Milestone: 50,000 feedly pro users. Thank you!

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This week, the feedly Pro community grew to 50,000 users.

Here are some of the short term projects which are going to benefit from this funding:

1. We are going to continue to invest in the feedly Cloud so that the service remains reliable and fast despite the growing number of users and the growing number of stories we deliver each day.

2. We are working on a new version of feedly for Android which reflects some of the Material Design changes Arthur highlighted in his design review (thanks for all the awesome feedback!).

3. We are working on a new iteration of the collection sharing feature. Our goal is to integrate the great feedback we collected during the beta and open that feature to more curators.

4. We are working on a set of features which are going to help content creators get discovered and retain readers more effectively. One of our goals for 2015 is to help bloggers thrive. This is a first step in that direction.

5. There is a lot of demand for continuing to improve search, allow users to save searches, allow users to define alerts, etc.. We are going to continue to invest heavily on search, discovery and alerts. We would also love to allow more users to benefit from search.

We pride ourselves in being funded by our community so a big thank you for backing us and making the feedly adventure possible.


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70 thoughts on “Milestone: 50,000 feedly pro users. Thank you!”

    1. I cosign that. Help us save valueable time by letting us filter out keywords that distract us from doing the good we strive to do in this world

      1. As a minimum, whitelist/blacklist of words/phrases in subject/content. That should be pretty straight forward to implement and would be a great start. Beyond that, a full expression based based filter.

      2. Hi Remi,
        Thank you for you reply.
        As Thorsten said, a whitelist/blacklist of words in the subject (Headline) would be very great for the beginning. Later, Boolean options would be great.
        Thanks for looking into that.

        1. I agree this would be VERY useful. I’ve added a lot of blogs to Feedly, way more than I can read it in a day. Being able to blacklist words which I know won’t be useful to me, would make it much easier to skim through the 100’s of new articles every day to see what is worth looking at.

      3. Personally I would love to have the Usenet kill file type of filtering capability. Not necessarily implemented in exactly the same way, of course, but maybe you guys could use them as an inspiration.

      4. Automatic boost of articles similar to those I star, and an option to mark an article as “never again’, then decrease visibility of similar articles.

        If you want details in possible implementations, I can give some advice, these are things I do during my day job.

    2. I pay because I use it. More people who use it and chose to pay, the quicker new features like filters come out.

      i finely signed up when the were DDOSed. I wanted to help make sure they had the money to get through it.

  1. -5000 early lifetime members…. Arround 2 million dollars dollars of cash per year? Sounds good for a company with just a few years. I´m happy for my lifetime memebership, seems like a good investment. Keep working :)

  2. As a Kickstarter pro user I just feel the need to say this: I couldn’t be any happier with feedly. You are doing a great job. Feedly already has everything I want, almost from the beginning. It saves me so much time each day. And even the iOS-App is awesome.

    Congrats for the first 50.000 users. I hope there will be even more.
    Thank you!

  3. Ich rufe täglich dieses Angebot auf und lese Beiträge zu den Schlagwörtern Bayern, Foto und München. Dabei konnte ich schon einige Schätze heben. Dankeschön, Glücks- und Erfolgswünsche sowie herzliche Grüße aus München, Josef

  4. feely is just awesome. I was so sad when Google Reader shut down, but looking back it was the best thing ever :D feedly is where I get all my news etc., on all devices, and it works perfectly. Please just keep on improving like you are right now and don’t begin with stupid, bloated functions that ruin the core functions like it happens so often with other companies. feedly Pro was a nobrainer for me.

  5. Anyway to implemente “tip jar” to send you money without necessarly needing pro features or a full membership?
    I mean, I use feedly and I would like to contribute.
    But at sametime the pro version is pricey for my needs.
    But even if I’m happy free user, I know that even free has a cost.
    So any way to send money?

  6. Any news about “mark newer/older as read” ? or even a step further an intelligence trainer for feeds? night mode? offline for mobile? I also agree with many people in this post about filters, they would be really useful.

    I’m a pro subscriber for two years now. I’ve patiently waited for these features for a while now. But because development for these features have been so slow, I’ve began using Newsblur as my main RSS reader. I think i will probably stop my Pro subscription to Feedly when it’s time to renew. I hope you add these features sooner than later, because I really do like Feedly. I like supporting companies that make quality products. But it’s hard to stay with Feedly when I see other services innovate faster.

    Congrats on the milestone.

  7. Congratulations and best wishes for your continued success. I was very happy to find Feedly pro – just wanted a place to see headlines so I can skim through the news and blogs without having to go to every site. The only pro feature I use is saving to One Note, which is great for a recipe collection.

    I have one simple request that has been made before, but not implemented – the ability to rearrange the order of feeds within a collection. Please?

  8. Any news on being able to get some sort of reading statistics dashboard? Even something basic…this is the only feature Feedly is completely lacking in that many “lesser” services do well. Give us that and you got yourself another pro subscriber.

    1. This would be my biggest request as well. I have a lot of feeds, and it can sometimes be hard to distinguish between the feeds that I actually read and share, versus the feeds that are just taking up space. It would be amazing to be able to look at feed statistics and see how often I read and share any given feed.

  9. I’m Pro for 10 months and very happy with feedly.
    I would love it, if you would support password and SSL authentication

  10. Congrats guys! Well deserved. I am loving the collection sharing… already up to 130 adds and haven’t even asked people to follow me on there yet :) Keep up the great work.

  11. This is great to hear — I was one of the first ones to go pro when you offered this right after Google dropped their news feature. Don’t lose focus on what you have here with feature bloat. It’s fast and it works — well. Keep up the good work.

  12. Congratulations and keep up the good work! Three things I’d love to see in the future:
    – Sort my feed based on popularity of articles (based on social activty / shares). Handy when I haven’t had the chance to check up on my content for a while / thousands of unread articles
    – Merging of duplicate content (similar articles/content from different sources). Perhaps a solution like Google News.
    – More advanced Explore function to be able to find the best articles on the web. Currently it only shows a few articles per category.

  13. I’m surprised you haven’t linked to a ‘Pro Benefits’ page for those that don’t know.

  14. I’d be interested in Pro if one of the features included the ability to unsubscribe to a feed from the feed’s post rather then going through the Organize screen. Removing multiple feeds in the current setup takes a lot of extra clicks due to the Collection boxes collapsing after each feed is removed. I have to re-expand the Collection for each feed. Try removing 20+ feeds and you’ll get tired of clicking those little links real fast.

    1. Hi Celina,
      You can remove/edit/rename your subscription to a feed directly from that feed by using the “gearbox” icon when you’re reading content from that feed directly.
      To do so, when viewing a feed’s content, click the gearbox icon at the right of the feed name > “Edit subscription” (to rename it or move it another category) OR “Remove”

      Hope this helps,

  15. Sad to see you do not spend much time on new features. You do know there is a website with feedly feature requests?

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