Improving the readability of articles – version 25 is out

We just pushed out an update which improves the readability of articles by combining a new grid and a new set of fonts. Here is a screenshot:

Screenshot 2014-12-10 20.42.30

We added preference knobs to empower you to change the font family and font sizes to your liking:

Screenshot 2014-12-10 20.43.04

Happy eyes! Happy reading!

/Edwin and Arthur

Author: @feedly

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169 thoughts on “Improving the readability of articles – version 25 is out”

  1. Love the new font options! The font family changes happen for me immediately, but I’m seeing no changes in font size. I’m running Firefox 33 on Win8 with Feedly 25.0.902.

        1. Still not working here with FF34, Win8 … Even after logging out and in again, restarting Firefox and clearing the Cache with Empty Cache Button …

    1. I noticed that font style takes effect right away, but for font size, you have to refresh the page (not keyboard shortcut ‘r’, but a refresh of the browser page). Hope this helps.

    2. Font size is always largest, preferences do not work, cannot read more than the article headline all over the screen!
      Please repair or revert! (I always prefer to use the font setting of my browser.)

      1. Same here. The font size has changed to HUGE. The article now occupies my entire 22 inch screen. I have gone to settings and changes the font size to small, but it has no effect. Please do something quickly.

              1. firefox on win7, same problem – font size of articles is huge, changing font size in ‘preferences’ has no effect..

                1. Fonts are now impractically large. Changing the settings has no effect. Articles look like the large-type edition of READERS’ DIGEST for blind senior citizens. Please fix this if & when you can. I’m using Firefox 34.x.

      2. Ditto. Using FF 34.0.5. Already cleared the cache and restarted FF. In Chrome, however, all settings are being honored…I just don’t use Chrome.

        1. Count me as one of the disappointed as well. The font is so large that there are only about 6 words per line. Very difficult to read unless I click through to the website. Makes Feedly nearly worthless, unfortunately. Please fix or bring back the last version. (Mac OSX 10.9.5. FF 34.0.5)

          1. Yes, for 2-3 days, the font size within the articles is impossibly HUGE in the Mac version of FF34. Changing preference settings does nothing, even after clearing cache and reloading. “Allow pages to choose their own fonts” is selected in the browser. PLEASE get rid of Version 25 ASAP. If I can’t read the articles by tomorrow, I’ll have to find a different RSS delivery method immediately.

  2. Colors for title doesn’t work. I had titles in green or blue, and now it’s Black or Grey. And it’ always the same every new version.

  3. Neither do I see font size change. There’s no difference between them. I’d really appreciate you guys fix it.

  4. Nice. Sure wish there was a font-color choice for whether the current article I’m viewing is marked as Read or Unread though. I can use the ‘M’ key to mark as read/unread but there’s absolutely no visual feedback of the state when I do that.

  5. Are there supposed to be previews for the fonts? It would be nice if the font preferences were actually in the specific font (they all look identical to me), so we don’t have to go through each one to see which we prefer.

    1. +1 for this! I’m currently using the HackerVision Chrome extension, which does a pretty good job. I’ve also added my own custom styling to feedly using the Stylebot extension:

      #feedlyMessageBar {
      -webkit-filter: invert(100%);
      -webkit-transform: translateZ(0);

      .floatingEntryContent {
      -webkit-transform: translateZ(0);

      .headerInfo-expanded-img {
      -webkit-filter: invert(0);

      .pageAction {
      -webkit-filter: invert(0);

      [style*=”background-image”] {
      -webkit-filter: invert(100%);

  6. Hmmm… can’t say I like any of the options. The only comfortable one for me is the sans serif. What I noticed particularly is that, when the sans serif font is used, the ‘matching’ serif font for indented text is really a pain to read – it’s very thin and uneven looking, almost cartoony and it’s a huge contrast to the main sans serif font – it’s a completely different style, which hampers readability. Would it be possible to fix that one?

  7. Is there a way to make the body section span the full width to the left side area though?? Of course have a little padding there. I have unused white space that would love to get used in Feedly! The more I expand the window the more white space wants to be filled..

      1. that may be the research but the fonts are still too big (and i’ve cleared the cache) I prefer the longer lines as I scan the articles quickly. the larger font and shorter lines is offensive and assumes that I have poor eyesight

      2. I was going to post an example picture last night showing all the wasted space, but now I see that is intentional. Bummer.

        The good news is that I’ve found I can “Inspect Element” in the margin of one article in firefox, drill down a few layers and un-checkmark “max-width: 647”. Then all the articles and titles use the space better and the change lasts through refreshes. Pushing the browser reload button will undo it.

        Maybe someone who is versed in Greasemonkey can make an easy workaround.

        I was able to shrink the titles and remove some other wasted space, but it wasn’t as simple. Still maybe Greasemonkey material.

      3. It could be left as current by default but adjustable by user preference. For text it may make some sense to leave the view narrow, but when looking at webcomics or images wider is better.

  8. even after changing the font size and article density it is still way too big. too much white space
    but I appreciate your trying

    1. Agreed. On the “small” setting the text is now at least 2, and I’d wager 2.5 times the size it used to be. I’m struggling to get one whole article on a 1920×1080 display.

      Screen ruler overlaid for size comparison. I’m all for readability but it doesn’t need to be readable from the moon.

  9. this will be great…………eye sight is not so good now……………

    any change of a translate for some blogs I follow are written in other languages……………

  10. The new fonts stuff is not making me happy.

    I have feeds where I choose “Full Article” and now the headlines and stories are rendered in HUGE fonts. Changing the preferences make no difference. Can we please go back?

    1. Ditto. Headlines and text are massive; changing the prefs and reloading only manage to change the font, not the size. Being able to see only a dozen lines of text at a time on my screen does _not_ help readability. (Firefox 34, Mac OS)

      1. Headlines and body text in opened articles are approx 5 times too large. Feedly size preference has no discernible effect (refreshed page too). This makes it practically unusable.
        Firefox 34.0 with NoSquint Addon, OS: Ubuntu 14.04

        1. Yep, i have the same problem with headlines and body text that are huge. Clearing cache and reloading does nothing. I’m on Firefox 34.0, Windows Server 2008.

    2. I seventh that, Full Article headlines are in something like 36pt font and the article text is probably about 20pt font. Not usable in its current form, please fix! I’m on Firefox 34.0.5, Win7.

    3. Found the fix: restarting FF with no add ons and the problem remains. In FF preferences:

      Content, Fonts & Colors, Advanced…, Minimum Font Size: None

      Hope this helps someone else.

  11. Did the actual reading window get a bunch narrower? I now have a ton of unused space between the column in which the actual articles appear and the column on the left listing the feeds to which I subscribe.

    Wish I could change it back. Having them closer together allowed me to move more quickly.

  12. Why is it that when I navigate between articles using k and j, does the c key say “clipboard not available on the web”, but when I navigate using (the less convenient) p and n (because I then have to hit enter to go into the article), the c key allows me to clip to evernote. Just wondering.

  13. Line spacing for article text is *way* too big for good readability. I would suggest something more like 2.5rem instead of 3.35 for body text (and 3 instead of 4 for headlines).

  14. I agree that line spacing is way too big. With a medium font size on Chrome the space between the lines is noticeably larger than the height of the lines themselves. Interestingly it doesn’t seem as bad on Firefox.

  15. Let’s please have a “Colored List View” option that would automatically give each of one’s RSS feeds a different color/hue/tone, i.e., different colors for different sources, not items, for super-fast scanning. There was an extension to the former Google Reader that did this, and the feature was superb. I’d pay for this.

  16. Preview not working. I keep getting preview disabled browser over https? On Safari. Tried restarting but this didn’t help.

  17. I really dislike huge line spacing and giant article titles, since my style of reading is the “headline only” mode and I hit the J/K keys to get through a lot of items quickly. Large fonts & white space slows me down as too much scrolling is required. I am using a custom style sheet that puts things the way I like it, if anyone wants to give it a try it’s here:

  18. The fonts look huge! Using a Mac with firefox 34. I used the small font and refreshed the page and I cannot see difference between any font size.

  19. Line spacing is RIDICULOUS! Please, it wasn’t broken before, just reset the line spacing. Even with small fonts there’s way too much space in between each line. This is a pretty crappy change :(

  20. When will you improve email sharing (with Gmail)? The web app still only includes the article title and a link. The Android app is a little better, including some of the article text and its source, but not the author, images, and such. I’ve seen emails forwarded with the iOS Feedly app; they’re much better, but also include ads from some articles.

  21. The line-height setting is too large. The low information density is frustrating for content of any length.

  22. Since I am not using ClearType, the new font looks very very bad (in Chrome, anyway), so just make sure you never remove the option to use “Sans-Serif”. :)

  23. How about showing examples right beside the settings?!

    To be honest, I really have no clue how “Lora” differs from “Slab Serif” or what’s the difference between “Cozy” and “Comfortable”.

  24. How about themes for desktop? Current themes just color the border. I’d love to read articles on a black background.

  25. I have to say that it’s not improving the readability for me. The fonts are too big, and the font-size preference makes no difference. [Cleared cache, reloaded page, no change. FF 34.0.5] Combined with the wide margins in each article (max-width: 647px even in a fullscreen (1920 px) browser?), this makes for very short lines of text, which for me is a pain as it means more scrolling.

  26. It seems that this update resolved some issues for me one the title contains both RTL and LTR content (Like Arabic and English in the same time). Thanks and keep the good work.

  27. fonts are now ridiculously large, and content still takes like 40% of screen space, rest being blank.

    this screenshot show about half the screen on retina mbpro with smallest font size.

    macos 10.9, Firefox 34, min font size = 15 in browser.
    was absolutely perfect before, please at least give an option to bring back old fonts (if the new “small” size is 7, “old size” should be about 3).

  28. This is a disaster. The left and right margins were already too big for my liking, now the line height is also ridiculously huge. With the default settings there must be half as much body text on the screen as there was before. Even the “Small” font setting gives me larger text than before, and the line height is unaffected.

    1. Exact same issue here as well. The line spacing in the articles is way too large. And, the left and right margins are too wide. I’d like to be able to adjust both to my liking.

    2. The line height and font size problems seem to have been resolved now. Font setting changes require a full page refresh.

  29. Thanks, great update once again! :)

    I would really like to have “Saved for later” as option for “Start Page” in the Preferences – will this be implemented any time or could it be added to the suggestions list? :)

  30. Congrats on such a great web-based tool. I actually prefer using it in Win8 IE to the NextGen reader app on Windows 8.

  31. Love this look, now can you just fix the app so that working a list with ‘j’ will fetch the remaining unread articles.

  32. Text was huge in Firefox. I found that I had the Minimum Font Size set to 14 in my Firefox options which the 2rem style applied to .entryBody was doubling.

  33. Love the new flexibility, although the normal font was ginormous. I successfully changed it to small. My problem is that I no longer see the name of the blog at the top when I scroll down the post. Only the name of the post appears. I really loved that feature!

  34. Even with “small” my fonts are huge and I have 2 line spacing. There is just so much wasted white space on my screen. I have two posts that each about 1 or 2 sentences, and they take the whole screen.

  35. +1 with the line height/spacing issue, way too much whitespace. On OS X Safari Version 8.0 (10600.1.25.1), the density settings don’t help.

  36. I was going crazy because no font settings in preference got applied to my feed.

    But then I tried the Full Articles view and the settings was changed. Why doesn’t the font settings apply to the other views, like Magazine View? There is no clue in the Preferences that the font settings only applies to one view.

    Some other features requests:

    1) To increase readability you should have black text, not gray!

    2) The line width should increase when you increase the size of the font.

  37. i have minimum font size in firefox set to 20, so 4rem headlines result in 80px! ouch…
    remove the rem settings and go back to font-size: xx-large etc…

  38. Hey guys! First, I have to say thank you for providing this service at no cost to us, the reader. Can’t imagine having to actually browse through all the website represented in my feed, manually, to access those articles.

    That said, in many cases, when I click on an article in my feed, I only get a paragraph or two or three, and then still have to go to the original website anyway. Flipboard gives so much better access to the full articles, and I’d really like to see that concept implemented in Feedly. If Flipboard had a web-based interface, I’d more than likely have already quit using Feedly, so you have a grace period, LOL!

    Thanks again.

  39. Hi, i have no idea if the issue is related to the new version but i can’t login.
    When i click on the login button i get a popup with this message:

    “errorCode”:400, “errorId”:”ap1-sv2.2014121200.2294301″, “errorMessage”:”unknown client_id: feedly”

  40. Firefox 34.x, Windows 7. Fonts are too big and scary. No setting change fixes it. The huge fonts necessitate leaving Feedly and going to the blog websites to comfortably read any article. Doing that eats a lot more time. This is an actual Feedly screenshot:

  41. Using Chrome, Version 39.0.2171.71 m, on Win7. No complaints about the screen display. But when displaying the full article within Feedly, I used to be able to just highlight the whole thing and copy, then create a new email in Gmail and paste, and it would render just fine. Now, THE FONTS ARE HUGE. Particularly the article title. Then I highlight everything and decrease the font size (within Gmail) to Normal, and everything looks tiny with HUGE SPACES BETWEEN THE LINES.

    Please go back to the way it was last week!!

  42. Actually, now that I think about it, I have noticed a glitch in the screen display. Looking at today’s in full-article mode, it takes the footnotes and places them in-line with the text; and only the first image seemed to render, not the subsequent ones.

    Also, many pull quotes in other articles are simply stuck in with the text without a distinguishing font, so it looks like the author is repeating herself.

  43. Have not played with font preferences yet, but out of the box, the new “Slab Serif” default font doesn’t play well with text containing mixed Latin and Cyrillic characters, the latter being unavailable in “Slab Serif” and thus rendered in a default sans-serif. Generally, mixing serif and sans-serif faces in a single font stack does not work so well.

  44. No official acknowledgement yet that Feedly is undeniably broken on Firefox on every platform? Seriously. This is messed up. How does this kind of thing happen? Is not each redesign previewed in every major browser?

  45. You need to add several smaller sizes—the sizes go from small (i.e., large print edition) to extra large (suitable for reading from the back of a room on a projector).

    This isn’t perfect, but makes it usable again (in Stylish):

    @namespace url(;

    @-moz-document url-prefix(“”) {
    .entryBody {
    font-size: 1.5rem !important;
    line-height: 1.5em !important;
    .entryBody p {
    margin-top: 1em !important;
    margin-bottom: 1em !important;
    .entryBody blockquote {
    margin-top: 1em !important;
    margin-bottom: 1em !important;

  46. Please make an option to change the type color! The gray type on white background is almost illegible to me; in practice, I have to just look at the headline and then click on it to open the article in its own page, where it is usually much larger.

  47. Now can you make the summary text on the Magazine layout darker also? Grey on white is hard to read for me. I usually go to my Inspector and disable the A0A0A0 so I get darker default text color.

  48. Nice job, yet I would appreciate if the font changes would apply also to the left side list. That font is really tiny. I still need to keep the page magnified to 125% (my one and only one on the whole web).

  49. 1. Can’t get the Feedly 25 announcement banner to go away and stay away.
    2. Font in the reading pane is enormous.
    3. The reading pane for a particular article itself takes up the entire window, and requires me to close it before returning to the magazine list view. It used to simply expand in place, which worked much better for me.

    Thumbs down, down, down on this update.

    I’m using Pale Moon on Win 7.

  50. This change is a real turn off for me (Pro user).
    Firefox 34.0.5 on Windows 7.
    The fonts are HUGE even when using the smallest setting.
    The only way I have found to override the HUGE fonts is by selecting “None” in Minimum font (FF Options/Content/Advanced), but this makes most of the other sites impossible to read without changing the zoom back and forth.
    And now the Read/Unread colours have all changed to black, and have not changed back despite clearing the cache, reloading Feedly, logging out, logging in, blahblahblah…
    Please give me an option to turn back the clock to a previous version of Feedly.
    This is a huge disappointment.

  51. the default “slab serif” looks awful and grainy on my computer. not sure if it is because it is because of chrome or feedly.

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