Feedly for Android 2.0.1 – BETA

Here is a preview of feedly 2.0.1 for Android. Thank you for helping us testdrive these builds and providing us feedback on how to polish/improve the experience. Note: 2.0.1 requires Android 2.2 or higher and has been designed for 4″ and 10″ devices – no optimizations for 7″ devices yet).

Installing the release candidate

  1. Go to Android > Settings > Applications  and tap Unknown sources to allow the installation of non-Market applications
  2. Load http://www.feedly.com/previews/feedly-2.0.1-B3.apk

What’s new in 2.0.1?

FEATURE – Ability to swipe from one inlined article to the next
FEATURE – Search and browse new sites
FEATURE – Ability to start on home, favorites, latest or a category
FEATURE – Black or white theme (see settings)
FEATURE – Access to read articles through history section
FEATURE – Higher quality images
FEATURE – 2x faster than version 1.0.6

FIXED – Session timeout bug
FIXED – Login freeze issue.
FIXED – Moved navigation bar and action bar to the top of the screen (more Android-like)
FIXED – Ability to automatically share on Google Reader when an article is liked
FIXED – bit.ly shortening bug and custom account support
FIXED – Option to keep articles are unread
FIXED – Mark all as read confirmation alert (configurable in settings)
FIXED – Honoring “Open Directly in Website” feed preference
FIXED – Honoring “Oldest first” feed preference
FIXED – Enhanced error and network io management
FIXED – Sensitivity of the black selector bar

Finally, here are four tips to optimize your feedly mobile experience:

1) You can go to the new edit contents page (http://www.feedly.com/home#contents/edit) and use drag and drop to re-order your categories. The same ordering will be used in the “What’s new?” gallery in the mobile interface.

2) if you mark some sources as favorites, they will be featured in the “what’s new?” gallery.

3) There is an option to automatically mark entries as read as you swipe through the galleries.

4) If you configure a specific source to be viewed in a grid on feedly desktop, that same source will be seen in grid view in the mobile interface. Great for sources which are very visual and include big pictures!

5) finally there are 4 touch shortcuts: a) tap on the right edge of any article to mark is as read/unread, b) take on the left edge to save for later, c) swipe on the black bar at the bottom to jump to the next source and d) swipe from the top to the bottom to mark a card as read.

28 thoughts on “Feedly for Android 2.0.1 – BETA”

  1. Alright, feedback time! :)

    The speed increase is really noticeable. Nicely done.

    Inlined article swiping is really snappy. The same feature is available in a few other news apps, but they do not work as smoothly or load the new article as quickly as this. Also, nicely done. Really makes the “done – next” bar at the top redundant. I’ve love to see it go, and reclaim some screen real-estate for the articles.

    I’m really glad you brought in the search function, but it’s a little buggy:
    – The search “box” opens up on the bottom of the screen (which although out of the ordinary for the android platform, does look good) but the keyboard doesn’t always launch. When it does launch, the keyboard invades the search box a little bit.
    – There is a search button on MOST android handsets (so, good thing you put a search button on the UI for those that don’t) which doesn’t seem to launch anything. Feels a little unnatural to have to pick the on-screen search button instead of my physical search button.
    – The “back” button is skipping a step. If I open a search box, but decide I don’t want to use it, I should be able to press the back button and just have the search box disappear.
    – The “live search” feel for the sources is nice, but I’d like to be able to actually reach a “search results” screen.
    – Is it possible to search for specific terms and have an article containing that term return the query? Sources search is nice, but to be able to search within sources would be awesome.
    – If I search a source in feedly mobile, how can I add it to my subscriptions?

    The dialog bar at the bottom of the screen I’ve seen in a few instances is nice. Effective but unobtrusive.

    Love the “Visit Website” button. Just awesome.

    The “auto-preview” function works quite well but I have a couple notes on that too.
    – I’m impressed you integrated Flash, too. Only a couple of android’s third party web browsers have even done that…
    – It seems to be “on” by default after install, even though the box isn’t checked. I had to check the box, and then un-check it to disable it.
    – I like that you can still swipe left or right to open articles after they are opened in web-page view, but there seems to be an “artificial border” created depending on zoom level. I end up swiping to other articles when trying to look left or right on the web page.
    – Pinch to zoom works, double-tap doesn’t?
    – Sometimes rather than opening the article I actually want to read, it shows me the last article I looked at in browser view.

    The use of the menu button in the “sources” view has improved a lot. The transition of the menu scrolling up from the bottom is something I haven’t seen another application do before, but I really like it. It does feel a little inconsistent with what the menu button does while in an article though. (which, I’ve noticed, seems to just bring up the same dialog box as your “circle-with-an-arrow” button.) I think there are a couple things you might be able to do to make the use of the menu button really consistent:
    – It’s not really unusual, or a bad thing, for menu to have different contexts depending on the screen, but they should look similar. Having settings come up in one context, or a pop-up “window” in another seems a little off.
    – You could implement something like what I call the “partial menu.” (see default android browser, or android home screen, as an example). No matter what context I’m in, I could hit the menu button and have the “partial menu” show up along the bottom with just a couple options. You could have, for example, “Share” “Subscribe/Unsubscribe Source” “Settings” (which would open the settings menu, so you don’t have the be in source view to access it) “Select Text” “mark (all) as read” and “more,” which would say, open up the sort of pop-up box you are using right now in the in-article view when the menu button is pressed.

    But over-all, huge improvement. Really like what I’m seeing so far with the new features, but definitely a few bugs to iron out. That’s what beta is for though!

    Probably more feedback coming…

    1. Sure. We decided to start with a very simple widget and listen to ways people would like to enhance it and iterate if there are a consistent set of demands. Currently widget uses the same configuration at the start section of the app so if there is a particular session you enjoy reading a lot, you can set it in the settings have it drive both what is shown in the widget and what is shown when the app starts (although there is currently a bug where existing widget do not seem to get updated when the preference changes…something we are looking at fixing before 2.0.1 is shipped)

  2. Excellent update, it’s running very well, but a couple things;

    I notice when I start viewing articles, the first couple pages repeats as I scroll through the pages, as if they’re not marked read as I scroll by.

    Another thing is when viewing articles and scrolling up and down, I often accidentally move to the next page. The horizontal scrolling is too sensitive when viewing an article.

    I would also love the ability to select text while pressing and holding. Or even in the menu.

    But overall, I love it, especially the speed!

    1. Ditto on the select text. I haven’t noticed the same issue on accidentally moving to next page, but both my devices are on the larger end for screen sizes….

  3. Hi all,

    Maybe I am wrong and this is working as intended. I just started using the new version but I could find a way to sync it with my Google Reader. I recall the “key” icon at the bottom left corner of the home page screen, but I couldn’t find anything similar neither in the settings menu nor in the rest of the UI.

    I apologise if the feature is there, but my feedback can still be useful given the fact that it was kinda hard to find.


  4. I ran into an issue where I clicked a link inside an article and I was unable to move around the page. When I tried to pan to the right the app wanted to slide to the next article instead of navigation around a zoomed in page.

  5. Hi all,

    I had the same problem ernest experienced. I don’t know if the problem though lies in the way the articles are built with CSS for mobile devices or if it’s a feedly issue. It would be interesting to try reading the same article with an other feed reader or through the mobile browser. The same issue results in images overflowing on the right. When reading an article on apartmenttherapy, the text is aligned to left but the thumbnails which on the desktop version are centred don’t get aligned purposefully on the left to ease the mobile reader. Same thing happens to me with content published on “lemond.fr”.

  6. xoom wifi. comments on 2.01b3

    great stuff. this is probably my favorite xoom app and i don’t even bother with greader in a browser any more. this is by far the best way to skim through large amounts of rss feeds – i’m currently subscribed to 643 feeds

    – still seems to FC occasionally, but i haven’t detected a pattern that triggers it yet.
    – animated gif’s show up blank in the summary.
    – thanks for moving nav bar to the top. i’m much less likely to trigger the preferences menu by mistake now.
    – if feedly is started in landscape mode and then rotated back to portrait, the screen sometimes “sticks” in a funny mode – seems fully functional, but active area is a square in the top 2/3 of screen. bottom 1/3 or so is gray for summaries – full articles seem to use full screen. exiting and restarting in portrait mode fixes it.

    – sometimes it still seems a bit awkward closing out from an article and having to reach for the “x” or back button. would you consider adding a double tap action to get back to the summary?
    – perhaps a strange request on the color themes. i like the black theme for the summaries, but it seems easier to read articles in white theme.
    – while the twitter integration looks really nice, i’m not much of a user. i post much more to facebook and tumblr. do you have plans to tighten up integration with those two platforms so it’s more twitter like?
    – can we have tighter control on which icons display in the action bar? for example, i’d rather have “mail article” than twitter if it comes down to a matter of space. i also miss having the mobilize button in easy reach – and why did it change to “reformat”??
    – is there a way to add new feeds to google reader via the android client? going through the browser is doable, but clunky, much like the share using… facebook/tumblr options

  7. I have all of my subscriptions set to magazine view, but certain blogs won’t show a cover photo in feedly.
    Is it something within feedly or the persons blog. i subscribe to a couple of wordpress blogs. One will not show a cover photo and two will. I have the same problem with blogger. some will show and some wont.
    other than that, Iove feedly for my android.

  8. Can Not load the apk. There is a error. I am interested if this bug in the beta still is present: when zooming an article, then feedly freezes and must get restartet. This under galaxy not 3.
    Anyway, i would like to be a beta tester. :-)

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