Use Google tracking tools with your feedly

feedly can be a great tool to follow updates from Google News feeds in real time and get your Google Alerts delivered straight to where you get your news. You can set up Google News feeds directly from the feedly search box and you can use a Google Alert RSS feed to follow your Alerts in feedly. Set up these tools to track product mentions or updates from your industry or competitors.

01. Follow a topic through a Google News feed

One feature of Power Search is that you can search in feedly or search in Google News. Searching in Google News will give you results from news publications, while feedly’s Power Search will give you filterable stories from all over the web. With feedly, you can create a feed to track a topic as it appears in Google News.

For example, if you want to track what large publications are saying about Salesforce, you can search for it in Google News, then add this Google News stream as a feed to your feedly. Doing this will add a new story to your feedly whenever a new article about Salesforce appears in Google News. Here are two simple steps to create a Google News feed:

  1. Search for a topic in the search bar in the upper right corner. Specify that you want to search “in Google News.”
  2. Your search results will show up like any feed in feedly, with the topic you searched for at the top. Click the green +feedly icon to add it to a collection.

02. Stay up-to-date with Google Alerts

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Another tool that is great for tracking is the Google Alert service. Google Alerts notifies you every time a specific person, topic, or brand is mentioned on the web, while a Google News feed find stories in Google news specific to that person, topic, or brand. Having Google Alerts allows you to stay on top of certain people or products so you can get up-to-date news to the minute.

Having Google Alerts in feedly is useful because you won’t have to check on multiple websites – everything is in one place, making it super easy to stay on top of things. In addition, sending your alerts to a feed is useful because it won’t clog up your email.  Here’s how you can set up Google Alerts in feedly:

  1. Go to to go to your list of alerts or create an alert.
  2. Click on the edit icon next to the alert that you want to add to your feedly. Where it says “Deliver to,” select “RSS feed.” You can also specify the type of alert and how often you want to receive alerts on this screen. When you’re done, click the blue Update alert button.
  3. Click on the RSS feed icon to view the feed URL for your Google Alert. Copy and paste this URL into your search bar in feedly.
  4. A site with your Google Alert will come up. Click the green add button and you’ll be able to access your Google Alerts in feedly!

03. Using Boolean operators to refine your Alerts and Google News feeds

Searching with certain modifiers in the search bar get you more refined results. However, not all boolean operators will work with Google News and Alerts. Here are some of the operators that do work:

  • AND and OR allows you to search two topics and tells the search engine whether you want your results to include both topics or either topic. For instance, you can search Salesforce AND Canon or Salesforce OR Canon
  • Use parenthesis to tell feedly how to group your search operators. For instance, you will get different results when you search “(iPad OR iPhone) AND Apple” and “iPad OR (iPhone AND Apple)”
  • Search with “+” and “-” to make your search results more specific. Doing so will add or delete topics in your search.
  • To find an exact match for the phrase you’re searching for, use quotation marks. For instance searching “marketing strategies” will give you more accurate results than just marketing strategies without the quotes.

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  1. Point 3 is quite ambiguous. It’s not really clear if you’re talking about your search bar or Google. It seems you’re mixing the two. But if you’re talking about Google : Google Alerts and Google doesn’t accept the “AND” operator (space stands for “AND”). “OR” is fine. “-” stands for NOT. The “+” have been replaced for years by quotation marks. And you don’t need parenthesis, so “iPad OR iPhone Apple” is enough to say “I want documents wich must contain “iPad” or “iPad” and wich must also contain “Apple”.

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