Feedly for iPhone – Beta Program

Welcome to the feedly for iPhone beta program. The goal of this page is to help you install the beta, to offer a place to collect feedback and to give you visibility into the beta timeline.

Installing Feedly for iPhone Beta

Here is a link to the zip file for the application:

Here is a link to the mobile provision file for the application:

If it is the first time you are installing an adhoc application, here are some detailed instructions.


A lot of the applications (Twitter, email, facebook) use a scroll metaphor. The feedly design is based on a swipe metaphor. It might feel a little dis-orienting at first but our early result show that after 3-4 days of usage, the simplicity of the approach allow it to fade away and become a subconscious activity.

The benefit of the swipe approach is that it is simple while allowing us to offer different layout for each card (like the desktop, we are planning to offer more views over time).

But we are very interested in your feedback regarding this point specially if you feel after a few days of usage that swipe continues to be disorienting.


Here are some tips and tricks you can use to optimize the mobile experience:

  1. If you organize your sources in categories, the digest will filter the content from those categories and feature the best articles.
  2. You can change the order in which the categories are laid out in the digest by re-ordering the categories in the feedly desktop navigation bar (using drag and drop)
  3. If you mark some of your sources as must read, it will increase the probability of articles from those sources to be showcased in the digest.
  4. Tapping on the right edge of an article will mark it as read without needing you to open the article.
  5. When reading an article, you can select a snippet of text and use the more>tweet or more>email options to share that snippet of content

Feedback and Suggestions

We thought that it would be good to discuss all the bugs and design suggestions in an open/public format so if you have any input, please submit a comment. If you need to send us some private feedback, you can send an email to edwink@devhd.com

LATEST BUILD Build 0.8.7 – 10/01/2010 – aka B3

  • Added new sharing menu (tweet, email, copy url, open in Safari)
  • Improved filtering logic to find a better balance between fresh, must reads and popular.
  • New iteration of the feed selector – access any feed/category.
  • Ability to hilight and tweet a snippet of text
  • Enhanced error reporting
  • FIXED: Horizontal scroll bar doesn’t accurately reflect the location in the scroll (via Jason K.)


  • Offer more options to allow users to mark content as read
  • Help page
  • Include version information somewhere in the UI for bug reporting and allowing users to easily find out which version they are running
  • Prompt user to rate feedly if they are enjoying the experience.
  • Clarify on the login screen that this is a google login box
  • BUG: Sometimes the initial screen does not show the label
  • Ability to tap on the left edge of an article and toggle “saved” state
  • BUG: Sometimes the visual of the first article is not getting loaded
  • BUG: The selector screen does not offer access to uncategories sources
  • Update the recommend and save for later icon to show the state of recommended and saved articles (via Brandon)
  • Offer a few options to mark things as read, in batch mode. (via Cedric Richard)
  • BUG: Videos in feeds are too wide (via Jason K.)
  • BUG: Add erase form field to the login page (via Jason K.)
  • BUG: Looping when there are no unread articles – instead of showing a nice message (via Wade)


  • Detect and automatically open website for partial feeds
  • Equivalent of our desktop grid view for visual feeds
  • Ability to listen to podcasts
  • Ability to search for articles by keyword.
  • Ability to post articles to facebook (Sable Drakon)
  • save to instapaper / delicious (Cedric Richard)
  • ability to select which feeds to exclude on the mobile – ex: partial feeds (Cedric Richard)
  • ability to assign views – to change density – to each collections (Cedric Richard)
  • Preference knob to auto-mark as read ask you swipe (including a timer) (Merlin)
  • When we click on a link in an article, we should have a load indicator – like a traditional browser would do – because some pages take a long time to load – because they include larger images (Merlin)
  • When you are reading an article and click on a link, it would be nice to be able to go back to the article – right now done goes back to the card (Merlin)
  • Better support for Youtube Embeds (Merlin)
  • Ability to cache and read a set of articles offline (Merlin)


  • Should we add a back button in the article viewer to allow users to go back to an article once they have clicked on a link in that article (via Brandon)
  • Mark As Read. What kind of mark as read options should we offer? a) auto-mark as read if a card is displayed more than 3 seconds? b) swipe down gesture = mark card as read? two fingers triggers a popup with multiple mark as read options?
  • Ability to select a folder and see the latest articles in that category organized by time (not broken down by category) (via Stefan Ronge)

59 thoughts on “Feedly for iPhone – Beta Program”

  1. I just installed the beta on my iPhone 4 with iOS 4.1 and at the bottom beside the logo it just says “refreshing…” the whole time. From the original screen captures it looks like this should be the category, clicking on the logo does nothing.

      1. After resetting the app I got “Synchronizing…” and tried to leave it for a while to see if it would complete that but after 10 mins it still said that. I checked the google reader account I was using and I had >10,000 unread items over 188 feeds so I thought that may be the issue. I marked all but 300 items as read and then tried again and the same issue occurred. Later today I’ll create a test reader account with less feeds and see if the number of feeds is causing the issue.

        1. I didn’t see there was an update to 0.8.4 now this issue is resolved and HOLY CRAP this is awesome!!

          In terms of layout have you guys considered keeping the toolbar in the same spot on the article page as the main screen? While holding the phone I find it a bit awkward to have to reach up to the top left corner to go back on every article. Also it would be great if there was a next button while I’m on an article page so that I don’t have to keep going back and forth but instead can just flip through to the next article like on the web version.

  2. One small UX issue I came across is when you open a full article in the browser there are no “Back” & “Forward” buttons so if you follow a link or two off the main article you can’t just go back to it you have close the browser and then come back to the article.

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  3. Sorry for spamming the comments section but I figured it would be best to have separate comments for each issue so people can respond to them. When I click on the Star or badge to share or save for later there is no visual cue that anything happened, I did check on the web version and the buttons are functional but they give the user no indication that something has happened in the app.

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  4. Same situation is occuring like Mr. Brandon’s one.
    After start up screen, it says “synchronizing…”, then doesn’t come back at all.
    If I tap refresh button, indication changes “refreshing…”, but nothing changes.
    Shoud I send some screen shot or something?
    I got nothing to do…

    1. Hi Hiroshi. It seems to be a bug related to loading feedly. Did you ever get a login screen the first time you launched feedly or did the very first load lead to the “synchronizing…” message? If it happened after login, could you please let us know how many categories and feeds you have defined in your feedly?

  5. Hi Edwin. Yes, I did get a login screen the first time I launched feedly.
    After I logged in, the very first load lead to the “synchronizing…”, then happens nothing.
    If I tap refresh button, status changes “refreshing…”, but nothing happens.
    About my category, I’ll mail you with screenshot later on.

    1. Hi Hiroshi. 0.8.4 includes better error reporting and fixes on loading bug. If you have the chance, could you please install that build and see if you still run into a problem. If you do, please email us a screenshot of the error report page. Thanks.

      1. Mark,Been following since you used one of my igames for a workbench back in the beginning at Radiant Vista.Another great job of explaining what can be a difficult concept to understand. One comment and maybe it’s just the engineer in me, but depending on what plane you want to transform the object ONTO will determine the scale of that object , would’t it ?In your example it works because you moved the object down on same plane. However, if you wanted to move the tower either out from or further into the screen plus down the plane, you would need to scale the object to reflect a vanishing plane perpendicular to the other plane, I think.Keep up the great work.

  6. I had the same “refreshing” issue at one point too, but not the first time I loaded the app. It fired up well the first time for me. The second time I opened it, it crashed immediately.

    I also had a problem loading individual sources.

    One thing I think would make everyone’s life easier is if there was a way to mark an entire source as read. Don’t wanna come home and have to go through all of the articles on feedly web that I all ready saw on feedly mobile.

    This app is going to be great! Thanks guys!

    1. Hi Stephen.

      0.8.4 includes better error reporting. If you get a chance, could you please upgrade? It will provide more information regarding the loading issues.

      You are right regarding mark as read. I added an item in the feature suggestions so that we can explore various options and see what works best.


  7. Just installed the App at a 3G. Installation works fine but launching process failed. I am able to enter eMail and PW. Synchronising is started but that’s it – I see only a white screen and “synchronizing…” in the footer line.
    I tried it some times – result is always the same.

  8. Is it possible to, while in Digest View, scroll down for the articles list of each feed? The way it’s set up right now feels just a little clunky. Having to scroll 2-3 pages just to get to the next feed works, just doesn’t feel quite as intuitive as I know it can be. Left-Right scroll to switch feeds, leaving Up-Down for scrolling through articles in the currently displayed feed.

    1. I am not sure I understand your comment. Do you mean that you do not have categories in your feedly and therefore your digest is a collection of sources?

      Regarding scrolling and swiping, we explored that path but in my opinion the navigation was quickly becoming too complex (combination of swipe+scroll+drill down). Too complex = something that you can not do sub-consciously even after having used feedly for a week or so. There fore we decided to limit the navigation to either swipe (the prototype you are seing) or scroll (another prototype). The benefit of swipe is that it breaks a little bit the monotony of a long list.

      One tip: may be you should explore adding a few categories in your feedly and then use drag and drop in the feedly desktop navigation bar to order the categories in the way you want them displayed in your feedly and see if ones configured, swiping through the cards becomes intuitive or not. (Note: the scroll only option is not off the table but we would like to fully explore the swipe experience before giving up on that approach).

      Thanks for the candid feedback.

      1. Yeah, my digest is just the sources themselves, no categories. I guess to convert to a physical analog, Left-Right swiping would be akin to flipping through pages (feeds) in a book, Up-Down scrolling becoming similar to reading the text (articles). Then just tap the article to read the full story.

        1. I understand and it makes sense. I am just worried that 2 1/2 dimensions of navigation make it complicated enough that you can not do it without thinking about it. If people end up not liking/getting used to swipe, we would start by trying a more traditional scroll only model (basically scroll to the list of articles and click to slide and read the content – similar to mail and twitter) and work out way up from there.

          1. Agreed, I can see the same reason for worry. It’s got the potential for a control option for those that would like to toggle over to it. Default it to the current swipe system, but have the 2.5D control for those that would like it.

  9. Several times I have been using the app, and it goes to the splash screen and gets stuck. Most recently, while viewing an article, click the link in the article, then choose mail. Sent email, then revert to splash and stuck.

  10. I’ve got the app up and running now and I’m really liking it in general!

    A couple of things…

    – I notice that you talk about the scroll/swipe option in another comment on here. That’s something that I felt was counter-intuitive, it feels much more natural to try to scroll down. Maybe it’s just that the apps that I’m used to using generally use scrolling though.

    – Something that I expected to work differently was the ‘back’ button. I use the ‘Latest’ view most of the time so that’s what I’ve been trying out on the app. When I switch between articles in the web version, they stay in the list, marked as ‘read’, unless I explicitly tell it to hide them. I really like this because I just hide the things that I’ve read and leave the things that I’m planning to read later on the list so that I see them the next time I go into it. So on the app, when I clicked ‘done’, I expected it to keep the article in the list since I hadn’t asked it to hide it. And it does-until I refresh or go back in, in which case I can’t see the article any more. It would be nicer I think to have two options like the ‘hide’ and ‘minimize’ on the web version-that way you could choose whether you want it to keep appearing in the list or not. I do see that there’s a ‘bookmark’ button by the way, but that puts things into the ‘saved’ section, and the thing I really like about the ‘Latest’ view on the web version is the fact that I don’t need to keep switching, it has everything in the one place. With having saved stuff in a different place it means that I have to remember that I didn’t finish reading an article and go to the ‘saved’ view and read it-if it stays on the list that it was on, but marked as ‘read’, then I still see it every time I log in and remember to finish it!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for the feedback. For the Scroll feedback. Yes. It is one of the open issues we are investigating. See my reply to Jason K. regarding how we think about this problem. Our experience so far is that scroll is more intuitive out of the gate because email, twitter, etc.. are very much scroll centric (but they offer very little structure or navigation) but that after a few days of usage, swipe grows to become something you do subconsciously and therefore fades into the background. We are trying to validate this early pattern we have seen so it will be interesting to see if after 4-5 days of usage swipe grows on you. If not we are ready of offer a scroll only design.

      Yes. Refresh removes the article which are read and replaces them with new unread articles. This “tag/bookmark” to read later/very soon is something a couple of other users have read and we need to do better. The concept we have in the product to support this is “save for later” (if you open an article, you can click on the bookmark icon at the top next to the star to save if for later) and then you can go to the saved for later collection to see all the articles you have saved for later. But I agree that it is not smooth yet. Will have to think more about that one.

      Thanks for the feedback. It is very helpful to be able to look at the product through your eyes.

      1. Beautiful family and Great work on the grentieg card! We will have to schedule our family photo shoot as soon as the first Fall Leaf change to the pretty reddish-orange color. Autumn is Tonia’s favorite season

  11. [Email Exchange with Jason K.]

    On the login page, it would be nice if the gray and white “erase form field” element was available.
    –> [EK] Will do

    I feel like there should be some vertical scroll on each page.
    –> [EK] This is a hard open question. Two reasons: I think that it is important that we keep navigation as simple as possible so that after a week or so it becomes a subconscious thing. I think that intermixing swipe and scroll will make that very hard for most users. The option here is that we could go either swipe, or scroll or offer both mode and let the user choose. We started with swipe because it has bunch of technical advantages and I feel offer a more magazine-like/fun experience (long list are usefull but can become boring) but we are ready to offer scroll if we realize that after a week or so of usage swipe does not feel natural (because of email and twitter scroll is natural out of the gate). So let’s keep that thread open and let us know if after 4-5 days, swipe becomes natural/subconscious.

    Videos in feeds are too wide (but work! Bravo!)
    –> [EK] Yes. There is more we plan with audio and video before the launch.

    Need a way to mark stuff read
    –> [EK] Yes. With scroll vs. swipe, mark as read is the other big snake we need to explore and kill.

    Horizontal scroll bar doesn’t accurately reflect the location in the scroll. Mine gets about half-way through when the pages are out. Horizontal scroll bar doesn’t work at all inside a category
    –> [EK] Yes. This is a bug. Will be fixed for beta 2

    Category selection blocks are cool!
    –> [EK] Thanks

    1. It would be great to have you in the beta program because it will help us better understand what people looking at a lot of photos expect to see in the app.

      The signer not valid happens if your UDID is not included in the build.

      Could you please email me (edwink@devhd.com) your device UDID (cut and paste it from itunes) and I will get you an invite.

      Have a great week end.

      1. Ariel — I might be wrong, but to me Ed seems like the sort of peradson who only listens to ‘numadbers staadtions’ after dark, in the priadvacy of his owna0room.Roberta — I am sure that Ed would like an amtninppeot.Doc Daneeka — Well, I don’t know about Ed, but I have been unreadliadably informed of another diaadgnosis of this conaddiadtion, certainly. | 01.26.09, 08:52

  12. Hey guys,

    Just installed 0.8.6 and I really like the new feed selector design. Back to one of my earlier comments about navigating once you’re in articles, I like the open in Safari option but what about adding a next article button like you had on the site. That way you don’t have to go back to the feed to see the next article in the feed.

  13. Hi Edwin. Just got 0.8.7 installed. I love the app and I am all for the swiping decision. I think it’s different and makes the app unique, yet simple. It almost feels kind of like the Zune or Windows Phone 7 UI. I just have one bug and a couple suggestions. The bug I noticed was when scrolling through the Preferences (the different views / feeds to choose from), I noticed the bottom of the app sort of lifts up as I’m scrolling down. When I flick up, the bottom flickers black a bit.

    As for the suggestions, I think that the login screen should say ‘login with google’ or something along those lines, just so the user doesn’t get confused. Also, I noticed that when I chose the ‘digest’ view, it doesn’t say digest at all on the main feed. Instead, it began to see all of my categories. For instance, when I tapped ‘digest’ view, it came up and said Tech News, which is one of my categories for feeds and I had to swipe to the right to find the next category. I was a bit confused because I thought I may have just tapped Tech News.

    Other than that — oh, and retina display support would be a plus –, I think this would definitely be a worthy replacement for Pulse. It feels much simpler. Thanks for including me in the beta!

    1. Hi George. Thank you very much for the feedback.

      Can you please clarify what you mean by Preferences? Could you submit a screenshot of the problem you are seeing (home button + off button will take a screenshot)

      [[Regarding ‘login with google’ ]] Good one. Will integrat that in 0.8.8.

      [[Also, I noticed that when I chose the ‘digest’ view…]]
      Yes. This is a bug. Will hunt in down in 0.8.8. Note: Do you know that in feedly you can mark some feeds as must read? if you do so, the digest will show you first the latest articles from those must reads.

      [[Other than that — oh, and retina display support would be a plus ]]
      Yes. We are going to retina enhance everything for the 0.8.10 release (which will be our release candidate)

      Thank you for the encouragement. Have a great week end!

      1. Unfortunately, the flickering effect while scrolling is too fast for the iPhone to register a screenshot of it. I tried to take a photo with my camera but that only resulted in a blurry image because of the scrolling. If you’d like, I can take a brief video of it and post it.

    1. Good question. The answer is yes but we are under a lot of pressure to get a 1.0 version out so that users can get their hands on the product so our current plan is to get 1.0 out ASAP and then work in a 1.1 release that we can get out in 4-6 weeks.

  14. Great job w/ the latest update! Not sure if this has been addressed, but when there are no unread articles, perpetual syncing occurs in lieu of a “no unread items” page.

  15. In installed this on my jailbroken phone, so I didn’t need the mobile provisioning file. I hope you don’t mind, I really wanted to try Feedly for iPhone.

    While it works really well (really needs the upcoming content read markers, though) I did find one minor glitch. If you open an article with a video and resize it to fit the screen properly with a double tap, then the title of bar Feedly moves and won’t come back down until you restart Feedly (kill it from multitasking). This makes it a bit more difficul to tap the “Done” button to close the article again.

    Here’s an example:

  16. Any idea on when this will be available for Android? I thought the idea was for Feedly mobile to be cross-platform from day 1?

    1. We are working heads down on Android. We have settled on an hybrid architecture which allow us to share as much across platform (without sucking/being slow). So it requires the development of some native Java code to port the feedly experience on Android. That is the part we are working on now.

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