want the Slider either. Most of the articles in my feed have me open up the website where they originated from. Now instead of going to an article, the slider pops up and I have to hit visit website. Personally, I find this new “feature” annoying.

  10. This would be very useful if the full article would open in the slider. Right now it’s useless because instead of continuing scrolling if the article is not interesting you have to close the slider. So it’s 1 click more to continue reading which is not good for the workflow.

    1. Different people have different workflow. A lot of people like to scan through the list and open an article when they want to focus on reading it. Some people prefer to see the entire content of the article and scroll through them. This is why the slider can be turned off. Your workflow = your decision.

      1. Yes, I know, that’s why I tuned it off. Very glad that it’s possible.
        Are you planing to implement a “read full article” in the slider? This would be a great addition. I would tun on the slider for this.
        And speaking about workflow: When will you finally implement filters? Most asked feature but no word on this from Feedly.

      2. I’m going to call shenanigans on being able to turn off the slider. I don’t see that option in my preferences. Or do I have to become a premium user to turn off the slider?

  11. At the moment I don’t really like it.
    I always use maximized browser windows. The slider only uses half of the screen width so that the left half feels “empty”. So now I have to look to the right half of the screen when reading an article whereas before the article was opened in the center of the screen.

        1. We are going to try to see if we can make the slider a bit wider when the browser window is wide to avoid this issue. Will add it to the list of things to explore for v24. Thank you very much for your feedback. -Edwin

          1. Ye, i have to agree. I have a really large screen where i keep my browser maximized, like most of my friends and colleagues. At the moment i’m really craning my neck to the right to read my feeds. Maybe it’s a Mac vs Windows thing where Windows users tend to keep their applications maximized all the time – not sure if you took that into account for your user testing? I like what you’re going for, it looks awesome, but please keep user’s hardware in mind.

          2. Is it possible to have an option for the slider to be centered? Or perhaps pop-out or movable? It’s not exactly ergonomic to constantly tilt your head to the right to read. Not to mention slightly annoying when you can choose to opt-out for all options except cards (which is what I’ve been using and didn’t have a problem with). I agree with dgoemans about Windows users keeping their applications and browsers maximized most of the time. My screen is not as wide but like what Rene mentioned, my slider ends up on the right half of the screen, and I prefer everything in the center. Please help make some changes for the can-only-work-with-maximized-browser-users like us. Thanks. :)

        2. I have to agree here. On a 27″ screen with the browser full width (as I always have it) the slider is way off on the right of the screen. We go from the list of articles in the center of the screen, to trying to read something on the far right, it’s not as nice as having everything centered.
          Maybe you could make the slider take up a larger % of the screen width for resolutions over 1300 px wide?

  12. THis is a bad UI experience. Rather than quickly being able to click, read a story, and then scroll down and click again (ZERO mouse movement), I now have to move the mouse and my visual focus from reading to finding the stupid X so I can close the “slider”. This makes reading news with Feedly WAY more cumbersome. You guys made some nice eye candy, but severely decreased the utility and efficiency of your UI. Way to go!

    1. Please provide a way to turn it off or revert to the previous way to expand articles. The earlier answer about “trying to simplify the codebase” is a lame excuse. Any decent Web developer can figure out how to load one UI version or another depending on user preference.

      1. You should learn to read. They’ve already explained how to turn slider view off.

        Also, your workflow isn’t everybody else’s workflow. For the way I read articles, slider view makes it faster and easier.

          1. You do not need to read how to use it. But we have millions of users who are used to using feedly one way. When we do changes, we like to explain why we are doing the change and make sure that people who find the change incompatible with their habits/workflows can turn the feature off. This is the purpose of this blog post. I hope this clarifies. -Edwin

        1. You should learn to read. You can’t turn it off if you use cards. I don’t see why the content should be forced into 1/4 of the screen in this slider. It works better for you, GREAT! for you. You said it yourself, your workflow isn’t everybody else’s, so why can’t you understand that this does not work for some of us.

    2. Did you know that you can close the slider by clicking anywhere on the black background (not just the x). The benefit of the slider is that offers a more focused reading experience and a consistent place where you can find sharing tools (even if you are in the middle of a long article).

      During our tests, it took 12-36 hours for people to get used to the new experience but a wide majority of it end up preferring it. Some people did not get used to it. This is why we decided to offer a preference knob to let you limit it to the cards view.

    3. While I would not say something as definitive as “bad UI experience”, I have to side with cshotton. I think the slider is pretty and has some value. However when I compare it to the old experience, I think it is less utilitarian.

      Example: I used to just click an article to see it expanded. I could read the article and scroll around through it. As I finish the article, I continue to scroll down and I am looking at the abbreviated articles below. I can choose to click on any of them to expand them. However the slider forces me to click the X button on the top left of the slider to get back to the article list. My first reflex is to press the ESC key to get back, but I see that is not implemented.

      Speaking of scrolling and the keyboard, I also notice that the standard scrolling keys like PGUP, PGDN, SPACE, and SHIFT-SPACE do not work. It is as the focus of the mouse is not on the slider pane. I need to specifically click the mouse in the slider pane to get these scrolling keys to work.

      As you may guess, I find the keyboard more convenient than moving the mouse around to find the proper scrollbar locations to navigate. I think the experience would be improved if you gat that working. And reducing mouse movement is a great thing to do for those of us prone to carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries.

  13. depuis cette mise à jour à c’est le gros bazard, la version de base est maintenant touchée par la disparition des boutons ”save for later”. Je suis en mode ”full article”

  14. Is this a joke? I can’t read articles quickly with keyboard shortcuts and I can’t understand how to use it. Sorry guys, but it’s a very bad design.

    1. Hi Fabio,

      Slider fully supports j/k. We are going to enhance it so that it closed on n/p. What kind of keyboard shortcuts do you use?

      Also, we expect that slider will not make 100% of people 100% happy. This is why there is a preference knob to configure it to only work on the card view ( ~ turning it off on the title only and magazine view).


        1. @Geraldo: thanks for the heads up. I opened a bug to make sure that o closes the slider. Will try to get it fixed for early next week. Thanks for the feedback. -Edwin

      1. Focus more on better keyboard shortcuts. You never want to actually read an article in feedly, you always want to open it in a new tab so you get it all. Feedly always messes up the display of images in feeds as well. Focus on making the core product work rather than wasting time on annoying visual flourishes.

        In short, stop trying to be a web browser; be a feed reader. Make it easy for me to open articles I’m interested in new tabs. And to be able to everything, I mean everything, that you can do by mouse by keyboard.

  15. Now if we could just change the really awkward j & k keys for better ergonomics…
    I would like in preferences to be able to choose:
    1. the keys to use, and
    2. whether or not to mark as read

  16. I made a small adjustment to the css because a more centered view is easier to look at on my big monitor. Otherwise i have to constantly look to the right of the screen. Would be great to have a built in feature like this. Otherwise i like the idea.

    Here is the css if someone wants to use it in stylish:

    @-moz-document domain(“”) {

    .floatingEntryContent {
    right: 0;
    left: 269px;
    .slideBumper-right {
    right: 0;
    left: 994px;

        1. Hacky? My whole feedly is hacked with stylebot. I mean, if feedly doesn’t want to please me I’ll do it myself. :)
          I have hacked every single aspect of the UI because I use a 1920px wide monitor and there’s lot of free unsused space and I did my own colored style on every element. It’s a hard work, but it’s fun.

      1. Use stylish or stylebot extensions on your browser. You need little css knowledge to do the basic changes but with advanced knowledge you could change the whole UI to your needs.

  17. Thanks Edwin/team for the hardwork and great service.
    But guys, if there is no keyboard shortcuts then the whole thing is no use for me nor for a lot of keyboard depndent users. I have no objection on the new design but please let the new design behave the same as the old desing when it comes to the keyboard shortcuts..

    Much thanks…

    1. Hi Exa: the slider is designed to support j/k and n/p/o (we are going to enhance n/p) to automatically hide the slider. Are you talking about these shortcuts or other ones?

      1. Thanks, I tried with o/x and non of them worked (I neither can open nor close the slide with these hotkeys).. n/p they are not functional while the slide is open.. j/k seems to be fine..

        1. Me neither. But feedly won’t give a solution to my needs and to the needs of every user. The solution is make it yourself… if you know how.

  18. I’m really not a huge fan of it : I liked the way articles I was reading appeared in the middle of the screen, not this one sided version. I really feel like the article is stuck on the border of the screen (and it’s not something linked to the resolution) Could you please add an option allowing us to not use this option at all ? I use the Card view for most of my folders, so the minimum disable option isn’t enough.

    1. I also use cards view mostly and ended up styling the css to just center the slide. I use stylebot on chrome.

      Mine looks like this now.

  19. Not sure I particularly care about this.
    Aside from being a Google Reader convert, I’m a heavily tab-centric user, so I use Title Only mode and open *every* update in a new tab, even going so far as to open several new tabs at once.

    I’m primarily using Feedly for keeping track of webcomics, so it’s nice being able to let the pages load in the background before checking on them after they’ve finished loading.

    1. +1. Slider is not going to work for all workflow. For your specific case, we are trying to enhance feedly so that you can open articles in background tabs more easily. More on this in v24.

  20. This feature is more annoying than anything because you can open it with the short key ‘o’ but not close it with this key. Please add this functionality, otherwise the whole process is getting much slower than it used to be.

    Please add Safari Reading List as well!

      1. Yeah I know that but as I said, that’s much slower and completely unnecessary. It’s just bad usability and every good designer knows that. You can’t just change the appearance without adapting the usability except if you want to introduce a new and better way to control the site which is not the case here. You should be able to close sliders with the same key you opened it, just as before with the title view.
        This feature just made usability worse.

      1. Well, cleared the cache, logout. Nothing changed. But I can see a 3 dots menu in the right upper corner of the post.

  21. Unfortunately, Team Feedly, this is not a particuarly good change. Having to read/look to the side of the screen is not ideal – pretty bad ergonomics imposed. The cards view is useful so as to be able to scan down a dense photo/image list, which is much preferred to the magazine view.

    However, a thankfully small but useful change that could be made is to turn off Slider completely from all feed views i.e. add one more radio button with “none” above the “card view only” radio button. The option would at least allow those for whom Slider does not fit their workflow without affecting those who like Slider.

    1. Try stylebot in chrome to style feedly to your needs. You can center the slider if you feel it more confortable.

      Have a look at this.

  22. Choosing to save an article to Instapaper isn’t working. It takes me to the Feedly Pro upgrade page.

  23. When I click on the get Slider button nothing happens. It directs me back to my feedly home page but the new slider feature doesn’t appear, nor does it appear in the setting menu. Am I missing something?

  24. Maybe I could get used to it, but where did the ‘pin it’ button go on photos? Mine is still enabled, but when I click on a photo, it downloads instead of giving me the option to pin. Thanks.

    1. Must be a bug. Sorry. I opened a ticket for someone in the dev team to look into this and get it fixed for the update we will push out early next week! -Elisa

  25. Can’t say I’m enjoying it much. The slicker UI is definitely an improvement on some fronts, but I hate having to read my feeds at the far right of my monitor now. I browse full-screen, and do not want to resize my browser. Turning it off.

      1. All these comments make it clear feedly doesn’t understand: People don’t want to resize their monitors because your presentation is broken. People want to control their own. I’m not going to throw away 25% of my screen real estate.

        The phrase “sucks sweaty donkey balls” may be overused, but the implementation of slider certainly meets that threshold…

    1. The worst part is I didn’t even know what “card view” was today until you arbitrarily decided that some links should be displayed one way and some links should be displayed a different way. It makes no sense… Why I can’t I disable the slider 100%?

  26. Just as in “Saved For Later” the C-Shortcut doesn’t work to Clip to Evernote. It did work before the redesign (in “Saved For Later” it didn’t work before, either).

  27. This is awful guys. It isn’t enabled if you are using https either so I had to use unsecured to play around with it. Several issues:
    1 – It is awful. Plain and simple there is nothing convenient about this…there needs to be a way to disable this entirely.
    2 – You can’t interact with the feed behind the slider so what’s the point? If its to provide visual information about what’s in your feed then it fails to do that with tiles. If its to make it easier to close an open article and get back to your feed (because it is annoying to have to scroll to top to have to do that) then this is a very ugly way to do that – a floating button or an area to the side of an article could be specified as a space to click to collapse the current article.
    3 – It isn’t resizable. People want to see different amount of information.
    4 – What’s with the tab look? It servers no purpose but to make me think I can shrink it to the right and if I open it again any open tabs will be there, waiting for me. But I can’t. I can’t even open more then one.

    There is no need to reinvent the world here. One step at a time. Identify the problem or deficient UI and address or fix it. Don’t do something completely new that introduces more problems then it fixes. Come on, this is like s/w design 101 stuff. This is the first update I’ve been unhappy with.

    TDLR; Give us a way to turn it off and please assign your resources to something that will improve the site instead of useless UI candy that no one will use.

    1. Agree 100%. The slider requires more clicks to use and I hate it…. RSS is useful to browse and preview lots of content very quickly and the slider does nothing but slow things down…. Thankfully I don’t use card view so I was able to get rid of it.

      Now if you used the slider for the Preview functionality that would be great. The current preview pop over needs serious help.

  28. Guys, it looks really nice but probably found kind of bug. When u want to navigate to other news in tab mode, the arrow which appears on the left and right side are not working with keybord arrows key. Can u fix it?

    1. It wasn’t meant to work with arrow keys. Instead you can use j/k to navigate. But it’s more likely most people will try to use arrow keys now with this slider. Maybe feedly should try to add these shortcuts as well to keep things clear to most users.

  29. Without space-bar pagination, it’s useless to me.
    I absolutely need j, k, J, K and space-bar when browsing my feeds.

      1. Agreed. Logged a bug for the dev team to add support for space-bar. Will try to get it fixed by early next week. Thanks for the feedback. -Edwin

  30. It would be nicer if the content is in the middle. It’s quiet unnatural to look to the right side of the screen

  31. I’m really surprised feedly is telling people to adjust their browser screens to ~1300px in order to deal with the frustration of having the slider all the way to the right of the screen (pretty annoying when you’re on a big imac screen).

    Shouldn’t the slider pop up in the middle rather than people having to adjust the screen so it seems like it’s in the middle?

    People aren’t going to change their screens just to read feedly. We shouldn’t have to. I’m surprised people in beta didn’t have a problem with it. Maybe they got used to it… but it’s still bad design. Sad face.

    I love feedly, so I’m hoping this changes!

    1. I had that problem in beta, but I didn’t know that this feature would be in the general feedly so fast. I hardly used it three days and didn’t like it much so I always ended up using instead of beta. I was hoping this was activated on demand in all views, but now they say it’s impossible to deactivate in cards view, and this is my default view, btw. Now I have to cope with this slider and I managed to move it to the center of the monitor and I like it even more than the old lightbox.

      You need some css knowledge to move the slider to where you like but it’s definitely better than the lightbox.

  32. I hate that slider view is pinned to the right of the screen. This is an absolutely horrible experience when you have a large wide screen resolution. Unfortunately I cannot disable it because Card View is the only view I like/use in Feedly. How do I remove the Slider beta feature from my account?

    1. Unfortunately it seems the slider can’t be removed in cards view for technical reasons. If you have css knowledge you can try to position the slider where you like untill feedly changes the overlay in a future update.

  33. I agree with a few people above. It definitely doesn’t do any justice for those of us who have huge screens. It looks okay on my smaller screen, though it would be nice if it were centered. I do like the navigation arrows. However, when I hit “keep unread” it will only keep it unread when I close it, rather than close it automatically like it used to.

  34. 1. You should have enhanced preview first. When you open preview it is not a great experience and many websites to not have full article in RSS feed.

    2. So if an article does not have full article loaded then open up slider to show entire article or show some type of readability filter applied to the article.

    3. You should provide an option to turn off slider for all views including cards. I’m surprised you forced this on us without a preference to turn off. I really don’t see the value of slider? It just pops up content over to the right of the screen? Am I missing something here?

      1. I hope so – making me read off-centered content doesn’t work for my brain. You should expedite this “feature” so those of us who don’t like it… don’t end up leaving.

  35. Finally! Finally you’ve changed enough features that I’m motivated to find a new reader. I understand making changes like adding the “slider”, I don’t understand why I have to use the f&*(ing thing!

    1. Sorry to hear that the slider is not working well for your workflow. There is a slider preference knob which will allow you to turn it off in the magazine view. Have a good week end.

    1. Sorry to hear that the slider is not working well for your workflow. There is a slider preference knob which will allow you to turn if off in the magazine view. Have a good week end.

  36. Like others, restoring keyboard functionality is key for me, and this is a major step backwards without it. I’ve seen mention above that you’re planning to restore N/O/P keyboard commands, which is great, but haven’t seen any mention of V command (to view the full article). I see that currently N/O/P work in the background, behind the tab, but that’s useless because you can’t see the titles of the articles your scrolling to (and may want to open). The latter fact is a key reason that this change doesn’t quite work, in my opinion. If you could rearrange the UI so that when the tab opened, the article list moved to the left, to preserve meaningful scrolling, that would be a huge step forward I/M/O. Finally, and this is also REALLY key for me, you can’t scroll through an article in a tab without using the mouse. Previously you could scroll through an article using the space bar. Now the space bar just scrolls though the article list in the background behind the tab, which is completely useless, because you can’t see anything there. Hope you can fix this. I can see the potential advantages of a tab view, and would like to take advantage of that, but the current implementation is totally unworkable (for me). Thanks.

  37. I really wish the space bar / page down functionality would work the way every other web page works.

    The last line on the screen before I push space needs to be visible after I push space or page down to keep context. It seems that now not only is it not showing that extra line, but it’s actually skipping a line.

    To me this is not a feature, but something that is broken. That’s why I don’t think it’s something that needs to be voted on uservoice. If the arrow keys skipped down too far than people would probably be saying the same thing.


  38. I like the slider overall, but is it possible, to make an article full screen if you want to? (or rather – in the old view?). I don’t always need that, but some articles are easier to read in the larger view.

    1. I added an item to the roadmap to allow users to stretch the slider and control the width. Will try to look into this for v24 or v25. Thanks for the feedback. -Edwin

  39. Feedly has always been terrible at widescreen, and this is even worse. Seriously, does everyone on the team use a 4:3 aspect ratio monitor? Or have they never maximised the Feedly window on a widescreen monitor?

    1. Completely agree with you on that… I’ve been using a 27-inch screen since the beginning of Feedly and each major change to the layout has me believing that the team is completely oblivious to large screens (not to mention anything other than Safari, but this is another matter…). Use anything 24-inch or larger and Feedly requires a lot of hacking in Stylebot/Stylish or some other CSS plugin to look even remotely good.

  40. This doesn’t seem to work in “full page view” — only card/magazine — and only on the desktop? One option that I would LOVE to see is the option to open the card directly in my browser — and because of load times, multiple cards at once. It would be similar to an old Google Reader function that I still much miss.

  41. Wow, this slider view is not the business. Reading articles on the right half of the screen is unpleasant on the eyes. A better reading experience would be to bring the slider all the way to the left-hand feeds column so the article covers the middle part of the screen.

    Glad I was able to somewhat disable this new view in preferences. If that were not possible I seriously would not use Feedly in my browser anymore.

  42. How do I turn it off? Much prefer reading from the center of my screen and not the far right side. I’m sure it’s great on small screens. If I use card view, am I now stuck with this option only?

  43. Just to reinforce what others have said: taking away my ability to use the spacebar to navigate fundamentally *breaks* how I use this product on the web. Nothing good you have done with this change matters, because you have so degraded my reading experience. Please fix this; I don’t want to leave feedly.

  44. sharing buttons & tags missing

    I don’t like the changes, because now (even with the slider mode off) the tags are completely missing. :( “sharing buttons are always kept visible while reading” sounds like irony to me, the sharing buttons are gone with the wind totally.

    Any suggestions, how I can fix this problem?

      1. Same issue here, version: 23.0.820 (Your latest)
        It’s on every view without opening the article…
        So your new slider thing… that doesn’t work when viewing full articles, have ABSOLUTELY NO ability to save/email/etc.

        Side note from one developer to another:
        You should NEVER release a new version without controls to TURN IT OFF!!!
        I’m glad you checked before releasing this horribly buggy version.

      2. Hi,

        thanks for the fast reply. Do you got my message with the 2 screenshots linked?
        Thanks for the bug fixes. I emptied the cache and now the version is 23.1.830.

        I still cannot see the Re-enabled sharebar at the top or at the bottom of the full article view when the slider is not used, though. Do you have an idea, how I could change this?

        Thanks a lot!

      1. Glad to hear preview change coming but please give us an option to only use slider for preview. And please improve preview with readability like filter option. Thanks.

  45. Thanks for all you do…but this big, clunky Slider stuck on the right hand side of the screen…no, just no. Please let me get rid of it. I liked it the way it was.

  46. Como quito ese Slider ?????????????????????????????????
    es muy molesto deben centrarlo !!!!!!!!!!!

  47. I don’t want to view articles the same way as I navigate a mess of fixed-size Windows control panels. I have a big screen and I resent seeing it wasted. And I’m quite disturbed to see that you’ll be making “card view” mandatory in the future. You would be very wise to maintain a pure “Google Reader” view.

    I want one thing, or i’ll never pay to upgrade. Ever.

    I have the maximum number of feeds in my profile. I’m a news junkie. I read/skim a lot of news, and above all things, I need a way to do it more efficiently. I want subject/keyword filters.

    I’ll pay Feedly to pluck out articles I never want to read, like Britney Spears and iPhone6. It would be nice to have the option of making a filter expire upon a certain date, so I can just avoid temporarily hyped topics (iphones are boring). It would also be nice to have a newsfeed sort-mode where articles containing keywords I like are at the top, and those without follow them. That way I can be pretty sure I got anything interesting and just mark the rest “read” when it’s time for bed.

    Like others have written above, I thank you for all you’ve done with Feedly. But now you’re tinkering too much with the successful formula Google Reader had worked out. Think about it. Your customers are NOT crying out for you to make their newsfeed look like a video game. I can always go back to Owl Reader or use Firefox. THEY BOTH DO FILTERS.

  48. scrolling should work everywhere on the screen in slider mode.
    In the previous version, when an article was open, scrolling worked anywhere. Now my mouse has to over over the content for it to work.

    Please fix.

  49. I am not liking the slider at all for magazine view. I used to click on the title of the article I wanted to read in detail, and land in the full version on the website. Now I have to click on it, wait for slider show me exactly the same stuff I was looking at a second time, then click again to get to the article.

    A workaround in firefox for people who desire more immediate content access would be to right click on the title, then open in a new tab or window. This gets slider out from underfoot if you find that it is not adding value.

    1. You do you know that there is an option to allow you to configure partial feeds so that when you click on the title, it opens the website directly? -Edwin

  50. I’m having troubles activating it.

    No option in preferences for it, even if I click “Try the new feedly slider” from this article.

    What’s happening?

  51. I agree with the above comments – I don’t like the slider at all and would like to switch back to the previous view. Please provide an option to do so!

    I have a widescreen monitor, and the slider forces me to look far off to the right of the screen to read every article. Very annoying. The previous version showed the articles right in the middle of the screen which is much more natural.

    The slider makes interacting with my feeds a painful experience compared to the previous user interface. Not a fan. If you could provide an option to switch back to the old view it would be much appreciated.

  52. on the big screen of iMac the slider looks really bad. do not like it at all. is there any chance to continue with the old version (without slider, i mean)?

  53. It looks pretty but it seems like a waste of screen real state, the slider takes half the screen while the rest is just shaded. I’ve read the blog, used it, and it doesn’t do much for me as a user, it doesn’t add value. I’m failing to see how it makes Feedly more functional… But it looks pretty though.

  54. Very nice — SUGGESTION: when you click on the article and slider appears.. looks good. BUT, when I click on the next it goes away and comes back. Please consider keeping the slider in place and refreshing the text with the next article.

  55. I understand what you are going for here, but I’m afraid it has degraded my reading. I seldom read every article in a list, preferring instead to click in and out of selected ones based on headline and excerpt. The slider almost completely covers the article list, so that once I click into one article, I can’t browse the list anymore without closing the slider back up. All the slider has accomplished for me is adding mouse movement and clicks to my reading. (And since most of the sources I read don’t include the full text of the article in their feeds, I have to click again anyway to go to the source page, and then click the new tab to close it when done. So I’m not looking for any more clicks!)

    Also, stylistically the slider looks a bit at odds with the Preview view. Click a headline and the slide pops over the article list. Then click Preview and the Preview box pops over the slider. Too many layers!

    Again, I get what you are trying to do here, but I side with those who don’t find this feature an improvement — quite the opposite, actually. Thank you for reading my comment.

  56. Guys, you broke the *Shift+Space” navigation in the content card, it does the same as *Space*. Seriously, this navigation is older than time itself and as universe as sliced bread. I’m having vertigo over this.

  57. I can see Instapaper integration isn´t free of charge anymore. I can see the posts do not charge videos anymore. I´m I wrong or right.
    Anyway my only interest is Gmail integration which works excellent -not like other services which you have to configure the browser and instead closes the window once you´ve sent the mail-.
    Thank you!

  58. I think this update broke the preview in the regular view (Full Articles) in Opera 12.17. It now only displays “Preview disabled by browser over https” for a moment, but I doubt thats true, since it worked fine before…

    1. I’m not sure what preview is, but it did break the look of full-article view in Opera 12. I wrote about it in the bug report section of the Feedly G+ page, but here’s the essential image, with what it should look like on top and what it now looks like on the bottom:

  59. I like the functionality, for the most part, but on my monitor (2560×1440) it’s just too small, and too far to the right of the screen to be anything but annoying. Centered content works much better for this size monitor (which is becoming more common). Or some other solution, perhaps.

  60. The bar with “Saved for Later” is not working in Firefox over HTTPS.
    Please fix it, I rely on this feature a lot.

  61. Feedly, I just want to read things like I did in google reader. I absolutely do not want this. I’ve gone back to the old option after some panic but LIVE IN FEAR you will force this way on everyone. Please just leave it alone.

  62. As many are saying, this UI change is not successful.

    It forces the user to reorient their gaze every time they open a new card and requires the user to move their mouse to mouse wheel scroll or interact with the card, then back to exit the card.

    Not to sound melodramatic, but this is totally unusable. I like cards to quickly digest a bunch of content, but now will have to abandon it for list. This is just simply to disorienting to be a pleasurable experience in addition to how slow it is.

    Telling people to change their browser width is not an answer. Please center the overlay / “slider”, there’s no advantage to having it on the edge.

  63. thank you VERY VERY VERY much for giving me the option of turning off the slider. I don’t understand how or why or where you came up with the notion that this would be a wonderful invention. It is HORRIBLE. just my opinion, but what were you thinking? if something is broke, why try to fix it?

  64. I do not like this at all – as it uses lots of complex CSS etc, it makes it *very* slow to run on older machines – it takes over ten seconds to load an article now for me…

  65. Thanks for trying with the new experience, but I hate it. Echoing what others have said, I only used card view, never had a problem with the light box, and now there’s no way for me to go back to the way I was happy viewing things. Very disappointed that I don’t get to choose my reading experience, or at least that the one I had been using since starting on Feedly has been taken away. :(

  66. This is horrible horrible design. Get back to the old one.

    Is it really hard for people to understand “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”?

  67. You should really put your effort in useful features like filters and don’t waste time on such stupid things like the slider.

  68. Whatever changes you make, please don’t eliminate the title only view!

    I use Feedly as an aggregator for many websites to avoid going to each site and to enable me to quickly choose which articles to read from each feed. I don’t often read the articles on Feedly itself, so the slider view is not needed (but I do understand why others use it).

    BTW: the spell check here red-underlines “Feedly” as an error.

  69. I tried it but don’t like it and am trying to revert. I use magazine view, so I set this Slider setting to card view only since I don’t use card view anyway. However, the slider is still showing up for my magazine view. I’ve cleared cache, refreshed, and have even tried different browsers/machines… GET THIS OUT OF ME!

  70. I am personally mixed. I think the Slider is beautiful, but my OCD brain can’t stand it being off to the right. I loved the Card View because articles opened in the center (a la Safari reader) If it was slightly more to the left so I didn’t see the other articles behind it, it might be okay. I don’t mind the list on the left. I think it makes sense and interact with a similar UI in Evernote. But having it slightly cover the right side of the screen bothers me. I guess in my head, since we read left to right, it should be as far left so as to touch the content list on the left. Then it would feel normal to me.

    1. I agree! At least move it over a little. It is so lopsided and looks terrible on full screen. Would it to be centered again. I like the idea. The execution has been terrible.

  71. Is it possible to make the card in the middle of the screen?
    I’m on a large monitor and having the card on the right-side is ergonomically damaging!


  72. How do I remove the slider feature? I want to read my blogs on the major part of the screen, not on its right half.

  73. There seems to be a problem with the “Unread only” checkbox. it won’t list the unread items and stays the same as it is with the read items. please help! Thank you!

  74. what can i do ? since 3 days i have this message :

    Is feedly blocked?
    Feedly is not able to load. It is probably because one of your extensions is blocking it. If you run Adblock, HTTPSEverywhere, Awesome screenshot etc.. please make sure that is white listed.
    Ask a question

    please, help me !

  75. Horrible. Just as annoying as the Google Mail composer window. Why do some developers think that users like to be forced to focus on the right side of the screen?

  76. I’ve tried to use it, I’ve really tried but I don’t like at all, it’s is really ugly and unusable.for me.
    Please, let it us deactivate slider totally. I love Feedly and I don’t want to search another service, but now I can’t use it. I’m sad because the previous version was almost perfect (I only need the option to increase the font) and I don’t understand the benefits of the slider


  77. I set my preferences to card only but the slider keeps coming back to haunt me like an angry ghost. You’re sure I’m going to love this? Wrong wrong wrong. If you’re going to make decisions for people at least give us the option of keeping what we loved. Feedly was perfect as it was. Why try to improve on something that was already precisely what we were looking for in a Reader? This is just disappointing at the very least and time consuming in that now I’ll have to spend time going on the hunt for a replacement Reader. Ever heard of the phrase “leave well enough alone?” Well here’s some advice – do it. Someone obviously has way too much time on their hands that they sit around trying to dream up ways to make someone’s life complicated and miserable when all their trying to do is take a minimalist approach to reading their daily news fix. Give us a break why don’t you? This change was unnecessary.

  78. I’d like to use the slider in magazine view but it breaks the Feedly Plus Addon so I don’t have the “mark previous as read” option, which to be honest should have been included by default in Feedly waaay before you go on implementing some weird UI changes like the slider that no one asked for…

  79. I hate it. It just pushed the stuff I want to read into a smaller frame on the screen, showing stuff I don’t need to see in the background. I want to opt out of it. I hate it so much I will give up feedly if I can’t opt out.

  80. I’d also like to request for an option to deactivate this feature. I really liked it the way it was before, and this slider is only a bother for me. I like the card view too, so it’s really bothersome that I can’t deactivate it in card view.
    It’s okay to introduce new features, as I’m sure there are people who will enjoy it, but please give us the option to keep the older version.
    Thank you.

  81. Hi, I don’t like this new feature, Mainly because it only uses 1/3 to 1/2 of the screeen. Could it be possible to have a check box somewhere in the preferences to not use the slider?
    Thank you.

  82. The operation of Slider on my Chrome installation is flawed. The top of the Slider card is hidden under the “Feedly” header, so I can’t see the tab and part of the feed post title is covered.

  83. I don’t care for it either. I like scanning a list of titles very quickly and I love being able to click a title, read the article quickly, and then just scroll past it to continue with the title list. With the slider view I have to close the slider to get back to the title list which feels like an extra step – or STEPS when I’m reading a lot of articles. Thanks for letting us opt out of the Slider!!

  84. I’ve seen a lot of comments about the “slider” being less that ideal on widescreen monitors and I agree… My default view is full screen browser window in card view. I’m not going to change this to adapt to your new UI and it is a ***silly*** notion on Feedly’s part that I should resize my browser or stop using my preferred view. That being said, I don’t mind the concept you’re going for at all. I do, however, think this is poor execution of a good idea. I miss the ability to scroll through card view and pop open the stuff I’m interested in as I’m going but, if the slider were not pegged to the right side of my screen in such an awkward way, I could get over that. You shouldn’t be asking me to get over both.

    If you want some directional ideas on how to improve the experience, you might check out… their implementation of the same basic concept, while in some ways overstated, might be more in line with something your users can accept.

    I generally love just about everything you guys do and I think it’s obvious you work hard at providing a good user experience and that you listen to feedback from your users… That being said, I think you missed the boat on this one and I also think you should stop defending the UI with comments like “you’ll get used to it like our test group did” and “shrink your browser”. You know that isn’t what good UI is about. I get you can’t make everyone happy, but I think you can do better than this.

  85. I can see how this would work better on smaller screens, but its really crap on a 27″ monitor you need to keep things in the middle or to one side not both.

    1. Also turning it off in preferences except for cards view is not that great, if you use cards view as I do. I find cards handy for sites that have a lot of content to skim through everyday or sites that I don’t check that often so the content builds up. I want to be able to kill this feature completely or I need control where it opens on the page.

  86. I’m not liking this slider thing.I read in magazine view and often double-tap my trackpad to enlarge type to read more easily. When I enlarge the type in the slider view, the scrolling doesn’t work well at all. This doesn’t seem to happen in card view, but that’s not an efficient way to skim through a lot of posts.

  87. I have several hundred feeds that are organized into about a dozen different groups, by topic (movies, music, tech, etc.). I then read through one topic at a time, rather than one feed at a time.

    What I’m seeing so far is that Feedly seems to have chosen to use Slider for some groups and not use it in others. As near as I can tell, it gets used for groups in which Feedly decides there are 3 “top stories” to place at the top of the feed. There seems to be no way for me to enable it or disable it.

    The problem comes in groups that have these 3 top stories and then 20 other items below. I click “j” for the first and Slider slides open. I click “j” to read through the 20 items but what happens is it only goes down to the 4th or 5th item and then starts cycling through those 5 repeatedly and never advancing to items 6 to 20. It’s a pain.

    Also, many sites I follow do not put their entire content into RSS, just a summary. I have chosen “magazine view” or “full articles” for most feeds. As such, the Slider function offers no advantage to me that I can see so far.

    I would prefer it if this was a feature that could be disabled/enabled rather than a default.

  88. My astigmatism would really like to thank you for the slider: it can really help it grow when reading long articles on the rightmost third of a 24 inch screen.

    Now excuse me, I have to go click a certain option in the preferences.

  89. Hi – I initially saw lots of comments about the new UI, but decided to give the slider a try for a while before I contributed my own views. FYI I use Feedly on a Windows Chrome browser.
    Like others here, the slider doesn’t improve the UX for me; the previous inline version was easier in my opinion as i could just use shortcut keys to move around – it doesn’t seem as easy now.
    On the other hand, the UX on my Android tablet is great, I hope you don’t plan to make any significant changes there.

  90. There is a bug when I touch by my finger on left top icon from my windows 8 chrome, the left slider show and then hide immediately. After that even I touch on left vertical bar to show up left slider it shrink immediately.

  91. Looks great for tablets, but for desktops, please, no.

    The screen looks unbalanced with a white block on the right side, and it makes me feel like resizing the browser and/or moving it to the left, so the content (where my eyes will spend most of its time) is the center of the screen.

  92. Really really dislike for desktop reading! I don’t want to read articles that only take up half the page!

  93. Hate it. I want to read in the center of the screen, not on the side. What would be great is if websites stopped making changes just for the sake of it. Change does not equal improvement.

    A change that would be useful to me is an easier way to add a new feed to the reader. If I link to another blog within a blog already in my feed, and I want to subscribe to the new blog, I can’t figure out how to add it to my feed without copying the URL and pasting it in the Add Content box. A button that adds a feed with one click would be nice.

  94. The slider doesn’t work very well on a large monitor, like my 27″ screen. It’s jarring to have the content jammed into the right-hand quarter of the screen. Let me resize it or dump the slider.

  95. Another vote AGAINST the slider. It’s not terrible, but it’s certainly a neighbor. I cannot read an article longer than my screen without resorting to a mouse — up and down arrows scroll the background, not the active article.

    Feedly developers seem to routinely do mouse-centric design that makes it impossible or very difficult to use the service keyboard-only. There are a lot of us out here who avoid using the mouse

  96. I don’t mind the slider being added, but PLEASE make an option to turn it OFF completely! I use the Card view for everything and I HATE the slider. It should only be there for people who actually want to use it, not forced on people who don’t.

  97. Thanks for all the feedback. We pushed a new 23.1 update at 6:00pm PST. We tried to address most of the bugs reported and improve the slider experience on large screens (which seems to be the biggest people among people who do not seem to like the slider year). We are going to continue to listen and improve the slider until it is a better reading experience for as many people as possible.

    1. Do you plan to give us an option to turn it off in card view? I don’t think the biggest issue among people who don’t like it is just the experience on a larger screen. Many comments here are just to give us an option to turn it off completely. Some people might really like slider but give those who don’t a preference to completely turn it off. Thanks.

  98. Heh, it actually fits like a glove to my “hacked” userstyle of Feedly! And, not to brag (ok, ok, I’m bragging), my design seems to match better your new tab-view design than your own!

    I have one question, though: you show in a screenshot TWO tabs at the same time – as if you selected and opened two articles at once, and are able to switch between them by using the tabs. What gives? How did you do that? When I click outside an “opened article”, it just closes. The only nav buttons I’ve got are for previous-next article (and that’s with or without my hacked stylesheet). Did I misinterpret the image? Did I miss the way to access this functionality?

    Ah, I forgot: my stylesheet, if you want to take a peek at it. It’s “dirty” and ineficient code (I’m still learning, and more of a designer than a coder):

  99. I’m curious as to why it would be hard to include a “none” option for where the slider is used.
    I have it set to card view only, and it doesn’t trouble me when reading the “All” category (magazine). But if I read a specific subcategory (also magazine), it still insists on using the slider.

    Please could we have an option to not use anywhere.

    Thank you.

    1. I’ll second that request! The slider opens when I click on Add Content, even though I use title only view for everything. It’s very confusing and cluttery to suddenly be presented with a new UI.

  100. is there a way to turn off the slide open/close animation?
    feels more responsive with it turned off

  101. I’m not a Pro User, but have always been able to save to Pocket. With the slider the Pocket button does not seem to be working anymore. Are you forcing me to get Pro to save to Pocket?

  102. Hate this new addon that never went to BETA, it really looks freaking bad on my large ( 27’s ) monitors. You’ve taken something that was neat and clean and now ya hosed it up. I don’t want to looking to the far right of my screens to read the damn article, I want it centered. I am also really tired of seeing you guys respond to everyone with ( put it in uservoice ) Think I’ll be heading back to Netvibes.

  103. I can’t stand the slider. It’s modal, meaning that it grays out the main reading pane when I select an article. Requires one extra click to close the slider so I can resume scanning news. Interrupts the whole flow of the news reading process for me. As irritating as those pop-up ads that take over the screen and interpose themselves between you and the content.

    1. At least you can close it. I can’t (Chrome).. clicking the ‘X’ does nothing. The only thing I can do is use a keyboard shortcut to go forward/backward a category.

  104. I’ll pass on the slider. However, I would like it very much if you could finally fix the image formatting issues that have been going on for over a year. I am using Firefox and the images have never formatted correctly compared to the original blog post. They need to obey the original blogging software’s size and location.

  105. Hi, I must confess that, while I appreciate the new aesthetic, I dislike the fact that you’ve pushed the Buffer icon into a dropdown. You’ve now added an additional click for me every time I want to share via Feedly. I believe you’ve also moved the close window “x” to the left, so I must move my mouse further to close the preview window. That’s additional time and work to use your site. Overall, my UX is now worse.

  106. I don’t like the new slider. I want to read the article in the center of the page so I have turned off this feature.

  107. Just came back here to say that after the small improvements (more whitespace / bigger box on widescreens), the slider looks better. Even thou, it is weird to have focus on the right side of the screen for a long time. It doesn’t feel natural at all.

    Apart from the the list view (which takes 100% of the screen), every other view is centered. So why does the clicked content isn’t centered as well?

  108. I like the slider actually, I think it is a nice addition :)
    I have one suggestion. Would it be possible to have it automatically close after you open the article as a full page website?

    It feels like a strange workflow to open page and then go back to the feedly tab to see the article open again, but in slider form. I’d rather go back to the rest of my feed

  109. I begged for this a while ago and got nowhere but I am still trying. Please can there be a “hide” at the BOTTOM of an entry in the slider. Often I get several entries from the same blog, some I want to save some to hide or even to hide all of them. To do any of that I have to go all the way back to the top of that entry. Some of these are long, scroll up. scroll down it is enough to drive one crazy and it would be SO much easier if you could hide and even, dare I think it, keep unread, at both the top and the bottom. PLEASE…..

  110. Yeah, I don’t get it. Am I supposed to be able to have multiple vertical tabs, OneNote style? I only see one big ex tab. I also hate the article text being on the right side of my screen for no apparent reason. How is this an improvement?

  111. OK, so I try reading an article in the slider view and the page up/page down keys still scroll the article list behind it! That makes it pretty difficult to read longer articles when you’re using the keyboard to navigate.

    The layout also feels rather cramped for those of us who don’t maximise every window, as less of the window’s width is used for the actual article content. And this is with a 1200px wide window!

  112. How do you restore the old preview? That was perfectly fine for me. I have an old version of Firefox that I am not in a position to upgrade. The slider comes out but won’t go back! I have to refresh the screen with F5. How do I invoke the old preview? I already have the slider disabled titles only (my default view) but preview still invokes it.

  113. Bug: Slider article won’t scroll after opening “Share in Buffer” modal.

    To reproduce:
    – Open an article in the slider
    – Click “…” then “Share to Buffer”.
    – Close buffer modal
    – Try scrolling.
    Expected: Article scrolls.
    Observed: Article doesn’t scroll, but page behind it does.
    Tested in: Mac Chrome.

  114. it’s getting annoying, after I read or breeze through an article, I have to close it and scroll down to read other articles. I can live without this tab.

  115. The early version of the slider worked for me and properly showed across about 1/3 of the screen.. The new version, which is supposed to make it better for wide screens has actually made it worse.

    I’m using Chrome on a widescreen. The slider now goes 2/3 of the way across the screen, but at the same time, it covers all of the original content articles underneath which are centered in the window

  116. Can you please make it such that as in previous versions if i click on the white space of the slider it closes it and goes back to regular view with out me having to reach for the “X” up top each time.

    1. To clarify the white spaces in the margins of the article. The older versions has it such that itd would go back to the card view or magazine view if you clicked on an opened card/slider

  117. Why you fucking Feedly fuckers, forces me to use use the slider, when i click on “visit website” button?

    1. I hate this too, and this doubles the webtraffic, because i must open the website also in a new tab.
      FIX IT!

  118. Is there a way to not view the website in a slider? When I click on ‘view in website” button i want to go to the website not have the page open in another slider. I then have to click again in the upper right corner to open in a new tab. You’ve added an extra step to the process.

    1. When I do that I get the slider and a blue loading bar runs across the top, but then the slider stays blank. It’s not blocked- switching to cards mode for the same category and clicking the same article works OK.

      If I just hit the ‘v’ key, that works to load the article in a new tab.

  119. Feedly, can you please COMMUNICATE what your plans are for slider and preview? In particular, can you tell us that we will have preferences to turn off these new changes if we do not like them?

    Today preview changed with no communication and it also does not work well with keyboard shortcuts.

  120. I use Feedly with Pocket a lot. Now it takes 3 clicks to save to Pocket, instead of two. I feel like I’m being punished for not using Premium.

  121. Please make a option to remove the whole slider bullshit COMPLETELY ! ! !
    Why we MUST see the SLIDER PREVIEW by hitting the “visit website” button?
    This is not acceptable ! ! !

    1. I have to agree with this. I’m aware about the FAQ “I don’t like…”, and it’s not what I want (I’ve already set it as “card view only”).

      I want “visit website” to mean simply VISIT WEBSITE, not the slider view within the same page. I know by hitting the each article title you can open the website in a new tab but hitting the bottom space is so much easier, and many of my subscribed pages doesn’t allow the within-frame (sorry, I don’t know what to call it in Englsih but you know what I mean.) view so slider view simply doesn’t work often.

      I’d much rather have “OFF slider view completely option” than “Which views should use the right slider to display articles?”, but if it’s not possible, at least please change back the way VIEW WEBSITE works to the previous one.

  122. Regarding the spacebar issue, I just discovered that I regularly use shift-spacebar to page up … which for some reason is broken in feedly’s slider. Any chance of fixing this?

  123. I’m in the Titles Only view and have the slider set for Card View Only. When I click on an article I’d like to read, it expands and displays normally, but if I click the Visit Website link at the bottom of the article, it opens the website in the slider. It should open in a new window of the browser. I see no use for the slider in my workflow, and I find it quite annoying. Please help me figure out how to disable it.

    1. I agree! Clicking the Visit Website SHOULD mean visiting website in a new tab/window! I’m aware about the “change layout and filtering” option and it has “open in website directly”, but it’s not the feature I’m taling about here. Sometimes I want to read an article within Feedly, sometimes not, so…

      But the best thing would be that you guys would give us disabling option!

  124. I like the new slider feature. I ESPECIALLY like the feature that opens the whole website in the slider.

    Two requests:
    1. When opening an ESPN article from an ESPN feed the site reloads and feedly is gone. Can you try to prevent that?
    2. I’d like a way to directly show the website in the slider from the title view without opening the article in the slider first.

    Thanks in advance!

  125. BUG in tags !

    Right now, I am unable to access my last tag in the list, which is at the bottom. This is happening cause a bar saying upgrade is blocking the last tag from being viewed !

    I have posted this on feedback section. But there seem to be no complaint section
    to post genuine bugs like this one

  126. I do not care to change to “slider” or slipper or anything other than what I am used to…..just a dinosaur I guess. My problem is today Feedly started to open duplicate tabs in the latest Firefox V. each time I click on a story link……not all that bad of a nuisance except that many of the links have audio with them and needless to say having off kilter stereo readings of an article is….I am sure you get the idea. I have cleared the cache and I have not tried a new/different browser….please help me fix this problem.

  127. Rather than blanketly throwing in a “me too!” to the chorus of a people who aren’t fond of the slider, I’d like to ask how this new design is supposed to fill this goal: “While reading, this makes it super easy to jump back and forth between your list of unread articles and the content you want to read.”. I feel like I’m not using the slider correctly, because there is no “back and forth”. You can open an article, and then close the article. Is that all there is, or am I missing something?

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