Keyboard shortcuts to use in feedly

Sometimes it’s easier to navigate through stories just using buttons on your keyboard, so you aren’t constantly clicking in and out of stories and categories. We’ve enabled some keyboard shortcuts to make it easier and faster for you to navigate your feedly, save, and share stories. To find a list of keyboard shortcuts, type “?”.

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19 thoughts on “Keyboard shortcuts to use in feedly”

  1. It would be nice if there was a keyboard shortcut to send to Pocket. Unfortunately I don’t use Feedly to save for later nor do I use Evernote.

  2. I really appreciate all the shortcuts in Feedly and use them exclusively to navigate. Like others have said, it would be nice to see even more shortcuts added. The one I’d like most would toggle the “Unread Only” option for article lists between every article and just unread articles.

    Eventually, though, please consider providing shortcuts for everything. Yes, every command. If every feature has a shortcut, then it’s available for the users that want it, and completely unobtrusive to users who choose not to use shortcuts. A total win-win.

  3. I use the j and k shortcuts all the time. Only thing I wish is that “j” would always work – if I happen to view an article with an embedded YouTube video, it seems to capture the focus and I have to resort to the mouse to give the focus back to feedly before I can get to the next article.

  4. The one I really would like to have is a view in new tab (like there is already) BUT in a BACKGROUND tab. Google used to have that option, it was really useful. I can never go back. I even found a plugin for Chrome that does this exclusively. Allows me to open any given article in the background and keep going through until I’m ready to read them. Would be awesome if this could be added.

  5. Can Feedly Pro users please, please, please, pretty please — and it’s been on your Uservoice thingie for years — have a keyboard shortcut for the custom sharing item?

  6. I could not resist adding another keyboard shortcut request: one to toggle the sort order of article lists between “oldest first” and “newest first.” It would be great to be able to do this quickly from the keyboard.

  7. I’m very happy to see you’ve included keyboard shortcuts which is something I really like about Inoreader and felt was missing from Feedly.

    The most important one though, would be to be able to tag an article without opening it (sometimes i just know i’ll want to share it!) by pressing the “t” key for example. This is one of the most time saving and practical functions I like about Inoreader at the moment. Would love to see it on Feedly! Would probably make me use it more :)

  8. I know my situation is an outlier, but… I am an architect. I live most of my life in CAPSLOCK territory, because all annotations on drawings are UPPERCASE ONLY. So when I flip over to feedly, the shortcuts frequently don’t work, because J!=j and K!=k. Any chance of some uppercase love or custom shortcuts?

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