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feedly provides a great way for you to read and organize the content you find on the web. With feedly, you can easily share, save, and tag stories. With feedly Pro, you get even more features. View all of the features of feedly Pro here. We’ve summarized some of the biggest ones below.

01. Better Search: search for a person, product, brand, or event on desktop

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.10.48 PM

When you’ve upgraded to feedly Pro, you get all the features of Power Search, which includes filters that allow you to search for specific stories. We allow you to search within your feeds, which is useful for reading within the sources you follow and trust, and beyond your feedly, indexing the most popular sources on the web. 

We have a full tutorial on everything on you can do with Power Search, including integrating Google News feeds and Google Alerts, which puts a new story in your feed corresponding to your Google News search or Google Alert. 


Power Search also works on mobile, with the exact same technology and filters you get on desktop.

02. Better Sharing: share a collection with a teammate or friend

As a feedly Pro user, you’ll have access to our newest feature, Shared Collections. You can create your own profile and share collections with your friends, teammates, and following. You’ll have your own alias (your own personal URL) and can add a profile and cover photo. You can also edit which collections you wish to make public. We’ll have a full tutorial on Shared Collections out in just a bit.

03. Better Sharing: schedule the content you want to share on social networks

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Scheduling social media posts is great for pushing great pieces of content to your Twitter and LinkedIn without overflowing or spamming your contacts. Buffer and Hootsuite work great to schedule posts, and these two tools are integrated directly in feedly Pro. To use this scheduler with feedly Pro, you’ll first have to set up a Buffer or Hootsuite account and connect it with your social networks. We will soon present a full tutorial on sharing.

04. Better Integration: one-click save to Evernote

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 12.24.33 PM

feedly is especially useful for finding interesting content to use in projects. You can connect your feedly Pro account to Evernote to improve your productivity. You can do this simply with two clicks, without even having to open up your Evernote.

Similarly, we’ve just launched OneNote integration. We’ll have a full tutorial on saving stories out soon, where we’ll teach you everything you need to know about saving with OneNote, Evernote, and all of our other saving tools.

05. Better Integration: use IFTTT to automatically send a tagged story to Google Drive, Slack, or WordPress


IFTTT integration with feedly is a powerful attribute of feedly Pro. IFTTT allows you to connect your feedly with hundreds of other web services. There’s a full tutorial on what you can do with IFTTT, but here are some of the most productive use cases for professional users.

  • Add saved stories to a Google Spreadsheet
  • Get videos marked “Watch Later” in YouTube sent to your Saved For Later in feedly
  • Send stories with a particular tag to a specific channel in Slack

With feedly Pro, you can also connect to Zapier, a tool similar to IFTTT.

Questions? We want to hear your feedback. Email us at tutorials@feedly.com.

06. Get new content faster

Now that you’ve upgraded to feedly Pro, we’re automatically polling your feeds 10x more frequently. There are two different types of sites: those with Push protocol and those with poll protocol. Sites with push protocol push new stories to feedly as soon as they’re published. Sites with poll protocol don’t automatically update their feeds with new content. When feedly polls your feeds, it goes to the original source to see if there is new content. This ensures that you get the freshest content in your feedly from all of your sources. This is all done automatically, for your benefit.

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16 thoughts on “Welcome to feedly Pro”

  1. I bought Feedly Pro as soon as it was offered, a little after Google Reader was assassinated. I think you should filter your users list more finely. I’m fine but I can easily image users who would be insulted by having their support ignored by being treated like people who have not already supported The Product. Feel free to delete this comment but, you know, consider it.

    1. Hello Anzan. Are you talking about support? We have a premium support line dedicate to feedly Pro users to be able to get back to them within 2 business days, usually a few hours. If you are a pro user, you can get access to premium support via https://feedly.com/i/upgraded

      We are a small team so serving the millions of users who use feedly everyday while continuing to build the product is not always easy but we try to listen and help all our users via the Open feedly community. If you are a non Pro user, that is the first place to get your questions answered: https://plus.google.com/communities/113648582731838175643

      Finally, we have recently invested in creating a set of tutorials to help everyone optimize their use of feedly. See http://blog.feedly.com/tutorials/ for the index.


  2. Hi,

    The links of “full tutorial on Shared Collections” (ie. http://blog.feedly.com/?p=6504) and “full tutorial on sharing” (ie. http://blog.feedly.com/?p=6009) are not working : Page not found !

    Anyway, I do recommand every user that appreciate feedly to buy feedly Pro. The feeds that have low subscriptions number (like the family blog of some friends, some dedicated web site) are fetched far faster. The search is also very powerfull. Feedly is great tool , thanks for it !

  3. I´m a feedly pro user since ages and I´m still waiting to be allowed to use Shared Collections since you launch it. Announcing it as an advantage of getting the feedly pro is almost a joke :( :(

    Btw the Shared Collection link does not work

    1. Hi Gevictorfr. We understand your frustrations. We will be launching Shared Collections this Tuesday, September 3rd. Keep an eye out for them on the feedly website and the feedly blog.


      1. Hi.

        I’m also a Pro user with a lifetime license and without the possibility to use this new feature until today. And it has been launched when? A year ago…
        And when I click on the “Apply for early access” button, enter the required data and press submit… nothing appears. No E-Mail, no auto-response that all will be okay and I’m now on the top of the list, nothing.

        But ok – I will “keep an eye out”.

        Kind regards and have a nice weekend,

  4. I’m a pro user since the day one (lifetime user)! Tutorial on shared collections=Oops! That page can’t be found. Also I’m still VERY disappointed from your web UI! I wonder if you guys ever tried feedly with a monitor bigger than 15” …. I don’t so right? Also still waiting for something REALLY pro, not “evernote/pocket” integration, you’ve to build something really pro so that more free users’ll convert to pro!

  5. excellent publish, very informative. I’m wondering why the other specialists of this sector don’t understand
    this. You should continue your writing. I am sure, you’ve a great readers’
    base already!

  6. I use Feedly daily. I wanna support Feedly, but honestly I never use most of the Pro features (save to pocket s pretty much the only feature I use). $45/y is getting hard to justify…. Maybe different levels of membership in the future?

  7. Hi guys, i’ve done a search but couldn’t find this so apologies if it’s been asked. Is there an archive feature on Save For Later articles? I don’t want to delete / un-tag them but would love to be able to archive favourites. Does the Pro service offer this?

  8. been a user since google reader went away. still, i don’t find anything compelling to update to pro. said before, and have to say again – one thing about reader that i would easily pay for, and still don’t really see, is their “sort by magic.” seems like you kind of have the hooks in place for something like that, since you know which stories are “hot” – but, amazed to see it’s not really used or taken advantage of.

    i would expect by now you’d have some kind of smart learning algorithm that makes determining hot articles even better, and thus a worthwhile pro feature. pocket has something like that, and it’s not even a subscription feature. i subscribe to a ton of feeds, and am sure i’m always missing the best in them. but, with a feature like this, i never would. seems kinda obvious.

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