Feedly for Android – version 25 is out

Feedly for Android

We just pushed out a new release of feedly for Android. Here is the change log:

  • Higher resolution images
  • Fewer crashes and freezes
  • New settings theme (Holo Light and Material Light)
  • New twitter sharing (retirement of the feedly URL shortening)

Download it now (free)

Happy reading!

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22 thoughts on “Feedly for Android – version 25 is out”

  1. Im sick to lose my comments because your stupid policy of the need to be log in on wordpress, or any other stupid social network. Dont you know how blogs really work?

    My feedback,

    -I still cant download the app, google needs time, you should wait 3 hours before announce it.

    -I miss be allow to disable the right panel to search for new content, I use my laptop for that.

    -Unless before, I received feedly publicity on the app, and I´m premium. I hope you have fixed that.

    Finally If I see again that I cant publish anonymously, I´ll stop using my premium account. You barely offer extra features, and for me, know what a blog is, is much more important than delete the sort links ¨to save the web¨.

    Making users angry is easy, remember.

  2. Any plans on making this a native android app? The navigation drawer acts weird, and you cant swipe down on the overflow for quick access. Above all other things, you can tell its not native by the time it takes to respond to… well pretty much everything. It’d be a much better app all-round if it was a native android app. Great update nonetheless and good riddance to that horrible gingerbread settings screen!

  3. Also, with one swipe across the screen it lets you mark as read a few items at a time, but if you swipe back to restore them, then only first one restores, though it shows all as restored (black titles), but if you go to web version, only first one is restored.

  4. Home page shows all the preview images, but All page (which i’m using) shows only first one, which is bigger in the Magazine view. Why one view shows images and other one not? Also, android version shows some item on the top if it has many those “hotness” votes or something. I want my All page be strictly in chronological order, i don’t need any of the fancy “hey, you probably want to read this first, we know better than you!” bullshit..

  5. Sorry, I can’t find any place to ask this question…
    I am using Feedly thru Evernote and I have to constantly reauthorize access. It’s annoying. Is there a way to stay logged in until I want to log out? I have set my reauth to everything from 1 day,to 1 month and still I have to reauthorize. Anyone know how to get around this?
    Thanks for you help.
    Feedly, Thru Evernote, on Safari 8.0 in OS 10.10.0

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