Android hanging on splash [Fixed]

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For some users, the android app is hanging on the launch screen. We are investigating and trying to understand what might be causing this issue. We will update this blog post every hour with information about the investigation. Sorry for the inconvenience.

17:44pm San Francisco time. Thanks to Artem, we were able to find the cause of the issue. We need 4 hours to fix the issue and push a v24.3 update out to the Play Store. Next post as soon as v24.3 is out to the Play Store.

21:06pm San Francisco time. We were able to fix the issue. The fix is part of the 24.3.0 update we just pushed to the Google Play Store. It should be available for download within 30 minutes. Please upgrade to 24.3.0 when it is available. Happy reading!


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11 thoughts on “Android hanging on splash [Fixed]”

  1. This is completely unrelated, but I would love if Feedly had better integration with Tumblr. Photosets display backwards, and I’d love to be able to just follow a single tag from a blog, like #myart on an artist’s site.

  2. I have this problem for several months, and it isn’t fixed with version 24.3.0 for me. I have Huawei Ascend Y300 with Cyanogenmod 11. Can I help you somehow to fix this issue?

  3. Why are all images so smudgy now? looks like all images in feeds are now half the resolution they were before, for instance, this makes most comics feeds near impossible to read.

  4. I agree with Steve, for me the problem only started with this update, and continues to persist. I have uninstalled/reinstalled, cleared cache/data, several reboots etc, but no luck.

    Phone is a oneplus one, stock CM version 11.0XNPH44S

  5. This feed is missing an entry –

    When you go to the URL, it has the “Living on the Edge – our next step in helping the web just work” article. It is the third entry of this feed, so it is not the latest, or the oldest, it is right in the middle. The two first entries are shown in Feedly. The third does not.
    I expect a reader to be reliable… :( Can you, please, take a look?

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