Feedly 5.x Guided Tour

Welcome to feedly. Here is a quick guided tour of the feedly experience:

Feeding your mind
Arranging your sources
Customizing views
Enjoying and sharing content
On the web with feedly mini
On the go with feedly mobile

[Don’t have the latest version of feedly yet? Get it here http://www.feedly.com ]

Feeding your mind


The core of the feedly experience are the “what’s new” and the “cover page”: they help you satisfy your appetite for learning and enjoying the web by delivering, in one place, the best content from your favorite websites. Here is what the what’s new page looks like:

Arranging your sources


We each have a unique appetite when it comes to learning and enjoying the web. To really take advantage of the feedly experience, you will need to personalize it with your favorite sources.  The goal of our new “Contents” page is to make personalization quick and simple. More fun. Less work.

Customizing Views


Arranging sources is also about assigning the right views to the sections and sources you subscribe to. Title only for news, magazine for rich content, grid for pictures and video, entire content inlined for comics, etc..

Enjoying and sharing content


Feedly enriches the content you are reading with useful tools and help you connect with some of the other users who have recommended the same content – so that you can see what feeds their minds and may be discover new sources you did not know about!

On the web with feedly mini


People change. Their interests and activities change. The feedly mini toolbar makes is easy to continuously add sources to your feedly, discover new sources and share content you enjoy with your friends.

On the go with feedly mobile


Feedly is now also available on iPhone, Android phones and Android tablets. Here are four suggestions on how to optimize the feedly experience on your mobile devices.

1) You can go to the new edit contents page (http://www.feedly.com/home#contents/edit) and use drag and drop to re-order your categories. The same ordering will be used in the “What’s new?” gallery in the mobile interface.

2) if you mark some sources as favorites, they will be featured in the “what’s new?” gallery.

3) There is an option to automatically mark entries as read as you swipe through the galleries.

4) If you configure a specific source to be viewed in a grid on feedly desktop, that same source will be seen in grid view in the mobile interface. Great for sources which are very visual and include big pictures!

5) finally there are 4 touch shortcuts: a) tap on the right edge of any article to mark is as read/unread, b) take on the left edge to save for later, c) swipe on the black bar at the bottom to jump to the next source and d) swipe from the top to the bottom to mark a card as read.

You can get the latest version of feedly for firefox, google chrome, safari, iOS and Android at http://www.feedly.com

Finally, if you have questions or suggestion on how to improve this tutorial, you can post them here or send us an email to hello /at/ devhd.com

413 thoughts on “Feedly 5.x Guided Tour”

  1. Hi. First of all congrats for the best extension there is for all browsers. Now the real question: I have feedly installed, the 5.2.372 version on Chrome and it doesn’t look like in your screenshots( it looks like this: http://ge.tt/4F07veQ )(the layout in the screenshots is looking even better). Is this a mockup for future versions, or am I having a problem with it(I reinstalled feedly on both chrome and firefox and it still has the other layout). Any help would be welcomed.

  2. It says to “Connect feedly to Twitter. I would actually like to do that. It would be nice if you could CLICK ON IT, or if somewhere it told you how to DO THAT!

      1. Oh, I have the same sort of problem. I get a “Connect To Twitter” button about 80% of the time… And I get the popup from twitter when I click it… but in the end, Feedly still refuses to acknowledge my twitterness.

        Not a huge deal, I use the Google URL shortener plugin for chrome to post to twitter most of the time anyways, but I’d like to be able to use the feature.

  3. It says log in/connect to Twitter to see your Twitter feed, but where’s the option to connect?! I must say, very unimpressed with the unfinished Twitter module.

  4. I keep grouping my feeds then when i log back into the computer the following day they are all uncategorised again,can anyone help me please?

  5. I’m with Harp. I’ve also had problems with ordering my feeds. Lately they are not in the order that I put them in, and now I cannot reorder the feeds in a category at all. The order is not even alphabetical or something, just completely haphazard. Would love to see this fixed. I’m using Chrome, beta channel. Otherwise I love the product and have been using it for quite a while now. Keep up the good work.

    1. i second this. There doesn’t appear to be a way to order feeds in a category. Also, I don’t see how to set a limit for stories in a feed. E.g., I’d like to limit stories in a feed to 3 stories in magazine view. How do I do it?

      1. Everything was alphabetical for me until I switched to the feedly cloud this morning. Now it’s all out of order. Please add this functionality!!

  6. there used to be a “history” option on feedly, where you could find previous feeds. Can’t find it anywhere anymore. Has it been removed?

  7. In shortcuts in iphone app, personally i think you should show some graphical elements when those actions are made. But apart from that the app is perfect. Congratulations.

  8. I have a problem. I’m not from USA ore England and in my language is used dhe letter ë and ç bat it look like feedly doesn’t support that letters and display some symbols insted of them.Can you help me?

  9. Hi!

    I have one problem adding a RSS-Feed from http://www.allianz.com to my feedly. After adding It is not in the OPML-File and when I restart the browser (firefox) it is not there anymore. What went wrong? Is it that I am in Germany?

    Thanks in advance
    Leander Jedamus

  10. Just wondering, does anyone know what the recommend button actually does on the feedly mini? I previously thought that it added it to the shared items on reader (in essence replacing the note in reader button) but then I never saw them pop up. Anyone able to enlighten me?

  11. 1.I wonder if there is some method for sharing my favourite RSS sources (not items) to other friends … …

    2.I argue that feedly cannot feature the latest, most important news … …

  12. It would be really handy if you put a QR code on the site to make it easier to download the mobile app.

  13. Anyway to set “mark as read” as a default? Then of course, would be nice to be able to set the time frame that filters the “mark as read” classification.

    Thank you

  14. I like Feedly a lot and have been eagerly awaiting it’s arrival on Android – but sadly I have come to realise how hobbled the experience is and will remain in the majority of the UK, until you can get offline working. I live in London and yet most of the places I go simply don’t have consistent enough reception to make the experience of using Feedly pleasant. It may well be the case that this is the fault of the UK and the mobile carriers, but the negativity falls on Feedly as it’s the software that becomes painful.

    And if you contrast this with how wonderful it could be, given that phones now have significant memory (even my phone 2 generations ago – i.e. ~3 years back – had 8Gb built in; the last phone had an 8Gb SD card and I’ve now switched that into my new Galaxy S2 which along with it’s massive internal memory which despite heavy use still has in the region of 11Gb left). I understand not all users will want to sacrifice memory for offline, but I certainly would… without this I’ll need to go to a competitor (this isn’t a threat – I’d far rather you add this feature rather than have me leave!)
    Please push the offline feature up the priority list – I know you got feedback saying people wanted performance, but they would say that wouldn’t they… they have a hard time imagining negatively impacted software outside of things like speed.

  15. Can we get a link to the index on the left? I use it as my start/home page for feedly, and it’s really annoying to not have a hard link to it.

  16. I’d love to have a ‘mark as unread’ option. Also I can’t play audio feeds/podcasts in the Android version on my HTC Legend.

  17. had a quick question about setting WIDGET on my Droid X:

    I skimmed through your site, but didn’t find anything covering this. Basically, when I try to place widget it says that I haven’t set-up any categories. I’m usually pretty good at figuring this sort of thing out, but this one has me stumped.



    ps: love the app

    1. I’m a little late to the game here, but is there any way to customize the widget? Mine is currently 4×2 and it displays almost no good info (short headline) while consuming a ton of real estate). The G Reader widget was great at showing me multiple headlines (with a blurb) at once so i could select the ones I most wanted to read. Any ideas?

  18. HELLO FEEDLERS!!!! i am a big fan and Feedly user, is there a way to navigate pressing keys? like the space bar? (this doesn’t work quite well)…
    thankyou for your great job!

  19. Hello, I agree with @Kelton. In the desktop version the equivalent of gReader starring would be Feedly’s “Save for later” button (and “Saved” list = “Starred” list at gReader). However I can’t find that feature in the mobile (Android) version:
    When tapping on the left edge of the post title, it sends the post to my Read It Later list instead of the “Save for later” that you have indicated above. Given that you also can do that by tapping on the RIL icon when reading the post it would be great to have both options: RIL + starred/saved items.

    Another question: what does the option create shortcut do (when showing a feed in the mobile version)?

    Apart from that, I find this app is great! Thanks!

  20. Hi, i have a problem, in the iphome version i can save an article on read it later just tapping on the left side, the same gesture is not avaible in the ipad version, why?

  21. Hello, feedly is one of the best rss tool for reading rss, but i am not using it yet for sharing, cause i don´t liked the icon over the page i am seeing, does it have an option to place the icon on my firefox toolbar or extension bar? That would be nice! :)

  22. The twitter sharing option isn’t working for me. I log in with Twitter and authorize Feedly to connect to my Twitter account but the sharing box never appears. It keeps asking me to log in.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Yes. Sorry. Twitter has changed one of their Auth APIs and the integration with twitter is currently broken on the desktop version. We are working on it and will have it fixed for the next feedly update.

  23. Hey Edwin,

    I wasn’t sure what was the best place to leave this comment but it seem you check back here pretty often. I had a question about a possible future partnership. If you could just message back that would be great.

  24. Just started today with Feedly.

    Is there a way to sync Feedly between two Macs – perhaps via Mobile Me?

    Or perhaps something via Dropbox?

    And if not, then presumably there is a database that can be copied to a stick and transfer to another machine? And if so, what should I copy?


  25. Suggestion – Add Google Plus integration to Feedly 6.0.

    A button or link that would let you post a page to google plus would be a great sharing enhancement

    1. I’m confused by the presence of the G+ icon – which does not do anything when clicked, for me at least.

  26. One question about feedly for iphone. Is there a way to save photos from feeds? I dislike having to open to safari to save images and my feeds are visually heavy.


  27. Why do you think my Twitter feed is not working? My FB feed is working. I have checked the settings in preferences. There is no “sign in/out” link beside the “Twitter” feed on the sidebar, like there is for the FB feed.
    Any suggestions?

  28. I find that the shortcuts for save later / mark unread are not working on iPad. They seem to work fine on my iPhone. Anyone else see this?

    BTW, when is 4.0 coming? I love the speed of Feedly on iPhone and iPad, but some of the UI interactions are flaky.


  29. These “instructions” do not seem to anticipate the user like myself, a first-time RSS-feed user. I don’t know how to get started in relation to my freshly downloaded Feedly. Do I go out and hit RSS feed on my favorite sites, and will they automatically be added to Feedly? Do I search for them while I’m in Feedly? It would be friendlier if there were instructions that started from scratch for those who need a lot of help.

  30. Okay, I’ve figured out how to add sources using the Edit button, and how to categorize them. What next? How to prioritize them, change their appearance? I guess if I experiment long enough I’ll work something out. But how to would be handy!

  31. Hi, must say this is great! One little thing I think feedly lacks is the customization of the layout…Can you add that feature much like in start.io? This would be perfect if that would be implemented

  32. Hi,

    How can I save articles from web sources not currently on my iPhone feedly to the feedly save-for-later section?


  33. Man I like it so far, just really need to have the Twitter integration fixed ASAP. Otherwise, everything is meeting my needs.

  34. Twitter feed not working for me either, i can’t figure it out. I’ve logged into Twitter on Twitter, and then refreshed the Feedly page, and nothing happens still as the instructions say it should. There is no log in button anywhere for Twitter either. Help please.

    1. Just click on the “save” icon in the top left corner of the articles under the header, the same one you used to save them in the first place. The icon will no longer be highlighted in blue, and the articles will fall off automatically after that.

      1. I got one stubborn article stuck there. The “Save” button isn’t even highlighted. When I reselect Save and then Unsave the article, it vanishes only to re-appear the next time I visit Saved For Later. Any suggestions how to get rid of it permanently?

        1. I have the same problem – the green icon is not highlighted – and the article(s) still appear in saved. tried syncing, opening saved items again… nothing seems to clear them.

            1. I’ve got one of those as well. Where are they coming from? Surely there is a database somewhere we can remove it from?

  35. I’m confused how like and save for later translate to actions in Google Reader. From what I can tell, it looks like “liking” a post in feedly shares it on google reader. It does not appear that un-liking a post in feedly will unshare it (for example, if you accidentally clicked like).

    Is this a bug? or expected behavior?

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  37. I can’t log in at all. There’s no more page for it. My page went from /#my
    to /# required.
    Should I download feedly again like the site is telling me? Or is it a part of Feedly 6.0 and I should wait for everything to be fixed?
    Thank you!

  38. Feedly would be fantastic if I could filter out certain reader feeds from displaying. I have a reserved category for my podcasts which I never listen to from my PC (this group is used by an application on my phone). Are there any plans to be able to configure a particular category in Reader not be to used by Feedly?

  39. Hi! Love the new look; however, is there a way to restore the permanent “featured sources” on the right side? I recall that “featured sources” used to be persistent on the right side, even if I clicked one of the sources to view.

  40. Have only been using feedly for a week at home (Apple / Chrome) and love it. Today I downloaded for my iPhone. Magic! Just a few questions / suggestions:

    I thought as you swiped past a page it would automatically mark as read (I turned on Auto in Preferences), but pages still appeared. Is it just timing, or do I have to swipe?

    Would love a Google+ share

    Would love to have a custom option to “group share”. Eg: when sharing it posts to both Twitter and Google+. Not sure if this is possible, or if I’m just being greedy and/or lazy!

    Tumblr pages didn’t mark as read at all. Again, is this just timing, a glitch, or just how it is?

    Please don’t take these questions / suggestions as gripes. Feedly is brilliant and already changed how I read my feeds (in just a week/day)!

    Congratulations on a brilliant app/extension, and thank you!

  41. Hi all!

    You say: ” b) take on the left edge to save for later” I assume that this is the same thing that when I add a star on Google reader. However, if I trap on that edge, nothing happens.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Depends on the browser you use. In chrome you open a new tab then select apps then right click on feedly and then select remove from chrome

  42. hi, is there a way to delete all my saved for later notes at once? as i migrated vom google reader, i want to start with my old feeds but with a clean mark as read for later and to delete them all once by once will be a little bit tricky with about 2.000 marked articles… thanks in advance

    1. I have exactly the opposite of this problem. Can I see my old feeds. Reader had the ability of search on feeds, I’m not able to find a way for doing it on feedly…

  43. How do I mark posts as “unread” in the mobile app? — The “save for later” option clumps all my posts together regardless of category and essentially hides them from me. I don’t want to “star” the posts, just read them later but keep them where they are.

    Also, how do you hide “read” posts? If I have no unread posts, I’d prefer a blank screen to old posts.

    I’m coming over from Google Reader (and the NewsRob app) and, while I know there will be an adjustment period, this was a key point of usability for me.

  44. Same here. I can’t mark as unread in the same way as it indicates above. Tapping on the right just opens the article. From Google Reader too.

  45. Thanks for the great alternative to google reader! I just migrated over, and here’s my problem; when I open a category, it shows not only all the new posts in that category, but all the old posts I already marked as read when they came to google reader — it looks as if all the posts I have ever received in google reader are there in feedly.
    Obviously, I don’t want all these thousands of old read posts. But deleting them one at a time will take me forever. How do I get rid of them without also deleting the few that I previously starred in google reader, and want to keep?

    1. I’m having the same-ish issue. Okay, I’ve kinda figured out how to sort everything (oldest to newest is deeply flawed, as evidenced by the widely varying times on the right), but surely there has to be a better and more-efficient way to delete “read” or “viewed” or even “unread” articles than one at a time. I have some feeds with well over 1000 articles in each. That’s a lot of clicks. Just because I subscribe to a feed doesn’t mean I want to read everything in it.

  46. How do I add a feed on the mobile app? Can’t seem to find a way to do it, and for some reason Chrome won’t let me open freely.com on my tablet (only takes me to Freely in the Google Play store).

    1. I’m having this same problem on my iPad. No option to add a feed in the app, and the website automatically opens the App Store. It would be great if I could add feeds on the tablet or my phone instead of having to remember to do it next time I happen to be at a real computer.

  47. A friend of mine who uses Chrome has a stationary sidebar and a tab that say “All” in her sidebar that allows her to scroll through a list of all unread items. Is that available for Safari or Firefox and is so, how do I get it configured that way?

  48. Hello, I recently migrated from Google Reader and I’d like to know: In the android app, how do I get rid of the “cover” page? I frankly don’t need an article I already read stick at the top for days and take up that much space in my feed view. It really breaks the user experience of ‘seeing it all in chronological order’ which is all I need from an RSS reader (sorry, don’t care for cards or magazine view or all of this unnecessary clutter :) l

  49. can not use “save for later” on android app. Why dont you put a button for this. I think in the past version there was a button.

  50. It would be super if you could provide updated documentation for the Android app. I don’t think the instructions on this page are current…or they are too brief. I want to be able to view a consolidated list of unread articles, then swipe individually to mark them each as read. However when I swipe it marks the entire list as read. I don’t have the ability to mark the right corner of the article as read (as shown above). Perhaps that is just for the iPhone?

  51. I have just migrated to Feedly as Google Reader is shutting down shortly. Basically I am happy with it with one exception. Once I have read an item if I navigate away from that feed to another or shut it down and come back all the headers I have read have disappeared. I don’t want to save them all but sometimes I might want to revisit one later and its just not there. Why cant it just stay there and show as read, thats what the different colour is for so you know what you have read. I know I can mark it as unread but I want to know what I have read and be able to revisit if I want. By the way Google reader doesn’t delete read items, it just marks them as read

    Please please fix this

      1. This is necessary. There are several failings with Feedly, but the way it disappears articles without a simple way to mark as unread is incredibly frustrating, time-wasting. This is not a streamlined process. (Tagging also leaves a lot to be desired–if I can’t tag things on the phone/iPad what is the purpose?)

  52. Let me say as I transfer from Google Reader to Feedly that I like it in many ways, particularly lay out. But, and this is big one for me, Feedly’s biggest failing for is the limited and clunky tagging options. Tagging is a big deal to me as it’s my reference library. Will this be updated?

  53. I swear the moment you guys add the ability to assign tags items in your mobile app, I will buy beers for your whole team (no BS). It’s the one feature that keeps me from making Feedly my #1 aggregator.

    Are their any plans to make this happen?

      1. Yeah, have been enjoying my first week of Feedly, but the inability to share via email from the UI in Chrome is a HUGE negative. More frustrating b/c some of the demo slides on this blog show that this feature was available at some point – oh, and it’s available on iOS even now.

    1. +1 for this. I don’t want to share to all my friends always. I just want to send a link to a single person usually!

    2. Also generally happy with the move to Feedly but missing the ability to share a post via email (not Facebook, not Twitter, not Evernote….)

  54. I am a refuge from Google Reader, looking for a feature that lacked in G-reader: CUEING PODCAST. By the way, Feedly only seems to play around 80% of the podcasts and cuts the end off.

    1. I too would like to see this integration. I have used Google Reader and the Google Listen app for several years. I limped along with the Google Listen app without any updates. I wish Feedly could incorporate a podcast player complete with auto-downloads, widget and lockscreen widget for play/pause.

  55. Hi, newly transferred from google reader and have therefore changed my iPad app from FeedlerRSS to Feedly and am struggling to work out how to follow a new feed from the ipad app. With my old app I used to be able to copy the address of the RSS feed I wanted to follow into the app and save it and it would also show up in google reader on my desktop. I can’t work out how you are supposed to follow things whilst using the Feedly iPad app. I clicked on a button marked RSS on a feed I was trying to follow and a menu came up saying Open, Add to Reading List, and Copy, yet I have no idea where to paste the link into the reader, and when I clicked on Add to Reading list, it looked like it was reacting, but when I subsequently checked my list of feeds the new one wasn’t listed! I’ve tried several times. How am I supposed to make it work?

    1. I’m having the same problem and feeling a little stupid because I can’t find any answers. Feedly seems so popular, others must be able to make it work as intended, but I can’t even figure out how to add a feed. What’s up? Am I blind?

  56. Count me as another vote for tagging. I don’t just read but also curate, review and research. Tagging on mobile is vital!

  57. I read a lot of teacher blogs who post free things to download. How do I download them from feedly to either my iBook or Dropbox when I am using feedly app on my ipad? They are usually PDF files but sometimes google docs. Without being able to download reading all my blogs on feedly is rather pointless!

  58. Having trouble figuring out how to add a new feed, how to put uncategorized feeds into an existing category and creating a new category.

  59. hello. thank you for creating feedly and the iOS app.

    i primarily use the app on my iPad to go through my subscriptions and was wondering if it’s possible to make it so when I set the app to open webpage directly I could still swipe to the next post from there. as it is, I have to go back one or two steps and then I can swipe to the next post. thanks :)

    1. Going to the next article after viewing via the built in browser is definitely a problem. I had clicked several links and found my only way to get back to the feedly menus and navigation was to use the left (back) button to reverse thru the multiple pages I’d visited. I’ve played with the article swipe setting in advanced settings to no avail. I’ve tried “yes” and “yes (browser no)” but they both appear to behave the same. It would be great to see some sort of user guide for feedly on ipad. If one exists I haven’t been able to it. I like the app, but the constant changes to how to navigate are a bit frustrating. Initial an earlier release I was able to swipe to the next article after using the browser.

  60. I really like Feedly and the way it’s set up but I’m having trouble logging in. I moved my feeds over from Google a month or so ago. Feedly is currently not allowing me access to my account. I keep getting error messages when I try to login. I’ve tried logging out of my gmail account, clearing my cache, and restarting my computer but nothing seems to work. Please help.

  61. How click on multiple files in feedly and get them to combine and save as a PDF file ?
    Tell me how to do this please!

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  64. Please please post some guide on using feedly on an ipad. I want to really love this BUT I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do very simple basic things, like change uncategorized feeds to a category, pin images from my visuals heavy feed onto Pinterest, or even find the preferences! It’s beyond frustrating.

    1. I love Feedly but am also frustrated that I cannot find out how to categorize feeds easily on iPad and Pinterest button would also be helpful. Only way I have found to pin is to view in Safari, and add pin from there.

      1. Me too. I love Feedly in general, but no Pinterest button on the iPad version makes it unwieldy. Can we please have one soon?

  65. Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this website. It’s simple, yet
    effective. A lot of times it’s challenging to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and appearance. I must say that you’ve
    done a very good job with this. Additionally, the blog loads extremely quick for
    me on Firefox. Outstanding Blog!

  66. Is there a possibility for Chrome users to be informed by feedly when new news arrive? I’m looking for an easier way than to open 100 times the day http://www.feedly.com/home in a new tab … and instead of this seeking for a kind of button/symbol in the toollbar of the browser, where you can see in one view, if there are new news.

  67. I wanted to echo what a few others have said in that I’d like a “mark as unread” option like what’s available now in Google Reader. It would also be great if the save for later function could group saved items into the categories that the items originally appeared in.

  68. The Google Reader website also has a function to go to the previous/next item in a feed by clicking on arrows. I can’t seem to find anything like that on the Feedly website.

  69. The ipad app is BROKEN. The immediate problem is you can’t add content now. Nothing happens when you hit the + key. What happened?

    I only want an RSS feed on my ipad. That is where I surf. I will not put it on my desk top – so I’m getting frustrated with limited controls here. I like the feel of Feedly, but if it is the intent to keep the options minimal on the iPad I will need to go elsewhere.
    Give us: 1) ability to put content in any order, or at least be able to change the name of our categories so we can force them into our preferred order. 2) ability to move feeds to different categories. 3) be able to delete “save for later” items. 4) be able to add feeds from inside an existing feed. (If there is a way to do these things – give us instructions.)

    Also, why are we signing in with google? I registered with Feedly, not Google.

  70. Is there a way other users can subscribe to my ‘save for later’ posts or my tags. And I don’t mean sharing specifically to my G+ network, I mean an RSS feed be generated of posts I save or tag. This was a feature on reader that was absolutely invaluable, but was replaced later by G+ button.
    Are there any plans to introduce this kind of feature?

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    . Wonderful .. I’ll bookmark your website and take the feeds additionally? I am glad to seek out numerous useful info right here within the publish, we need develop more strategies on this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

  72. Transitioned from GReader and am loving the ease and flow of Feedly. Having problems in the Android Ap when trying to go back a single page at a time.

    For instance, I click a link from Feedly. Read “Page 1” and then from that article click a link to read “Pages 2 and 3, 4, etc.”. Now when I click my phone’s back button I’m taken to Feedly’s menu instead of the previous article, like when web browsing.

    Is there a way to navigate from Article 2 directly to Article 1? It is cumbersome having to return to the original Feedly menu, click through the Feedly summary, and scroll way down through Article 1 to reach additional links.

    1. Been looking days for an answer and of course find it nearly immediately after making a request. So for anyone else, it appears a workaround is:

      In the Android Ap>Advanced Settings>Favorite Sharing Tools>Browser

      Now in the Feedly Summary story, to navigate to the article, click on the browser icon at the top of the summary page. It will open the page in your browser. Drill through multiple pages/sites and the back button functions as expected, Profit!

  73. I finally got with the 21st century and started using a reader. But the little icon in the bottom right bugged me, so I tried to make it go away through preferences, and now I have an even more obnoxious toolbar on my screen. I DO. NOT. WANT. I’m running Firefox and am quite happy to have the icon at the top, but if I have to uninstall Feedly to get rid of the obnoxious toolbar, then I will happily do that. But perhaps you could just tell me how to make it go away?

  74. Like everyone else I’m using Feedly bc G Reader is gone soon. I like most things but the “cover” is hideous on my mobile devices. I mostly follow photo blogs so I like the idea of a preview, but I don’t want to see a photograph pinched off or cropped to fill my screen. I’d rather only see all small thumbs with zero “cover” that I have to click on to see as intended. No cover option, please.

    And, yes, tagging from devices is necessary.

  75. In web-version of Feedly (in Chrome if it matters), I see how I can “+1” post from Feedly with Google account, but don’t see the option to “Like” it with Facebook account (only to share it on facebook). But in the post’s title I see the heart icon saying this post has X likes from feedly, facebook and google. What am I missing?

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  79. Hello, I just transitioned to Feedly from Google Reader and am looking for my alerts to be updated in real time. However, when I try and refresh the Today page, I receive an alert that I have not generated enough content to generate a Today page. A lot of the content I am looking to read is from small, local blogs and websites and I need the information in real time. Can you help me set up my profile to make that happen?

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  86. Madam/Dear Sir, Could anybody help me in finding the older feeds. For example I am not able to see the news feeds belonging to the month of June 2013.

    1. I have the impression that it automatically marks all feeds that are older than 30 days as read. It would be nice to have an option to customize that somehow.

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  91. Minimalism is all well and good if everyone’s on the same page – experience with RSS, portable devices, etc. – but we are not. I understand the concept of news aggregators but have no experience with them or mobile devices. The near total lack of any clear and detailed explanation on the Feedly home page as to what it is or does, how it should appear on a Firefox desktop browser window (if it’s even possible) has me wondering if I’m wasting my time. My refusal to create a Google account suggests I’m SOL anyway because there is NO way !’ve joining the lemmings on Google with it acting like an arm of a totalitarian total information awareness government. It’s become an intrusive, advertisement-centric data gathering Orwellian monolith that killed it’s own best feature – Search – and is ruining other services it acquires. From all I read, it’s unresponsive to users and I don’t trust it as far as I can throw it. Why can’t we just have a Feedly account? I refuse to play Google’s game of signing in and saving cookies so they can follow and store my every move, selection, idiosyncrasy, whim and preference in a personalized dossier.

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  170. I am looking for a Feed reader which works in conjunction with a Feed filter. I am using Feed Rinse as a filter. I like Feedly much, but can’t get the filtered feeds to work with Feedly. They work with Freereader but its GUI is by far inferior. So would be great to fix Feedly so it reads Feed Rinse. Anyone has done that successfully?

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