Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki at his best. He makes it look so easy! There is a lot to learn from this regarding the art of the interview. Steve Balmer is also doing a great job: realist and a *huge* amount of energy and drive.

Related: Here is also a good podcast between Guy Kawasaki and David Winer.

“human beings are fundamentally good”

Here is a link to a Ted talk from Ben Dunlap on the story of a passionate life. Great story. Amazing story telling.

(Thank you John)


Here is an interesting video from Seth Godin on curiosity. It reminded me of this great post from Marc Andreessen on hiring. Both point to curiosity as a great value which is unfortunately not developed enough as part of the school system.


Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz discuss the pros and cons of micro-management. Good read: gives you an insight into how much Ben cares and invest in people.