Announcing Feedly Mobile 2.0 – Feed your mind. Anytime. Anywhere.

It is finally here: we are excited to announce the release of feedly mobile 2.0. The first version of feedly which runs both on phones and on tablets, on Android and on iOS: You can now feed your mind on the go! Anytime! Anywhere!


Apple App Store
Android Market

NEW IN 2.0

FEATURE – Introducing feedly for iPad (10″)
FEATURE – Introducing feedly for Android tablets (7″ and 10″)
FEATURE – Ability to swipe from one inlined article to the next
FEATURE – Instant search
FEATURE – Black or white theme (see settings or shake gesture on iOS)
FEATURE – Ability to start on home, favorites, latest or a category (see settings)
FEATURE – Access to read articles through history section
FEATURE – Higher quality images
FEATURE – 2x performance improvement (both start time and swipe)
FEATURE – Android widget
FEATURE – Application recommendations from AppsFire

FIXED – Session timeout bug
FIXED – Login freeze issue.
FIXED – Ability to automatically share on Google Reader when an article is liked
FIXED – shortening bug and custom account support
FIXED – Option to keep articles are unread
FIXED – Mark all as read confirmation alert (configurable in settings)
FIXED – Honoring “Open Directly in Website” feed preference
FIXED – Honoring “Oldest first” feed preference
FIXED – Enhanced error and network io management
FIXED – Sensitivity of the black selector bar


Thank you to the team for the enormous amount of work over the last 12 weeks. Thank you to @mattrunks and  @olivierboni for the spectacular intro video. Thank you to all the beta testers. Thank you to the talented bloggers for continuously feeding us with great content. Thank you to the Google Reader team.


Feedly (now for iPad too)

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Nowe Feedly miażdży na iPhonie i Androidzie!

Tablet-Optimized Feedly 2.0 Arrives with Simplicity, Elegance
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Feedly Mobile réinvente le RSS sur iPad et tablettes Android.
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Feedly takes RSS into the tablet wars, great news reader, first look!


Feedly for Android and iOS


FEATURE – Landscape support
FEATURE – Article search
FEATURE – Facebook integration
FEATURE – Offline access to the home section
FEATURE – Ability to follow, unfollow and favorite sources.
FEATURE – Source and category shortcuts (Android only)


The combination of blogging, mobile and social has sparked a new wave of innovation around publishing and personalization: lots of services are emerging to help users satisfy their unique appetites for learning and staying current. How is feedly different?

We have been working on this problem for more than two years and the result is a great blend between the readability of a magazine and the personalization and predictability of a news reader.

Feedly’s editorial algorithm identifies the most engaging articles for each of the sources you follow and features them in your home section. Letting you quickly snack the best content from your favorite sources.

Feedly offers a consistent experience across all the devices in your life. On your desktop, on your phone or on your tablet. On iOS or on Android. It will be instantly on and always in sync.

Finally, feedly is powered by an innovative, hyper-optimized, HTML5 framework called Streets which allows us to run the very same app/code on both iOS and Android and adapt dynamically to different device form factors (4″, 7″ or 10″). Streets marries the best of the web and the best of apps and gives us the flexibility needed to taylor great cross-platform experiences.


1. Tap on the black bar to select a new source or login
2. Swipe the black bar to jump between source
3. Swipe down to mark a card as read (up to undo)
4. Visit the settings to configure instapaper, read it later and more.


Our goal is to help  publishers increase their reach and engagement.

Feedly does not crawl websites. We only show the content publishers make available through their RSS or ATOM feeds.

If you want to promote your feed to the feedly community, you can contact us at essentials/at/ We are always looking for great blogs and have various mechanisms to promote them (features sources, blog of the week, #talented, essentials, you might also like).

If you do not want to allow feedly users to follow and browse your feed, you can contact us at access/at/

Finally, we are creating a program to help publishers take advantage of the Streets infrastructure and deliver their own cross-platform mobile applications. Contact streets /at/ for more information.

Photo tour

Thomas Hawk/Samsung Galaxy Tab

Joystic, ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, GigaOM

Design Milk

More than 18,000,000 sources at your fingertips

Instant access to Google Reader


Sea of Shoes

VentureBeat/Black Theme

Design Milk/Motorolla Xoom

Design Milk/Nexus S

The Next Web

Thomas Hawk/iPad 2

Read Write Web/iPad 2

Smart adaptive UI. 4″, 10″ and 7″. Android.

Smart adaptive UI. 4″ and 10″. iOS.

303 thoughts on “Announcing Feedly Mobile 2.0 – Feed your mind. Anytime. Anywhere.”

  1. Ever since I have updated to 2.0 I’ve been thinking if there is a way to give the app 6 stars out of 5.

    Absolutely fantastic update, Edwin. Keep them coming.

  2. I just want to thank you guys (feedly developers) so much! I have been waiting for the ipad edition forever! Finally it arrives! It is absolutely great! I love it! Thanks!!!

    1. Given Nokia has gone Windows Phone, it would make sense to look at a Win Phone version.

      Symbian still has life in it for a couple of years. To see how to do a good Symbian app, see Gravity.

      1. Can someone of Feedly answer on this question, please?

        We’re getting very close to June 1st, and I would really miss a good RSS reader on my Phone!

      1. WE WANT win7/8 phone feedly app
        WE WANT win7/8 phone feedly app
        WE WANT win7/8 phone feedly app
        WE WANT win7/8 phone feedly app

  3. Excellent improvements. I’m on a Nook running CM7.

    A couple of notes:

    1. How do I subscribe to a feed that I’ve found? I don’t see a subscribe option in the menu or a subscribe icon either.

    2. If I press back to hid the bottom menu (preferences) it works, if I do so to hide the top menu (categories, etc) I exit feedly. Prefer former behavior for both.

    Eagerly awaiting the 7″ optimized layout you tease in the photo above but note are forthcoming in the Scoble video.


    1. 3. The selected starting category isn’t found if the case is entered incorrectly. Would be nicer to select from a list.

  4. Thanks for the update, I can now say bye bye to Flipboard and Zite.

    Couple of bugs so far:

    I have a category which has 7 unread items but only 6 are shown — moving to next page only goes to the next category and the top bar does not show 1 page correctly.

    Another problem is the app hangs when loading a category — which is random and goes away whenever I kill the app and restart again.

    Feature requests: how about giving an option to read the items already read? Also, able to share it over Google Reader like the browser version? Last but not least, it would be great to share the “Saved” items with “Starred” items on Google Reader.

  5. I use Feedly on my PC a long time. It’s very great. Now I change my mobile to Android platform. Why it’s only can use on OS 2.2? Many Android mobile still on 2.1 like my Moto Defy today. I can do nothing unless Moto offer firmware upgrade. Shall I give up to use Feedly?

  6. Congratulations on the new version.

    I’m using the version for android, but I can not find the option as to the oldest first. And do not understand much that is “auto preview”


  7. Congratulations on the new version.

    I’m using the version for android, but I can not find the option as to the oldest first. And do not understand much that is “auto preview”


      1. Sorry for the delay Peps. Here we go:

        1) for oldest first, install feedly on your browser and for each of the feeds you want to read in an oldest first fashion, go to that feed’s page, click on the pen icon on the top right and select oldest first. Refresh the mobile app and those sources will be shown oldest first as well.

        2) regarding auto-preview, some sources are partial – the RSS only includes a title and the 1st paragraph. If you click on the pen and select the open in website directly on the desktop for those feeds, on the mobile, feedly will automatically load the webpage (saves you a tap).

        Hope this helps.

        1. Thank you very much for the reply, but I have a problem.

          In the browser filter box under the “oldest first” and puts me, but when you upgrade on the main page NO to me at first.

          Any suggestions?

          1. Let me explain better;

            When I go to individual feeds and set up the oldest first, is all ok. But when I go to Home Page “What’s new” is the most recent first.

            What am I doing wrong?

          2. Let me explain better;

            When I go to individual feeds and set up the oldest first, is all ok. But when I go to Home Page “what´s new” is the most recent first.

            What am I doing wrong?

        2. “1) for oldest first, install feedly on your browser and for each of the feeds you want to read in an oldest first fashion, go to that feed’s page, click on the pen icon on the top right and select oldest first.”
          I want to use the Android app, not the browser version. Forcing me to use a browser to change the settings for an mobile app is a terrible way to go.
          Plus, even if I did that, there would still be no way to view all my feeds (and folders) together oldest first.

  8. Gongrats. Long time feedly user here and it’s great to have you on my ipad now too.

    Awesome work, and free too.

    1. iOS has a settings app (the place where you set the wallpapers, email, etc..). Once you install feedly, there will be an feedly subsection in that settings app. Tap on it and you will should be able to see all the feedly knobs.

  9. Just updated my Android to Froyo now week and now you give me iPad too!
    Thanks for this, love to see feedly growing and getting better and better =)

  10. Report posted! Done!

    Let me double check the “Saved” with my Google Reader and other apps first.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. I’m a Feedly-User since the begin. With tablets, my reading changed. Finally Feedly makes sense again! I use the iPad-Version since 2 days and I just love it! A great mix between Reeder and Flipboard and has found its place as one of my Top-Apps. We had to wait so long for it. I’m happy the result became awesome!!! Thanks Feedly!

    1. Thanks Cyrill. “A blend between Reeder and Flipboard” is a good way to describe it. If you tweet it, let me know and I will archive it in the document

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  13. The latest version of the iPhone App (v2.0.1) has not fixed the problem of users being unable to login using Google Apps accounts since the recent Google Account transition. “Invalid” message still pops up.

    1. Hi Chris. My guess is that you are using 2-form authentication. It is not yet supported. We are going to look into it for 3.0 – we are in the process of changing the iOS authentication to Google OAuth 2.0 and it should fixe that problem.

      1. Thanks Edwin. Incidentally all is working fine on a recently purchased Android tablet with the same account details, it’s just iOS that I’m experiencing the problems with.

      2. Just to give you an update – I have confirmed I am *not* using 2-Form authentication on my Google App account.

        So to summarise: the Web-only, Chrome App and Android (Honeycomb) versions are all working fine with the account for me. The iOS version (2.0.1) is not working though, displaying an “Invalid” message in a green bar at the bottom of the log-in screen.

  14. I absolutely love feedly for Chrome and have been using it for what must be more than a year now. Not entirely sure, but I can’t imagine going back to Reader. I got my first Android phone on April 9 (G2x) and feedly was one of the first apps I installed. I loved it. In fact, I enjoyed browsing my news with my phone more than my laptop. However, with the recent update, I seem to have lost some of the functionality that I so quickly learned to enjoy, namely, the ability to do everything with just my thumb. Everything was within easy access of my one finger. To switch sources, I just used my thumb on the Menu button. To mark everything as read, I could just use my thumb. Scrolling up and down with my thumb was easy and fast. Everything was perfectly smooth.

    Now, in the last few days since the update, my experience has significantly declined. Perhaps there are new settings somewhere that I need to change (I found the “mark as read on scroll left”), but the up and down scrolling while reading an article is very touchy and more often than not I accidentally scroll left or right. I have to use two hands or readjust my grip to change sources if I don’t want the random or next source option. And just this morning feedly froze three times on me, leaving me stuck on an article and refusing to refresh. I had to kill the app entirely to get it to work, and then it froze again. Also, the scrolling itself is jerky and not smooth. I hate to complain like this, but I’ve been surprised at how much of a difference there is and I absolutely loved my experience before the update. Are there fixes coming for any of these issues? Or is it something I am doing? Or a setting I am missing? I just want to be able to browse smoothly and easily with one finger again. It was easy and nice. Any suggestions for how to go back to that? Or is this a change that is staying because it works for tablets and those of us with smaller form factors are just out of luck?

  15. Really like Feedly, which I just started using with the new Galaxy Tab that I got at Google io, but, I wish it could operate in an off-line synch mode (as does Pulse). With a Wifi only pad (which is all I want, don’t need more monthly fees), It is great to load up and know that you are good to go on reading material for a while…

  16. got latest version of feedly on htc desire 2.2 – some feeds (especially and which comes with a lot of content cause to stock the app when viewing the next article. a possibility to stop loading would be nice here i think. beside of that – awesome :)

  17. It says there is an Android Widget in version 2.0 – I’m using 3.0 but still can’t find the Android Widget when I try to add a widget from the home screen :(
    (using a Nexus S with 2.3.4)

  18. Hello, I’m an Italian user of feedly on Firefox. I also own a fantastic android phone, Motorola Defy.

    It has android 2.1 and I can’t make an official upgrade to 2.2 (I really don’t need to upgrade).

    Can’t you make an android 2.1 version of feedly? Or a firefox mobile extension? Please I really love feedly and I miss it on my smartphone!!


    Fabrizio F.

  19. Hey, great work with the new 6.0 for android!! It looks great and works awesome-ish! :)
    Two little things are missing in the android version:
    1. previously, when I double tapped on a zoomed-in article it used to take me back to the mosaic/list view. (I saw that I can pinch to zoom out – niiice touch) I was somewhat speedier with the double tap, I think.
    2. I follow both sites with long articles and some with lotsa pictures. A way to choose a view for particular feeds (as in desktop versions) would be great.
    I can live without these, but maybe sometime you can look into it.
    Kudos again on the great work and

  20. The new Android version looks great, but on my sony tablet S it hangs when I try to login with my google account… I have a pretty big list of google reader folders and feeds, so that might be the reason… it looks like its loading something but after a while it just gives up… Wish I could get it working because I love feedly :-)

  21. Hello,
    I don’t know where to ask that so I try here.
    Firstly I would like to congratulate for your amazing job !
    I just think to one missing feature and feedly would be perfect to my eyes : a rule system wich allows us to make rules like “if my article contains one of the folowing words : ((dead and destroy) or murderer) (for exemple), mark the article as read.
    I hope you see what I mean and that you will take that in consideretion.

    Anyway : congratulation one more time !

    1. Hi Chevrier, thanks for reaching out! I am interested about hearing more about your feature request! Would you mind emailing me at arthur at feedly . com and clarify why you would want that feature.

      Thanks in advance,
      Arthur, designer at feedly

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  23. In the iPad version, the list view doesn’t work – selecting it displays the magazine view instead. Are other people seeing this issue too?

  24. Been “forced” to switch to feedly after Google Reader announced shutdown. Feedly was by far the best replacement of the ones I tried, However, I miss two things
    1) On the app I’m not able to read stuff I’ve already read. That’s something I would like to be able to do.
    2) For the Web-version, I don’t like the occational ads and would pay for an ad-free version.
    Other than that, I’m very happy with Feedly so far!

    1. I’m also having a problem with items marked as read. I have made sure auto mark as read is off in the settings. Instructions above say swipe down on a card to mark as read, swipe up to undo. But I am swiping sideways to get to the next item, and every time I look at an item it is marked as read. How do I control that? I can’t seem to go back and mark as unread…

  25. If you think Windows Phone 8 market is small, may be you can charge a $ or two for the Windows Phone 8 version. I hope you release it before the July 1st expiry of Google Reader.

  26. Feedly looks the best replacement ever to the Google Reader. However, will the RSS feed be disconnected when the Google Reader shuts down?

  27. I would really like a bare-bones view option for the mobile app. One that has no pictures unless you choose to open that feed. This will do two things:

    1) Make it load faster, since it’s not loading a picture for every feed
    2) Use less mobile data

    I found that I used more mobile data using Feedly in 10 minutes than I did for the whole month of using Google Reader’s mobile app. When evaluating whether to use this app long term, these are things I’m taking into account.

    Plus, I would really prefer to quickly browse through a list of titles with zero pictures.

    Seems like a simple enough update, wouldn’t you think?

    1. I found the latest Feedly updates to be massive data hogs. I would go through massive amounts of data usage just by going through some RSS feeds on Feedly. Right now, I am forced to only use Feedly only on wifi, as using Feedly on 3G would be suicide!

  28. I like Feedly. But a wishe from side.
    I read much feeds with source code inside the content. Please can you enhance a syntaxhighlightning to easier to read source code inside the posts. Thanks a lot.

  29. I’m moving from Google Reader to Feedly, and I’d love to see Feedly on Windows Phone too. I wouldn’t even mind to pay a buck or two for it.

  30. Add my vote for a Windows Phone app. I love Google Reader and very much want a good alternative like Feedly for my phone when Google Reader gets shut off in July.

  31. I am a Windows Phone Developer.
    I am interested in developing a free Windows Phone app if you can provide API to me..

  32. As there is no Flipboard app for WP8, it would be a huge opportunity to make Feedly available on the wp OS. Please!

  33. I can’t really use your mobile version as the only times I would use it I don’t have signal and it would seem that feedly does not download for offline viewing.

      1. Thanks gReader did the trick. 5 seconds and >1000 news got synced offline so I can finally read in subway in peace.

  34. As a daily user and kind of power-user of Feedly (since Google Reader official closing announcement) I think that this would be a 5-stars-service if the user could be able to access off-line:

    – at least any “saved-for-later” article
    – a full RSS feed or category that you select when you have connectivity

    I would also allow the user to choose the text-only download for further offline mode, this would save storage in the mobile device and (hopefully) download the content faster.

    Thanks for your awesome service, I hope you keep improving it! :)

  35. Adding another voice to the request for a Windows Phone app! I’d kick down a few bucks for it, as well. Please. Thanks!

  36. like some of the above mentioned, I’d love to have a Windows Phone 8 app and would be willing to drop a couple of buck on it.

  37. I’ve been using feedly for a long time now, but something thats been bugging me is that every since i linked my Pocket(formerly Read-It-Later) account to it, the “Save for later” button disappeared. Is there anyways to bring it back? Im running the latest version of feedly on android 4.2.2.

  38. On the Android app, please add an unread count at the top of the screen, like you have in the browser. Knowing how many unread articles I have in a feed while I’m reading them is important and something I appreciated about both Bloglines and Google Reader. I was happy to this that this seems to have been added in the browser extension. But now let’s get it on the mobile apps too. I don’t want to have to drill down in a menu to get this info.

  39. On Android, app version 14.1.5, subscribing is impossible. Task description:
    – Read a site on the browser (chrome, firefox, …)
    – Subscribe to the site feed on Feedly

    I’ve tried:
    – Android sharing from the browser (menu | share). Feedly is not on the list of apps receiving URLs
    – Copy address from the browser. Try to add content on the Feedly app. Long press on the search input (that’s how you request a paste on Android): no paste button appears.

    Result: It is currently impossible to subscribe to new content on Feedly on Android (except for searchable content, outside of the scope of this task).

  40. I agree with other previous comment.
    please, support window phone 8.
    I very impress feedly with firefox desktop and andriod version.

  41. Please provide the WP8 version soon! Is anyone already working on WP8 app? This is the only thing that I am missing on my Lumia 920.

    1. Can someone from Feedly make please official statements regarding the WP8 app? Are working on the wp8 app yet? If not, I am sure there are people willing to help with the app development. This is really the only app missing on a wp8 platform for many of us. On top if that, wp8 app development should be relatively simple… Can someone from Feedly comment on status regarding this topic that many are asking about?

      1. That’s my question too. I’ve asked it weeks ago, but no one from feedly answers our prayers. I’m also willing to pay for it, please make a WP8 app!!

  42. Plus one for offline mobile access.
    Global and per feed configuration settings would also be good – Offline toggle, offline image toggle.
    Potentially a global setting for predictive offline mode where feedly would learn which feeds you read the most and choose to download more of them and less of the feeds that stay at a high unread count.

  43. Windows Phone please. Even the web page doesn’t work after I log in with my Google account – it’s just this round graphic that says “OAUTH”.

  44. oh, i just looked at all the comments above. clearly this company doesn’t care about windows phone users given all the WP requests and complete silence from this company.

    off to look for other alternatives that are not iphone/android fanatics..

  45. So so so crashy! Using ipad 1, crashes often when I link to anything picture-heavy from the list and almost always if I try to go to website.

    1. Same here. Consistent crash on iPad 1 whenever I “go to website,” so now I have to use “open in Safari” to read.

      Why not offer full feed option?

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  47. funny, they build an ipad app, which is basicly the same as the iphone version, starts a pro account….but are not able to roll out a wp8 app…srsly?

  48. The navigation bar, most importantly the “legibilize” button seems totally unresponsive until a website has finished displaying all of its ads, which can be tens of seconds.

  49. Hello, I subscribe to a feed but all articles are imported read, with no ability to mark as unread. Ipad, 16.1.542

  50. Does your website have a contact page? I’m
    having problems locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an email.
    I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be
    interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look
    forward to seeing it develop over time.

  51. +1 X Bazillion for Offline Mode.

    I am constantly finding myself in every cellular blackhole possible. If I cant read my articles or make myself laugh with my lolcat collection in the exact situation that you’d expect people to have their faces buried in their mobile devices…whats the point of sticking it out with this app?

    I have to have gReader for the offline capability alone it seems. Why would I continue to have both on my phone/tablet. I’m just consuming resources/data by having both of them. I love feedly. But I HATE feedly in the very frequent times I don’t have access to internet (All over the place. Because while Its a nice idea to think we live in the Cloud connected utopia…the rest of us live in and around cellular deadzones)

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