9 Ways to Personalize Your Feedly

Where can I get the latest version of feedly?
There are links to install feedly 6 (iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) on the feedly homepage. They are all available for download now (and free).

9 ways to personalize your feedly

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Table of content:

1. feedly mini
Use feedly mini to follow a website while you are visiting it with your browser.

2. Following the we websites you love
Search directly in feedly for a specific site’s name or URL and quickly follow it.

3. Searching for new sources
Perform a #hashtag search (ex: #design) to get recommendations for sites related to that topic/tag.

4. Browser top sites
You can use +Add Website > My Bookmarks to get a set of personalized recommendations based on your browser top sites.

5. You might also like
Feedly will continuously suggest new sites to follow based on your existing settings (aka “you might also like”).

6. Layout
You can assign different views (magazine, title, mosaic or full article) to the different sources and sections defined in your feedly.

7. Essentials edit
Use Essentials > Edit to filter out the set of essentials you are not interested in.

8. Reshaping your feedly
Use Organize Contents to perform spring cleaning/restructure your feedly.

9. Dressing up your feedly
Change your feedly persona by dressing it up with a theme.

601 thoughts on “9 Ways to Personalize Your Feedly”

        1. I am also trying to find the way to create a feed out of a Feedly tag, the very same way it can be done with Google Reader. Any ideas?

          1. You’re not the only one. This was a HUGE feature of Google Reader. So far only Feedspot offers this (pro subscription) but supposedly an IFTTT recipe exists that can update a Delicious RSS feed from your Feedly tags.

          1. I’ve just signed up, but can’t find how to aggregate them. Could you share the steps that you took to combine feeds?

  1. Congrats on the release!!! I hope there would be an option to remove everything on the right side bar(You Might Also Like) so I can maximize the space there since feedly doesn’t maximize all screen estate width hope that can be implemented and those that can be hidden feeds feature :D

      1. me too, reading comics or looking at photo/image oriented articles is not so nice with that right nav bar “in (catagory)” and “On Amazon”

  2. I installed version 6 yesterday. My Lifehacker Feeds dont show up with pictures anymore. In stead of the picture feedly shows gray square and only text. That wasnt the case with the previous version.

  3. I loved the way to have the section on the left side and the feeds related to the section on the right side. Now it’s all on the left side. Is there a way to get the old design?

    1. I vigorously agree! I would like the feeds in the same heading to show up on the right so I can rapidly change between them. Putting the ‘you might also like’ there (which I think used to be on the bottom) is much less efficient. It turn out I *do* know what I like, and that is to have my favorites right there on the right where can navigate. I navigate much more often than look for new stuff. Is there any way to configure it ourselves to put that back? Thanks!

  4. Almost 50% of my screen is taken up by the huge navigation list on the left, and then white space. And I can only see the right hand list, with my sources list and Twitter feed, if I maximize the browser window. How can I get some of that real estate back from the oversized navigation list?

    1. I have the same problem, I normally only have about 600 pixels in width in Feedly and with that bar there, nearly 40% of my screen is… stuff I will literally never intentionally click on :)

      1. Hearing you. We are going to explore a different narrow design…which hides part of the navigation bar. Stay tuned, we should have something to test next. Thanks for the feedback.

      2. Hearing you. We are going to explore a different narrow design…which hides part of the navigation bar. Stay tuned, we should have something to test next. Thanks for the feedback.

        1. Why can’t we just get more options in settings by which we can customise how the interface looks rather than depending on you to change it with the next version.
          I’d like to hide the sidebar, make text bigger some places and smaller in others and much more.

          Right now I can’t do anything because even if I use a userscript, updates would just make that solution ineffective.
          Please respond.

  5. The Android tablet version does not seem to allow for a read it later interaction anymore. At least the icon is not availbale anymore within the top bar of a given article. Strangely enough on the smartphone version this option still exist. Any idea ?

      1. I don’t think it is fixed. I updated this morning and the j/k keys are malfunctioning for me. Never had the problem before today.

  6. The new design is distracting and steals a major part of the screen with an exaggerated navigation menu. Also, the old list view isn’t there anymore. Can we have the old feedly back?

  7. What i really do not like is when i click on one of my sources with unread content on the right side, all others disappear from there and i have to navigate on the left side. On previous version the list was always there – on the right side. Too much clicking for my taste. Also, if i click my content “group” it expands to all sites underneath … but i just wanted to get a list of unread articles from the whole group, so this is distracting also.

    1. Yes! I miss it too. On a small screen, not being able to quickly hide the articles is a major disadvantage. It was extremely convenient, and excellent programming, that the ‘x’ repeatedly lines up from article to article allowing for quick, selective removal of clutter. Articles remaining on the screen after the category is marked read (just grayed out) results in far too much time consuming scrolling… Please bring it back! Thanks!

  8. Can I in anyway get my Tumblr dashboard on here, I’m only here really cos Lifehacker said the tumblr integration was good and it was actually a Tumblr client. I cannot see how that is at the moment.

    1. I went on the individual tumblr blogs and subscribed RSS, put all in a “tumblr” category and set category to mosaic view. It’s really useful but a little difficult to reblog on tumblr. The “share on tumblr” only posts as “link” which is frustrating since I mostly reblog pictures.
      If it can be done easier, IDK.

    1. I agree. I currently export all google reader feeds to an ips app that reads content to me. I need a single rss feed from feedly to replicate that functionality.

      1. I have been checking this out, and it seems there’s no such option available yet. I would be important to have the ability to pull an RSS feed for Feedly tags.

  9. Seems like the left category listing takes up too much screen real estate. Any way to narrow it or move it back tot the to like on previous versions? Running on Mac Chrome latest version.

  10. Congratulations on the release…
    This layout is awful. The beat thing about the old layout was the majority of the screen real estate was given to content. Instead, we are left with giant nav menus I won’t use and extra feeds I won’t use. Can we have an option to clear this crap off and just get the source content?

    I love Feedly, please at least give at least the option to give space to content and add refresh back to the bottom.

  11. Love the update! Stopped using it for a while because it distracted from the content but I’m fully on it again.
    The little things are nice like how the favicon hides and then appears when you hover.

    Great job!

  12. what have you done! why did you remove the refresh link on the bottom? Now I have to first click mark as read, then click back to top and then the refresh at the top!!!!!!!!!!!!! What you should’ve done is to add a link/button at the bottom to marka and refresh in the same go!

  13. It’s really annoying that you removed the sources list from the sidebar when viewing a specific source. I used to “work through” my sources, now i have to hit the back button every time I’ve read through a source.

  14. Could you maybe make it a “mark and refresh” link? And regarding the new layout it takes to much screen estate! It should focus on the feeds and not on background or empty space if no picture is found for a news item. I liked it the way it was actually….

  15. why “Featured Sources” disappears when I click on a feed in “My Feedly” view? Previously (in v5) it was always visible. Now I have to click “My Feedly” everytime I want to see “Featured Sources”.

  16. Sorry but think about people getting used to the current (now old) design. The new one just does not fit my reading habits.

    Pleas emake it possible to switch back. Already looking for an alternative this is much to overloaded. Liked it more streamlined.

    1. As Steve Jobs would say “You can only please some of the people, some of the time”. There is no way to go back but if you provide more detailed feedback and screenshot of issues, we will be happy to look into it.

  17. Glad to hear “Featured Sources” disappearance is a just a bug that will be fixed. I use that for navigation all the time.
    I have noticed that scrolling with the mouse wheel is much slower with this version then the last using the latest beta of Chrome for Win7.
    This new version will take some getting used to, but good so far.
    Thank you for a great service.

    1. Hi Sean, the chrome+Windows/Linux scroll performance issue was fixed yesterday as as part of the 6.0.401 update. Can you please make sure that you are running the latest version? Thanks.

      1. I am running 6.0.401. I tracked the problem down to another extension, Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller. After I created a rule to exclude Feedly, everything started to run much more smoothly.

  18. Really like the new minimalist view! and as I read through the comments the little bugs/mishaps will be worked out.
    The post to tumblr button could do with a option to post as video/picture/link.
    Maybe an opt-in setting to publish to multiple sites: twitter+FB+tumblr or only some of them.
    I think you are doing a fenomenal job with this!

  19. Would you be able to implement a way to go to the next unread item in a feed list? For example when I have 20 unread items in a single feed, some are very long and instead of scrolling down with a mouse or something, a shortcut key or button would be nice to go down to the next item in the list.

    1. Oh, this would be so great. The single most wanted feature for me. A bookmarklet or button/link that just puts the newest unread one click away in your browser.

      1. Please please add this. Google readers is awesome. If another service adds this I will dump my reader transition to feedly and go where ever this is offerred i’m afraid. And it’s so simple to implement, it’ll take one man about 3 hours to make at the complete maximum. Why aren’t you doing it?

      1. +100 for this feature! Really missing a way to just go one unread item at a time! click-next_unread, click-next_unread type of functionality :)

  20. I highly doubt that it is “impossible” to go back to the old version – the code still exists somewhere and should be an option in preferences. Even if it were an “unsupported” never upgraded mode, it would be far superior. Unless you’re on a giant monitor feedly is now impossible to use efficiently.

    If that is not possible, please let us actually have a full list going down the left of all single feeds.
    Don’t guess “Essentials” and other areas that take up space unnecessarily.

    Hopefully some creative programmers will come up with something that will force feedly to not display any images and shrink those bulky boxes for streamlined reading.

    First Netflix, then Bank of America, then Feedly…companies should stop breaking non-broken things!

  21. Something else changed between versions. In the earlier version, on the Latest screen, marking items as read would mark only the items displayed, and a refresh would newly display everything that arrived after the last refresh. Now, marking items as read not only marks the items displayed but any items not displayed that have arrived in the meantime. This is a major BUG, as there’s no way — short of clicking on every feed you have — of knowing if something important has been missed. PLEASE FIX!!! Thanks!

  22. Can we please have the option to assign layouts to many different sources at once? Or change the default setting? (e.g. use something other than “full article” when I go into a specific feed)

    I kind of agree that the left side bar took away from the screen real estate. I also noticed that when I click on an item in the grid view it doesn’t snap to that item’s top, I have to scroll down a bit more to view it.

    One last suggestion: can we get an option to view images in full dimensions (maybe a lightbox)? For example, XKCD comics become a bit narrow and less readable when you resize them to fit the reader width, it’d be nice to be able to read them in full size but not leave Feedly (or use the Preview link).

    Keep up the good work with this app. Wouldn’t read my sources any other way. :)

  23. Current version stopped working properly on my Galaxy SII . When I try to tweet an item the software fails to present the usual tweet windows and in place shows a semi decomposed window with the “done” button at the bottom. Unisntall and reinstall does not ask for twitter authorisation and the software continues to fail. Strangely enough the software works great as a firefox plug-in and on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 . Strange indeed. Any clue how to fix this?

  24. i’m still having problems with emailing from feedly on the old and new version. Feedly says emails are sent but the emails never arrive at there destination. other than that, i love the new layout.

  25. I have only one complaint with the new release: on the right hand side where the unread subscribed feeds are shown the Featured Sources turns in to You Might Like when you are reading an Unread Source, leaving no easy way to access your Unread Featured Sources. This I think is not a good idea, as it requires three actions now instead one in order to get back to ones Featured Sources. Before the Featured Sources would stay in place with You Might Like beneath it. This old way was more efficient as it allowed you to immediately read your next Unread Source after you were done with the shown Read Source. Please, Please, Please correct this feature oversite

  26. @ZEXXES yes. this was indeed a bad design decision. It will be rolled back in the 6.1 update we will be pushing out by the end of this week. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. I just wanted to say that despite what everyone including myself have commented about regarding suggestions and criticisms, this is, by far, the best reader out there that I have come across. And believe me, I have looked for and toyed with many different readers. This reader changed the way I glean information on the internet and even in media in general.

      So many thanks to all of you at Feedly and keep up the stellar work. I will endeavor to do my part in promoting your product to my family and friends as I have many times already with great success and for good reason.

  27. well done feedly folks! my requests:
    1.a can i have a +1 button/other share features at the *bottom* of the articles when viewing in ‘latest’ page, so i don’t have to scroll back up (through long in-line articles)?
    1.b. same for the ‘mark as unread’ button, needs to be at the bottom for usability.
    2. can i ditch the other sharing tools yet? just messy.
    3. what happened to the article count in ‘latest’? this was a really helpful way for me to guage how long i’d need to commit to reviewing unread articles.
    4. i +1 everything said above about real-estate of new navigation bar.

    thanks again.

  28. Every time I open Feedly, I keep having to change the Read Links color in my preferences. I want it to be red, but it keeps changing it back to the default grey, even though I changed it to red in the preferences. What’s going on?

    BTW, I really like the new UI!

        1. Switched from Google Reader soon after it was discontinue. Found the default Read Links colour not distinct enough. The option to change it worked for the first few weeks of using it but now it keeps reverting to grey even though the correct hex code is still there.

  29. I’m one of the people who want the old design back — it was what attracted me to feedly in the first place. The new design isn’t minimal at all, it just takes up too much space and is slow to use. It feels so cramped and cluttered that I have stopped using feedly almost completely. The top navigation was the best feature and I miss it desperately.

    Also, the feedly mini button keeps popping up even if I have turned it off several times. I’m not sure what’s the deal here.

  30. I’m not one to nag about design changes all that much, I know from experience that it’s not possible to please everyone all the time.

    However there are is a usability issue in the new version I just cannot get used to. The expanding of the category menu. I just never drill into the child items, so the always expanding is annoying because I have to click it again to collapse it again. If I don’t, I have to start scrolling through the menu to get to other categories. So an option to never expand the menus would be highly appreciated. Or at least make a category collapse again when I click a second category.

    What would even be greater is having an option to hide the category menu at any time and allow it to be called manually, much like feedly mobile.

    Also, I think there’s too much animation effects going on. It just feels sluggish and scrolling isn’t really smooth anymore.

  31. Sorry, the new design is not my thing either. It used to be that Feedly makes reading GoogleReader feeds more efficient. Now it is jut as inefficient in an ajaxy way.

    3 thiings I need t kepp using Feddly:
    1) Give us a way to have the navigation bar open all the time.
    2) Make the navigation bar smaller / give back more room to the reading area
    3) Give us the option to un-ajax Feedly

    I’ll wait for a few fixes and releases and if nothing changes, I will stop using Feedly.

    1. YES! Please let us have the navigation bar all the time!!!! If some people want it off, maybe it can be user-set to “always on top” or “invisible”

  32. It would be great to work through sources on the top right again, atm its a scrollfest (CCPtm), I used it in WHATS NEW and in several CATEGORIES, now you have to click open the category, then open the source to work throughout feed 1, then go back to the menu and click the next source (but first scroll down until you reach the category). Its really feeling like time consuming, being used to the category link on the top right. Please make it optional to get that menu back. So people who like it, can use it. (Desktop Version)

  33. Ahh now I get it, on my large external monitor the motion-clutter is deactivated. But on my smaller MacBook Pro screen motion-clutter is in full force.

    Solution for me that you should easily be able to implement: Simply give me the option to decide at what screen size the motion-clutter is active.

    That’s what I call a classic compromise!

  34. Like the new design, however there are two things that would be great to bring back from the old design:
    –ubiquitous save for later option, which right now only appears when articles are listed in the “Latest” view
    –total number for unread articles


  35. I don’t like the new layout. :-(
    How can I (auto)hide the labels that are behind all the news read?
    How do I turn on the number of unread on labels? I don’t want the mouse to go for it (this mouseover feature is ugly).
    Please, add the “left mouse button menu” feature to back for me! The unsubscribe feature many steps now! Grrr… :-(

  36. What happened to the “preview” and “mark as unread” links when I select an item. My only option now is to open the entire article on the original website in another tab (in Firefox). With preview I could quickly read and go to the next article. Now it is a total pain to try to read them as some of my feeds have slow websites to have to open them. I don’t see losing preview as a step forward.

      1. OK.
        1. In the previous version the groups were on the left and the sources on the right. The sources were visible and I could see immediately how many new posts are in each of them. I want to see MY favourite sources not anything else.
        2. The list of sources on the left is illegible and number of new posts is not there till the coursor is over them, the list is not full. Hate it!
        3. Uncategorized is not MY group and the sources are not mine. Why is it there?
        4. I don’t like the way of log in. I want to have a choice if the system remebers me or not.

  37. I positively hate what you have done to Feedly! You say you can personalize it, yet you take away (or don’t give) the functionality to do that. First, with previous versions I had my feeds sorted as I wanted them, in “groups” within the categories. Now they pop up in the categories based on – what? The feed with the latest item? That’s not how I browse – I want to see all my feeds whether there is something new or not. I can move feeds between categories but I cannot organize them within their category! Second, when I click on “more sources” it kicks me back to My Feedly, which is never where I want to go. Third, the layout wastes too much space.

  38. I know you’re trying to push the platform forward, and I realize that it takes time to adjust to a new interface.However, there were 3 things I LOVED about the old version:
    1. It was lean–on my main feedly page, I could quickly scan 15 headlines/articles to see what looked interesting, before i did any scrolling. I’m a designer, so I use the version with pix. With the new interface, I can see only 6, and there’s so much more scrolling!
    2. The little “x” allowing me to quickly an article without reading it was awesome, and so miss it. I subscribe to a couple of feeds where only 15% of the posts are interesting, but those are really good.
    3. On my main page, the top section was uncategorized–pulling from the full mix of my sources. I had lots of those before I got to the categorized ones. I liked that, as it gave me a broad overview, but still let me sort things into tech, design, friends blogs, etc.

    I’m sure I can learn to like the new feedly, but I’m not sure I’ve love it as much as I did before the change.

  39. Seriously please….give me back the old version. I loved it , I had it on my iPad,android and browser. The new version is just too messy and cluttered for my taste. I dont want dynamic scrollbars on the left. I want it to look static,simple clean. Any thing that jiggles when I hover my pointer on it scares me.

    Please…pretty please…give us the old version back or atleast a way to get it !

  40. Don’t want to be negative here because I do applaud the general desire to make Feedly better. However this time you seem to have fallen into the trap that other news sites have fallen into in the past. In the desire to add features and an “aesthetically pleasing” look, you have forgotten the basic function of the service. I.e. to provide a convenient way of reading news feeds. With this release, the number of items now displayed on each screen page is reduced, with the screen real-estate being taken up by lots of white space and unwanted features that we cannot turn off (I would love to turn off “featured items” in My Feedly – it now takes a whole page that I have to scroll past). Please return to the basic principle of displaying the feed items in a space-efficient readable manner

  41. I really do miss the “Save” feature; when is that coming back? I see it on some feeds, but it is not universal. Please, please, please add this to your update! :)

    Plus, is there any way to increase the font size in the number of unread articles on the left sidebar? The current size is very hard to read at times, especially when you are using it after a long day

  42. can you please give a chance to get the previous version? where is the content link? why some scrollbar on the left? i was truly horrified seeing this crap this morning.

  43. Things seem to be breaking in Feedly. The number of unread articles at the green icon used to update in real time, now it is only done periodically.

    When I mark all articles as read, then refresh the page, unread articles will be interspersed with the read ones. This inability to separate out what I’ve read vs. what I haven’t severely hampers Feedly’s usefulness.

  44. 10/15/11 Things seem to be breaking in Feedly. The number of unread articles at the green icon used to update in real time, now it is only done periodically.

    When I mark all articles as read, then refresh the page, unread articles will be interspersed with the read ones. This inability to separate out what I’ve read vs. what I haven’t severely hampers Feedly’s usefulness.

    When I tried to post this comment I got a message saying that I’ve posted it before, which I have not.

  45. I’m looking at how to mark a favourite blog post in Feedly so I can refer again in the future, does Feedly have that? Does it sync with Google Reader ie. when I ‘star’ a post in Google Reader does this sync with Feedly?

  46. I used to love how I could remove something without opening it (with the X that showed up over the feed’s image). Removing this has broken my whole feedly experience.

  47. I’ve turned on the option ‘Auto-Select On Scroll’, however if I select any item when ‘Timeline view’ is chosen, and then scrolling down without closing this selected item, the auto-scroll doesn’t work any longer.
    To make it work back again, I have toclose the previously selected/opened item.

  48. I want to filter out all sports articles from selected rss feeds ( NYTimes, The Globe and Mail…). Is there a way to do this?

    1. Yes I find this highly annoying. I don’t want to read crappy sorts stuff but am forced to swipe through multiple stories when I add a feed from the news category. There see to be no further customisations of the feed which is a huge oversight.

    1. Hi Selin. This is how the Google OAuth mechanism works. The way to work around this is to go http://www.google.com log out and then reload your feedly page and try to login again. Google is aware of the issue and working on offering a better multi-user id authentication experience (for both 3rd party clients and their own apps).

  49. I am new to Feedly and am having some issues. When I mark an article for “Save for Later”, I am unable to undo the save if the name of the author or feed is too long. For the life of me, I am unable to figure out how to remove the items that I have read. When I click on the “x” for “remove from list”, it pops right back up when I refresh the page.

  50. Why do some sources on Feedly require one to go to the site to read the full article when those same sources through google reader will display the full article within google reader?

      1. Yes, Reuters for example. I can view the entire article in google reader, but not in Feedly. It makes me link to the site.

          1. I used to get full article in Google reader for Lifehacker. Now I don’t see that option either. If I’ve to go to the website to read the full article, then I rather go directly there. I don’t need to come to feedly.
            Please help.

  51. I just realized it’s because i’m using a chrome extension called super full feeds. Is there something like that for Feedly?

  52. One thing that annoys me like hell is that if you accidentally hover the hidden Menubar on the left, the Content scrolls to the top, I have to scroll back down to the article i was reading.

  53. Halp! I can’t connect my Twitter account, using Safari 5.1.1 in Lion, when I click on the ‘Connect with Twitter’ button in the right hand nav, a new browser window appears with an ‘OAUTH’ logo, but then the window closes again and I’m still not logged in. Have tried logging out and back in again of both Feedly and Twitter.

  54. Hi, I’ve been used feedly for a week. The reading experience is really great on my Firefox!
    But I got trouble when I want to manage my feeds. I add and manage all feeds through feedly, but when I turn back to Google Reader, all folder sets were gone. I’ve tried to create the same folder sets as I did in feedly, but Google Reader can’t create the folder when the name is same as in feedly. (ex. if you create folder “tech” in feedly then you can’t create tech folder in Google Reader) And when I turn back to feedly, I can see those folders again.
    The info in “organize contents” said that “all the changes you perform here will be reflected in Google Reader”, is the problem above a bug or I misunderstood something?

  55. Another question is, can I hide the sidebar (or navbar?) which appers in the main page? I can’t found any button or option can hide it.
    It’s not such a big prroblem when you use wide screen, but it’s important for users like me who only have 4:3 or 5:4 screen…

  56. No that Google Reader is going to be trashed, hobbled, and consumed by Google+ I’m thinking of using Feedly. Does Feedly have a function similar to the “Note in Reader” button?

  57. I want to have the Contents page as my default index, as it used to be. Now I can get to it only with hotkeys g – i. I also want a link to the Contents page to appear at left, like it used to be.

    Depending on the day, I find it frustrating to downright infuriating that Feedly seems reluctant to be reasonably backwards-compatible as it evolves. It took me a while to choose and appreciate the Contents page approach a while back, but I’m committed to it now. I have a very specific process for working through my categories, deep-reading most posts on some, and quick-scanning others, leaving a couple of categories completely unread except on weekends. So, I want nothing to do with Feedly trying to guess my priorities, jumbling posts from all categories.

  58. Sorry, but I hate the new design.
    I loved Feedly but because of this I’ve found an alternative…
    Maybe I get back using it when I get an iPad, but no more in Firefox or Chrome.

    1. Hmm. Sorry about that. Can you please let us know which version of feedly you are running (and which which browser)? We just pushed out 7.0.407 on Chrome. If you are using Chrome, please make sure that you are using the lastest version of feedly.

  59. You’ve come along way baby! ”
    I fell in love with Feedly years ago. But it was full of bugs, and wouldn’t work at all with Chrome or Firefox. I even downloaded Safari to my PC, trying to access a working feedly.

    It seemed like the best RSS reading app ever (head and shoulders above every other feed aggregating soft ware) was abandoned by the developers. But I loved this app so much that I continued to check everyday to see if Feedly was in the mood to work (every once in a blue moon, it would, which was weird). I read all of the support forum threads, and discovered I wasn’t alone. There was only one man from the Feedly crew answering everyone’s questions. Then he suddenly abandoned the forum. No one from Feedly replaced him.*
    From the observations, my hope for Feedly became bleak. In the age of technology, everyone has grieved the loss of a gadget, cell phone, OS, software, etc, that we fall in love with. But wound up dying out without anything better to take their place. Mine is the Palm Web OS phone. I loved everything about my Pre, except the battery life. No one makes Palm phones any more. With all the apps for Android and iPhone, there is no way for Web OS to ever catch up. Good bye, my friend. (I just got the new iPhone 4s, so that hole in my heart is starting to finally mend).
    Back to Feedly!
    Now I realize why the support forum ceased to be a priority for Feedly. And I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they were doing exactly what I dreamed of. The best feed reader just became the gold standard. Nothing even comes close. Plus it’s FREE!!!!
    Thank you for making my favorite online activity-reading blogs into one page in a beautifully designed interface.
    You are my heroes!!
    (I see he’s back now in this very thread Thank you Edwin, sir, for working so hard to make life more enjoyable).

  60. I would greatly appreciate an option to remove the “You might also like” section, thereby expanding the readable space across the entire screen. While I appreciate suggestions, I would prefer a single small link that would expand them rather than being forced to see them all the time. Thank you.

    1. We are working on a new view called “Condensed” which does exactly that. If everything goes well, we will be pushing it out as part of the 7.1 update we will release this week end.

      1. Ok, so, it came, and I like it :-)

        Now, the thing is, before, when I had read everything the page was blank, which was nice, I had read everything after all… But now, when I read everything, if I hit refresh and there’s still nothing, I get a whole bunch of old stuff that I already read, and I’m wondering how to get an empty page like it was before… :-)

  61. I am a refugee from the dreadful new version of Google reader.
    I have read that feedly runs on top of G reader. So is there a way to connect to all my existing Google reader subscriptions without re-entering them all one by one?

  62. Thank you. But I see no difference…
    I closed the G rdr tab and started a fresh one and was automatically logged in again to reader but still with the terrible new white space monster.
    Is Feedly defeated by the new interface?

  63. I was and am once again on the right account.
    But you write “then try to login to feedly.” Is there an extra login step I have missed? I thought feedly once installed would run automatically and take over the display of my G-reader tab.

  64. I think I have now found the key. I eventually made out on the feedly.com page, in a microscopic font at the top, there is a tiny little login.
    But the font size is way below what my 69 year old eyes on my 27 inch 1920 x 1200 screen can copew with.
    While thanking you for your help, may I observe that Feedly suffers from what I call the Adobe Photoshop disease: teeny, tiny fonts. well below detection level.
    I think I am motoring now, but it’s bed time in the UK, so thank you and goodnight.

  65. I am not sure about grey backgrounds to text that is also not full black. 10 or 20 years ago I might have thought it attractive, but at 69 it is less so and just an irritant as text lacks that easy legibility..

    1. I understand. I am sorry about this. If you are running chrome, you should be able to use command+ to zoom into the interface. We are looking at ways to make our grid more flexible to over a preference setting for the font-size. But it is going to require some work before we get there. Have a good evening.

  66. Hi I am having problems with Feedly in Chome (15.0), it keeps refreshing and the log in is not working, just bring me back to the start screen, I am using v 7.04.10

  67. Any way to bring back the ability to mark “all as read” quickly again? Scrolling through all the latest articles from one of my feeds and annoying and 9 times out of 10 articles aren’t getting marked as “read” once I scroll past. I have tons of feeds where maybe 1 or 2 articles out of the 5 or 6 they post per day are interesting. I liked being able to quickly scan the titles of each article for something interesting and if nothing, mark the entire feed as read.

  68. Hm, I don’t like Google Reader’s latest UI, and thought I would find an improvement in Feedly. Not so – a feed reader really should be about letting us review content quickly – it’s why we use readers in the first place. So how ’bout a straight list arranged by feed:topics.

  69. Hi,very nuce to use Feedly,specially at this moment when Google Reader got so ugly with his minimal lazy approach.
    The only thing I miss are my recomended items original from google reader.Cheers!

  70. hey i hav feedly on chrome.. working perfectly. Just wanted to ask that if i comment on a post through feedly using the facebook plugin, will it appear on the original page(site)? I tried commenting but it did not show on the original page. Do i hav to go to org page to comment on a post

    1. Now if they can find a way for that to happen that would be cool. Maybe if they use their review page trick they could integrate both commenting sections so when you comment on one you comment on the other. They’d have to do a background running auto-login for the previewed site, in order for that to happen and i’m not sure if thats possible to do without saving passwords within the cookies that Feedly leaves running in the background when Chrome closes. That could conceivably be a security risk, but if they were stored in the cloud via Feedly’s own servers then a work around could be possible.

  71. When I log in with my google account I recived the message “Google session changed” randomly and my session closes. It’s pretty annoying, it happens a lot with chrome but also with firefox. What can I do?.


    1. I’m getting the same. I wish I could fix this somehow and from what I have read this is the problem when feedly is behind proxy – still, with google reader I had never problems as those. I hope they fix it soon.

  72. When will firefox extension update to the latest version as Chrome?
    There is many new and useful features on the Chrome version, but I really want to stay on firefox…

    Please update firefox version, thank you.

  73. Anyway we could bring back the Quick buttons for Mark all as read and refresh page.

    i found mark all as read under another drop down button , but the missing refresh button makes me shut down the chrome feedly extension and reload it.

  74. I really like feedly but the constant change of features is quite ennuying !

    For instance, I liked to be able to save my favorite articles in Pinboard. It is not possible anymore.

    Would it be possible to get it back ?


  75. logged in on one machine (windows) by clicking on syncing with google reader . Fabulous. Looked around for ten minutes, then installed feedly on another machine. Now cannot log in to feedlyon either machine. A clue to the problem might be that while I can sign out of Google+, even when I try to sign out of Google Reader I remain logged in. Google Reader Help has no answer on this. Please help, Feedly!

  76. I can´t share articles from feedly to facebook. I allowed the app, but when I clik on the facebook icon just appears a message that says: “please login to facebook” when I’m already looged in.

  77. Аааааааа….please give me back my lovely “X” on the left side – now it’s all very impractical just on the right, and the way I use feedly is by removing articles from the list, and for that i need my stable “X” on the left siiiiiiiide :((((((( It would really be nice to have the options in preferences to go back to older layouts – it took me forever to get used to the ‘old new’ layout….and now this…I appreciate you working on feedly but please, I’ll just give up on it if it keeps trying to change my habits :(

  78. I miss the remove button (X) in my feedly view for each (preview) article. It’s very annoying open each article and push the remove button. If this X button is more bigger than other versiones it would be better, it could appears in mouse over or something like that…

    Mini feedly is a great idea, but i don’t like something over the screen view. I think you should find others options, the toolbar button (in firefox, for example) with the secondary button would open a menu for share and the other options of mini feedly.
    Other option would be edit the string for twitter (can change “$Title $Link via @feedly” for others options), the option for only share on Google+ (Not +1 required)

    Anyway, great work! Thanks!

    1. Something i forgot, ¿could be possible to choose which sharing tools to use (the Favorite Sharing Tools option) and *only* show these sharing tools in Mini Feedly and inside Feedly? They should be configured, of course, and the others sharing tools could be hidden behind a button (Like it’s now inside feedly with all sharing tools).
      Also, with that, you could add more sharing tools, like Tuenti http://www.tuenti.com/developers (well known in Spain and another spanish speaking countries) and other systems of all the world.

  79. Ah you guys are killing me – where’s the “mark all as read” button???? the way you guys changed it all, it seems like you designed it for people with like 1-2 sources, aiming to read each and every single one of them. I have around a hundred, some of them with hundreds entries on their own – how am i supposed to deal with that….

    Any way to switch back to the old version – or, even better to the even older one??? Please….

  80. It seems it is on Firefox/Ubuntu that I can’t see the icons for Instapaper etc. On my Windows 7 work PC I can see the icon next to the ‘bin’ shows what I am looking for.

  81. Feedly is great, but what really bothers me about it is the log in. I have two gmail accounts, and the reader account I that I actually use is associated with the account I open least often in a browser. There seems to be no way to assign a default log in for the account I want, which is kind of pain..

  82. Nice tool, but it’s kinda unuseable due to several missing/bad-working features: for example, the auto-rss-finder is crap, it pull wrong rss-feed out of common sources. then, it’s not possible to delete a blog (WTF!!!). its also not possible to paste in a .rss-URL (the reader simply grab the next-best-fitting-url it can find on the domain).

    but: i would highly recommend feedly when it’s usable in 2012.

  83. Agree with anonymous: No idea how to get this going. Idea seems great and I had it running in the past but now I can’t find a way to get started??? super confusing…

  84. i need the “next” button back! Not the “jump to next” bu!! it makes me can’t continue to read more pages of post from any single section or subscription. I wanna catch up all updates! (It is why I choose to use Feedly at fst!)
    Not just only A PAGE for each section or subscription is not enough!! Please give back the “NEXT” bu!!

  85. Any chance of being able to remove the right sidebar? I appreciate that some of the content shown there is a revenue thing for you guys, but it’s too often a pain in the arse for viewing feeds that have wide images in them – web comics, for example – and having to click through to the source site rubs off a little of Feedly’s gloss.

  86. Is it possible to use Feedly’s ‘Save for Later’ functionality (on the Feedly Mini box in the bottom right of my Chrome browser) to save to Instapaper?

  87. I have recently shifted to feedly from Greader and find myself using it more and more as it is clutter free. I use it mainly to get feeds from my fav. food blogs and to keep track of the long list of blogs.
    There are some features that I would like included in feedly. I dont see “you might also like” or “source” feature in the rightside. I am sure they were there 2 days ago. I found the source option useful to go from one feed source to another in a category without having to go to index or organise page. Is this a new change. please give back the feature of listing feed sources under a selected category on the right hand side.
    I agree that showing all sources and categories in the right or left side all the side takes up necessary space. But once a category is opened it is easy to navigate between different sources of that category if they are listed on right hand side. I would very much appreciate if this feature is made available or at least if there is a keyboard shortcut to activate it.
    On the organise page also once category displays only five feeds rest have to be displayed by selecting the option. Here also it would be nice if all feeds are shown. This would solve my navigation difficulties in feedly.

    thanks for this wonderful reader. keep up the good work

  88. Any idea how I can get Freedly to run in Maxthon Browser? I have my user string set to “Chrome” but the Google webstore keeps asking me to download Chrome. What am I doing wrong?

  89. Hi, thanks for creating this tool. I came across feedly while browsing through Google webstore and i’m now converted. The layout is simple and after watching the videos, i GOT it!

    Many thanks

  90. no explanation on how to customize what feeds i get and in what order. deleting app simple because i cannot find a way to change what im looking at. Either on the app or website. no tutorial for it. sorry for your luck. peace.

  91. I’m assuming this is an old video. There’s no website option on the left and I have no idea where to find my bookmarks. Themes is no longer up on top, I have to click my name to find it in a drop down. Confusing.

  92. i keep deleting the links that i’ve saved for later and i’ve also marked them as read but they keep showing back up after refreshing the page

  93. OK I’m stupid. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to add a source to the open square on the organize page nor find anyway in any of the other pages to add a feed or url. Intuitive it ain’t….

  94. Feedly for Opera! I really wish I could have this great app on my favorite browser, especially in Speed Dial!

  95. does feedly has the option add feed? or is there an option that if i click a feed on my browser then add it automatically to feedly? instead of google reader or igoogle?

  96. Hey! I have a jinormous multizillion quantity of sites that I follow that might interest my friends. Is it possible for them to follow me?

  97. Pleased to have a nice “magazine style” layout BUT … having trouble expanding most of the feeds, which sort of defeats the purpose of subscribing.
    Some don’t expand at all so I can’t read the article.
    Others simply take me to the original site which is soooooo time-consuming (my computer is slow) & distracting. I just want to read the article HERE. Please. Anyway to do this? Wish you had a help page.

  98. Nice weblog here! Additionally your site quite a bit up fast!
    What host are you the usage of? Can I get your affiliate hyperlink in your host?
    I want my website loaded up as fast as yours lol

  99. Organizing feeds does not work for me. I have my feeds alphabetically in Google Reader and no matter what I do in feedly (log in/out, drag drop, etc) from either my iPhone app or desktop safari browser nothing will move the feeds around. They are in proper categories, however, order is random at best. Help??

  100. I’m also interested in changing the order of my tags in left column, super annoying that I can’t move them. Otherwise things look good.

  101. Is there a “subscribe” button that can be added to a google chrome toolbar to easily add a feed to feedly? I had that with google reader…can’t seem to find out how to do that!

    1. This works for web/Chrome: In the “All” view, check these items in the gear menu at top-right: “Unread Only”, “Oldest First”.

    1. Totally agree with you! This could be one of the best alternatives to google raeader, but because of this narrow screen currently netvibes seems to be a bit better solution for now…

    2. Yep. This is a bummer when trying to view webcomics, etc. Everything is getting shrunk! I have plenty of space that is unused.

  102. I want to move a site on the top of 1 section, but I can’t. For example: in the section Mobile I have plenty blogs and I want to move androiblog on the top, then appleblog ecc it’s possible?

    In every section there is a button “jump to next” but sometimes I need “jump to previous”, it will be add?

  103. I want to translate Feedly into Indonesian and Esperanto. If there is any plan for this please contact me. That is how good an app you guys made. Kudos.

  104. heroes- I am having the same trouble figuring this out! PLEASE- how do I add a new subscription? You sure don’t make it easy to find…. the little video here shows a feedly mini which looks absolutley nothing like the one that shows when i click it!

  105. I’m a firefox user and I found when I want to subscribe an rss feed with that site url,the add/search panel didn’t work.Especially,that case happened on when I try to subscribe a unpopular site.I saw the tutorial video but it seems like another version feedly and isn’t the one I’m using.So could you upload a new tutorial for firefox users?Thank you.

  106. I am just into your site, on hearing the news about google reader. Couple of questions, if I may.
    – Is there a normal way to login. When I reach your home page and click login – it is immediately asking me to allow feedly to take info from my gmail. I have no other option but to allow. Of course, my gmail is on on the same browser and for me the first thing to begin my day is to open the gmail.
    – The home page – your suggestions is too too long. Is it for just me, that actually the page is taking a long time. Instead of having it like that, may be the user could have an option to just go to his page – possible already ?
    – I have some blogs which I am a follower and some I just subscribe. When imported from google reader, only the followed blogs are shown on the left side. To see the other sites – I have to go to Organize. Nor am i able to bring the sites in organise to the main menu window on the left. Is there any way – I can see all my site – followed and subscribed or whatever one, on the left side of the pane.

    Would much appreciate a reply. Thank you.

  107. wonder if it can be done, about keeping the old (or the already read) feeds, just like on greader, dunno how this feeds thing works, but that will be so nice to me.

  108. One question. I’m moving from Google reader to Feedly. Do I have to do anything else other than clicking the Google reader button.

    When GR shuts down will it affect the RSS feeds?

  109. Can I access feedly from a computer without installing the app? I want to be able to read on any computer, but it always asks me to download the app.

  110. Hey! How can I get the sharing bar (that is on top of an article) to the bottom of the article? Usually, I get into sharing after I have read it so it would be better if I can get it below instead of top.

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  112. Hi, if there is already a reply to my question I sincerly apologize but I could not possibly get through all the comments. I was wondering if there is a possibility on Feedly to search through all the feeds like you could in google reader by introducing a keyword? I used that a lot at work, looking for some specifi topics related articles.


  113. how can i use more than one tag on an article/post/photo?

    say something is “fashion” and i also want to tag it as “photo”

  114. i cannot find a way to email articles from within feedly. the preferences section says you can specify gmail to show on the minibar but it never shows. i only get linkedin, fb, etc. as means to link to the articles. i loathe social media and exclusively use email to share, so can you please tell me how to do it directly from feedly….without having to open the full page of the article an cut and paste the URl into an email

      1. I also concur. Unless I am missing something obvious, this is a huge hole in feedly, which is otherwise excellent. If I am forced to social media, I will look for another reader app.

        1. +1 for share via email/gmail. The “share” settings option allows us to add “gmail” to the list, but that adds a google+ add option, not gmail. This was one of the features I used quite a bit in googlereader before switching.

          i will say I love the UI/layout in feedly, both in the browser, on ipad mini & android phones.

  115. It looks like the Building Feedly gadget for Netvibes should work just like the Google Reader gadget for iGoogle. But how do I change the gadget’s feed URL so I get my own Feedly subscriptions instead of Feedly’s recommended ones?

  116. Is there a way to list all feeds you’re subscribing to instead of it just choosing a small portion of it?

    Also, is it possible to disable Featured articles? How are Featured articles chosen anyway?

    1. I would love to see the ability to disable Featured articles as well. Feedly is great, absolutely amazing, but this feature is such a nuisance to me.

    2. I too would love to get rid of Featured articles. Can’t I just see all my feeds in a list? I don’t need to see a few chosen ones off to the side. It’s confusing.

  117. Hello,
    I’ve just installed Feedly because i read that google reader is shutting off i don’t want to loose all my subscriptions because of that..
    Since Feedly syncs with google reader is there a way to import instead of syncing my feeds?

  118. I want to be able read “All” in “Magazine” view, I want all the unread articles in one long page – that is, I do not want to have to click “refresh” to grab 10 or 15 articles at a time, and I want “Auto-Mark As Read On Scroll.” I never want to have to click “Mark Above Articles as Read”. However,I haven’t figured out how to configure Feedly to work this way?

  119. I am trialing Feedly to replace Google Reader. I’ve watched your help video, but it doesn’t answer my questions nor does it look like what I see on my screen. Some of the blogs I follow show up under organize, others don’t show up in the list. But when I try to add them, Feedly says they are already added. Where are they then? I have 2 different things called Blogger Following that contain the exact same thing. Why? How do I get rid of one of them? I have over 100 blogs I follow in Google Reader, but Feedly is showing me only 13. Where are the rest? How do I get them to show up in Feedly? Though, as I said, some blogs that I tried to add I am being told by Feedly are already there – even though I can’t see them listed. I need help with this website.

  120. Where is Essentials? I do not see a link for it anywhere? At least nothing that looks like the list you show in your video.

  121. What generates repeats? I have 1 Rotten Tomatoes movie feed, yet when I scroll down there are 3 “Olympus Has Fallen” links. That same link has also been a “Feature” worthy article for 3 days no matter how many times I click “have read”. I sort of new to Feedly, but I’m not seeing anything in my preferences or my RSS feeds that would be driving this result.

  122. What generates repeats? I have 1 Rotten Tomatoes movie feed, yet when I scroll down there are 3 “Olympus Has Fallen” links. That same link has also been a “Feature” worthy article for 3 days no matter how many times I click “have read”. I sort of new to Feedly, but I’m not seeing anything in my preferences or my RSS feeds that would be driving this result.

  123. The button on the bottom right of we pages only says “Preview this source in feedly”. No other options to save heading etc

  124. To be honest this became a fantastic advanced report nevertheless like all wonderful writers there are a few details that may be worked well on. However never the significantly less it was interesting.

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  126. Hello! I would like to ask if there is any way to change the colour of links. They are displayed in a pale grey that is almost invisible. Otherwise Feedly is great!

    Thank you very much!

  127. So in theory I love feedly, Unfortunately feedly doesn’t love me. Worked like a charm for a week after I started, now it just won’t load on my computer. I use Firefox, have updated each time there was an update, but nada. I try to connect and the page just stays blank and the tab tries to load. Blank forever and ever.

  128. I can not change the color of my theme.
    I changed for a while, the color of the theme in green.
    Now I want to change the color to blue.
    This works so far.
    But when I restart the browser the green color is back.
    What is going wrong.
    I’ve reinstalled the Firefox plugin to.

  129. Nice to become visiting your blog once more, it has been months personally. Well this article in which I’ve been waited for such a long time. Great webpage brother We are gona inform this to every one my friends and acquaintances. The information you contributed through your post is actually functional. I admire your do the job. Wish you all the luck for your blogging efforts.

  130. Please, Please, Please, let us set how wide our reading pane is! Or at least let it grow! There’s no reason that web comics and other images should be shrunk down when there’s plenty of room.

  131. This is really interesting, You are a very
    skilled blogger. I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your wonderful post. Also, I’ve shared your website in
    my social networks!

  132. Loving feedly as my go-to RSS Feed reader for life after Google Reader. I love many things about it, except for one issue that I have a major problem with. I use it on my PC, iOS and mainly my Android phone.
    It’s very annoying when if I’m in the middle of reading a feed article, open with it’s feedly browser, I need to exit the screen, not the app exit. I went to “Home Screen” which the app should still be running in the background. I would need to answer a call, reply to a message or do something else. after 1 or 2 minute at least, when I return to Feedly, it restarts which then I would lost my stopping point in the article and wouldn’t remember which feed is it. searching wouldn’t work because I more often than not, don’t remember the title. and I had the Show unread and update only, so it’s a hassle to look for it. Google Reader would not restart and even after an hour or more, as long as the phone’s on and you didn’t exit the app, just running in the bg, when you re-open the GR app, it would be right at the feed article you’re on.

    All I’m saying, have feedly not restart everytime or have a “go back to the last article/feed you were reading” option. that would be wonderful.

  133. In Google reader we can search in our feeds. But in Feedly I cannot do it.
    It´s very important for people who work with hundred of feeds.
    When can we have this function?

  134. Don’t know whether this has already been asked, but I would like to have the ‘keep unread’ at the bottom of the post. Most of the times I discover that I would like to keep it unread, after I quickly read the post, Then I have to scroll back to the top of that post. (I am used to it, as Reader had it at the bottom).
    ALSO, is there a possibilty to be able to jump to the NEXT or PREVIOUS post without having to scroll through the whole post?
    I changed to Feedly from Reader, and so far I am happy with it, except for the above mentioned issues.
    THANKS for making this possible!

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  136. How do I change the email address I use in connection with feedly. When I email articles, they go from my work email, but I would like to use Gmail instead.

    1. This! I came here to find this out as well. It defaults to my Outlook (which I use for work) and I’d rather send stuff from my personal email (Gmail).

  137. Hi guys, i have a digital mkt agency here in mexico (near to Cancún, lol) and we are wondering if you need some help with the spanish translate and with some social media issues in latam, we want to help you with the project :D we love feedly and use it every day at work

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  140. it bothers me that I can’t see who follows my blog on Feedly. Bloglovin’ has this option, and with feedburner, you can see a list of the email addresses that subscribe. So, why doesn’t Feedly have that option? Someone please correct me if there is a way. i’d sure love to know how to do it.

  141. These options would be cool.

    1. Mark Unread till Here option on each article (it should handle the Newest first or Oldest first view setting), usually not present, will be useful
    3. Mark Unread on articles on articles which are marked read due to scrolling
    4. Pocket integration
    5. Consistent options in all views. (tweet option is not visible in views other that condensed view.)
    6. Black and grey themes for article section too

  142. Where can we find the feed URLs of our subscriptions in feedly? It used to be there earlier in “Edit” I think, but I can’t find it now.

  143. Hi,

    – I’m looking for a bookmarlet for firefox when the Feedly mini toolbar does not appear on a site please.

    – Sometimes Google+ share button doesn’t work…..it rarely works ;(

    thank you

  144. I just got the Android app and I cant view items that are marked as read. Please help. I want to see all of my articles, read and unread per category in one list.

    1. Yes, it is a good idea. Maybe by adding the possiblity to read the “saved for later” articles with the categories that we used ?

  145. How can i delete my tag? I find nothing helpful in ‘Preference’ or ‘Organize’ or some else.
    And is there are multiple tags in feedly?

  146. how to reflow or zoom while usind samsung s5300 …android based phone..font is too small to read…how to set remove clutter as default…thanks in advance.

  147. Why can’t I see the content of some RSS feeds, such that I get a “visit website” message within Feedly? This didn’t happen with Feedler… The website I pull from, that exhibits this issue, is paraglidingforum.com posts. Thanks.

  148. If I update my Google Alerts, will it be automatically reflected in my feed or will I have to download the updates by hand?

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