The purpose of this page is to create a place where un-happy users can provide us candid feedback on how to improve the feedly service going forward.

Thanks for taking the time to submit a comment: candid feedback helps us identify the rough edges and improve our roadmap.

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609 thoughts on “Postmortem”

  1. I did not erase my account. I just found it easier to erase and sign up with another account than to somehow transfer my data

                    1. Me too. I still use Feedly, but it was easier to migrate to a new account than to change my email.

                    2. Me too, I had too much info on one account and wanted to streamline, It was hard mass delete, one by one, so I deleted my account and resubscribed.

                    3. Same as everyone else – didn’t erase my account, just didn’t want to associate it with Google and easier to create a new feedly account and move my six news feeds there manually.

    1. Same here, tearing my hair out trying to bulk delete a lot of feeds. The process was in slow motion. Easier to nuke account and start from scratch. Feedly needs to fix this, the organize page is extraordinarily slow.

      1. Same reason here.
        I loved Feedly, but not having the optino to just create an account with an email and password was the end of it. Sorry.

    2. Inadvertently logged in with wrong email account. Too many e-mails received asking me to set up and choose feeds. So removing one is all. Don’t need two.Thanks for asking.

    3. Same here.
      I used the OPML transfer option to move to a new email, as I’m hoping to completely delete the old email account soon.

    4. Same, I think it has much to do with google.. I have an older account for google+ and it will not post from feedly to the newer google+ account although I only got the newer account cause my google plus is linked to an old youtube page that’s not linked to my business youtube page thats not connected to my hipbone, thats not connected to my thighbone…its absurd :) yall have a great day

    5. Same here – I changed account login from live to google and moved my OPML across to the new account, rendering this account redundant.

    6. I did the same. I don’t like Google, because I use Windows 8.1 device and Google makes it as hard as possible for me to use its services so I decided to move into Microsoft environment. I changed my e-mail address, and that is why I erased my feedly account.

    7. I am doing the same. I changed email addresses and could not figure out how to address this, so I just created a second Feedly account and then deleted the first one.

    8. I couldn’t get auth to work on iOS to link with my twitter account… tried too many times and no support for non-pro users is bunk.

      I’ll try again when some more of the usability issues and bugs appear to be addressed; every option is 3-4 clicks deep, and often result in unhelpful messages ;(

    9. I’m still here, too! I started on the desktop version and had it set to autologin. When I got a smart phone and iPad, I added the apps but did not remember how I had set up my original account. When I realized that they were not syncing over all the devices, I had to figure out which of the 3 to keep.

    10. I had performance problems. Marking articles read/unread in some feeds took upwards of 5 seconds while others worked quickly. Upgraded to pro for a year assuming that meant support would help. Nobody took it seriously. I assume it’s a backend problem somewhere. Deleting and recreating my account, which will hopefully cleanup whatever table is broken.

    11. Me too. It is impossible for me to login with my Google account after I install the App on my iPad because of the GFW. I have to change to my Microsoft or Evernote account. It is a sad story.

    12. I signed up on Feedly months before Google announce that they’d be closing the Reader service. Feedly used to be great. I understand that today that old and simple Feedly website is way more bigger, with millions of users, not a few thousands of them. Charging people for searching is absurd. Charging people for getting updates a little more faster surprises, if we consider that there wouldn’t be excessive use of data.
      I miss the good old Feedly. Tired of reminding that the new Feedly wants to charge you in fifty bucks. Bye

    13. I deleted the account to eradicate this business of integrating with some external account. If you’re asking, don’t ever force users into such a debauchery of integrating some 3rd party account.

    14. It is confusing to use. It doesn’t work like I expected it to. Had difficulty using it in a mobile browser. I was looking for something better than Google Alerts.

  2. Feedly actually isn’t a horrible service. What causes me problems is the way one logs into it: if I happen to be logged into a Google account that isn’t the one my Feedly account is attached to the login page doesn’t give me a chance to log into a different Google account — the sign-in pop-up just opens, assumes I want to use the account I am signed in as, and closes, creating a new Feedly account in the process.

    This would not have been a problem if I was able to either choose the Google account I wanted to use or use Feedly-specific credentials.

      1. I have a similar problem. I signed up using my email address. When I tried to log in using facebook, which uses the same email address, feedly created a new account, instead of giving me the option to link them. So frustrating. I’m still trying to figure out how to link & enable use of facebook login.

    1. I think this is what happened to me. I was just trying to get to my account, which I am sure I have used on my desktop before, even though I usually use my iPad. I couldn’t find where to log in, and somehow just ended up with a new account — maybe because I was signed in to my other Google account? I’m not really sure.

  3. I didn’t like the interface or having to log in with Google. I’m gradually dropping all Google services because of their data mining practices.

    1. Exactly why I’m leaving as well. I went with a different service that had a dedicated log in and is not tied to any other accounts I might have.

    2. Same here … deleting all Google services and only to have an Google Account to have an Feedly Account?!?!? And I don’t understand the mentions of being the best alternative to Google RSS and staying with Google Login. That doesn’t make sense! Choosing another service without Google connection.

      1. I totally agree. That’s why I leave this service :(
        It would be better to have an email based login instead of that.
        I’m too suspicious concerning the data mining processes that might occurs and you don’t even know it.

    3. deleted because i’m moving away from google services.
      using commafeed now. open source and no stupid “social” account requirements.

    4. Exactly the same here. Interested in more privacy and in having all of my services separate so no one entity has everything.

  4. I’m leaving for one reason: Craigslist. If those feeds worked, I never would have had to move. I can’t be sure my new provider won’t eventually hit the same issue, but after 4 months, I couldn’t wait for Feedly and Craigslist to learn how to work with one another anymore.

    1. this. feedly has promised fixes for months, yet, still no craigslist. other rss services do not have this problem.

  5. I tried feedly after google reader died and never liked it. What I liked even less was the fact that it is so tightly chained to google. I have switched a self-hosted, open source ttRSS since and love it.

  6. I removed all of my subscriptions when I left Feedly in April 2013. That meant that I didn’t have an ‘Organize’ page link on the left. I realised that I had to subscribe to a feed before I could see anything (I was stuck on the ‘discover’ page). You might want to give people who haven’t subscribed to anything yet access to their account information.

    I simply wanted to test drive Feedly after Google Reader went, I never liked the layout and I left immediately. I’m rather annoyed that you never deleted my account when I asked and then put it back on me to do so a year later.

  7. The UI just doesn’t feel comfortable somehow. And when you started adding a pro-account option I just decided to leave. Call me cheap, but gReader had no pro account and I want my replacement to be free of such things as well.
    Also, I am struggling to find a way to keep up to date with sites that works for me. RSS was great but it seems to be getting replaced by social media. Not sure I like that but I am trying. Sofar I hate the fact that I use up an extra hour just to read all the new stuff every morning on Twitter, Google+ and my RSS reader. Thank god I don’t have Facebook or I would never get any work done. That was yet another reason to experiment with dropping RSS from my workflow.

  8. I didn’t like the need of a Google account to access feedly. After that action with google login last autumn I discovered Tiny tiny RSS, I installed it in my hosting company and now I have full control.

  9. I didin’t really delete, I’ve switched to another sign-in address. Why? Feedly saved one of articles permamently in the “Saved articles” section, there was no way to get rid of it. It became annoying after a year or so…

    1. I’m deleting my account for the same reason. Having items disappear after 30 days pretty much defeats the purpose of a reader. Unfortunately, it seem like most of these cloud based readers that popped up in order to capitalize on the stranded gReader users are doing the same thing. They simply don’t mention it anywhere and try to push it under the rug until people wise up one by one.

      I suggest using a locally installed client if it’s a viable option. RSSOwl, RSSBandit, and BlogBridge are a few I was impressed with before settling in to RSSOwl.

  10. Switched to MS Outlook. I can handle feeds and email together with one client. Also Outlook allows filtering based on keywords so I don’t have to look at irrelevant feed entries.

    1. We listened to the feedback of the community and removed the feature where shared links leaded to the same experience as the user sharing the links. All shared links now simply point to the original website.

  11. Hello,
    Thanks for answering to my mail. As I said, I liked feedly but I wanted to regain control on my personal data and I wanted to play in creating my own RSS reader at my home.
    An other suggestion was to permit non-google logins. It’s a good idea I think.

    Thanks for providing a good service. I hope the best for you.
    I’m french, so forgive my english.


    1. And a last suggestion : In google reader, moving the mouse over a post marked it as read. That was very useful to pass posts I didn’t really want to read more quickly (a lot of RSS feeds, so I had to choose wich posts to read).

  12. I have been increasingly disturbed by Feedly’s decision making such as the ill-advised Google+ login, hijacking content when sharing and so on. I went into Feedly wanting good mobile apps which I got along with a paid service (which I practically had to beg for) and finally an account system were I didn’t have to trust a third party such as Google or Facebook (which I never got).

    Just one sin too many for me to tolerate, I followed the procedure previously indicated of mailing Feedly the account deletion request which they never followed up on to my surprise. Yesterday though I got the mail saying this was now something the user could do manually.

    As a side note there is a bug in the account deletion. When I originally requested to be deleted I removed all my RSS feeds from Feedly to not cause undue server load and not provide Feedly with anymore information. However when following the procedure to delete my account that is not actually possible unless at least one feed is added leading to some confusion. Please at least address that.

  13. I actually requested to have my account deleted back in September. According to your site, this was the official way to delete an account. Now, just a couple days ago, 5 months after my request I got an email. My account was never deleted and you have built a tool for users to delete their own account. It is nice the tool for users to do it on their own is now in place, but I’m disturbed that my account was hanging out there fro 5 months.

  14. I can only support comment 244489 (“I actually requested to have my account deleted back in September. According to your site, this was the official way to delete an account. Now, just a couple days ago, 5 months after my request I got an email. My account was never deleted and you have built a tool for users to delete their own account. It is nice the tool for users to do it on their own is now in place, but I’m disturbed that my account was hanging out there fro 5 months.”)

    why i originally wanted to remove my account was beside other things because of the layout not taking the whole screen. This problem is still here today.

  15. feedly is not that bad. But it was really not comfortable to read it online. I did not like poped up three “popular posts”, i did not like that i needed to click each post to read. So i did change to more comfortale for me inoreader.
    but thanks for the time being. and good luck

  16. When you added the Google Authentication requirement a while back I wasn’t interested in continuing. I found another reader that works a lot better for me, and would rather not have an account that I am not using.

  17. I really missed the option to search ones own feeds. Since a lot of other readers offer this (free of charge), I switched to another service.

  18. I’m switching to another sign in service, not leaving Feedly. There doesn’t seem to be a way to change from one service to another.

  19. Leaving for one reason only – no ability to open links in my own browser on the mobile app. I simply don’t understand why – it’s such a terrible design decision.

  20. I liked Feedly, but didn’t like being forced into logging in with a Google+ account that required a public profile and demanded to know my location. I keep a separate (anonymous) Google email address just to avoid situations like this.

  21. I really got ticked off that you started obfuscating links through Google’s feedproxy program. This was sudden and swift (at least to me) on your part because I really need to see the source of the links I choose to share via Press and that alone was a deal breaker for me.

  22. I could not find a way to change my email account. I created a new account with a new email and deleted my old account.

  23. Nothing wrong with the feedly service. I needed to close the account as I left the business. I shall open a personal one.

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  26. could not clear my read articles/history unless I deleted. Otherwise I would have stayed. The mobile app has also been a little buggy with unexpected crashes.

  27. I am not leaving Feedly! I just had to delete the old email account and transfer to the new one. It was very easy and painless to do so.

  28. I posted an hour ago but it looks like it was deleted. Please fix the gh go home and r r refresh keyboard shortcuts, gh actually goes to’all’ currently while ‘r’ doesn’t update read and unread as pressing j to go to the next article pops up with notification saying at end.

  29. Too many feeds I no longer use, and too difficult to edit online. I downloaded my OPML and edited it as a plaintext file. I plan to recreate my account with the new (much smaller and better organized) file.

  30. I am generally reducing Cloud Accounts and thus moved RSS feeds to a local installation of “Tiny Tiny RSS” which completely fulfills my needs. Thanks for rescuing me when Google Reader vanished and good luck for the future!

  31. I always hated that that Feedly kept saying it was accessing my Google account to login. That was absurd.

    Also, your interface is unintuitive and confusing. The easy things I wanted to do seemed hard, and since I wasn’t willing to spend a few hours tweaking everything, I was never able to get things to display the way I wanted. Just totally unintuitive. Sorry!

  32. I wanted to transfer to a non-Google login, so I was forced to export, create a new account, and then delete my old one.

  33. My subscriptions did not update quickly, I found many of them notifying me 12 hours – a day later, sometimes after I had already read the articles or posts.

  34. The fact that I can’t combine my logins is really odd… if I don’t remember to use FB every time, then I’m presented with a blank account. C’mon – let me choose various ways to auth vs making a new account with each credential

  35. I’m just not willing to pay for a reader. The constant nagging to pay up made me feel unwelcome here. Fortunately free alternatives are readily available.

  36. I removed my feedly/google account and created a new feedly/microsoft account. So don’t worry, you did not lose a user :)

  37. I wasn’t comfortable using google login details. My concern is one of security giving these details to another provider. I’d rather use a different login. I might try twitter, but I’m a bit uncomfortable with the restricted login options Feedly offers.

  38. Enjoyed feedly, but want a login independent of anything else. I do not want to use google, facebook or any of the other options.

  39. I am erasing my account. Feedly has worked just fine for me however, I feel I can no longer trust ANY cloud based service. The NSA revelations have made that abundantly clear.

  40. The Feedly Chrome doesn’t support subfolders and the use is inconvenient( synchronization issues etc.). Also there is no desktop client for Linux supporting Feedly. This is why I’m changing to TheOldReader which is supported by gReader, which I’m using on Android, and Liferea, my Linux Desktop RSS-Reader.

  41. Hey guys:

    I am erasing my account because I discovered that you added a new feed to my feeds called Thank You, where you posted spam about technology news.

    That’s just nasty behavior. There wasn’t anything like an “ADVERTISEMENT” caveat across the top and there was no way (I could discover) to get rid of it. I may have even been willing to pay a little extra, but the fact that you guys snuck that crap in made me not want to do business with you anymore. There are just too many alternatives where your competitors don’t try to sneak crap like this into your service in an underhanded way.

    I do like your service. You guys have done a good job creating something that is elegant and professional, but your business practice is rotten.

    Please don’t sell my email to porn sites and banks.



  42. 1) Deleted account because a promoted channel is shoved down my throat and not called out as advertisement. This is disingenuous at best. 2) The account deletion instructions are inaccurate at best 3) The link to the this page says a comment can be left anonymously, yet you require me to enter my email address and name. The last thing I want is to trust my account information and news reader to people who have such a touchy relationship with the truth.

  43. Erased my account because of the stupid “techpageone” promotion that I did not subscribe for. It was popping out after every page swipe and presenting THE SAME articles that I marked as read 200 times already. Goodbye Feedly. I really liked you for a while.

  44. Feedly was a good way to survive Google Reader’s shutdown, but then I decided to move to a self-hosted Tiny Tiny RSS. Faster, and much much better to keep control of your data… bye Feedly !

  45. Many comments below explained that they prefer to switch authentication, and I deleted the account for that purpose. I logged in with Google, but somehow forgot. I decided to login with Facebook and it presents me with the fresh account. I wish Feedly allow multiple authentication (may consider have its own account) to allow other services to authenticate/de-auth more easily

  46. #1 most important feature for me is a “mark as read” button on each individual article in Full Article view. For some reason that is still not in place. Can’t use feedly until that’s added.

  47. first: maybe the reply form for this site should be on top (before all the other replys)
    thoughts on feedly commited to leaving:
    * i don’t want to use any of your logins .. just give me a username/pw option.
    * therefore, as i do erase my cookies as i close my browser, it is a hassle logging in again
    that being said, it was also a huge part me not being able to view my rss feeds regulary

  48. i do not want to link my feedly user with the options given as facebook, twitter, google, microsoft. when i login using google, it stays logged in for all google web applications which i don’t like.

  49. I’m trying to stop reading news and feeds and delete 10 saved items daily, wikifying whatever is worthwhile.

  50. It failed to handle the content adequately to the point that having this open as a background page slowed the browser to a crawl and combined with the horrid options for the login made this trial end quicker than necessary.

  51. I was unable to add a Craigslist rss feed that contained an or (‘|’) within the url. That combined with that fact I couldn’t add any default Craigslist rss feeds that ended in index.rss

  52. I erased my account with Google+ because I prefer to log in with my Facebook account. I love Feedly. It is easy to use and provide amazing content information.

  53. let me log in using my own provided user name and password.

    i dont want to have to sign up to a throw away twitter account to use feedly so that you dont get access to all of my contacts.

    …signed up using throw away twitter account… too much pushing of the ‘pro’ feature,.. sticking with AOL Reader.

  54. No way to search my feeds (without an overpriced pro account), a constantly crashing Android app… Ciao Feedly, hello InoReader.

  55. Go sign up for a free account at InoReader. Look at their layout. The UI presents the RSS feed and gets the F* out of my way. There is no predefined width of the actual content area. I can make the stream of articles take up the entire window. I don’t care about your suggested feeds.

    Look at the sheer number of options that I can customize. I just signed up for their “Professional” version for $50/year and I don’t even need the features. I like InoReader that much, that I’ll just give them $50. Goodbye Feedly.

  56. And your iOS app sucks. Why does it scroll like a retard trying to F* a doorknob? Just use a regular table view?

  57. I already had an account which I signed up for through Google, but I forgot that that’s how I sign in, so when I tried to sign in through Twitter it created a new account. I’m not seeing where I can connect all my accounts together though.

  58. I don’t like that I have to sign in through Google (or similar service). I want an option to just have a feedly account that’s standalone and not tied to others.

  59. Need to make more images available for all news feeds especially on mobile. Not having the image in the news feed, really deteriorates the reading experience. I am sure this is a matter of service/server cache issue and a matter of resources, however I would suggest that if you do not have an image cached for a specific news item, fail out to pulling the image dynamically directly from source. At least something would show up then.

  60. Feedly seemed to be increasingly less reliable and more buggy. Articles that I have read were suddenly marked as unread, when I marked a single channel as read, all (unread) channels were marked as read etc. Plus I disliked the “All” view that only displayed randomly selected items (which again, coupled with the bugs, made keeping track of read/unread articles a pain) etc.

  61. There could be a way to switch Feedly from Google account to Microsoft account. I had to delete the former and create the latter from scratch…

  62. The lack of a “next” bookmarklet like the Google reader next bookmarklet was a real drawback. And I I agree with this poster’s comment. “Would have been nice to mark items as unread both on the browser and mobile app (android) version.”

    Fix these two things and I’ll be back.

    A standalone account option would be nice as well.

  63. Bye Bye Feedly.

    Your Google login is blocked at my work and just broken at home – I can only login one time in 10. Its just too frustrating for words. Currently Feedly is not fit for purpose.

    Thanks for the OPML export feature – that worked fine when I eventually got to login, now I will delete my account and move on to another feed reader before I lose access again.

  64. I’m canceling because of the fact that feeds are marked as read automatically after 1 month and there is no way to change that. This feature makes the whole idea of the reader worthless for me.

  65. I just wanted to use a service, reeds RSS content and send me it in email, and I don’t want to pay 5$/month for this

  66. I logged in with the wrong Google account – all I want to do is logout and use the right one but it keeps reusing the wrong one! Why can’t you have your own account system so I don’t need to create a million google accounts to keep services separate?

    1. Similar, except I’ve lost track of which login I used. I think that’s why I keep seeing a “blank” account. I literally cannot find my stuff… There is no way this should be difficult. If I someday hear that the login process has been fixed, I might come back!

  67. I leave because I want to control my data. I logged in with my Google account that I’m going to delete. I don’t know the Feeldy privacy policies, so I host now my own RSS Reader based on Selfoss. Now I’m sure to control all my data.

  68. I like the look of Feedly, but without decent search in the free version it doesn’t really offer me much over other free readers (like The Old Reader). Plus, I don’t like logging in through a Google or Microsoft or Facebook account.

  69. Just deleted my Google-connected account (after exporting OPML) and signed up with my Microsoft account.

  70. I don’t like the idea of feedly having access to my contacts and other personal information.Too much like Big Brother.

  71. Sometimes it takes me more than a month to get around to looking at stuff and I don’t want it to disappear after that arbitrary time period.

  72. I actually love Feedly – it was a great app and did everything I ever needed it to do. Your mobile app is also super spiffy, lightweight, and gorgeous. I simply don’t read RSS feeds anymore (Twitter is my go-to now for interesting reads and news), so I simply don’t have a use for it.

    Kudos for creating a great product and giving all the Google Reader refugees a place to thrive ;)

  73. A change was made that resulted in articles being as marked as read when stepping through them a couple of weeks ago. Lots of people reported it. Nothing’s been done to address it. Reporting of things via a general dumping ground on Google+ doesn’t fill me with confidence that issues will get looked at anyway. Looked around and found an alternative that works better. My complaint is a relatively minor one, that impacted on the usability for me. Overall Feedly has been good, and filled a hole for me when Google Reader died.

  74. Easier than managing the feeds. Plan to come back havinedited the raw OPML if that’s possible, though it felt a bit mad.

  75. I cannot get to my Facebook page anymore and I have cancelled my Feedly account. Feedly keeps taking it over! I want this app GONE! Now how do I get rid of it permenently??????????

  76. I did not like having to keep the screen on for my podcasts to play on my phone or the layout of the home page. Truth be told, I just want Google Reader back.

  77. The site provides no clear or structured overview at all, which is its only purpose. In the “list” view, you only get non-meaningful and artifact-ridden titles of posts with no pictures. “Magazine” view is no overview at all but a list of your sites with recent posts and miles to scroll down. “Cards” shows only four items per screen when there is space for twelve, and apparently the items are not even the most recent ones but randomized for some reason.

  78. I don’t like that Feedly doesn’t redirect immediately to the page of the original website’s articles.
    Is not clear if this system steals the views of the original pages in the analytics stats.

  79. i really did like it, but since they allow you to export or download the .opml file why not implement a system to help you fully transfer that same file to another platform i.e. a website platform? if they have this please explain i didnt not find this service at all. And i agree the magazine is too plain but it does work, better than many others out there

  80. I got again, and again dissapointed because the dumbed-down user interface. After google reader shutdown my hope was in you guys.Simple to use for the booby minded, in order to get more and more subscriptions. Congrats, but I’m out.

  81. Switching to inoreader as not really sure where you are going with Feedly, none of the upgrade options make any sense to me but of course overtime the free features will become more limited and so time to switch to an RSS service that has an upgrade that makes sense. Not leaving details below because this links to a social account, yet another thing that does not make sense.

  82. I know it’s a small thing but I don’t really like the new menu bar that slides open on rollover instead of on click. I have never seen another site that works like this and it was driving me nuts (i kept closing it just as it opened). This gave me the impetus to check out which, I have to say, seems better.

  83. didn’t delete my account had to transfer everything so I could sign in with twitter – having gmail for work and need to access feedly sometimes became a pain and I didn’t want to associate work email with my personal feedly account…so I transferred everything over into a new account.

  84. switching to inoreader. i like their pocket integration better (it doesn’t open a new tab every time, for one thing) and it gives me better control and more features for less money. i can do everything i want with a free account there, but even their paid service is cheaper than feedly pro, and the upgrades make more sense as things people would want to pay for.

  85. I’ve been waiting for 1 year to see promised Feedly accounts. Every other login possibilities are blocked at the office (Google, Facebook, Live, Yahoo…). And I don’t need 2 different systems, 1 at the office, and another one elsewhere (this is what I’ve been doing for 1 year. Feedly at home/mobile, Netvibes at the office). Feedly never replied to my asking when this could happen, so I’m fed up… I’m switching to TheOldReader, that seems to be the closest alternative.

    Too bad beacause Feedly is far the best. But at least when you can use it…

  86. Enjoyed reading and following my favorite blogs until I started marking them as read and hiding them, they keep coming back. Trying to read through a few particular blogs and I have to find where I left off before I start again. I got tired of re-deleting them so I gave up and am going back to the way I was doing it before.

  87. No permite cambiar el idioma a español, prefiero otro servicio como inoreader que sí soporta mi idioma. ¡Adiós!

  88. I deleted my account because over the last two days you were completely unreliable. I don’t want to take the risk that you’ll go offline again, so I jump ship to another RSS reader. My job requires up to the minute news and you let me down Feedly. :(

  89. Sorry i’m leaving for some reason the feedly page it’s slow deleting readed feeds, and now with your shutdown of two days I needed another reader, less popular to avoid this type of problems…

  90. No complaints. I just deleted my account because I don’t really use/need an rss reader anymore. Thank you for the wonderful year(s) I did use one, though!

  91. The current downtime due to the DDoS were annyoing but it not feedlys guilt. But it came also to my mind that I do not need the rss subscription within the clound. I use now an rss client that directly reads the feeds with nobody in the middle.

  92. The webapp was slow, it wouldn’t mark feeds as “read” despite my best efforts, the site has been completely unusable over the past two days, and I really love Inoreader

  93. I need fastest posiible information about new content on some web pages. I didn’t found a option to set 1 or 2 minutes interval between refresh….

  94. I wanted to add a tag feed for a website as I was only interested in articles from that tag and not the rest of their content. Every time I tried though it just prompted me to add the main site feed instead. Months later I tried again but this time I also tried another RSS service which got the correct feed straight away.

    I did consider sending a support email, but that would require me waiting and you may just say that I can’t do it. Switching meant I got an instant solution. Also the fact that your upgrade pages say support response will be within 48 hours as a free users I didn’t want to email and find out how long that would take…

  95. Like many others here, I erased my account because it was linked to my Google login. Will probably create a new feedly account using Twitter login, although I would prefer (and would be willing to pay for) a NATIVE feedly login – provided feedly doesn’t sell my info to 3rd parties.

  96. cannot sort feeds, and when i use another app to sort them and put them in a Feedly folder with subfolders, Feedly blows the top folder away

  97. Craigslist feeds have not worked in months and I really have no use for Feedly without that service. Moving on to another reader.

  98. I really like feedly, sadly I am in the process of leaving all cloud based services and setting up alternatives on my own server because I have to regard any personal data stored in the US or by a US company to be insecure thanks to the NSA.

  99. Feed burner feeds have not worked in months and my most important feed in the entire collection stopped working in May. My ability to report this problem to you was next to impossible. Your mechanism for accepting problems from the field is woeful at best–no way to send an email or utilize a system like Get Satisfaction. Having said all that, I do thank you for being there when Google bailed out on us all. You all made the transition very smooth. For now, I am moving on to an IFTTT and Pocket configuration and it is working really well. Peace and love to you all.

  100. why should i pay for simple search when I have other options which doesnt cost me a dime. you already have my likes and other data collection which could be worth of millions in terms of business. sorry..its not worth it!

  101. Just exported my OPML file and imported it into another Gmail id.Thats all. Hence erasing this acct.I love the ease of use and the minimalist feel of Feedly.So not going anywhere.thanks for all that you guys do !!

  102. the iOS app was glitchy and hard to navigate, and I really wanted to read feeds on my phone. Think I’m going to have to let RSS go at this point.

  103. I really liked feedly, but there are better alternatives out there. I switched to a self hosted instance of Tiny Tiny RSS because I can keep all my data private on my home server. And there is an app to read the feeds on my N9 which is awesome :)
    Sorry, but that’s hard to beat.

  104. Feedly + long term travel doesn’t work. Add 1yr of article storage and I would pay. In the meantime rss2email is my workaround.

  105. i wanted to transfer my data to different account. didn’t find an easy way to do it. deleted my account and created a new one.

  106. There is no way to have a password sent to me. I can’t remember how I signed up, and the login page just goes ahead and creates a new account for you without asking if you want one created. In this case it created another account instead of giving me an option to find my existing one.

  107. I used Feedly for about a year. I’m switching to Digg for now because of these problems:

    1. Earlier in the year, certain RSS feeds (such as didn’t seem to show their recent content even though it was visible in other readers such as Digg. You may have already fixed this problem, but it was quite frustrating at the time since I missed out on months of content before finding the problem.

    2. Feedly didn’t seem to honor certain text formatting specified by the author of a post. For example, I believe it always showed links in bold. This was a problem for one of my feeds, because the author would boldface certain links to highlight their importance. In Feedly all the links showed as bold no matter what.

    3. In the iPhone app, I had trouble remembering what each sharing icon represented.

    If I hadn’t run into these problems, I would not have hesitated to sign up for Feedly Pro. I fully believe in paying a monthly fee for high-quality web applications.

  108. The mobile app is great, but the website crashed 3 times within the first 30 minutes of use. Not good enough, so switching to Digg.

  109. Logged in by accident via facebook. But I already have an account, I am using. So I had to delete the “new” account. I just forgit, that I had a manual login, already ;-)

  110. It’s slow to update blogs and new postings. Much easier for me to view the blogs webpage to read rather the use feedly.

    Sorry you lost me for that!

  111. K feedly has a nice UI but that’s about it! It’s just for looks. You can’t customize anything, you can’t organize podcasts into different categories once they are saved (at least not that I could find), my phone app never notified me of new blog developments. I can’t even import my subscriptions opml file ’cause it’s version 1.1, were feedly exports only version 1.0! There’s version 2.0 being used by other apps; I mean feedly come-on! You want customers or not?

  112. What the h is going on?! I tried to like feedly. Looks good from the outside sort of speak but it won’t let me access a newly created account because i won’t let feedly access my other account information. Mobile side- it unfortunately stopped every time i tried to limit access to one day instead of one year. Computer browser- it revokes access if you don’t let feedly access your info for a year. I wasted a lot of time trying to make it work. Its like Feedly is a bouncer at an event that has suggested donations and the bouncer blocks you out if you don’t pay up! (the pay is our info for advertising dollars) Create your own user database! stop stealing from other companies like google and facebook and twitter. You have fans that just don’t care about privacy. you suck.

  113. 1) I don’t want to use Feedly with my Google account (or any of the other options). I want to use a specific Feedly account.

    2) You only keep 30 days of feed content unread. I need at least 3 months, as this is how I store content for reading later. Happy to pay for this, hence I’m now paying for both a NewsBlur and Old Reader account to see which premium version is better.

  114. Links do not open in the default browser in Android. When subscribing to a new feed in Android, you are required to choose a category. I found a better product that meets my needs.

  115. It was technical account deleting because feedly subsription management is BAD! If I have 100 subscriptions in uncategorized I can not (WHY???) move it in folder all together, I must do it slowly, one, another, another… 100 times.

  116. Same issue of @rotozeev, it’s really uncomfortable to organize news in categories/tags. There’re no checkbox to select all or part of them once.

  117. I think the mobile application is great, but the web/desktop application to be lacking. Notably, hitting the “next article” shortcut(s) does not scroll the next article to the top, making it difficult to see as my eyes have to keep looking back & forth.

    The default colors in varying shades of grey also makes it difficult to discern what I’m supposed to read as well as what is a link. This is also an issue with the light grey highlighting the currently selected story, as it is not obvious and is somewhat frustrating.

    Furthermore, when skipping ahead via spacebar or next story etc, it can be difficult to figure out where I’ve jumped to, since there is no scrolling animation, so I lose my place.

    Finally, it’s also kind of odd that theming would only change the left navigation pane’s colors, and not the main story area. I thought I could have fixed my color issues in reading the news stories via this theming option, only to be disappointed.

    All in all, while I liked the mobile application, the web interface to feedly leaves a negative enough impression on me that it pushes me to another service despite the mobile application’s pluses.

  118. When I first signed up, the only option for creating an account was through Google. Now that other options are available, I chose to delete my account and import the content into a new one that does not share any info with Google.

    Of course, it shares with someone else, but… the lesser of two evils, right?

  119. There was no way to export all my feeds, rearrange them in the OPML file, drop all the feeds, and re-import them. I wasn’t going to sit there and reorganize everything by dragging and dropping. Life is too short. And, yes, I asked if there was a way to do it, and no one at your end got back to me. I guess if you’re not a paying customer, you can yodel up a rope. I moved to NetVibes, and was amazed that there was actually something that could tell which feeds were dead…

  120. Dispite your statements regarding that you value privacy and protect user data, in light of the last year developments in internet privacy (or rather lack of it) as well as data mining for advertising and marketing purposes – I simply do not believe you. As for me, I am moving to self-hosted, open-source solutions. Does Feedly have more features compared to my new service? Yes. Is it a sacrifice I am willing to take? Yes.

  121. I just want an RSS reader. I don’t want to connect my google, or ‘upgrade’ buttons staring at me while I browse, or have to struggle to find the settings menu or delete my account. There’s a vague banner at the top of the page simply asking if I searched for topics and beside it are android and ios buttons. Feedly became so spammy and social and ‘cloudy’ and has too many unnecessary bells and whistles.

    Hell, just filling in this contact form with my email auto-filled the other forms with a social username and website that I don’t even remember.

  122. I beta tested Feedly and got tired of requesting features or filing bug reports and getting little to no response. Switched to a self hosted alternative.

  123. App has not been making as read for long time, Tried to search an article and just found out search was a pro feature? Really, two most basic of functions you fail to be able to provide – im off to find a better alternative.

  124. The app really needs a function that lets you create the account with your email address, but not connect it to the email. I needed to use it for my team at work, and I didn’t want them to have access to my email. Please return this function of the old Feedly back.

  125. I could not figure out why content was not refreshing, I would re-add an RSS (from huffpost) and CL job posting RSS feeds weren’t refreshing. And and the posts were all out of order and 380d+ old. Tried This Old Reader and it worked perfectly the first time.

  126. need to bring in revenue. But $45 or $60 is a bit much considering my yearly Evernote subscription is $45.This is a reading service, that doesn’t warrant the equivalent to my “second brain.”

  127. Wouldn’t let me delete a feed I wanted rid of. Could delete others but not this one, tried everything. In the end decided easier to delete account and re-create from an edited OPML file.

  128. I wish there was a possibility to create an account which was unique to feedly and did not require me signing up with my Google account or similar. I first signed up because I wanted a feed reader that I could use on my phone; since the Feedly app for ios had gotten such bad reviews, I decided I wanted to use the Newsify app. I come to the site, and after much hesitation I signed up with Google. Then I went to my phone and started hesitating even more: do I really want to give my Google log in info to a third party app? No I really really don’t. So I erased my Feedly account, changed my Google password and am now going to go look for a feed reader that has more consideration for my privacy. Thanks and bye, let me know if you ever add a possibility for unique account creation.

  129. I came from Google Reader in search of an intuitive, easy-to-use RSS-Reader that provides a way to search in feeds.
    I found a really nice interface and a good app.
    But I will not pay 45$ a year to search feeds. And now, where your app is just failing on me (it is unusable on android) I decided to migrate to InoReader, where I can search my feeds and have an app, while maybe not as beautiful as yours, is fast and provides everything I need.

  130. Honestly, I loved Feedly but I am forever afraid of having services yanked out from underneath me (see: Google Reader). I also greatly prefer FOSS. Lastly, I’ve begun a slow but steady exodus from Google and Feedly is tied to my Google account.

    I now use the News app in my self-hosted ownCloud server. I love it. The Android client specifically for the ownCloud News app is straightforward and provides notifications.

    You guys are doing a fantastic job and I’ve really enjoyed my time with Feedly. I guess what I’m trying to say is “it’s not you; it’s me.” Good luck and best wishes!

  131. I kept on trying to add my favorite websites categories (by entering a category name) but then there was no link to my categories. The websites that I was saving that way just didn’t appear, and I can’t find instructions on how to make them re-appear. So I’m deleting my acct. and I’ll try it over again because I also can’t find a way to retrace my steps.

  132. Mostly I use RSS to monitor Craigslist feeds. I experienced the problem several months ago where my feeds would not update. I stopped using Feedly. Recently I came across the Feedly blog entry, dated March 2014, stating that the CL issue had been resolved. I started another Feedly account, linked to another Gmail account of mine, but I am still experiencing the issue so I am throwing in the towel on this.

  133. Sorry, the user interfaces of both the web site and Android app are just too quirky to use. I have used both every day but it has been a constant battle against unintuitive UI behaviour.

    I’m going back to Netvibes.

  134. Used it with protopage and it was fantastic, but now it redirects automaticaly to feedly and i cannot use protopage as homepage along with feedly

  135. I wanted a replacement for the Google homepage with Reader. I found ighome and feedly. Unfortunately feedly didn’t live up to the promise of working as well as Google Reader. Incredible creep of ‘features’ I don’t want and lack of a ‘simple mode’ that would make it work like Reader did wasn’t the end of it though. You have just removed the ighome widget. That is not cool. I hate you for wasting my time and I hope you go bankrupt. Companies who don’t care one bit about their users and only push ads on them shouldn’t have a place in this world.

  136. I used Feedly with protopage so after you broke being able to embed Feedly I had no choice but to find another reader. It should always be your goal of adding choice not thinking you know what is best for your users. If you would have added a preference item to disable the redirect I would still be a user of your software.

  137. Bunch of dumb fucks !! why ????? a redirect to read some crap and not allow or show a path back to ones home page. Fuck you !!! I will find another reader for my needs….. and fire the dumb shit who thinks he knows what’s best for me.
    Damn !!!!! shit like this sends me over the edge…….. good fucking bye FEEDLY

  138. is there a way to sort of unify google and microsoft account? like the link account feature of microsoft where i can have access to everything? i have my digg at google and my onenote at MS (a heavy onenote user at that) so I am stuck inbetween.

  139. Don’t like logging in with Google (or social media options), because I like my online presence to be anonymous. Could not be guaranteed with the available logins…

    Moving to The Old Reader now that they have plenty of mobile readers

    Also, the link to this ‘post mortem’ page said these comments could be posted anonymously – so why do I have to enter my email to post this comment?

    Putting in a false one…

  140. I’ve been using Netvibes since the end of Google Reader. It has been increasingly buggy the past few weeks so I decided to try other options. There is much I like about Feedly but I ultimately just can’t read anything on it. Light grey text on a white background in magazine or full article view with no way to change it is enough to kill this as an option for me. The entire point of an RSS reader is quick and easy skimming of text not eyestrain.

  141. I have more than one Google account. If I’m logged in to Google on one account there is absolutely no way to log into Feedly with the other account unless I delete all the google cookies on my PC. Also – not allowed to comment or ask for help unless I have some sort of commenting account. It’s rubbish.

  142. Feedly exceptionally user-friendly and visually well-designed. But it is the slowest, stickiest application I have ever used. I am so sick of that spinning beach ball whenever I try to navigate anywhere on Feedly, so I am finally finished waiting and am closing my account.

  143. Can’t choose the witch Google acount I use (it’s diferent from my phone’s). Opted for new app. I don’t suport stupid policies.

    1. Paying for basic functions, as well as to pair with IFTTT, was a dealbreaker. Too bad. I was only here for 5 minutes and it looked pretty promising.

    2. Same thing here. Signed up, added a bunch of my favorite sites, went to pair it with IFTTT… deactivated my account.

  144. Can’t view my feed information, e.g. RSS feed URL short of exporting all my data via OPML. Moving over a a friendlier service that doesn’t attempt user lock-in all the time.

  145. 1) put reply box at top of comments. too much scrolling to get to the bottom
    2) more details on your account, e.g. what email address is linked
    3) on the phone app, give users the option to enter the google email address they wish to use. I have one for my phone, a different one for my feedly account.

  146. 1. Only way to get the URL of feeds is through exporting an OPML file.
    2. Adding a new feed fails frustratingly often.
    3. Slow refresh interval for non-popular feed.

    That being said, kudos on the quick replies on twitter.

  147. Seriously, there should be a better way to change emails or accounts. Not to mention, I had an account and forgot which email I used and there isn’t any way for me to figure it out, and then get a password to access my old account.

  148. After the closure of Google Reader I subscribed to many readers to find the best one and now I am removing the ones I am not using, to avoid information overload.

  149. Some issues have led me to test other services and finally went to inoreader.

    Main ones:
    – can’t sort “oldest first”, i want to read things in the order they are published
    – sync issues, mainly the android app: kept reading the same stories over and over
    – web interface: quite nice but a bit awkward, inoreader goes way better

  150. After trying InoReader for 2 weeks, I must say the time has come for me to deactivate my feedly account. The frustrating part is that there’s no way at this time to export saved feeds for import into InoReader but I’ve use my pocket account and that will work for now. Let it be known the main/ only reason I’m leaving is the inability to search. I consider it BASIC functionality and would never consider paying for such. Thanks and goodbye.

  151. I just feel that RSS is becoming antiquated. I much prefer to get my news and information from sources like Reddit.

  152. I wanted an RSS feed that would deliver to my email. As this is only a Pro feature, I decided to go to a better option that doesn’t force you to pay.

  153. too many “features” not enough polish to make them effective. The forced use of the slider was just the final straw.

    digg seems to have the polish without the bloat

  154. Product looks nice and usable, would like to use it but cannot create account without google/facebook/twitter, and all those sites are blocked at my workplace, so I have to go somewhere else.

  155. Didn’t like having to sign in with Google or social media — should just be able to use the email & password I set the account up with in the first place. Didn’t really like the options either… Am now using the Brief app for Live Bookmarks — much better!!

  156. Couldn’t figure out how to add an RSS feed not already on the list. As a final annoyance, I had to scroll down for a million years to leave this comment.

  157. 1. It takes too much of my time. I want to live now, not tomorrow.
    2. Even though I don’t use RSS readers, I’ve also tried, and for me, its a better option, better layout, better customizing, filtering.


  158. Switched to inoreader since it doesn’t have limitations on how long things remain unread and it supports image alt text

  159. I wonder does anyone from Feedly even read these comments??? I enjoyed using Feedly but one day I was unable to log in using my google acct and after extensive searching unable to find a solution to this problem.

  160. i couldn’t decide – sign up with google or evernote? so i tried both to see if there was any difference. I would like to clip to evernote but don’t plan on paying for that ever, so I deleted my evernote login and kept the google. Evernote integration is free with so many other apps and services and now it’s built into iOS 8. charging for it seems silly. I’m giving feedly a shot anyway – see how i feel in a few weeks

  161. I wanted to change my account log in details (didn’t want to log in with original Google account) and there didn’t seem to be a way of doing this without deleting & recreating the account.

  162. this is from free user, compared to other reader

    1. no search
    2. feed update is slow
    3. cannot set ‘saved as later’ as start page
    4. cannot use pocket or something like that
    5. username header at the bottom is distracting

    one thing I like is, feedly can show 3 most popular articles

  163. I had an account before, but couldn’t remember my login information (and I couldn’t figure out how to log out when I got it wrong), so I deleted the account to try a new one…. multiple times.

    This reply box should also be at the top of the feed. There are too many comments listed, so it took forever to scroll to the bottom. And all I wanted to do was help you guys out and improve the overall user experience. I really do love feedly.

  164. Just trying to logout of my account to switch to a different sign-on. There was no logout button on the lower left, this seemed to be the only way to do this.

  165. I’d like you to make subcription’s left click context menu, I’d like to see as in inoreader some feed stats, I’d like as in inoreader to press ‘b’ and the post will be opened in a new background tab.

  166. Trying to set up my new tablet but the app auto logged in with my google account I only use for devices. There is no option to log in with email like on the desk top, and no option to log in with a different google account. I love and daily use the feedlyy account I set up a while ago with a different Google account. Please fix this issue. I love feedly and only deleted this google account b/c I don’t use it for feedly. It looks like most comments are this same sort of issue; better log in options.

  167. Again, forced login to a null account because I was logged-in to only my work gmail. No obvious way to logout. Shambles.

  168. First: This should be on the top. It is not my job to see if what I have to say is allready on here.
    Second: This might actually be a good service. But it sent me e-mails. That’s a nono. If I want emails, I will ask for them.
    Third: No clear howto. Even Googling how to stop Feedly from sending e-mails I didn’t sign up for in the first place couldn’t give me the answer I needed. Hence the big red button. Goodbye and thanks for the fish. :)

  169. Greetings. My issue with feedly is that as time passed, I have noticed it’s design moving away and away from being simple and minimalist. It is my impression, that it became less of an elegant page syndicating your RSS feeds and more of a mess of blinking multi-colored sharing buttons catering to the taste of ADHD-affected, social gadgets and gizmos happy to track your browsing and reading habits and funnel them to the advertisers. Goodbye and thanks for all the fish. :)

  170. I don’t like the fact that I cannot login with an email and password that I pick….don’t like the world according to Facebook or social services! But the worst of all and it is not the first time this has happened but when I came this morning to read my feeds almost all of them were GONE! Figured this was the time to change to a basic minimalist type reader that I don’t have to wade through all the fancy stuff. You were a good fit after Google Reader but the fact that I cannot change without trying to remember all of the feeds that I read I just cannot risk setting it up just to all of a sudden loose almost all of them! Thank you. ps. interesting in order to post this I have to give you my email….on an account that I have to sign in on FB to use????

  171. The Old Reader was recommended to me by a friend and I tried it out, only to discover that it syncs to Reeder much faster than Feedly did, and doesn’t require Google. After pondering whether to switch for several months, I made the jump today and deleted my Feedly account. Also, I like The Old Reader’s web interface better than Feedly because it more closely mimics Google Reader (which I guess I should have inferred from the name).

  172. Feedly is a great service. I am just struggling with information overload (with google news, feedly, reddit, facebook, etc etc) so I felt it was time to leave.

  173. Was on a different pc where I don’t normally log into my google account and thought that logging in to feedly with my facebook would find that I already had a feedly account.
    Turns out it made a new one for my facebook so I’m just deleting that one since its just a duplicate account.

  174. Deleted my account. With the new updated “power search” I couldn’t freely search for an article I read two days ago. Bah! I’m not paying for that!

  175. I do not like the fact that feedly is now tied to a social media account. I just want to log in with an email address. Why does my activity on feedly have to be plugged into a social media account

  176. Started getting Feedly email to a gmail account I only use for business, rather than the personal address I use for Feedly. It was a brand new account, no RSS feeds at all, too. Somehow someone else attached my business email to a feedly account and there was no notification or verification whatsoever.

  177. I can’t filter my local newspaper to eliminate all the AP stories, and was trying to revert to an older feedly account I have at home, but feedly keeps popping up with a brand new account and it appears the only option is to delete.

  178. Deleted my account after accidentally creating a new one using Facebook connect. Already had an account connected to my Google account, but am using FB connect everywhere else on the globe (also to write this very message).

    It would be great if I could connect to the same account with google & Facebook connect.


  179. The app was too laggy on Android, I did not like the fact that sometimes to keep reading a blog I had to click read more, and then wait for it. I would have rather this to load the complete article and allow me to read it. Also sometimes when watching videos the app would freeze and I had to close and open again. I could not keep up with this bugs so I switch to Google Play Newsstand, if you guys would ever offer something like the Play’s quality I would join again.

  180. i thought logging in with facebook would access my feedly account based on the gmail address i use both here and on facebook but it just set up a new account so i deleted that.

  181. The login from Twitter has been erased 5 fu*King times because it logged in with my wrong twitter account. I had set up a account here twith selected articles etc and for some reason it no longer wants to use the setup account to log in with. This GD privacy abuse has gone way way too far MF. You should be jailed as fu%kin gangsters for the damn privacy abuse!

  182. puts the aggravation in feed aggregator. Nagging me to go Pro every time I load one of your pages has convinced me to stop using your site for free. I will instead use one of the many other free aggregators that are at least as good as this one.

  183. For me, there were too many reminders about the “upgrade option”. Whether it’s the orange label saying “upgrade” that never went away or trying to do something simple like save a note to Evernote, I was constantly bombarded with reminders and it got old.

    I’m not one of these people that is anti-pay either. I subscribe to Evernote, to Rdio etc. I just wasn’t going to pay to save an article to Evernote when I can hit two buttons on my iPhone (show in browser,clip to EN) and accomplish the same thing. I just got tired of the feedly fingers always reaching for my pocket.

  184. I’m only erasing an account I used to sign in from Google. I usually use Feedly on my phone and couldn’t remember which account I used to sign up. The only way I could figure it out was trial and error, so I’ve deleted the accounts that weren’t right. (The Android app says I am logged in “via Unknown”)

  185. I’m leaving because I feel your service is too expensive. You monetize by organizing information people are already giving for free! That’s not fair.

  186. I guess I really don’t see the point in Feedly. From what I see, you still have to click a link to read the article on the website it was posted on. Why not have an actual built-in reader like Pocket, so users don’t ever have to leave Feedly.

  187. I don’t want any categories. I just want a list of all the posts from all the feeds with the most recent post on top. This is a waste of my time so I switched to Digg.

  188. I liked feedly, but please, do not force people to use their google/fb/twitter accounts. I do not want to share my feeds with them. Too bad, feedly is cool though

  189. There are a few things I want Feedly to do that Bloglovin already does

    1. Have Home page layout that is like the latest layout with everything by date in one big line.

    2. Make the pictures show as a full image in the card/magazine view! This is the main reason I left. Bloglovin lets me see the full image, where Feedly cuts off parts that I need to see in order for me to even click on the article! Yes, I did try full view, but that wasn’t what I wanted.

    Here are the things I liked about Feedly. I really liked the built in reader, it was nice to get rid of all the clutter that the websites have and just read the article. The layout itself is nice and clean.

  190. Google-reader-like commenting! I thought this was supposed to be implemented a long time ago, but still haven’t seen any progress on social commenting.

  191. If I can’t choose what I’m viewing on a feed reader of all things, I see little point in using it. I’m leaving because you bugged me about using AdBlock. You can serve all the ads you want, that’s your right. But it’s my right to choose not to view them.

  192. A couple of issues, I guess… My experience with feedly wasn’t all bad, it’s a cool platform, but…
    * The feedly interface is too complicated. I came from google reader and never really took to the idea of article summaries and cards and stuff… I like being able to click on a feed, get a list of articles, and click right into them. Maybe have a simple layout like google reader and a complicated layout for your power users.
    * This might be a fluke, but I’m pretty sure that recently (A) images from comics that I rss started loading in lower resolution and (B) articles in feeds started taking longer to load, and then I started seeing an advertisement to speed up loading in feedly… Oh well.. I’m looking for a free service, I’m off to greener pastures.

  193. Apps don’t have to be free in my opion. But inhate apps that in first place where free and then see opertunities to a payed version. And overall pushing user to that payed model, with not adding value at all

  194. There’s no way to change login methods, so I had to delete my account and re-create it to switch from using Google to login to using Evernote.

    Sounds like this is a feature a lot of people want.

  195. Pro account is too expensive for my needs. The only advantage I would have is instapaper integration (which used to be free). I am switching to inoreader.

  196. I just want to be able to connect to my Feedly account using multiple authentication methods (Google and Facebook). Unfortunately Feedly creates one account for each authentication method. Please fix this. THanks

  197. Only available in English. It’s so tedious mixing languages, as everything I do is in Japanese. Would return if further language support was added.

  198. You charge 45 dollars a year for basic features (you know, like searching? saving articles for later in instapaper?). You also prevent developers and users of services of IFTTT from doing it themselves. Hopefully, your business model will fail, since it will be a sad day for the internet if you succeed.

  199. I am quitting because Feedly was supposed to be a replacement to Google Reader and I could not read any of my blogs in Text version for free which is the basic requirement of a reader. Text version is incomplete in which the original site has to be opened anyway, I would rather read from there even though it is cumbersome.

  200. Erased the account, because the first rss that I added just showed data that was 11h old, while I could see newer stuff on the actual feed. I need updates more timely.

  201. I cant switch from one account to another using Gmail because its didn’t give option to choose which account I would like to login with…..couldn’t find any help anywhere….very bad user experience.

  202. the #1 gripe i have is that feedly is so incompetent that it does not even provide a way to sort or change order of feed listing after so many years. after so many posts by users and waiting out for so many years finally jump ship and switch to inoreader, which has all I need (and more) and it’s mobile client is excellent. BTW, inoreader also provides inline reading of an article without popping up another tab.

    still want to thank feedly for helping the transition when google reader died. it has been helpful (but could be better).

  203. Inoreader has a much better interface (I never liked Feedly’s wasted screen space and article in a pop-up), without forcing you to login with a third-party service. They are also much more open to suggestions and active, updating the site every few days.
    People asked for a search function, then you guys made it a pro only function and closed the topic. I stopped using Feedly then. So I just checked Feedly again and found out there is a free search function now, but I’ve already switched after the nonsense.

  204. I’ll just sign back in with my Google OAuth and surely Feedly will remember I’m a paying customer right? RIGHT?!

    I’m done. The ability to organize content is still lacking years later, but losing all my Feedly Pro features was the last straw.

    There’s no way to clear your reading history,
    There’s no simple way to clear your feeds and folders.
    There’s still no proper way to organize content within a folder via drag and drop or alphabetically. I’ve been reduced to exporting my OPML file from Feedly and utilizing a third party browser addon to properly organize my feeds then re-import them into Feedly.

    The simplest way to achieve all of the above is to click Organize, scroll all the way down and click Erase Account. Unfortunately, if you’re a Feedly Pro user this is disallowed unless you cancel your subscription. After numerous times of exporting and importing my OPML file I figured if this is the only obstacle to the simplest solution then I might as well cancel if they’re not going to fix this. I still have 9 months left on this annual subscription to see if they’ll improve.

    I figured if I just erased my account, it’ll finally clear Recently Read along with my out of order feeds so that I don’t have to do all of these things manually. Seems like a win-win. I’ll just sign back in with my Google OAuth and surely Feedly will remember I’m a paying customer right? RIGHT?!

  205. Have been a happy user of Inoreader for more than a year. I moved after Feedly made search a pro-only function. If Feedly didn’t mess with their users I might not have been using the better alternative right now. Thanks Feedly for pushing more people to Inoreader.
    *For a sec I thought Feedly has free search function now, then I read “Search is part of feedly Pro. Non-pro users can use all the operators and features and get access to the first search results.” Really??? Repeat after me: SEARCH IS A BASIC FUNCTION.

  206. I have been a Netvibes user for about 12 years. They have not been moving the product forward in the last 5 but none of the others offer what I am looking for. I love their app view. If you could group by feed and only view the title that would be great. Would reduce scrolling.

  207. I erase my account because with new captcha all apps that uses feedly cannot sync anymore. Make official apps for all mobile platforms or stop blocking others.

  208. Just fired feedly in favour of inoreader.
    1. Several feeds (of which I am one of very few subscribers) NEVER update in feedly. This is probably the biggest issue. When something new shows up in an RSS feed, I expect to see it in my RSS reader eventually. It may seem obvious, but this is why I use an RSS reader instead of just visiting the rss source’s main site every day.
    2. Inoreader recently corrected issues with the few feeds I follow that worked here but not there.
    3. Inoreader has little icons next to each article representing the feed it came from; feedly doesn’t.

  209. Just can’t deal with the slow response, lock-downs, and general ick. I have limited time, that’s why I chose an RSS reader. When my content won’t even load, it makes it more of a hindrance than a help. Improve the product, and I’ll be back.

  210. I switched to inoreader because they have more of the features that I want.
    Such as a good mobile on the actual website. Also, the subscription management is easier, for me, and more powerful. It can do bulk actions, for example.

  211. I just don’t use it anymore. It was better than sliced bread when I started, but a lot of the websites I follow stopped using RSS feeds and it just dwindled down to almost nothing, and I just got out of the habit of using it. But I did like it, and it worked well… it just wasn’t for me. Sorry!

  212. The site and official app is limited and without basic features like filters, full text feeds or worthwhile display options the experience is frustrating. The biggest tragedy in this respect is that Feedly is still lagging behind Google’s Reader after all this time.

    Only took a few hours work to roll my own solution based on ttrss with all the power features I need. Bonus: One less company aggregating my data.

  213. Authenticated feeds just don’t work. I try entering a URL including credentials and an entry appears but then disappears in a fraction of a second. If I manage to click the plus button before this happens, it simply never loads any articles. Perhaps it has discarded the credentials.

  214. I’ve hit critical mass with the invasiveness of online stalking/data mining and Facebook selling my info for their profit. Any site requiring a Facebook account to login from now on gets a cancelled account.

  215. Like many here, I deleted my account (after saving the OMPL) only to recreate one under new login credentials. I am removing Google from my life entirely!

  216. Feedly would fit my workflow as an instrument to skim through text articles before saving them. But “preview disabled by browser over https”.
    Maybe it would be better to give an option to higlight the blocked resources?

  217. Fed up of every single useless “feature” pushed down my throat.
    Please, lose my email account and do not contact me at all.
    Switched to InnoReader.

  218. I switched to Google+, since there is a notification count on every Google page, and I try to minimize the number of services I use. The 5 RSS feeds I used are now on Google Play Newsstand (Default App on my tablet and phone).

    I actually loved Feedly as far as I used it, and will probably come back if need stronger RSS client !

  219. A basic function such as search, shall be free, I move to a service where, do not take me for a fool one see that gain popularity

  220. No 3 Colums View like in Inoreader or the rss reader which was integrated in the old opera browser. wastes a lot of space on widescreen monitor… what i would need: 1st column: a list of all feeds. 2nd column: a list of posts of a choosen feed. 3rd column: the posts thmeselves…

  221. Feedly still doesn’t have it’s own login, it stops checking some feeds for no reason and the feedly team rather implements even more social features instead of the features their customers want.

  222. Nothing wrong with your service, it was the easiest to get running with Google Reader died. It had been my intention to move to a fully Open Source solution ASAP (which hasn’t been as ASAP as I had thought). A friend has setup his own instance of another and I have just moved to that.
    If I wasn’t such a open source zealot, I would have been happy to stick with your service.
    Many thanks!

  223. How about getting a real issue tracker? Something with comments and voting and closing and stuff?
    There I would open a ticket on the way feedly (for android) wants me to add new feeds. Typing URLs into a search bar seems to be a bad design idea. Search bars are for searching. Searching is not the same as adding stuff. Plus the way you implemented the search bar, it doesn’t let me add URLs by pasting them into the search bar. But maybe I’m just crazy…

  224. I moved my account to theoldreader. Reasons:
    1. Easier to use;
    2. It operates faster; and
    3. Search function is not reserved for people who subscribe

  225. its realy annoying that you cant delete the news you’ve already read but still want to keep. hidding it doesnt solve it. hard to organize si manage feeds. i prefer and use rssowl for its easy acces interface but i cant acces your site with it so i deleted my account.

  226. I moved to Inoreader. I’d like to be able to read news at work where I have IE9, and found that Feedly completely fails to work there, while Inoreader worked.

    For reading on my iPhone, Feedly worked OK, but somehow Inoreader seems simpler/cleaner. For example, Feedly insists on doing things one page at a time, even in list mode. Inoreader just scrolls, which feels better to me. For example, Inoreader shows a blue dot on unread items, and when I read them they go away, while it seemed like I had to do more than that to get Feedly to realize that the article is read. This is all stuff I could live with, but combined with lack of IE9 support it made sense for me to move to Inoreader.

  227. Not all my existing feed were imported. Some were silently skipped during importing.

    I got annoying emails from feedly everyday. I did not know how to unsubscribe from those daily emails.

  228. There doesn’t seem to be a way to delete all my subscribed feeds and then start from scratch so I had to delete then start over.

  229. I am so far from being unhappy. I love my feedly! Somehow some of my subscriptions were attached to my twitter sign in and some to my pro google sign in. I simply combined them to my pro. I absolutly LOVE feedly. Pro is worth it’s weight in gold as it keeps my inbox available JUST for work. Thank you!


  230. I moved my account to NewsBlur. Reasons:
    1. Traffic is in Feedly to high (videoads in preview 150MB in 30 min is to high)
    2. NewsBlur fetch article and text while in wlan.
    3. Loading articles only, when i will read it.
    4. No Ads in articles in NewsBlur
    5. No connection to nsa-google! or nsa-facebook needed! I’am not an american, so iam still on a list by your nsa-company.

  231. Why limit the number of feeds per folder displayed and have the stupid “show more” thing? The user is smart enough to keep the folder size reasonable.

  232. Changing to Inoreader. As Ubuntu phone user, not having the app is understandable, but not being able to log in through web browser no.

  233. spamming me about features.. the horror… surely i can do with the daily mails, and no option to turn them off … pffff

  234. I was exploring the possibility of having two accounts, each associated to a different gmail account. I erased the new one because I just didn’t find any obvious way to go back to the original account -each time I logged in, was automatically sent to the new account.

  235. Just wanted to adjust privacy settings. Realized after clicking submit that I gave access to pretty much all my stuff and wanted to adjust it. No visible place to do so after searching. So I’d rather leave instead.

  236. I removed my Feedly account because Feedly doesn’t work OFFLINE! Simply doesn’t work OFFLINE! Unbelievable! I will use other readers that work OFFLINE. Thank you and good bye!

  237. I am switching to a self-hosted alternative as I try to have my personal data and interests less scattered throughout the internet.

  238. I don’t like having to tie my personal interests to a “social media” (i.e., information-gathering) network. Goodbye Feedly, hello Inoreader.

  239. i left because feedly required me to go pro to do something as simple as send to evernote. there are workarounds i know, but inoreader provides that connection for free. otherwise i had no problem whatsoever with feedly, web and android versions

  240. My issue was that Feedly was taking forever to load the page, with no indication in the browser that anything was being done. Sometimes it didn’t load at all. As a result, I’m switching to a desktop aggregater. Feedreader, to be specific

  241. I went to pay because I can´t search but the price is too too too expensive. I changed to other reader. Bye Bye

  242. I was not able to find a way to easily have a daily digest emailed to me without paying, so I switched to a different reader that automatically sends email digests of my feed.

  243. Hello, I am deleting the account because I couldn’t change the email address to log in. I don’t want to get a pro account, sorry. Maybe you could rethink about advertisements for basic users. But in any case You are doing a great work.

  244. I think feedly is great! I just had to leave in order to better integrate with my colleagues, who were using feedspot, and also to be able to generate a custom RSS feed from my curated selection of articles (I couldn’t see how to do this on feedly). But otherwise I thought that feedly offered a great user experience.

  245. Not unhappy, just found a better solution that doesn’t paywall the features you do. I guess we just disagree on what should be monetized.

  246. Guys, i can’t see myself rss
    it’s just waisting time. Everyone cross-posts to twitter and fucking Facebook.

    best of luck, love you

  247. It’s confusing logging in: why can’t I just create an account? I don’t want to link everything to FB (I hate FB). I have two google accounts and for the life of me can’t figure out how to logout of one and in with the other. I logout and logining in takes me back where I don’t want to be.

    Other than that (how was the play Mrs Lincoln) I love Feedly, it is a great service and I use it all the time to read my feeds.

  248. I changed acconts. I’m no longer using the same Google account. I looked for a ‘change authorized user(s)’ or ‘transfer account’, but I couldn’t find it.

    I decided that it’s more hassle than it’s worth, so I’m just deleting this account and seeking out an alternative service, maybe switching to a local aggregator program.

  249. I’ve been looking for a way to integrate into Feedly keeping up with comments on subscribed feeds. I can do it with Firefox’s Live Bookmarks, but couldn’t find a way to do it with Feedly. So I’m just going to use Live Bookmarks.

  250. Really liked feedly, BUT, There aren’t a huge amount of sorting options. Along with that I’ve found that some of my feeds (mostly youtube subs) just won’t appear and I miss the videos completely.

  251. Feedly’s support for browsers is awful. There is no easy way to add a feed to my feedly, and the feedly mini extension that you provide is a joke. It never works, and even when it does appear it has extra buttons I don’t want. Why don’t you just make the plugin place a pageAction URL bar button that can be used to add to feedly instead of the awkward stupid injection of the button into the page?

    I will not be back until you guys make a better chrome solution. Will be using until you make an easy way to add feeds to feedly through chrome that isn’t a terrible extension that requires WAY too many permissions (read and modify all data on all websites).

  252. Similar to others, I have multiple accounts (Google / Twitter / FB) and I want to combine them but this seems difficult. It’s easier to erase an account than log in with Google then say I want my account linked to the one I log into with FB.

  253. Like the service & synch – not too keen on the the login method(s)… also in the process of de-clouding before the robots take over, switching to foss etc. Nowt personal, good service ++

  254. My leaving is a combination of things:

    * When I began using Feedly (as a part of the Google Reader dying situation) I was using it a lot on my mobile. That was one of the reasons for going pro. By now, the things I follow rarely fit the small screen of my phone, so I have lesser need for mobility.

    * Feedly isn’t great for viewing web comics, especially not on the go. Many of the sites does not embed the comic itself in the post (understandably so), so any offline caching for my commute was moot (heh, moot. And I don’t even remember if offline caching was ever available or just a wet dream).

    * Feedly isn’t great with podcasts and/or video casts. It streams good enough, but on my mobile it would not remember position, pre-download, etc.

    * I began paying for stuff on the Internet. This means both that just stopping being a pro member doesn’t really work for me, and that I now regularly go over my subscriptions. And there have been DEEP cuts of things I don’t really need. Because time and money. And now it is time for Feedly.

    I my needs change again, Feedly will be my first choice. But for now we must part ways.

  255. * Switched to sending my RSS-Feeds to my mailaccount with IFTTT. So I’ve all my communications in one place and nothing gets lost.
    * Over the the time I stopped reading my feeds via the feedly UI. Only used feedly for managing my subscriptions – and this isn’t working anymore. IFTTT sends me new items of my feedly subscriptions, but feedly says that I’ve no subscriptions

  256. Why not just put an ‘unsubscribe’ button on the bottom of your emails, like everybody else does?
    Why do I have to identify myself to make this comment –
    I’ve already dumped the service.

  257. Can you please, put something to scroll ? It’s getting on my nerves, it’s just fucking irritating !!!
    I’m not coming back until it’s impossible to scroll…

  258. Too many things from all sides and the stuff I want to read and I’m interested in is nit there. This is clearly not the fault of feedly. It’s the media. So I get rid of it and handle it like many others and use twitter where I can get also not-mass media opinions and news and can tailor my incoming info stream very accurate to my needs.

    Thanks for everything feedly. Unfortunately for me it is already time to go.

  259. Why is it so cumbersome to switch accounts? Seriously why? After several attempts at logging out, I finally just gave up and deleted the feed and maybe, MAYBE I’ll rebuild it later, but probably not. Why bother?

  260. I want an app that allows Offline reading without the need for tagging articles. Google Newsstand does this, however they don’t have a Desktop app. :(

  261. feedly is great. so great that i had two accounts. one of them had to go to avoid confusion. But the other account is used on a daily basis…

  262. I erased my account, but definitely will reopen one. The problem was this: I regularly update my oplm-file. But when I reupload it, it doesn’t get synchronised. I just adds everything, even folders that are completely (!) similar (title and feeds). Then there is this possibility to ‘organise’ the feeds. But it’s SO time consuming. And I got error messages all of the time. So erasing is… more economical… Unless some kind of synchronisations will be imlemented and/or organising happens smoothly, I will do it again every now and then…

  263. Feedly is great. BUT! I´m not interested in having Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or any of the others, all up in it. Give me a standalone account.

    Also logging in is a pain. Since Google / FB / MS is required, my spy-blockers makes the website take backflips with cherries and cinnamon.

    Remove the requirement of feeding Google / FB / MS with my internets. “Sign in using e-mail” please.

  264. I literally just forgot which of my two google accounts I had signed up with and I signed in with the wrong one. Then every time I clicked log out/log in it kept reverting to the wrong account (which literally had NO feedlies). I had to delete it so I can now log in with the correct account. I’m sure this will happen again next time I forget.

  265. Before I signed up, the Get Started page indicated that Feedly would access my email, the email addresses in my contacts, among other things. It also indicated that I could change these in the Account Settings later. Where??? I spent a while looking for the change but not find it. Very misleading.

  266. I’m just deleting this account, as feedly seems to be a bit random as to which google account it signs in with, with the result that my feeds are spread across two accounts. I’m deleting this one to prevent that from happening again. Once logged in with the wrong account there is no option to log in with a different account, re-logging in just makes it auto login with the same account again, which is extremely frustrating.

    Seeing as I had to scroll down past eleventymillion other comments to leave this one (which is also stupid btw, I’m sure lots of people don’t bother and just never give feedback – put the box at the top!) it seems loads of people are complaining about the crappy login system and difficulty swapping between accounts.

  267. I used you for a while after Google Reader left us. I left because I couldn’t easily organize the feeds the way I wanted to. I found another reader set up more like Google Reader that fits my brain better. Guess I just miss GR.

  268. I’m erasing the account until I have time to figure out what the heck this will do for me. I cannot remove the content I added, and discovered was not what I wanted, therefore erasing sems the easy way out. There are no buttons, no straightforward user interface for simplicity. I was hoping I could put me Twitter accounts/follows here and get streaming info, along with my Facebook likes/friends/pages, Google + etc and get simple concise streaming page. I don’t see that. Maybe it’s not what this does. I’ll look deeper into it later.

  269. I like the idea a lot, but support on mobile for audio and video files embedded in the RSS is really bad. Offline mode and in-app media would definitely make me come back !

  270. Was quite happy with Feedly, no problems whatsover. I just wanted to cut down on the time spent reading articles, and large unread counts would always bother me. Moved to Apple News, will likely be back here since I don’t think anyone’s quite there to match Feedly yet. Would have loved Google Reader, but since that’s gone, this is the best there is.

  271. You really want us to scroll, don’t you?
    Even to write this comment I had to scroll down for thousand of pixels before even see the text field.

    I really like the look&feel of the UI, but I wasn’t happy with the way I had the feeds shown.
    The whole point of having an rss feed manager is to be able to skim the entries from the website “X” and decide to read it or not.
    And having the feeds grouped by source would be great so that I can see which feed is dead.

    In conclusion:
    – It Feedly looks great, well designed interface;
    – The list of all the feeds you have is way too hard to skim and doesn’t help for a “quick look”;
    – I’d suggest to let the user chose to view feeds grouped by source.

    That said, I’m out of here.
    See you later if I’ll read about you on the other feeds reader ;)

  272. When I log in with google Feedly demands access to personal information with no option to deny this. It claims that once logged in I can change this. Once logged in there is no way to change this. I don’t want to have anything to do a site which demands access to my personal information and gives me no way to control it. Telling lies is also a bad thing.

  273. Make unsubscribing from whatever emails you _think_ I am interested in simple and doable directly from the emails you _think_ I am interested in.

    The twist is that I am interested in ZERO of the emails you are sending me about what feedly is up to.

    Also why do I need to include an email to post anonymously here?

  274. I don’t want you to spam me. Ever! For no reason.

    Haven’t even used feedly in 2 years, suddenly you feel the need to send unsolicited emails. Didn’t find a way to change any settings when I want to receive emails (hint: NEVER) so I’m deleting my account and hope you honor my choice and have deleted my mail address for good.

  275. Feedly is SHIT !! i did delete my account because I just dislike the lack of functionality and ease of use. I use Netvibes now exclusively for all my youtube and blog updates.. far far superior to this feedly crap

  276. I believe that such essential functions as search should be free and available to all users. Therefore, I’m erasing my account and moving to another (better) service.

    Feedly was a good replacement for google reader couple years ago, but not anymore.

  277. Latest version of android app apparently not compatible with my phone, current version only will display contents via web pages rather than in app (unnecessary processor use) and the unwieldiness of this feedback page (all comments shown on one page?!) is a good nail in the coffin.

  278. I left feedly because I thought I could read and see the images from the feeds, but turns out it redirects me to the original website, so I rather open the browser instead of the app.

  279. Same as everyone else. I haven’t left feedly I’ve just killed my Google login because I had one feedly with no content and my real one with an Outlook login. First world problem but it killed me trying to get away from the Google login and back to my Outlook one. Maybe having a ‘login with another account’ button’ would be hard to implement but it’d be appreciated. Still, thank you for offering such a good site and I’m happily logged into my real account now. Have a great day mate.

  280. Hey. Listen. You’re awesome, and you’re providing a great service. I’ve been a pro subscriber for a few years.

    You’re not doing anything *wrong*; it’s just that Inoreader is doing things *more right*. It’s hard to sum up all the little ways they are improving the feed reading experience. But just to give one example, they had more tools for culling the cruft subscriptions that had accumulated in ~10 years of carrying my OPML across various services. In a dozen or more little ways, they exceeded my Feedly experience.

    So, farewell, thanks for the years of good service, and good luck.

  281. After being quite happy with feedly for a long time with it’s slick look, easy-to-use interface and good readabilty. But as my feed collection grew i found that i would be more reliant on search, a pretty basic function i’m just not willing to pay for. So i switched to commafeed, basic, yes, but free and opensource, so i can even set it up myself and tinker with it. The recent redesign helped with the switch. I do however wish you luck and fortune for your future.

  282. You failed to listen to countless user’s calling for a rule based filtering mechanism. Many would have converted to a pro account for this, myself included. I have found a better alternative (InoReader) and you have lost a customer.

  283. I do not want a feed reader that gathers news headlines in one place.
    If I select the news is why I wish to read whole. Not just a part. And then having to click on another link and wait for the news press another browser tab.
    Thank you but I did not like because it lacked practicality and objectivity.
    It must be simple and straightforward.
    I will continue using the QuiteRSS for now.

  284. Since the recent update, my news feeds have been organized solely by popularity and subject. I would have liked to be able to continue to view them by author and date, but the option either isn’t available and there is no support contact for free users. I don’t want to read the news because you or other people think it is popular, I want the freedom to choose what I think is interesting.

  285. I understand the need to charge people for the service you’re providing, but it’s really low to cripple a previously-offered free service like synchronization with Evernote and then charging a premium to get it back.

  286. It was impossible to cancel my Feedly Pro account, there aint any cancel button, the links provided doesn’t work, the support button is missing… what happened to Feedly? I just hope you don’t bother to charge me again.

  287. Unable to log in on my tablet via web browser after losing my settings. Web interface is forcing me into the app with NO option to log in anymore (which breaks my reading flow, and I have ZERO interest in yet another app when I’m flipping back and forth between stuff in my news feed, the links from the news feed, and other web pages I have open). App is unacceptable interface and unacceptable compromise.

    Let the web interface work in iOS Safari again

  288. I signed up on Feedly months before Google announce that they’d be closing the Reader service. Feedly used to be great. I understand that today that old and simple Feedly website is way more bigger, with millions of users, not a few thousands of them. Charging people for searching is absurd. Charging people for getting updates a little more faster surprises, if we consider that there wouldn’t be excessive use of data.
    I miss the good old Feedly. Tired of reminding that the new Feedly wants to charge you in fifty bucks. Bye

  289. Great app, but over time I felt a little “bogged down” by my feeds. Like it was too much to manage all of them. Just too much content out there!

    And having another platform to maintain was becoming too cumbersome. So I switched to a simple email daily digesting service that send HTML emails to my gmail. Then I have one platform for essentially three of my cloud services that I consume a lot of time in (or consume me?!): email, Hangouts, contacts, and now blog rss.

  290. I’m not unhappy with Feedly as such, and pleased they came forward when Google left everyone out to dry.
    But a consequence of that, and other changes in syndication methods, RSS has just dwindled. Most of the things I subscribed to via RSS is also syndicated via Facebook, Flipboard, Apple News, etc, so by the time I get to check out my Feedly, I’ve read almost everything.

  291. Bye, Feedly!
    Thank you for being there for me when Google Reader passed away. It was a dark moment for many people.
    We’ve been together for two and a half years, through very good moments and other not so good. In all this time you didn’t change. And that’s exactly the problem. I’ve been patient, but all you care about are your paying clients. Now that I decided to leave you, I easily found a better reader and I’m transferring to Inoreader. I can search through my subscriptions, I can tag my articles so I can organize them, and it has lots of good options, like rules. I became too tired of not being able to search an article and you never showing all my saved for later articles.
    Maybe it’s me, but it’s definitely you.

  292. I just want to own my RSS graph instead of having it used by a US company, so I’ve installed a feed manager on a server in a country where privacy still means something.

  293. ios app update released that killed the app for two weeks at least, not sure if it was even fixed as I deleted after the second week.

  294. I switched to Inoreader. I had 200 blogs, many of them Tumblrs. Casually, I found that 5-6 of them weren’t updating. They were posting, but the last Feedly entry was registered 10-20-30 days ago, and I had missed all these posts till then. They were only 20-30 days, and only 5-6 blogs, but they could’ve been much more, and I could have not noticed. Other services work fine, the RSS feeds are fine, and other Feedly users tried to add the same blog and found the same problem (last post outdated by weeks). After googling I saw that this problem is common and long running, and doesn’t have a clear fix.

    Sadly, this makes me no longer consider Feedly as a reliable service, which saddens me deeply as I’ve been using it since the very day that Google Reader closed.

  295. too bad that such a favourite service of mine has become archaic and too greedy…Having to move around tight spaces because of too many restrictions on the account usage has forced me to delete my account and move elsewhere

  296. Wanted to use feedly to sync podcast between devices running BeyondPod.
    However when importing feeds from Feedly, each category was changed to a single (Feedly) feed. I.e. I could no longer see my individual feeds in BeyondPod, only the Feedly feeds.
    That is not useful.

    Btw. I have also been using feedly for reading (news) feeds.
    But for that I am not particularly happy with Feedly either (have been seeking alternatives). I would like a really simple user interface like Googles old RSS reader. Feedly does not seem to provide that. Only some fancy UIs, which – to me – are not as useful as the simple Google RSS reader UI.

  297. I love the service and plan to be back. However, I’m using 2016 as a social media/blog cleanse, and deleting my Feedly account is part of that.

  298. I am a Feedly Pro subscriber seriously considering switching for three serious issues:

    1) Recently, my custom tags keep multiplying! Somehow, I now have 15-20+ duplicate tags that will not go away, even after deleting them multiple times and starting over. Tech Support said that there was an extra space the first time this happened, and fixed it manually after waiting (in queue?) for 3 days. The next day, the same duplicate tag came back. The next month, I’m at 15-20 duplicates. And i can’t even delete them myself! Ouch.

    2) My feeds keep getting “uncategorized”… Even my Must Reads. Weekly, I manually reassign categories; also tried limiting category feeds to 10 max, with no luck.

    3) Deleted feeds keep coming back as “uncategorized.” Tried cleaning cache, cookies, Feedly app reinstalls… No luck again.

    Unless these issues get resolved soon, I am gone. Already making plans to take advantage of Xmas vaycay to shop around for my next RSS “home.” Too much wasted time!!!

    Ps: one last new bug. Feedly’s Android app has recently been taking 5-10 seconds, per tag, to say that an article has been “tagged”. Could this be causing the duplicates? Food for thought.

  299. I started using feedly, when Google closed their reader. It was good at the time, or at least I haven’t found anything better.
    Since then, feedly changed and my way of using it changed, but in other directions. I read more on my mobile, but feedly tries to force me to use their app, which I don’t want. Sometimes google login didn’t work. The mobile webpage is getting harder to reach, last time I had to tinker with the url, as the landing page tried to force me to use the mobile app, and didn’t let me read the mobile webpage until I’ve found a way around it.
    On the other hand, the desktop web page seems to be more like a mobile page with every month, what I really don’t like. Anyways, feedly mobile page has always been frustratingly buggy, prone to even the most simple mobile bug known as “ghost click issue”. Yet the desktop is getting more and more mobile page like….

    Now I’ve already moved to Inoreader and it’s such a relief, everything works fine, on desktop and mobile, pages are friendly and simple to use, mobile just works fine. I regret not changing earlier, wasting so much effort on staying with feedly.

  300. Did # nt leave you. Just opemed naother account nd transferred all data on thsi account – And I subscribed on a Pro account

  301. I love Feedly, but eventually had to move because it did not allow me to search in the basic version. I thought search could have been allowed. Moving to other service sadly.

  302. Deleted account and created another. I started using Feedly on my work phone and didn’t want to type my Google password on it.

  303. The “feature” of automatically marking the posts in my feed as read after 30 days makes your service useless. This was a real deal breaker for me. IMO, only unlimited unread post availability makes sense, I have to trust the tool not to remove *anything* without my consent.

    Another, much smaller, problem is lack of a native Linux desktop RSS reader (I refuse to use lame web interfaces on the desktop!) providing synchronization with Feedly: I don’t expect *you* to provide one, but its lack is a shame nonetheless.

  304. Change the layout to mimic the old Pulse News Reader App before Linked In destroyed it. Add dark theme. I’m moving to FeedMesh Beta for now. It seems to be close to what I am looking for.

  305. Same as (probably, didn’t read’em all) most of the others here: Just changed my account. Didn’t really leave ya!

  306. Why is there ever an “at the end” of my feed when i have literally hundreds of posts remaining? Fifty times a day i have to restart feedly to see more stuff. This is crazy.

  307. I finally give up. The 30 day unread limit, even for paid accounts, is pointless when I have to hold off reading some content for a while. I’m better off with tt-rss. I would have happily paid — multiple years at once if possible! — for a significantly longer unread limit.

  308. – Need to reorganize the news in the mobile too.
    – Some news without picture or very few text.
    – Should improve the interface, taking ideas from apps like Twitter or Flipboard: first page of squares, two or three news per page (currently I feel with a lot of text with 5 news).
    – Should make the hierarchy a little more handy.

  309. Perhaps you require email verification BEFORE actually setting up the account instead of this lame “verify before we’ll let you change your password” nonsense you have at the moment. You know, to prevent people from signing up for your service using other people’s email addresses.

  310. I do not think searching my own feeds and my own saved entries should require me to pay for it. Very disappointed that basic search of my own items isn’t available by default. I’ll use my owncloud/news reader or find another service.

  311. It’s super frustrating that every time I accidentally try to log in using a Twitter account, other Google account, etc — I immediately create a new account. This happens *all* the time. It’d be great if you prompted users and asked if they *wanted* to create an account, versus log in with an *existing* account.

  312. I’m leaving for inoreader. These were my pain points with feedly:
    * Things move around when mousing around the screen. (List of subscriptions expand when mousing left.)
    * IOS: It’s too easy to accidentaly swipe left/right/mark all as read and feedly kept forgetting what I’ve marked as read.
    Btw. when erasing all my data, the page said I could post here anonymously. That was not true.

  313. I just want to have a simple list of feed subscriptions. Now, it seems I am forced to create and use “Collections”, because I cannot proceed when adding a new feed without specifying a Collection for it to go into.

  314. i just found out, that you are deleteing items older than 30 days … thans for ruining my backlog of worthwile reads … NEVER AGAIN!

    1. We’re sorry for this, but we don’t keep Unread messages for a longer time. We mark them as read, but we don’t delete them.

  315. Full article view is not working. ‘N’ button suppose to scroll to the next item, but it just select next item, and if acricle half visible you have to manually scroll it down. It works only if arcticle completely insisible, but even if 5 pixels of it visible feedly do not move it to the top of screen and instead of reading news by hiting ‘N’ i have to scroll it with roll, which is slow. Seems like a bug, makes total feed unusable in full arcitcle mode.

  316. That would be great for the web version , the update of the information does not have to be manually and is automatic , as is Facebook .

  317. First, how about you delete most of these comments since they do not follow your guidelines. Re: Feedly It’s way too time consuming to have to go to a page where the story originated and search for it. The stories need to be right there if I click on it even if it’s on another site.
    I suggest displaying stories all at once from one category rather than my having to click on each source separately.

    Google News is my go-to news source but it clearly favors certain outlets and does not allow blocking of subscription sites or other sources. But their personalized layout feature is good. check it out (again). ;-)

  318. I requested a cancellation and refund after a few hours – no one ever called, emailed or bothered to contact me. Shocking service.

  319. I deleted my account because I wanted to switch to a different service (currently using a self hosted ownCloud instance). My main dislike of Feedly is the over attention to images. I use Feedly for general news, so most of the images are just stock photography. But on mobile, these high resolution images are always downloaded, making Feedly by far the most bandwidth consuming app on my phone. And on desktop, these images fill the entire screen so I need to scroll down to actually read the content.

    I probably wouldn’t have left if there was an option to hide images in the app and on the website.

  320. I deleted my account because of an article permanently stuck in saved for later. The article title doesn’t go gray after reading and returns after clearing the saved list. It doesn’t even have the green saved icon anymore, but it just won’t go away.

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