Introducing Power Search: It is Google for Stories.


We are excited to announce the new iteration of the feedly Power Search: it is Google-fast, indexes the entire history of all your feeds and lets you slice up results using filters and operators. For the first time, you can also search for stories, podcasts and videos beyond your feedly.

With Power Search, you can search across 40 million sites, magazines and blogs and find the best content related to your industry, a brand or a product. We index 50 million new article every day, organize them by topics and keywords and sort them by engagement on feedly and social networks. It is the fastest way to find relevant content and boost your marketing and research projects.

Here is an example:

Let’s refine things:

If you are an existing feedly user, you can go even further and apply these searches to your existing collections, your saved stories or your tags.

Our goal is to evolve Power Search into Google for Stories so that content creators, researchers and marketers can find the content that matters to them faster. The new Power Search is a step in that direction.

Happy Searching!


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43 thoughts on “Introducing Power Search: It is Google for Stories.”

  1. In case anyone didn’t know, this is for Feedly Pro. I thought for a second regular users would be getting search too.

    Looks great though. Really wish I had gotten in early on that lifetime Pro subscription.

    1. Hi Ben,

      Power Search is part of feedly Pro indeed, but we’ve set it up so that non Pro get access to the first 3 results for each search query. The advanced search / filter UI is also accessible to all users.


  2. This is AWESOME! Thank you!

    I love how search has been upgraded since inception, and it’s one of the top reasons I bought into Feedly Pro.

    Could you share any near future plans for expanding search? I’d love to see more filter/sort options like “By Date ASC/DESC”, “By Title”, “By Blog”, “Date Range”, etc.

    1. Hi Michael,

      We’re currently exploring future developments / improvements for Power Search.
      I’d love to connect with you and get your feedback on these.
      Filters and sorting are a logical next step…

      Can we connect via email to discuss ( ?

  3. It’s a bit of an old feature request, but looks like a good time to implement it now that you have indexing and automatic categorization based on topic:

    Would it be possible to group all the similar topics in the stream so I can read a few and then maybe mark them all as read, instead of re-reading the same content over and over again from different feeds and different publishers?
    For example:
    – Microsoft launches Windows 10
    – iPhone 7 release
    – HTC M9 leaks and predictions
    – Blizzard in East Coast

    1. Hi Liviu,

      We’re currently exploring future developments / improvements for Power Search, I’d really like to hear more about your use case and request for bundling/grouping of search queries.

      Can we connect via email to discuss ( ?


  4. Reblogged this on derecho a la gestión and commented:
    En Feedly acaban de presentar una nueva tecnología que han denominado “Power Search”, un nuevo sistema que permitirá encontrar contenidos entre 40 millones de webs incluidas en su plataforma. Solo disponible para usuarios Pro. En la casa lo han llamado “El Google para historias”.

  5. Often we would like to know something about a specific topic that can’t have a website o dedicated blog, something like a device that we have or a car o something that will happen in the future. I propose to let us allow to create different tags.
    Esample: I want to know news about my Sony Xperia Z3, I create a source and add tags: sony+xperia+z3, after that I add different websites dedicated to technology, to android, ecc and only when all my tags will be in the title of an article of one of these websites, I will see an unread news.
    This system give us incredible possibilities.

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