Login – Supporting for multiple Google accounts

This is a short post to help users to have multiple Google accounts and get logged to feedly with the wrong account.

  1. Go to http://feedly.com/ and click on the logout button at the bottom of the left navigation panel.
  2. Go to http://www.google.com and click on the picture at the top right of the screen and add all your google accounts (the ones you use for google and the ones you use for feedly).
  3. Go back to http://feedly.com, open the left panel and click on login. Because there are multiple Google account configured in your browser, the Google Authentication page will ask you which account you want to use to login to your feedly. Pick the one which has your feedly feeds.

Having all your accounts defined on http://www.google.com will avoid you the frustration of getting logged to the wrong Google account. For those who would like more options for creating feedly accounts, we are working hard on that feature.

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12 thoughts on “Login – Supporting for multiple Google accounts”

  1. Thats the last thing I want to do with Google…let them aggregate all my different google accounts. I had to do that so they know at least a little bit less about who I am they they already do.

    This feature sounds like we are moving backwards from getting an alternative login to Google to getting tied more and more to Google.

    God I hope Google doesn’t turn around and buy Feedly leaving us right back to the hell we were in with Google Reader…

  2. Oh my gosh! Concentrate on important features like exclusion filters or grouping duplicate articles for pro users and don’t waste time on such useless things.

  3. Love feedly. Use it as my number one RSS sub tool. However I do have the need to be able to easily switch between 2 accounts so that I can share the content via different channels. E.g. interests/hobbies content through one channel and professional content through another. Hope you can make this a future function.

  4. Here’s a scenario that isn’t working ideally with multiple login support (at least via Chrome). If you haven’t logged into any of your multiple accounts then upon pressing LOGIN feedly gives you the choice of which one to use. But if you’ve already logged into just one of them and you press the LOGIN button, feedly automatically makes use of the logged account and doesn’t give you the choice of selecting another. Can feedly “force” the account selection screen (when multiple are present) or at least provide an option to select another?

  5. Why feedly is not keeping me logged in when I’m using google account? Every time I close the browser tab with feedly I need to log in again. Doing so few times a day is a little bit frustrating…
    I have this problem on every browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera…) on linux mint 16

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