Investigating performance issues

The dev and ops team are doing some performance tuning on the feedly Cloud to address some of the slowdowns identified last week. The service will be slower as a result today (Saturday April 23rd) and tomorrow (Sunday April 24th).

We might need to take the service offline for 2 hours later today to upgrade and restart some of the data nodes.

Sorry for the temporary inconvenience and have a great week end!

Update: Tuesday April 26 Morning – We are still suffering from waves of short 5-minute slowdowns / micro-outages. The dev team has increased the log level on our Hadoop cluster and servers to determine what is the component of the architecture which is responsible for those hiccups. We are also working on doubling the size of our servers in case we hit some limit somewhere. We will report back as soon as we have finished crunching through the logs (we generate about 100GB of logs for every hour of operation).

Note: collecting the logs and testing various hypothesis will likely continue to generate some slowness this morning, Wednesday morning and Thursday morning. Sorry for the inconvenience. We look forward to having a speedy feedly back.

/Seb, Kireet, and Edwin


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95 thoughts on “Investigating performance issues”

  1. Hey guys IOS7 users are unable to use Feedly to iphone since last update…. the app opens, but didn’t load anything; It shows the message ERR008 – failed to start URL: my. Error Reference Error — cant find variable: Promise.
    There another users with the same problem as you can see in reviews after last update.
    Please help! Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Diego, you’re right, we’re very sorry for this. There are two options: upgrading to iOS 8 and above, this will fix it immediately. Wait for the fix – we’re working on it, but there is no ETA yet for the fix. Thank you for understanding.

        1. I have the same problem with a regular iphone 4. Hoping to see a fix soon.

      1. thanks for the reply! So I’ll wait the fix. I hope these happens soon! I have Iphone 4 a cannot update to IOS8….

    1. Rachell, so sorry about this, we’re still working on this. Thank you for your patience.

    1. Hello Kyle, as we’re still working on this, you might see slowness and little outages during the upcoming hours and days. We hope to have this completely fixed soon. Thank you for your patience.

        1. We will update this post as soon as we have more information, right now we’re still investigating it.

    1. We’re so sorry for this, right now we’re working hard on finding the root cause of this and improve the performance. Thank you for your patience.

  2. I’ve been getting an issue recently where when I Refresh, it seems to update the feeds in chunks rather than in the “correct” order. So instead of periodically getting updates from, say, Gizmodo as articles are published, I’ll get 20 articles all at the same time that say they were published all at the same time. Is that one of the issues related to this?

  3. still seeing pretty poor performance for refresh on all platforms. I wouldn’t say it’s “unusable” but noticeably slower than a week ago.

    1. Correct, we’re working hard on this, top priority for everyone over here. Please hang on. Thank you.

    1. Hello Valentin,we’re still working on investigating this issue. Please hang on. Thank you for the patience.

    1. Hey Rob, you’re right, that is the peak where we go down, still investigating this. Please hang on.

    1. Hello Andy, if you’ll try to access feedly throughout the day, it should not be down all the time, but we’re down during peak moments. Please hang on while we’re investigating this. Thank you so much.

  4. I can’t login via Google on Android since Sunday. It always says “Cancelled”. Tried to reinstall without success. No problems to login on my PC : /

    1. Jason, this might be connected to the issues we’re having now. Please hang on. Thank you for your patience.

  5. Who may I contact regarding an urgent matter regarding Production Keys for apps using the Feedly API? Thanks in advance.

    1. Renato, we’re very sorry, this is because of the issues described above.We’re still investigating it and you might see some downtimes today and tomorrow. Please hang on.

    1. Leo,we promise we’ll fix this soon and that will make feedly even stronger. If you’ll just hang on for just a bit. Thank you.

  6. These shortages are pretty bad. Feedly is not reliable. I feel less bad for canceling my pro subscription. If I was still paying for it I could be very angry.
    Thanks god I have a traditional RSS reader to do my work.

  7. Since the last update (33.0.4), Feedly iOS app fails to switch to “oldest stories first” view. “undo oldest first” and other view options however do work. Is this issue somehow related to the current performance problems? Devices are iPhone 5S and iPad 2, both running iOS 9.3.1.

    1. Hey John,you’re right, this is something what happened with the latest version of iOS, we’ll fix it in the next update. Thank you for letting us know and for understanding.

  8. Thanks to feedly downtime, I started studying and went to sleep early yesterday.. haha

    “Jokes” aside, I hope you guys can correct it soon! <3
    Just a question, will any entry posted this past few days by my subscriptions be lost?

    Best regards.

    1. Hey Gabriel, happy to hear that you got some sleep :) Thank you, we’re on it. No, all your data are safe and won’t go anywhere, we promise.

    1. Eduardo, we’re very sorry for this, please hang on, we should have this fixed soon. Thank you for your patience.

    2. Eduardo, we have some murmurs that it should be now fixed in Sao Paolo, can you please confirm? Thank you

  9. It is absolutely unacceptable for the service to be this down for this long. RSS is a daily need service and you’re its largest provider. It’s time to stop the endless “we’re working on it” statements and implement a fix now or your user base is rightfully going to flee to a provider who doesn’t take week-long breaks. This isn’t Facebook, there are multiple alternatives.

    1. Chris, you’re absolutely right. This is what we’re working on right now. A solution which will prevent this in the future and furthermore increase the overall speed. This is our fault, we should have done this earlier, we admit. Please, hang on a bit. Thank you.

    1. Guilherme, we’re experiencing issues now in Sao Paolo, do you happen to be there? We’re investigating that as well in parallel.

          1. Fabiano, we have some murmurs that it should be now fixed in Sao Paolo, can you please confirm? Thank you

        1. Guilherme, we have some indications that it should be now fixed in Sao Paolo, can you please confirm? Thank you

        1. Fabio, we have some murmurs that it should be now fixed in Sao Paolo, can you please confirm? Thank you

      1. I’m also from São Paulo and having the same problem. So it’s a local issue, then? I’m getting a “Feedly is currently unavailable error” in all platforms

        1. Rafaella, we have some indications that it should be now fixed in Sao Paolo, can you please confirm? Thank you

          1. Hello, it seems like that it should be now fixed in Sao Paolo, can you please confirm? Thank you

        1. Tiago, we have some murmurs that it should be now fixed in Sao Paolo, can you please confirm? Thank you

    1. Pedro, we have indications that it should be fixed now, can you please confirm? Thank you.

    1. Thomas, if you login via web, everything is OK? Is the Android login broken on your data plan or on WiFi?

      1. I can’t login on Android on WiFi and on mobile with Google Login. It works on my PC though

          1. Can you please provide us with a screenshot of this please? Have you tried to uninstall the app and clear the cache?

  10. I can’t believe this is still happening. And the worst thing is that I have no way of exporting my feeds so I can have the option of choosing a different news reader.

    1. Carlos, we have some indications that it should be now fixed in Sao Paolo, can you please confirm? Thank you

  11. Hello Sao Paulo’s fellows. I didn’t know we are so many down here. Yes, I’m still experiencing issues too. It’s a shame ’cause I can’t reach the OPML to backup elsewhere and we’re in the dark for too long.

    1. Gabriel, we have some murmurs that it should be now fixed in Sao Paolo, can you please confirm? Thank you

      1. Hello, Petr. For now, the web and iOS services are back to normal. All I detected is that two feeds stopped working. The majority is fine.

      1. Yes it’s still happening. Staring at a big, blank page with a feedly watermark is kinda my thing these days.

        If I ever get through to the site, I can refresh the article list to no end without difficulty. Getting through to that point is near impossible.

        1. It might be a different issue you’re having Chris. Can you try to open feedly in the incognito mode of your browser please?

  12. So here’s the thing: prior to releasing a new version, plz test it on all iOS versions. Namely on iOS 7, since those users can’t upgrade iOS. IF if doesn’t work, ALERT users on the “what’s new” field Apple provides for update logs on NOT to upgrade. Thanks.

    In the meanwhile and since we have been waiting on a bug fix for more than 2 weeks now, can you please provide a link to the .ipa file with the previous working version? Thanks.

    1. José, you’re right, this is our fault, we should have tested more carefully. We’ll release a fix for this in the upcoming week or two. Sorry for the waiting.

  13. One more user with the same problem!!! Two weeks to fix it after passed two weeks with no service means 4 weeks without an app that was working fine….

  14. Since Petr is listening to my request to easily solve the issue instantly, can any of the disappointed users reading this please search their “> Users > [HOME DIRECTORY] > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Mobile Applications” for “feedly.32.0.0.ipa” and share it? This version works fine on iOS7. Thanks a lot!

  15. As of today, your web app is unusable — clicking on any link freezes my web browser (Chrome on OS X El Capitan, on multiple machines) for 5-20 seconds, before link is loaded (or display updated).

  16. Usually my RSS feed for Reddit ( had more than 200 posts a day, but when Feedly got back after the blackout last week it shows only 20-50 posts a day.

    Also, if my Reddit feed was completely read, Feedly could imports more posts at the rate of around 20 a hour. Now it just grab 1 or 2 new posts a hour.

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