Collection sharing: A new way to share your favorite sites

feedly Collection Sharing

Today we’re introducing a new feature called collection sharing, which enables you to easily share the sites you read with others.

Over the years, feedly users have curated millions amazing collections of the best sites to read on a myriad of topics, from photography to fashion, travel to home improvement, politics to finance and everything in between. Shared collections will unlock the incredible wealth of knowledge that has been created within those feedly reading lists.

Though feedly will always remain a reader app at its core, collection sharing is part of our larger vision to make reading more collaborative and create a platform for knowledge sharing within feedly. Thousands of users have told us over the past year that having better ways to share would help them at work and at school. In fact, one of the main takeaways from a survey we ran last year about this topic was that feedly readers are enthusiastic about sharing and want more ways to share what they read with friends and co-­workers.

We’re building a community of passionate readers and we’ll be inviting users who are excited to share the sites they read and represent the breadth of knowledge available in feedly.

Our plan is to open collection sharing to everyone over the next few months, starting with feedly Pro users, but you can apply now to get early access and view collections from your peers.

Explore collections and apply for access

Author: Josh Catone

I am an editorial strategy consultant and startup founder.

50 thoughts on “Collection sharing: A new way to share your favorite sites”

  1. I love Feedly but I have no interest in being part of a social network. All I want to do is read my feeds and email an article here and there to my husband or one of my kids. As long as I can do that, I’m set. Feedly is perfect for me the way it is and I love that, so far, we’ve been pretty much able to customize it the way we want it. So I hope that throughout all these “improvements”, you keep on letting us customize it so it actually suits our individual needs. Thanks!

    1. Arthur has been researching this feature for more than one year. During that process, he interviewed more than 100 people. The core of the feedly experience will remain the same / private. Our goal over the next 12 months is to empower users who want it to collaborate. There is a lot of learning ahead and this is why we are slowly rolling out these feature in stages: this allows us to continue to listen carefully and adjust the features and customization to make sure that they are as useful as possible. In that sense you can help us: if you see changes you do not like, please send an email to

      Thank you and have a great week end.


    2. I agree with Nathalie.

      The new collection sharing feature may be nice for some, but the recent changes to the desktop UI (items panel constantly sliding back and forth, hiding the list of collections in the left hand panel just when we want to click on it) are an absolute disaster for every desktop Feedly user. Please fix this (make optional or revert to previous version) before you spend even a minute on any other new feature.

        1. Edwin,

          Many thanks for your help – the answer was unbearably simple. I had not tried the Pin/Unpin button because I thought it operated on the browser tab, not the Feedly navigation panel. Maybe a usage hint could be shown when hovering over the button.

          I do not recall pinning the panel before, but presumably must have done, unless the Feedly update 28 days ago – when the problem arose – simply changed the default setting from pinned to unpinned.

          The problem was with the content panel, not the newish Slider, although it seemed worse when using the Slider, especially when a video in a magazine view item could be seen peeking out from behind the Slider item – very distracting.

          I had switched the Slider off, but have now reverted to using it again.

          P.S. I shall update the three threads on UserVoice and GetSatisfaction – none of which has generated any response at all from Feedly to a problem that was extremely annoying but has turned out to be very simple to fix.

          Frustration over; happy again.


  2. No interest in social features from me as well. Since the reading aspect of Feedly is the core of it, it should also get more development attention than it currently does. There are a lot of good suggestions to improve Feedly and a big majority of them aren’t about social features.

    1. Speaking of the reading core, I just got a feed update which was published a week ago from a feed which over a hundred people subscribed to. That sucks and it creates a big risk of missing posts in a feed, and getting every single post in a feed is the core element of Feedly which should never fail. To be clear: A feed posted something a week ago and it only showed up on Feedly a few minutes ago. Which means Feedly hasn’t checked that feed in over a week! How about at least check once a day?

  3. I have no desire for a social network on a news reader. I belonged to facebook once upon a time but quit due stupid garbage put their by people (relatives too). Next you will be sticking advertising all over.
    Feedly is a great news reader, keep it news reader. I would rather pay a bit to keep it a news reader.

  4. Its nice to see that feedly is updating but I have no interest in feedly being a social network. It is a feed reader and does that very well. I would be great to see it add onto that and add power features such as feed filtering based on words or duplicates to help us get to the information in feeds we want faster. I am hoping that this may come one day.

    1. Hi Gavin,

      Filtering is something that is on our roadmap. With 15 million users you can imagine we get a lot of requests. We’re a small team — 12 people — so we always need to prioritize how we allocate development resources. Every request is a vote for that feature, though, so we’ll absolutely take your request under advisement.

      Thanks for being a feedly reader!

    2. Agreed, how about you fix the mess that your iOS app has become. I’ve asked 9 times for help with the same issue and not once has support gotten back to me. Categories is frozen at “synchronizing” so can’t see my lists. Very frustrating and I won’t be renewing my premium membership that’s for sure. Tried everything myself but nothing works and support is completely disinterested.

  5. While I have no desire per se to explicitly share the feeds I follow, I am slightly interested in seeing what others might share. However, musing on it a bit further, I think I would be even MORE interested in some sort of filtered, anonymized sharing. For example, a collection of the feeds which are “most followed”, “most read”, “most whatever else I’m overlooking” by the larger feedly community. In other words, a way to discover something new and potentially interesting without giving someone the opportunity to push something I & very few others are actually interested in. Would that be a possibility?

    1. Hi EquivocalBob,

      Thanks for the suggestions! We’re working on improving our feed discovery (and public collections from users who decide to share using this feature will actually be used as part of our feed recommendation algorithms).

      We have been thinking about ways to use our aggregate subscription data to create new ways to highlight and recommend great sources to read. With 40 million sources and 15 million users, as you can imagine, it’s a lot of data to sort through!

  6. Please leave the basic Feedly features untouched while you are expanding.

    As a fugitive from several cancelled or new and “improved” aggregator services, e.g., Google, MyYahoo, and MyMSN (about to disappear), I was delighted to find Feedly. I want headline links to many sites, without pictures and with complete control over the selection of feeds. This saves much time formerly spent visiting many websites to see if there was anything interesting.

    As a token of gratitude, I subscribed to FeedlyPro. (Simplest way to contribute to the site.) Only use it to save long articles to OneNote.

    BUT, as others have already commented, I’m not the least bit interested in sharing my selections, or in what others have selected. The efforts in this direction should not be stuffed down our throats – just purely optional links that don’t open automatically.

    I don’t care if Feedly adds advertising – we all have to make a living – as long as they are static and placed on the side of the page where they can be ignored.

    1. Hey Jayvee,

      Thanks for subscribing to feedly Pro! That is the primary way in which we fund the development of feedly.

      I want to reiterate that feedly will remain a fantastic reading app at its core. Changes we make are always made in an effort to improve the reading experience. With 15 million users, it is impossible to please everyone all of the time. But we’re sensitive to the fact that very novel concepts like this are not for everyone. We won’t ever force you to share what you read or expose your reading collections. Feed collections are private by default and you can certainly leave them that way and use feedly as you always have.

      This isn’t just a feature we decided to create on a whim, however. We’ve received thousands of requests for collection sharing over the past year. Not just from a social standpoint, but also from professionals and educators who have a need to share what they read with colleagues or students.

      We actually ran a survey about sharing last year about sharing on feedly and received thousands of enthusiastic answers from our users. One of the main takeaways from that effort was that feedly readers are enthusiastic about sharing and want more ways to share what they read with friends and co-­workers.

      (See more here: )

      That said, while sharing and collaboration are areas that we’ve received a lot of interest in and will continue to pursue, we’re also continuing to actively develop the core reading features and feedly Pro features. We’ll have a bunch of great updates over the few months for feedly Pro that I think you’ll like. Stay tuned!

      Thanks again for being a feedly backer.


  7. I will provide one of those voices about someone who NEEDS this feature. I work as an analyst within a team of analysts. One of our primary work activities is keeping a pulse on industry activity, news and updates. I desperately need a more streamlined way to maintain a list of sources that is shared between my coworkers. I’ve looked at several feed readers since the demise of Google Reader, I love Feedly but this was a big gap for me.

    One feature with the collection. I’d love to see a way to allow a collection to be contributed to by multiple Feedly users (ie if 3 or 4 of us on my team have sources we can push our sources and feeds to the collection and all of us subscribe to the collection as well). Even better how about a Feedly Pro team subscription (a subscription for a group of users).

    Thanks for this feature, I’ve applied for early access hoping it comes sooner rather than later (in fact as soon as this blog post crossed my radar I subscribed for a year to Feedly Pro specifically in the hop of gaining access to these features).

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