Feedly for Android – Beta Program

Feedly for Android is finally available for beta. Now we need to hammer out all the bugs and polish the user experience. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions!

Here are a handful of things to keep in mind, regarding this beta release:

  • It requires Android 2.2 and higher
  • The layouts have been optimized for phones and the Xoom tablet (10″). The layout will *not work well* on the Samsung 7″ tablet. 7″ will be supported in the April update.
  • This is an early beta. Please help us improve the product. If you run into a bug, please post a comment here (or send us an email to android@feedly.com)
  • Feedly integrated with bit.ly, Instapaper and Read it later. See the preferences option in the source selector on how to configure your accounts.
  • We will be pushing out beta updates every week between now and mi-April.

You can now download 0.9.4 (aka Beta 2) from the Android Marketplace

Finally, here are four tips to optimize your feedly mobile experience:

1) You can go to the new edit contents page (http://www.feedly.com/home#contents/edit) and use drag and drop to re-order your categories. The same ordering will be used in the “What’s new?” gallery in the mobile interface.

2) if you mark some sources as favorites, they will be featured in the “what’s new?” gallery.

3) There is an option to automatically mark entries as read as you swipe through the galleries.

4) If you configure a specific source to be viewed in a grid on feedly desktop, that same source will be seen in grid view in the mobile interface. Great for sources which are very visual and include big pictures!

5) finally there are 4 touch shortcuts: a) tap on the right edge of any article to mark is as read/unread, b) take on the left edge to save for later, c) swipe on the black bar at the bottom to jump to the next source and d) swipe from the top to the bottom to mark a card as read.

References around the web


We are getting a lot of great suggestions (here, on facebook and on twitter). Here are some of the best ones. Expect to see them integrated into the weekly updates we will be pushing out between now and the end of march. *Thank you*

  1. When loaded in XOOM, the app sometimes fail to detect that there is a 10″ display and generates the phone interface which result in a crappy experience – HIGHEST (reported by the Android Community team).  FIXED in Beta 2
  2. Better integration with the Android look and feel – FIXED in Beta 2
  3. Look into using the Android keychain for authentication – FIXED in Beta 2
  4. Ability to zoom in and out of the content in the in app browser – FIXED in Beta 2
  5. Ability to swipe from one article to the next in the inline browser (= next button) – HIGH
  6. Integrate with Android’s System Wide sharing system so that users can user “share with tumblr” if they have tumblr installed. – FIXED in Beta 2
  7. Ability to go back to the help cards from the selector
  8. Support in mobile the “aut0-share on like” preference knob defined on the desktop.
  9. Ability to see if an article in image grid format has been read or not
  10. Make the image grid title 2 line height
  11. All gestures should be like the swipe and offer visual feedback.
  12. Feed/Category mark as read should have a confirmation dialog (with a setting to turn it off).
  13. The launch sequence could be smoother (no need for the dark background to flicker while we are loading the first card. – FIXED in Beta 2
  14. Widgets
  15. Search integration
  16. Ability to launch feedly and load the “latest” collection instead of “home”.

187 thoughts on “Feedly for Android – Beta Program”

  1. I prefer rubies to precarious mental states :)

    thanks for working long hours and making this happen. Your application and what it will do for my handheld usage habits is greatly appreciated.

    Best, M.

  2. First of all a big thank you for implementing feedly for android! Your app is gorgeous and I used it to read all my feeds today and I absolutely loved it! I encountered no bugs at all and the application was running fluedly at all times! The gestures were working great!

    I only have two suggestions:
    1. I would prefer when I am into an article reading it, to be able to go back using the back button on my device and not the done button on the top! Those buttons on the top feel really iphonish, no need for them!
    2. I would like to have an unread counter somewhere in order to be able to see how many more unread articles I have!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. After playing around with the app for half an hour I have three suggestions / critical remarks:1.

    1. The back button closes the app no matter how far you have progressed in the reading. Starting the app again puts you at the Homescreen. I would prefer to have the back button scroll one page backwards instead and only close the app from the Homescreen.

    2. Feedly doesn’t use my bit.ly account when tweeting.

    3. Have you thought about making the Google reader folders collapsible? This would speed up the switching between feed-bundles.

    It looks soooooo beautiful. Thanks. You are great!

            1. Sorry. I must apologize for spamming your post, I’m afraid. But it doesn’t work. The links I thought were made via the “Tweet” option were created by another application I use. The feedly.com/k links are not mirrored/created in/ appearing in my bit.ly link-list.

                1. As it’s quite some time since the last question was asked, let me reiterate – is that issue with using custom account (with user name and API key in settings) fixed? That works in iPhone version but not in Android one at the moment.

                  1. Seems as much a lack of demographic asniyals as just killing of a service. Has always interested me how ldrger companies in tech space are so fast to write off the valuw of baby boomer age customers in return for tweens etc. Especially given the capacity of both to invest in listed.companies. good point abouy yahoo, hopefully Marissa Mayer is listening John.

    1. The swipe from top to bottom could use a little more tolerance regarding the angle. When I do this, the horizontal scrolling is triggered rather easily.

    2. Switching sources by swiping the black bottom bar. This feature might profit from a settings option to switch folders instead.

      1. Matthias. Currently if select a folder in the selector, when you swipe on the black bar, you will be pushed to the next folder. If you select a source, you will be pushed to the next source.

        1. That is so, albeit swiping from the Homescreen behaves awkwardly insofar as swiping to the left selects the next folder while swiping to the right selects the first feed in the last folder.

      1. iirc the “like” in the Firefox Extension is a “share in reader without comment”-function. I assumed this to be duplicated here.

    3. Great set of feedback. We are going to look into some of these. Update the post with a mini roadmap for the 0.9.2 update we will push out later this week to the Android Store. Many thanks!

    4. Interaction with google reader: The starring of items by saving for later works, sharing by liking items definitely does not.

        1. Just for completion’s sake: the sharing in reader by liking in feedly worked initially and stopped doing so after about one hour of usage…

        2. The like in feedly = share in reader works when viewing the original item with the built in browser and then tapping like. Ahhh.

            1. I had expected it to work directly from the feed item display, not only after clicking through to the original post / article.

  4. I’m a little surprised at how well it works off the bat, gorgeous!

    The pop up on the left you get after pressing he menu key, it wasn’t obvious to me at first that I could scroll up to see the feedly options etc.

    Also, once you go into an article, pressing the back key quits the app, it might be more consistent with other android apps if this were to return you to the previous screen, and only quit the app if you’re on the main screen already.

    FYI: samsung galaxy s – darky’s rom 9.3 (2.2.1-based)

  5. Absolutely great and intuitive interface, there are only two things that I think would make it better… Support the back button, right now it jumps me back to the launcher, and use the volume buttons to page through the pages…
    Keep up the good work,

  6. Excellent work so far, looks gorgeous!


    – Very difficult to see the unread count on the home menu (gray text on gray background).

    – As already stated, Back button fron an article page closes the app completely, rather than going back to the previous view.

    Feature Requests:

    – Enable Move-to-SD

    – Let me use my volume up/down keys to scroll up/down a page

    – Not sure what the “featured” section is – would like to hide it from the home menu

    – The “how to use” screen that appears when first starting: how to view it again?

  7. Clean, nice and globally intuitive UI. I totally agree with the previous comments concerning the back button.
    On my HTC Desire (Bravo in US) with Android 2.2, some bugs appear sometimes. For unknown reasons, I can’t swipe or click on an article, nothing happens. If I restart the app, everything work.
    A disturbing thing: I have to swipe twice if I want to swipe (certainly due to the screen resolution, I don’t know). The first swipe drives me to the border of the page, the second really swypes. I don’t know if I’m clear, I could make a video to be more understandable.

    1. Yes. Sorry. It was a though call but we need some of the features and optimizations Google has made in 2.2 to be able to deliver the experience. It really starts shining in 3.0 where they introduced hardware acceleration.

  8. Love the app; great experience now that I can finally digest my feeds on my mobile phone!
    Some suggestions / ideas:
    – I can’t really see whether photo-items are marked as read or not (after swyping from top to bottom), perhaps make this more visible?
    – Also, maybe useful to add 1 or 2 extra lines to the photo-item title, cause now the titles only show 2 or 3 words, which makes it difficult to find out what the post is about.
    – A full screen view for extra space (get rid of the Android notification bar)?
    But again, I love the app, and these are small issues.

  9. Gestures aren’t common in the Android apps I use, so I was a little surprised by them at first, but it made sense fairly quickly. Swiping up and down is a little tricky because it seems I need to completely accurate, but I’m sure that can be ironed out. I like that the gestures have quite natural opposites.

    The left to right page switching felt a little awkward to me, and I think I figured out why: it seems to rely completely on how far I move the page, instead of taking into account how fast I move it. If you play with swiping down on Android’s title bar, that’s how I was expecting it to behave. A really quick swipe causes it to expand completely at that speed (think kinetic scrolling). If I drag it more than halfway down the screen and let go, it continues to expand regardless of how fast I am dragging it.

    I think it’s unfair that the page switching gesture gets visual feedback and the other ones don’t ;)
    The gesture for switching sections might benefit from some feedback akin to the page flipping; it took me a bit of fiddling to really figure out what was going on there, and how everything related.

    It wasn’t clear to me that the Mark Read button marked the entire section as read, and given some of the gestures it’s easy to press it. Maybe an Undo button would be a nice touch?

    Very happy with this. Nice work!

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      Regarding the left to right swiping, the experience will get better as Android adds support for hardware acceleration and the devices CPU get a little faster.

      Regarding visual feedback for other gestures. +1. Added that to the mini roadmap for us to look it this.

      Regarding an undo mark as read, it is something that a lot of users have requested but the Google Reader back end does not allow yet.

      Please let us know if you have other suggestions!

  10. Feedly Android is much more responsive and easier to read than Google Reader. You’re on the right track! I feel a bit dumb, in that I haven’t had time to try learning your UI. I just wanted to read my subscriptions, and get on with my day. In that context, it was really great that I was able to read as much as I did.
    – Can you use my existing Google login without my having to re-enter it? It made me worry you were capturing my Google login (rather than using the permission I’ve granted you via Google).
    – The hardware back button on the phone took me some place I didn’t expect — not back to Feedly. Is there some reason this can’t be the same as the software “Done” button? I can press the “Home” button if I want to quit Feedly. I’m not up-to-date on Android UI guidelines. I suppose my expectations are based on using the Twitter client. Normally, I click on a link in a tweet, read the article, then press the back button and return to the tweet stream.
    – I’m reading a post, then I exit to read my e-mail. When I come back to Feedly, it re-synchronizes. I have to navigate back to the post I was reading.
    – This might be beyond the scope of the beta, but ideally Feedly can just read all my subscriptions and then tell me what I need to know. :)

    1. Thank mike. Update the mini-roadmap to capture some of these points.

      1) Login. Yes. Good idea. We will look into that. (Note, the authentication happens directly between the device and Google, using SSL and the credentials are not saved – but using the Google Keychain feels like the better way to do that so we will investigate).

      2) Yes. We are looking into better back support. We will push an update out at the end of the week.

      3) If android needs more memory, then it calls the feedly activity in the background and asks it to stop. This is where we refresh. If not, you should be able to resume from the same place.

      4) :-)

      1. Yes, yes and yes to #1! Personally that’s nice because it’s both possible and the way when using someones Google account to authenticate a user, but to me it’s much more easier because I use Google’s two-step authentication.

        For me to log into feedly I have to create an application-specific password purely for that, a tiny bit of a drag.
        Otherwise, it looks really cool, but I get the feeling that many of the UI-elements are simply part of a webpage running in the app? I’m more thinking about the bar at the bottom of the app though.

  11. when there are no more items to read I see at the bottom, “No unread articles in your”. That’s it. This is when I am in the latest section.

  12. Could there be a setting to tell the application which section to start in? For example, I like to just look at the latest section but it wants to start in featured.

    1. Good suggestion added to the roadmap. I am not sure if we will be able to pull it in for 0.9.2 but will make sure it is implemented in the April update.

  13. I really like the UI when browsing articles, but once I open an article… ugh. These aren’t iphones, so why try to make it look like they are? I’d love to see the UI consistent from front page to in-article. Side-swipe to enter new articles would be nice. Reaching for that “next” button feels unnatural.

    And on the topic of the back button. Having it scoot you back to the home page as you mention above is a nice idea, BUT, ultimately the purpose of the back button is to go BACK to the last thing you did. Perhaps review some of the android developer tips videos on youtube from the last Google I/O, where this one topic was a MAJOR point. Back means BACK, not home, not exit; BACK. Like the BACK button in a browser.

    Keeping the UI the same from main page to the articles themselves will also assist in this. If the “home” link in the bottom left existed at all times there would be no need to fiddle with the intended use of the back button.

    Also, I’d like the option for all articles to be displayed in the “big” fashion like the first or newest from a source. It looks good. Let’s see more of it!

    The “mark all as read” checkmark should be more clear what it is. I had already read a new article from a specific source on a different reader, so I hit the checkmark and “oops”

    Lastly, forceclose is a problem on CM7 (gingerbread)

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      Back. Yes. It will be fixed in the next couple of days.

      Wipe from one inlined article to the next. Yes. Planned of the April update.

      Regarding layouts, we are looking at ways to allow users to have more control without making the interface more complex. More over the next few month.

      Regarding mark as read, will ask our designers to a create a dialog with a “don’t ask” me again option.

      What is foreclosure?

      1. Hi Edwin,

        Thanks for the speedy response! I hope my comments on back didn’t seem rude, but it’s a big complaint I have for many apps ported to android from iphone. Really glad to hear the other points I mentioned are already in consideration. The dialog for mark all as read would especially be welcome.

        Integration of the search button would be great as well. I love the functionality of the search box in feedly for chrome and seeing that in android would be awesome. Especially if you can find a way to include feedly as a search target from the Google search widget. Winamp executes this very well if you are looking for a reference point.

        And it is not “foreclose” but “force-close” as in the app crashes. I’ve noticed it a couple times today. It is worth noting that I am running cyanogenmod, not stock android, but CM is a very commonly used ROM for root users.

        I also noticed this evening that it seems to be a bit of a battery hog. Perhaps a resource leak or maybe an update/run-in-background issue?

        1. On search. Stay tuned. I will point the team to winamp and make sure that we optimize the integration between feedly search and android.

          Regarding battery hog, we spent a lot of time to make sure that there is 0 background activity. In Android 2.2 and 2.3 and lot of the transitions are performed by the CPU so feedly usage could have impact (not background). In 3.0, Android has better GPU integration, which results into both a smoother experience and better battery usage.

          If you see anything else, please let us know!

          1. On the search function, Dropbox also uses it effectively, fyi.

            Also the share button in the article view is nice, but what is “mobilize?” Having an option to share a url via messaging would be sweet!

            I’d personally like the option to open an article in a browser in full version. But there seems to be a debate in the community whether full versions of articles should be opened in app or in browser from news apps…

            1. Mobilize is useful if you drill down from an article to a webpage which is not optimized for mobile consumption. Mobilize will reformat the content of the webpage so that it is easier to read.

              By open, do you mean open directly each time you click on the article title in the gallery? (Wouldn’t that be very slow to load?)

              1. I mean, once an article is open, have the option to launch the article in a browser.
                Kind of like on feedly for chrome when I open an article, I can read it, OR, I can click on the title and it opens a new tab with a direct link.

                The exact opposite of “moblilize” if i correctly understand it.

      2. Consistency and trust are key for cloud offerings. It takes time to penilraosze the service on offer, be it Reader or Google Docs. But if the service can be taken away at a whim or doesn’t function reliably (why are some GoogleFinance functions today not working AGAIN?), it forces me as a user to be more selective in the future when I pick a service. Google is now as risky as any service from a small start-up. I don’t think this is the message they want to convey.

    1. Really? Hmm. Never tested it on a 7″ tablet. Could you email me a screenshot edwink /at/ feedly.com? Our plan is to add a dedicated template for 7″ tablet in the April release.

  14. Re: 7 inch tablet

    I will email you some screenshots from my 7″ B&N nook color running Honeycomb. Clearly could be some improvements to take advantage of the larger screen sizes, but quite usable for a first beta.

  15. After I’ve entered my Instapaper login and password i haven’t an option to save an article in my favorites. How about giving us an option to both favorite and push article to Instaper?

    And one more question. What for are there 2 narrows at the bottom of each article?

      1. Hello. When you click on a link included in the article, the in-app browser will navigate to that page. The arrows on the in-app browsers toolbar are to help you navigate back to the article.

  16. A verification question when hitting the mark as read when on a top level category/page/feed would be good. I just marked ALL AS READ for one of my main categories/pages effectively wiping all of my unread articles out. Since I was just trying out the app but didn’t know what all the features and functions are yet this is something I wanted to point out as a potential concern since it was so easy to do and very difficult to undo. Some additional feedback in the app would be helpful. Additionally, a tutorial overlay for the final version would be helpful as well, thus helping to minimize these occurrences. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mikael,
      I am going to talk to the team about mark as read having a little popup dialog for confirmation (with the option to turn it off once the user knows what the action does). Let us know what other aspects of the experience should be clarified.

      1. Hi Rene,Sorry to hear your picture wasn’t inudcled. Unfortunately we only have room for 25 pictures in our gallery, and it’s possible that your shot maybe was a little fuzzy, so it didn’t make the cut. Mariela the photo gallery is designed to give a picture of what the entire event was like. We do feature video of our two winners only (you can find them in the video gallery).Looking forward to seeing you both at the next round!Brandi.

  17. First off, let me add my thanks to those above, it’s been a long time coming but well worth the wait! Thanks for producing the best RSS client for Android :)

    I’ve got no real complaints (quite surprising given that this is a beta) but it’d be nice to have ‘keep as unread’ as well as ‘save for later’. I use both of these on the desktop feedly. ‘save for later’ I use on articles I’ve read and want to keep hold of in the long-term. I use ‘keep as unread’ for stuff I probably want to read later, but don’t have the time right now.

    My only other feature request is around sharing. It’d be nice to be able to share to facebook as well as twitter. I’m pretty sure android has some built-in functionality around sharing, as there’s a fairly common menu used by a few other apps.


    1. Hi Matt, Thanks for the feedback.

      There is a gesture in the gallery to keep as unread: tap on the right edge of an article and you will see the title revert back to the unread state.

      Re: Facebook. Yes.

      Will look in to the Android built-in sharing functionality.

  18. In the Google Reader app there is the option to “Send” an article’s link to other apps. For instance you could share an article on tumblr by sending it to the tumblr app. I would find this feature to be extremely useful as I use multiple apps for sharing, bookmarking, etc.

    For now, as a work around, I can open an article in my browser, touch and hold on the address bar to get a context menu, then share to other apps from there, but it would be nice to be able to do this directly from Feedly.

  19. Loving it. Please, please, please though: tap into Android’s system wide Share menu for sharing feed items. This will let users, for example, use the twitter client of their choice, etc., any app that’s identified itself as capable of taking the share.

      1. Sure. I tried to paste a couple resources here, but the comment didn’t show up. Perhaps because it included URLs? Let me know how best to get them to you.

        1. Or– just search Google for [Android action_send intent]. The first two results are the resources I was going to point you to: “Intent | Android Developers” and “A Call To Action…ACTION_SEND, That Is”

  20. You should remove the comment “The layout will *not work well on the Samsung 7″ tablet” – I’ve tried it on the Galaxy Tab and it looks great!

  21. “a) tap on the right edge of any article to mark is as read/unread,” euhm, is it? how do I do this?


    1. Found the save feature on the left, but on the right I am still searching… cant we get a little cross like under the emblem in the online verion?

      1. Lol, and now I get it, I think, the title goes blue / unbleu, but it reprosseses after reading on, cool :).

  22. Love the interface. But pressing the menu button should close the menu if it’s already open.

    Add a news ticker widget similar in idea to what is offered by the Google Reader app. This is a request I’ve seen many people make regarding other RSS readers, and it would allow people like me who like to have a news ticker on our home screen direct access to Feedly.

  23. This is looking very good. Great way to read RSS news. Works well on a Galaxy Tab. I don’t know how you will improve the layout but looking forward to seeing it.

    I’m not clear why one articles appears full page and the there are four on the pages following. Is this the layout issue?

    If I swipe right to left I turn pages between articles. Why can’t I swipe back if I skipped one I didn’t mean to?

    It would help to be clearer what’s read and what isn’t – is it blue ? it it black? some other kind of marker? different background colour maybe?


  24. I’m very impressed with the app and looking forward to the improvements you guys are planning to add. I have a couple of sugestions to make:
    1 -I know I lot of people already pointed out to the iphonish layout when you open an article but I just wanted to add my two cents. The good thing about Android’s hardware buttons is that in most cases it eliminates the need for additional UI elements, like the top and bottom bars in feedly when viewing an article. The “done” button can be simply replaced by the hardware back button and the “next” by swipe actions(those were already pointed out, I know). As for the bottom bar, it could be replaced by a sub menu triggered by the hardware menu button.
    2 – About the Cover + rest of the articles design it would be nice to have an indicator showing how many more articles for that category are remaining. Also, I would be happy with an option to disable the cover page and show all of the articles at once. OR you guys could merge the cover + rest of articles in only one page. So basically we would still have the cover page but instead of swiping left to see the rest of the articles, we would scroll down(I would love that :D) to see the remaining articles .
    3 – Background Notifications/Sync – I must say I’m a notification addict, and I really miss it on feedly :(. Newsrob has a really nice notification system, yout guys could take a look at it :)
    4 – Another suggestion for the layout: the categories menu could have a nice slide up animation like the notifications area on the Facebook app. Also, I don’t really get how the categories menu work / is organized , can you explain it?
    ps: How do I get rid of the “essentials” categories?

    Now about an issue I’m currently having. Articles with too long titles are not being properly displayed. You can see what I’m talking about on this screenshot: http://img837.imageshack.us/img837/772/snap20110310153705.png

    1. Thanks for the great feedback. Some great points to chew on as we iterate. Note: Essentials will go out as soon as you login and personalize your feedly.

    1. Yes, kind of an “in app workaround”: go to another item from the same source, click through to watch the original article in the inline browser and browse to your desired article. If you are logged out of instapaper, you can save it for later reading in feedly by clicking on the bokmark symbol or logged into instapaper save it for later reading there.

      A marking unread in the essential feed is not possible due to Google reader doesn’t

    2. … which doesn’t provide an option to do so.

      Bes, M.

      PS: typed on mobile. Sorry for hitting publish too early.

  25. A couple more suggestions:

    – I’d love to see a landscape layout when I move the phone to that orientation.
    – It’d be nice to have a way to see the alt text for an image (which you may want to refer to as the “xkcd compatibility”).

  26. Just a question: I’m using Feedly for Chrome, and on my Droid (OG). I’m very impressed with it, vs Pulse, Feedr, and some other readers I use. I’m also running Honeycomb (preview version) on my Nook and was wondering if I could download the Feedly APK somewhere directly (since I don’t have Market access on the Nook). Thx… Jeff

  27. Update: We just pushed out feedly for Android 0.9.4 (Aka Beta 2) to the android market. Fixed some of the highest priority feedback we collected over the last 3 days. Ping us if you see any regressions. Have a great week end!

    1. B&N Nook Color running Honeycomb: On first start up, after the splash screen I just get an all-white screen. I can get the menu pop-up but selecting anything has no effect on the white screen. On second start up it worked fine. I’m still getting the phone interface (I wouldn’t call it crappy, but maybe I don’t know what I’m missing).

      Dinosaur G1 running CM Froyo: Looks goods.

      1. Ah..Thank you for the update Phil. There could be a bug with the very first launch. Will look into that. Regarding a 7″ specific display, I think that we can probably create a couple of layouts which better manage the space and display larger images). I am at SXSW this week end and we have a scoble demo on Thursday next week but will look into that right after that. Thanks again for the update!

      2. I’m experiencing the same problem on honeycomb on my htc flyer: white screen, and not being able to log in throught google, which means I can’t use the app on my tablet. I tried several times. Any suggestion? thanks :)

  28. Hey can you give some details on how feedly handles data and battery use? For instance, does feedly run and sync in the background when not in use, when syncing what does feedly download and cache (just entry titles? Text of articles? Text and pictures? Whole articles as is every time?), does the cache last or is it pretty much expected that you are connected to the internet while you use feedly?

    The reason I ask is because I like to know what my apps are doing and keep battery drain in check. I also do most of my mobile feed reading on the subway so offline caching is very important to me. And finally I don’t have unlimited data so whenever possible I do all downloading and caching in wifi areas (I especially like to time my syncing with tasker in the morning before I leave for work, definitely not vital but my current reader newsrob has tasker integration so I figured I’d use it).

    Little or no offline caching would be kind of a deal breaker for me, the other stuff I want to know but can deal with. As for the app, great job, it looks beautiful. I really want to use it but I would like to know more of these data and power details first.

    1. Another useful feature, many feeds only give previews (Lifehacker, Gizmodo and the Gawker feeds for instance, also many webcomics that just use a feed to alert of a new item without putting in the item). However feedly caches it would be pretty nice if it gave the option to cache the browser version of the article when syncing since it would get displayed in an inline browser already. I doubt I’m the only one who likes to do feed reading while travelling in places with no data access and then if those online versions were cached you could still read those too.

  29. Wish: I would like to magnify / zoom in to the text just as in my mobile browser.
    Besides of this: I LOVE the Android-app.

    1. Thanks Illias. The last 0.9.4 version available in the marketplace includes support for zooming in the in-app browser. Please upgrade when you have the time.

  30. 1, hmm… I just don’t understand/ can find it: can anyone help how to do this:
    “If you configure a specific source to be viewed in a grid on feedly desktop, that same source will be seen in grid view in the mobile interface. Great for sources which are very visual and include big pictures!” I cannot find a setting in Feedly desktop to configure to view a source in grid setting.. am I doing something wrong?

    2, And: one of my sources (medscape.com) needs logging in to view the whole article/ news. Although I can view the pre-view version of an article in Feedly, it shows up the login screen, I cannot log in -as it does not show up the keyboard (N1, unrooted, stock, 2.3). Any help/ suggestion, pls?
    Thanks in advance; great app!!

  31. Awesome app! I think it has the potential to be one of the best. Suggestions:
    – Add support for landscape orientation This is a must for some tablet users.
    – It would be nice to keep the feed list persistently displayed on the left. This would handy if landscape mode is supported.
    – Add support for the star feature from Google reader.

  32. In app browser feels really cramped: there is android status bar, top toolbar and bottom toolbar. A good idea would be to load articles fullscreen by default and only show toolbars by a swipe gesture.

    PS It also doesn’t auto-rotate.

  33. Hi, first sorry for my English.

    I tried by chance this reader and I think the best player of all tested, almost perfect.

    I say almost, because I see two problems. The first is that the owner does not show the full story (as in desktop) this was solved, or is so by default?
    And the second is that it lacks the Off-Line mode.

    Is a strong reader, synchronizes fast, clean and very practical way to read the news. If you solve these two problems, I dare say it is the perfect reader.


  34. Loving this so far – I’ve been waiting for this app since I started using feedly 6 months ago. A couple of things, though:

    1. The menu screen doesn’t fill my DroidX’s screen – it would be great to have it do so!
    2. I’d like to be able to set a preference for which page/feed the app opens onto rather than having it pop up the latest random one as it seems to do right now.

    Other than that, this is working beautifully – can’t wait to see what comes next!

  35. Feed/Category mark as read should have a confirmation dialog (with a setting to turn it off).

    I absolutely agree that this needs to be added. I just lost a few hundred articles because I didn’t know what the button did.

    Additionally, when you hit menu, share, then google reader, the name of the article just fills in as “null”. Can this be fixed and possibly make it into a button? I would say it is more important than a tweet button.

    Keep up the great work.

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  36. I’m almost ready to convert from Pulse! I’d just like to see the “Oldest First” option from the desktop version hit Android.

  37. Awesome app! Would be better if the controls weren’t only hidden hotspots and gestures, but actual icon buttons maybe? Especially for mark as read and open in web page. Perhaps have some of these actions when menu button pressed.

  38. Feedly is so much better than the alternatives simply for the fact that it actually syncs with Google Reader. It would be much better if it had buttons instead of gestures, the gesture (or button) for marking as unread worked, and it rotated when I turn the tablet. I’m using a Xoom. I haven’t yet installed it on my Droid X.

  39. Hi, thanks for awesome app. Once again I enjoy reading my feeds on Android. One bug tho. Feeds w/ captions in f.e czech, has accent letters in uppercase f.e (ahoj, tohle je pŘesnĚ ten problém). Can you look at this issue?

    1. Sure. could you please share with us a sample feed we can us to reproduce the problem? Where do you see the bug? In the selector? Any chance you could send us a screenshot with the bug and a screenshot with the correct – so that we can determine what the right solution should be? Thanks.

  40. And one more, when you try to share the item (f.e to feed my delicious), the url passed is the feed item url, not the url of the actual content. Quite annoying, because one has to switch to browser and then bookmark it. Thanks. Keep going!h

  41. I’ve been using feedly on my Notion Ink Adam for a couple of weeks now and really enjoying it. I was actually surprised to find that it is supposed to adapt its layout for 10″ screens, because it isn’t doing that for me. It’s pretty much my only complaint with it at the moment. Thanks for a great app.

    1. Hi Brian, We looked into this. Feedly has some pixel density dependencies which seem to be level 8 (aka 2.2) dependent. We are about to push a feedly 2.0.1 out. We are going to carve out some time on Friday and see if there is a way to relax that dependency…not sure yet. Sorry!

  42. Congratulations on the new version.

    But I can not find the option as to the oldest first. And do not understand much that is “auto preview”


  43. Will there ever be a way to download the feedly apk’s from anywhere besides the market? My phone is currently not able to use the market and I pretty much only use it to play scrabble and read my feeds with feedly! Would love for this to be available so I can get the updates, thanks for your great work!

  44. Hi,

    Is it possible to route the saved items to list your instapaper articles? There is a bit of a conflict in using both Instapaper and Feedly saved items.

  45. Hi Edwin,

    Thanks for building for Android – I absolutely love Feedly!

    Just wanted to point out one bug – it seems to ignore the Android system auto-rotate setting. Hope you can fix it soon / add it’s own auto-rotate setting.

    Sys info: Samsung Galaxy S2 running stock TouchWiz (Android 2.3.3 GINGERBREAD.XWKEB)
    Feedly version: 3.0.5


  46. Any chance of being able to use this (once further along) on a Nook? I can’t even bring up the page at the moment. Gives me a “page not available” error. :(

  47. Have feedly installed on Samsung Galaxy S2, Android 4.0.3.
    Screen freezes after start-up and loading start-up page. Settings button reponds, but that’s all.
    Pity, works like a charm on my desktop, with beautiful representation of the items (articles).

  48. I love using feedly, but please fix the bit.ly issue. It keeps using the feedly url instead of personal bitly url.


  49. This article seems to indicate that as of March 11th we should be able to find the 0.9.4 “beta 2” at Market. However, the Market page ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.devhd.feedly as linked to in the post here) just shows the 13.0.7 version from February 14th? This is also what I have on my phone, and it considers itself the latest version. If you switched to a new version numbering scheme, note that market might behave oddly with that. Searching Market for feedly beta just gives the same page as above.
    In short – where *can* we find the beta?
    Nexus 4, Android 4.2.2, stock.

    1. Difficult to see the dates of these blog posts, just found out I was two years late… There still is a LOT lacking in the Android app of feedly compared to the desktop version. Abandoned?

  50. Using the feedly app on Android, I often run into the issue that when either swiping or tapping to see a new article, a previously read one will pop up instead. It will always be the same one and it seems like it happens more the longer I use the app. Swiping backward and forward does not fix it. The only way to get to the article i want is usually to tap the article before it (in whose place the wrong article then shows up), then swiping to the next one.

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  52. Just one suggestion:

    Have an option to scroll ‘normally’ through the list view rather than a page at a time. The page scroll is unintuitive on Android and I find myself micro-scrolling only for it to scroll a page.

    Other than this minor gripe, the app is good :-)

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