Feedly for Android: A material design exploration

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About half of the feedly users read their feedly on an android device. We love Android and want to make sure that curating and sharing content from your phone and tablet is a fluid and fast experience.

Arthur has been exploring how we could evolve the feedly user experience to better align with the Material Design specification. Before we start implementing these changes, we thought that it would be interesting to open up the design to the community and collect your feedback.

If you are a feedly+Android user and love design or have a strong opinion regarding how to improve the experience, please review the new feedly design spec and give Arthur feedback.

Review new feedly design

One more thing. We are looking for a designer with awesome visual and branding skills to help push the feedly product and brand forward. If you are interested in joining the team drop us an email at design@feedly.com with a link to your online portfolio (or pdf).

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26 thoughts on “Feedly for Android: A material design exploration”

  1. It would be nice to explore colors a bit more to make the app more immersive. Gray is not really inspiring. Also did you test Palabre which is a material ui RSS reader supporting feedly

    1. Yeah, I remember when feedly was very colorful on mobile. I loved that. Now it’s pretty bland.

      Don’t go overboard in the other direction though.

  2. Please, before worrying about the design/cosmetic aspect, consider fixing some core HIG/usability issues.

    Specificially, exiting with the back button: http://developer.android.com/design/patterns/navigation.html . From the home screen, the back button should *exit*, not open a menu. There’s a menu button on-screen for opening the menu, the hard back button is for exiting.

    Back when you announced the feature [ http://blog.feedly.com/2014/03/05/fix-it-march-2-android-crashes/ ], a lot of comments complained about it. Please consider introducing an option to revert to correct HIG behaviour.

  3. Although material design would be great, I will re-iterate what I have mentioned before: Canadians currently (and for many many months now) cannot read the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) through Feedly. Feedly used to be able to open up CBC articles without a hitch, and for at least 6 months, has stopped working. Let me be clear, CBC is probably one of the biggest mainstream news sources in Canada. It is the equivalent of the BBC in the UK and yet, no Canadian can read it through Feedly. A blank page is loaded. The only way is to load the article in an external browser. I’ve been told that it has to do with how the CBC has setup their web site, but I just can’t believe that it isn’t possible to do on Feedly. Why can I load CBC articles on Chrome or any other browser, but not on Feedly.

    Again, I would material design, but you really need to fix this big issue before working on design improvements, or at least have someone looking and solving this problem at the same time. It’s not a small news source…

    1. It’s not feedly, idiot. It’s the CBC website and how they’re pushing out their RSS previews.

      What a goober. Embarrassing.

      1. Your comments and approach are not helpful. Maybe you could be less combative in your response or just remain silent.

        1. Did that just happen? lol Appreciate the response Jason. That other person definitely did not exactly respond proportionally. Also, I’m confused… is he/she proposing that Jason h and myself are the same person? Or does thinking that make me an idiot too?

  4. Can feedly update the pictures of the explore panel categories or maybe have the pics for each category rotate from included sites…I’m tired of seeing that fashion person. Or maybe just use icons representative of the category…

  5. Material Design is a disaster. If you like aspects of it then using those things is fine, but don’t do something just because Google did it.

  6. My comments: 1. I didn’t see a title view. Hopefully this is because its no-frills and not much would change but I like Feedly to be as no frills as possible and a fully utilitarian view like List is crucial for me. 2. You don’t show it but please keep the dark theme. Again its a utilitarian based request as I use in the dark option and its my base view. 3. A minor request but in line with my requests please allow for the removal of the trending topic or allow for another use of that space. I agree it looks nice but I have no interest in what is or isn’t trending, personally. 4. Animation – works for me.

    Good job with Feedly please keep it going and don’t sell out.

  7. The design ideas look great. I have to say most of the apps that went through the material design upgrade feel very much improved. Often just because the designers had to think about the user interaction once again.

    I agree with some of the above posters that using more color would be nice. However when you are in the reading mode for a particular article it would be great if the title would slide off the screen when scrolling down (especially on smaller screens). The title bar could reappear when scrolling up. Similar experience as in Chrome on Android. This way the color would make the app more “Feedly” and at the same time would not distract when reading.

  8. Material Design is great and all but google doesn’t provide developers with most of the widgets and material styles that would make this easy (and consistent) across apps. Right now each developer implements material design in their own way using their own inconsistent widgets and slightly-off dp values.

  9. Looks nice overall, though there is one thing that boithers me, hot topic.

    For me, Hot Topic would just waste space. Not interested at all in seeing some sort of global hot topic when looking to navigate among my feeds. It looks completely disconnected from categories as well, so it loses its meaning. A trending topic for a specific category _might_ have some use, but as a global thing it would at best get confusing for me. I would immediately look for a setting to remove it.

  10. It is all nice and fancy, but i don’t need fancy looks if the main features doesn’t work. Ever since the last few updates pictures do not appear in my magazines view if i use All page, yet they appear in the Home page (which i don’t want to use).

  11. There’s one thing I so desparately need on Android… The possiblity to change article list font size. Sorry guys, had to mention that ;) With smaller screens it really is hard to use the app. I didn’t have similar issues on the iPhone, here… it’s a pain.

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